ALL CIF SOFTBALL RESULTS: 12-Area players earn first team honors

The area produced 12 All-CIF softball selections, which include from Division 2: Taylor Castro (West Covina), Courtney Gano (Bonita), Stephany La Rosa (Diamond Bar); Division 3: Natalie Sanchez (Bishop Amat), Britney Rodriguez (South Hills), Nikki Girard (Chino Hills), Samantha Nieves (South Hills), Nikki Sprague (Charter Oak); Division 4, Courtney Hine (San Dimas); Division 5: Veronica Ramirez (Azusa), Salina Gonzales, (South El Monte) and Karah Hernandez, (Rosemead). For the complete list of ALL CIF softball teams, click link.

Above: South Hills’ Britney Rodriguez earned first-team after helping Huskies reach the title game for second straight year.

Player of the Year
– Sarah Shadinger, Adolfo Camarillo (11) Pitcher
Coach of the Year – Jack Willard, Adolfo Camarillo

Lisa Perez, La Mirada 11 Catcher
Shianne Ybarra, Mission Viejo 9 Outfield
Maylee Macahilig, La Mirada 11 Outfield
Emily Whitecavage, Vista Del Lago 11 Outfield
Kylee Lahners, Laguna Hills 12 Infield
Jenny Hurst, Dana Hills 12 Infield
Shelbie Franc, Adolfo Camarillo 10 Infield
Taylor Castro, West Covina 11 Infield
Tiffany Mikkelson, Aliso Niguel 11 Infield
Kaylie Garcia, Colton 11 Infield
Sharon Estrada, Cajon 12 Infield
Brittany Vansway, Irvine 10 Infield
Courtney Gano, Bonita 12 Infield
Lauren Chamberlain, El Toro 12 Infield
Stephany La Rosa, Diamond Bar 12 Infield
Brittney Boggs, Mayfair 12 Infield
Samantha Galarza, Valley View 11 Infield
Demi Meza, Oxnard 12 Infield
Katherine Macias, Arlington 12 Pitcher
Belinda Renne, Don Lugo 11 Pitcher
Allison Cukrov, Irvine 12 Pitcher

Player of the Year
– Kiana Quolas, Oaks Christian (12) Pitcher
Coach of the Year – Peter Ackermann, Oaks Christian

Erin Ashby, Crescenta Valley 12 Pitcher
Jill Compton, Arroyo Grande 11 Pitcher
Maxine Rodriguez, St. Joseph/Lakewood 10 Pitcher
Natalie Sanchez, Bishop Amat 12 Pitcher
Taylor Stewart, Chaminade 11 Pitcher
Franny Vaaulu, Warren 12 Pitcher
Britney Rodriguez, South Hills 11 Catcher
Katie Saunders, Mira Costa 11 Catcher
Austen Urness, Lakeside 10 Catcher
Allison Blackman, Peninsula 12 Infield
Nikki Girard, Chino Hills 11 Infield
Katie Hooper, Burbank 10 Infield
Alex Kossoff, South Torrance 11 Infield
Christie Langlois, Oak Park 11 Infield
Samantha Murrieta, Quartz Hill 11 Infield
Jennifer McNeill, Notre Dame/Sherman Oaks 11 Infield
Samantha Nieves, South Hills 12 Infield
Hanah Roberg, Oaks Christian 11 Infield
Coryn Taualii, North Torrance 11 Infield
Nikki Sprague, Charter Oak 10 Outfield
Taylor Alvarez, Paloma Valley 12 Utility

Player of the Year
– Hannah Harris, Dos Pueblos, (11) Pitcher
Coach of the Year – Donn Roberts & Lee Harris, Dos Pueblos

Danielle Vega, Aquinas 11 Infield
Sarah Stromwall, Arrowhead Christian 12 Infield
Maleena Esparza, La Habra 11 Infield
Emily Seidel, Village Christian 12 Pitcher
Breezy Bernard, Linfield Christian 12 Infield
Rylee Perez, Indio 11 Infield
Jesslene Contreras, Kaiser 11 Infield
Stacy Carazos, Patriot 10 Outfield
Courtney Hine, San Dimas 12 Outfield
Adrianna Cardoza, La Quinta/Westminster 12 Infield
Loryn Nichols, Calvary Murrieta 11 Infield
Thalia Ortiz, La Quinta/La Quinta 10 Infield
Stephanie Bergmann, Oak Hills 10 Infield
Karina Romero, Palm Springs 12 Infield
Selene Pola, Segerstrom 11 Infield
Mackenzie Hammar, Woodcrest Christian 9 Infield
Kendall Shea, Fullerton 11 Infield
Leanne Garrels, Valley Christian/Cerritos 10 Infield
Sarah Craig, Ocean View 12 Infield
Krystal Gabbard, Kaiser 11 Pitcher/Infield
Jordan Roberts, Dos Pueblos 12 Infield

Player of the Year
– Lauren O’Leary, La Caada (12) Pitcher
Coach of the Year – KC Mathews, La Caada

Jessica Avila, Citrus Hill 11 Pitcher
Courtney Cuzick, Nipomo 10 Pitcher
Michelle Floyd, San Marino 10 Pitcher
Alyssa Fuimaono, Beaumont 11 Pitcher
Veronica Ramirez, Azusa 12 Pitcher
Valerie Aguilar, Montebello 11 Catcher
Shania Hernandez, St. Monica Catholic 12 Infield
Salina Gonzales, South El Monte 12 Infield
Karah Hernandez, Rosemead 10 Infield
Vanessa Cordova, West Valley 12 Infield
Alix Cook, Marlborough 12 Infield
Jayne Tickemyer, Beaumont 12 Infield
Taylor Purdy, Barstow 12 Infield
Emily Sanchez, Schurr 10 Infield
Casey Snooks, Savanna 12 Infield
Melissa Zuniga, Katella 11 Infield
Anna Edwards, La Caada 12 Infield
Tiffany Fox, Savanna 12 Outfield
Brittany Hirose, Mark Keppel 12 Outfield
Denise Gonzalez, Alhambra 11 Utility
Allison Lamb, Morro Bay 10 Utility

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  • SL regent

    Are you kidding me?Danielle o’Toole only pitcher to give oaks christian problems and for sure first team cif!

  • homered

    What a joke this is no doubt a popularity contest one kid went 0-3 in cif and made first team while another went 1-3 her daddy is on the committee and is the coach. I beleive most of the sgv area girls are deserving but the OC and inland girls are not.

  • what a joke

    There are players whose teams did not even make CIF playoffs on this list.

  • clearly had special classes

    All-CIF doesn’t take into effect what your team does in CIF. This is all about the regular season. It doesn’t matter if your team didn’t make the playoffs. If you were a great softball player, you made the list