Prestesater to Crespi? Not good for Glendora

I probably should have been tipped off by the Guru since this was a Glendora to Crespi transfer, but just read that Glendora’s 6-foot-6, 270-pound offensive lineman, Colin Prestesater, has enrolled at Crespi.

Image for MaxPreps Video.

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  • Lance Bishop

    Guess we need to step up our “recruiting game” over at Amat (just a joke), huh? LOL. Wow, I wish he would have considered Amat or maybe there were other circumstances involved?

  • Trojan Man

    Best of luck …
    In all honesty ,I’ve not seen a POWERFUL lineman imposing his will in @ least 10 years !

    Fight On

  • valleyman

    How is he going to get to Crespi? Living with someone else?

  • Aaron

    Kid probably has a car. Is he the San Dimas ADs son?

  • SGV Athlete

    After watching that video, I’m not sure whether or not this move really hurts Glendora. If he were to put on 20-30 lbs., he could be a beast.

  • Tranfer denied

    Good luck getting CIF to clear that transfer. Unless his parents sold their home in Glendora, CIF will probably consider this an athletically motivated transfer. If they’re luck CIF will drag their feet for 6 months and clear the kid for the last couple games of the year. I hope it turns out to be a legitimate transfer. It would be a shame for the kid to have to sit out his senior year because someone at another school sold his parents a bill of goods.

  • reality

    So much for the old Beach Boy’s song, “Be true to Your School.” It’s now more Jerry McGuire,”Show me the Money.”

  • SGV Dad

    The transfer has to be challenged by Glendora for CIF to take a look. Glendora has challenged transfer’s (specially to Amat) in the past. We do not know the family situation, don’t take it upon yourself to deem this an athletically motivated transfer, yet. Crespi is the one school in the PAC 5 that is actually smaller than Amat, not sure he or his parents were sold anything. They’ve had a few coaching changes lately and are in a re-building phase.


    SGV Athlete??? what are you saying??? The player is alraedy 270 lbs.You want him to gain 20-30 lbs????? Why even make a statement like that! I mean didn’t you see the video?? The kid is a BEAST, and yes it would be a big lost to Glendora.

    MMr ATHLETE, that is one stupid post!


    I don’t understand this transfer, Why Crespi when there St. Francis, Damien, Bishop Amat and Cantwell to choose from. I thought Mater dei was bad!

  • Jastrab

    Encino is a long way from Glendora. I could see Loyola for academics which is closer, but Crespi is a atheletics first, academics second school.

  • Really

    This is a lot of hot air about a very average – at best – player.

    This constant “creation” of hype is getting really nauseating.

    Look at the video. What little there is for a “highlight” viideo – still pics – really?

    The kid does not get off the ball, merry-go-rounds-blocks as players run by him, doesn’t get play side across a defender on down blocks, plays very high, does not move his feet, and all the clips were against Alta Loma (worst team in all of CIF) and the Upland JV’s after the game was well in hand.

    Again – all hype. The only thing Fred anbd At are any good at so it all fits

  • Trevino

    I got it. He wants to play for the GURU.

  • SGV Athlete


    I’m looking at is from a Div. 1 (PAC-5) stand point. Yeah, the kid is 270, but he is also 6’6″!! That weight is so stretched out, he hardly fills in his game pants. Don’t get me wrong, he plays well for a lower division run oriented team, but Crespi is a high flying, aerial assault team that utilizes big boys (weight wise) as their strong point. The kid is talented, but PAC-5 talented is yet to be determined.

  • valleyman

    Big Dog….Don’t put Cantwell in with those schools. They are a Joke.

  • Videoman

    Glendora really doesn’t know what they lost in Prestesater because for whatever reason they didn’t play him hardly at all last season. What you see in the video is a very raw talent that has a ton of potential and should do very well once he gets some solid coaching. If he’s going to succeed academically and athletically at the next level Crespi is a good step in that direction. Good luck to you Colin!

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me?? This kid will be a beast! I saw him at practice. He is already gaining weight,and works HARD! As for CIF, the family moved so they have to approve the transfer. Prestesater has a D1 college scholarship waiting for him by the end of the season.