Are you ready for this: Loyola pole vaulter disqualified for cursing, costs Cubs state title

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all, hear this: There have been close to 4,000 comments made on a story about the decision to disqualify Los Angeles Loyola pole vaulter Evan Barr last weekend at the state track and field championships when he uttered a profanity at the conclusion of a jump. That DQ cost the Cubs a state title. “You can’t be profane in a competitive area,” California state track and field rules interpreter Hal Harkness told the Times’ Eric Sondheimer. “He made an unfortunate lapse in judgment.” I know what you’re all going to say, rules are rules, right? I don’t know if this is justified and without hearing what was said and how he said it, it’s tough to know whether the officials made the right call, but why are the penalties always so severe? Ever heard of a verbal warning?

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  • APach25

    Track and Field officials are absolutely ridiculous!!! My son was DQ’ed at a meet this year because his NIKE logo on his shorts was too big, mind you, the SAME shorts he had worn in MULTIPLE meets prior. These guys interpret the rules as they see fit. Unless this young man used those words AT the official, there is nothing that he could have said to DQ him.

  • Bollucks

    What a f_ _king bunch of officiating Nazi’s. I hope the d-bag who made this call shows up for his regular job late one day, and gets fired, no warning.

  • LALO

    Every year there is an issue with a judge trying to play a cop . Let the kids be

  • That DQ for profanity was NOT the appropriate action in that circumstance. When an athlete is commenting to himself, a warning is the appropriate action. Many miked up athletes can be heard cursing at themselves when they mess up during competition. Even Tiger Woods.

    And Hal Harkness justifying the action is hypocritical. During a 50s/60s dual meet between Oxy and UCLA, his picture was on the front page of the L A Times allegedly cursing UCLA athletes for a bumping incident.