Doubleheader Underclassmen All-Star game at Northview on Saturday matching San Gabriel Valley vs. San Fernando Valley

The fourth annual KG Sports Training Foundation Underclassmen All-Star Game will have a twist this season. There will be two games this time with blue and gray teams from the San Gabriel Valley taking on blue and gray teams from the San Fernando Valley. The game is Saturday at Northview High. The SGV Blue will take on the SFV Gray at noon followed by the SGV Gray vs. the SFV Blue, slated to begin at approximately 3:30 p.m. The game will try to raise two $500 scholarships to give out that day. Admission will be $10 for adults and $7.50 for kids. Below are the rosters.

Brian Esquival, St. Francis
Sylvestre Sanchez, Montebello
Logan Beerman, Pasadena Poly
Jonah Campbell, Pasadena Poly
Gary Acuna, Alhambra
Juan Crespo, Alhambra
Jeff Bain, San Marino
Joe Wills, Covina
Nick Hynes, Covina
Angel Acosta, Gabrielino
Tei Vanderford, St. francis
Jeff Garavaglia, St. Francis
Anders Schraer, St. Francis
Dylan Trimarchi, South Pasadena
Erik Trask, Arcadia
Brendan Campbell, Arcadia
Elliot Surrey, Crescenta Valley
Kyle Murray, Crescenta Valley
Cole Currey, Crescenta Valley
Troy Mulcahey, Crescenta Valley
Josh Marrs, Maranatha
David McAlister, Maranatha
John Soteropolous, Loyola
Chad Powers, Loyola
David Sanchez, Cathedral
Josh Ibarra, Cathedral
Julian Perez, Cathedral
Chris Flores, Cathedral
Jonah Jarrard, Temple City
Calvin Copping, Temple City
Corey Copping, Temple City

John Knott, Bonita
Brendan Jauregui, Arroyo
Eddie Gutierrez, Baldwin Park
Justin Garza, Bonita
Thomas Castro, Bonita
Nolan Henley, Bonita
Oscar Montenegro, Charter Oak
Kevin Hides, Damien
Daniel Sandoval, Duarte
Ross Johnston, Duarte
Richard Bradford, Duarte
Aymen Nurledeen, Duarte
Dylan Goodwin, Diamond Ranch
Nick Vasquez, El Rancho
Victor Garcia, El Rancho
Ramond Sedillo, La Puente
Ethan Etchecaren, La Puente
Giovanni Morales, Los Altos
Joe Munoz, Los Altos
Steven Chamberos, Los Altos
Kevin Shue, Monrovia
Nick chico, Northview
Niko Castaneda, Northview
Shawn Kennedy, San Dimas
Giovanni Rivera, Sierra Vista
DJ Larios, West Covina
Michael Nijera, West Covina
Caleb Romo, Walnut
Jacob Chonski, Walnut

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  • i’m just say in




    VALUES. COM!!!

  • FredJ

    I shared your thoughts with our online editor….

  • really???

    no amat players?? no south hills players?? what???

  • steven pariser

    Hey Fred, I must say that its amazing how kids who played their hearts out this past season arent even playing but kids who didnt even play or do a thing are picked. Wow… thats all I have to say. Just a parent.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Whats even more amazing is how all of you gripe and moan to Fred as if he were the one to pick the teams. Best of luck to all the kids playing!

  • nomination committee

    Really – i am willing to bet that SH and Amat received notice and didn’t submit any nominations. I would check with your coaches.

  • FYI

    Just an FYI,

    The USA Baseball Championships (formerly known as the JO’s) along with a Major event in East Coast takes place starting this weekend.

    Most of the top players most likely had prior commitments to attend those.

  • at the meeting

    According to the organizer 110 coaches/AD’s received the forms to be turned in. This was done mid to late May. They nominated their “guys” and submitted stats which were reviewed by the coaches of the respective teams.

    From there the teams were selected. If a player was known to not be able to attend they were replaced by another player.

    My son was an “add” after the team was selected to replace another player who could not attend the game. We are thankful for this recognition and opportunity. We felt that he was deserving from the get go however was overlooked. (thats just the way this stuff works sometimes, nothing is perfect in this selection stuff) He probably replaced a player that is attending the Perfect Game National showcase this weekend.

    Thank you to the KGfoundation for spearheading this event.

  • Frank

    A lot of kids are going to the USA baseball championships in Arizona Congratulations to those who made it.

  • Party time

    Free admission all day and all night! Thanks Fred. Ill meet you there at 6!

  • Really

    So to make a point, i posted on 5 different blogs by objection to strip club advertising soliciting teenage girls for nude dancing on this HS sports blog. Unstead of addressing this complete lack of community and social responsibility, Fred deletes by posts. Fred, you abviously don’t have teenage daughters.

  • Really

    First of all, i don’t care if you have anything to do with the ad or not. it is on this blog and i take exception to it. It does not take 24 hours to remove an ad…it’s still there. it is disgusting to say the least. The reason I posted on 5 different blogs is to get the word out since not everyone reads all blog entries. I will continue to point it out eveyday until it is gone. I enjoy the blog, but dont want to see an advertisement that solicits teenagers for nude dancing.

  • FredJ

    Our online techs are working on it, apparently they’re trying to create filters so that these type of ads don’t show up on future prep blogs.

  • Really???

    Im sure Really is one of their best customers and doesnt want to be seen there. Lol! Is there REALLY a reason for you to be that upset? Its REALLY ridiculous. What REALLY is the reason for your anger? You should REALLY print out the coupon and head on down there, if youre not there already. Have a REALLY nice day! Lol!

  • ok already

    look at the upper right corner of your monitor, there should be a capital X in a red box next to 2 blue boxes. Click on it. Problem solved.

  • eastside rider

    who cares about the kids have been seeing those adds on the 60 fwy since they where little and giggling in the back seat.

  • Jackboy

    I met the coach from Bell Gardens High today at the Underclassmen All-Star game, I was impressed by the class he has and how well respected he is by his players and the parents of his players. Good luck to all the kids that played today next season.
    Good luck to you and your family in the future coach.

  • at the meeting

    Great game, great venue, and thanks to all that made this a success.

    Thanks to the coaches who gave a Saturday before fathers day without getting a $. to the coaches from Bonita , Charter Oak, and Nrthview for the SGV.

    HILITES for SGV:

    Garza pitched 2 nice innings and was the class of the pitchers with some very good pitchers there. Montenegro showed some nice offspeed pitches and Sedillo closed well.

    Morales from Los Altos banged the ball well all day, Henley hit 3 run HR, Goodwin knocked in the first run then Camberos followed with 2 more rbi’s.

    Larios won the essay scholarship.

    Kennedy 3B
    Morales SS
    Goodwin C
    Castro RF
    Camberos DH
    Henley CF
    Brown LF
    Garza P
    Sandoval 1B

  • at the game

    at the meeting, i agree with your comments, but whats with the line-up? was the game covered by any local prep sports reporter? i know it was covered by some pro and college scouts. good game!

  • player

    Picked up the Tribune this morning excited to read about the game!!! Where is the write up?

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Garza, once again, showed why he should without a doubt be the SGV’s baseball player of the year. He threw 2 great innings, allowing 1 hit and striking out 3, on 18 pitches, 15 of them being strikes, topping out at 91 mph. He made a great play covering 1st on a ground ball that got away from the 1st baseman. He also made great plays at short and at third, and drove in 2 runs. Montenegro pitched a solid inning and Henley from Bonita went deep for a 3 run homerun.

  • Tommy-Garza
    Thank you for the update. but you can stop the campaigning now, the results are in!

  • BG Coach

    Jackboy, thank you for the kind words. Congratulations to every player that got the honor of being selected for the all-star game. I know the players from Bell Gardens were ecstatic. Great experience for them. Good luck to all of you next year. Particularly Henley, Garza and Castro from Bonita High. Not only they are outstanding players, but they also play the game the way its supposed to be played: with class, dignity and humbleness. Parents and coaches, you should be proud.

  • votes r in

    old timer, we know the results are in and we know Garza didn’t get the ALL AREA PLAYER OF THE YEAR as he should have…not taking anything away from the one who did as we know he’s an exceptional player consistently but Justin did something phenominal going undefeated all season and that is very hard to do and or repeat. Rightfully he should have gotten it this year and if Bonita would have won CIF there wouldn’t have been a question. At least he has the self-satisfaction if he can’t get the votes for the top dog award.

  • Bulldog1

    West Covinas Michael Nijera hands down probably the best player on the field Saturday! Funny how nothing mentioned about who won or lost either game was Garza the mvp? Did the SGV valley teams win? Would like to get the story from the trib.If Garza was mvp then we should Kiss the Ring just like everyone did last year at Bulldog nation, and will again this coming year.
    Bulldog Fever.