Charter Oak’s Big Lou and Amat’s Steve Hagerty talk after Tuesday’s passing league scrimmage

Charter Oak hosted Tuesday’s passing league scrimmage with Bishop Amat, Upland and J.W. North, so we used the opportunity to speak with Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar and Amat’s Steve Hagerty.

Dom Farrar told Aram he could call the first play … Aram got duped, but you’re going to love his thoughts on Tuesday’s scrimmage, and his interview with arguably the two best quarterbacks in the Valley.

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  • Lance Bishop

    Sounds like fun…I wish the General Public could just appreciate the fact that these coaches know eachother and know that they can all benefit from these types of “workouts” against quality teams and quality coaches. Stay injury free gentlemen and get some good work in (all teams).

  • randy

    fred, can we work on getting tipped off alittle sooner on these types of passing league games?? just saying 8 hrs notice leaves us scrambling šŸ™‚

  • Passing is a Gas!

    I hope we get an update on how everyone did. I know this probably is more of a tournament of practice drills rather than a straight up competitive Passing Tournament. Surprisingly, Bishop Amat uncharacteristically and nontraditionally did very well at San Diego State’s Passing losing in the Championship game 27-13. Now most Amat fans (including myself) know how dangerous the Serra league is and the importance of having great OL/DL. Because of this, I don’t give much weight when it comes to Passing Tournaments but I gotta admit that this 2nd place finish got me more excited about Lancer football.

  • smallcitymc

    Passing is a Gas!,

    How right you are. Amat’s performance surprised me also.

    It seems like every year Amat just doesn’t have the line to match up well with others, but some how Hags and crew get it done. That’s just plain good coaching.

    As a side note, I chuckle when I see comments about Amat’s “recruiting”. Heck! If that’s the case, Amat’s line wouldn’t be a concern every year.