All Del Rey League: Bishop Amat juniors Rio Ruiz and Cassie Padilla named most valuable players

Del Rey League
Most Valuable Player:
Rio Ruiz, Bishop Amat, Jr.
Most Valuable Pitcher: Bowdien Derby, La Salle, Jr.
First Team
Bishop Amat

Adam Alcantara, OF, So.
Jay Anderson, OF, Sr.
David Berg, P, Sr.
Rio Ruiz, Inf, Jr.
Ryan Serrato, Inf, Sr.
Daniel Zamora, P, Jr.
Bernardo Zavala, C, Sr.
Bishop Montgomery
Andy Burschinger, Inf/P, Jr.
Alex DiGiris, OF/P, Jr.
La Salle
John Auer, Inf, Sr.
Bowdien Derby, P/SS, Jr.
Chris Williams, Inf, Jr.
St. Paul
AJ Gonzalez, P/OF, Sr.
Anthony Ybarra, C, Sr.
Jorge Zepeda, P/Inf, Jr.

Most Valuable Player:
Cassie Padilla, Bishop Amat, Jr.
Most Valuable Pitcher: Maxine Rodriguez, St. Joseph, So.
First Team
Bishop Amat

Jacki Carlin, C, Sr.
Alma Cortez, OF, Sr.
Alexis Gonzalez, Inf., So.
Cassie Padilla, Inf, Jr.
Natalie Sanchez, P, Sr.
Victoria Saucedo, Inf, So.
La Salle
Sterling Shuster, Inf, So.
St. Joseph
Katie Gripp, Inf, Sr.
Amanda Lara, Inf, So.
Allyson Painter, Inf, Fr.
Maxine Rodriguez, P, So.
St. Paul
Chanele Dresser, OF, Sr., Jasmin Dresser, OF, Jr., Krystal Gutierrez, Inf, Fr., Erica Lespron, Of, Sr.

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  • Lance Bishop

    Congratulations to all the players selected!!! And a special “Congratulations!” to all of Our Amat Lancers selected. Great season and Good Luck to all as you go onward in your sports careers.

  • Amat!!!

    adam alcantara is a sophomore (soon to be Junior) not a senior…

  • Get Real

    Congrats to all the Lancers, well deserved. Amat’s softball infield will be intact next season.

  • political

    How can girls who hit less than .300 make first team when others who hit .400 and played significant roles not make the team? Someone is playing favorites and not taking into account the players value to the team.

    Shame on you, coach!

  • St. Paul

    Wow, MVP of Del Rey league for softball?? Is that the girl that had to leave St. Paul HS because she way caught doing something wrong???

  • As a Bishop Amat alumnus and past varsity baseball player I am disgusted with the politics that has become the norm of the baseball program at Bishop Amat. Coach Nieto is a self-serving, egotistical, Napoleonic gimp. He has benefited from the history and reputation of Bishop Amat that continues to draw the best talent in the San Gabriel Valley. Players should be judged by their talent and character alone and not by the depth of the parents/boosters pockets and placement of their lips.
    I was appalled by the move to replace Zamora in the Championship game after 6 2/3rd innings in order to bring in a senior pitcher for one out. I understand and appreciate the gesture that allowed the senior to play in Dodger Stadium but I cant help to think how that made Zamora feel. After pitching a superb 6 2/3rd innings of a CIF Championship game I know that I would want to be on the mound for the final out. Apparently, Nieto was more concerned with trying to appease a parent rather than his player that enabled him to win a championship.

  • Lance Bishop

    Alum-I have to disagree with you on the move to let Berg Throw from the Hill at Dodger Stadium. If Nieto doesn’t give him the opportunity to pitch one out, who knows if the opportunity ever presents itself again for D. Berg? David Berg was a major contributor to Amat’s run to the Championship and I think it was a classy and necessary move on the coaches part. I don’t believe the parents had anything to do with this move. If you don’t like Coach, that’s fine, a lot of people don’t but dislike him for the right reasons and this was not one of them.

  • AMAT!!!

    Much congrats to the Lancer, Well deserved. Lancers are all extremely talented baseball players. However although I have much love for amat and all it creates in these boys, I have to somewhat agree with Baseball alum, I am not very pleased with the decisions and strategies, (if thats what you call them)being made by the baseball coaching staff, and we all know coaches are only human and make some human errors, but there comes a time where the errors somehow become purposeful decisions.

  • Joe Amat

    I’m with Lance Bishop on this one. Watching it live, as soon as Nieto came out of the dugout I knew why. It’s like a basketball or football coach making a final substitution to allow a player who had a great game to get a well-deserved round of applause. Or a basketball coach taking out his starters… or staring the seniors on senior night. It served both purposes. Z got his solo standing ovation and the senior got to close it out.

    On this one… No harm – no foul

  • real baseball alum

    to baseball alum:

    Why can’t you leave your name if you’re an Amat alum and a former player? Why be anonymous? Did Nieto cut you? Grow a pair and leave your name. If you were a real baseball alum, you would root for any player that represents Amat no matter what. David Berg bailed out the team on countless occasions throughout the year. If not for Berg’s 5 innings of no-hit baseball in the semifinal, there would have been no trip to Dodger Stadium. To say that Nieto was appeasing Berg’s parents by putting in David is an asinine comment because Berg was the MVP of the pitching staff all year long.

  • fb102

    Nieto could have had Berg play another position besides pitcher. Zamora DESERVED to finish the game. This on TOP of Nieto lifting Zamora from a no hitter to allow RR to claim a piece of pitching HISTORY at Amat. IF you believe Nieto’s ‘explanation’ you are DELUSIONAL.

    If Nieto was SO concerned about players getting a ‘good’ feeling about playing at Dodger stadium, why didn’t EVERY senior get inserted into the game at SOME point AFTER the outcome was clear? Nieto let a freshman bat in EVERY playoff game. Head scratching on THAT one.

  • Get Real

    Winning the Div.3 championship is not good enough? Bickering about the coach doing this or that is like my kids fighting over where to eat. The Amat boys did their job and well done. How the captain runs his boat is his purgative.

  • Aaron

    Ahem Div IV.

  • fb102

    Get Real, interesting word you chose to describe Nietos tenure.

    Some might want to describe him as purgative.

    Others might describe his reign as prerogative purgative.

  • Tortuga

    How many Championships has Nieto won thus far? Two? Three? In a 5 year period. Pretty good no matter which side of the Nieto fence you stand on.

  • Amat Dad

    political, it’s obvious that your not familiar with how players are selected. The players are 1st nominated by their coaches, then teams are selected by the coaches in the league. Coaches make the decisions not an individual.
    “St. Paul” way to step up and show class. Cassie forfeited her soph.year only to come back and become MVP. That she worked very hard to get in the position to be nominated shows just what a strong individual she is much less to be selected. Cassie will become a success not only on the field but as a person because of her determination to be the best. Your loss was our gain.