Roddy on Record saying Charter Oak’s 2008 championship team better than Amat teams

“That West Covina team was good. The Charter Oak team we played our first year in the finals was the best team we played. That team was better than the two Amat teams we played (in ’08 and ’09). West Covina was good (last year). They got their rings. But they weren’t better than those two teams.” Diamond Ranch coach Roddy Layton

QUESTION: Aram asked Diamond Ranch football coach Roddy Layton to compare last year’s West Covina team to the previous Charter Oak teams that won back-to-back Southeast titles in 2008 and ’09. Amat fans probably don’t like his answer, but look at the scores …In 2008, Charter Oak beat Diamond Ranch 23-7 in league and 30-7 in the championship. Against Amat that year they lost, 17-6.
2009 was a different story, Amat crushed Diamond Ranch 41-13 in a game that wasn’t even that close while Charter Oak shutout Diamond Ranch twice, 12-0 and 21-0 in the championship game . I guess we’ll never know, but I’m not buying it. No team manhandled Diamond Ranch the way Amat did in 2009, so lopsided I started writing my story in the first quarter. As for West Covina, I would agree both Charter Oak teams were flat out better.

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  • Hound of Lancerville

    To each his own…..Coach is entitled to his opinion just like everyone else in here. As far as I am concerned, his opinion weighs no more or less than anyone else’s in here. In Blogville, all opinions are welcome, but not all opinions are fact.

  • Huskies

    99% though do believe what he said is FACT! For the other 1% idk…

  • Here’s a fact

    In 2009 Amat scored a punt return with only nine guys on the field to diamond ranch’s 11.

  • Really Roddy?

    In 2008, Bishop Amat took a knee 3x instead of scoring an easy TD with time running out in the Diamond Ranch game. DR did not actually score unil the 4th quarter.

    Actual 2008 Score:

    BA 24, DR 6

    This is the SAME BA team that came back from a 28-0 deficit to defeat Orange Lutheran and also the same team that almost beat eventual Pac-5 champ Long Beach Poly. The fact that BA only lost to LBP by 21-17 made headlines everywhere. Charter Oak was better than Amat in 2008? Perhaps it would have been a good game but to say CO was better is a bit far fetched…even for Roddy Layton lol!

    As far as 2009 is concerned, Roddy is absolutely and completely WRONG. BA could have won 56-7 if they wanted to. That game was 28-7 at halftime and 41-7 at the end of the 3rd. BA had all of their starters out at the start of the 4th.

  • Dan

    Your half right Fred,
    2009 CO was sick with skill players but the lines were not very good, the 2009 WC team ran through those lines for 300 yards but fumbled the ball away, 2010 West Covina was a lot better team, they had the line and the speed to run through that 2009 CO team. CO in 2008 was a different story, that year CO had the line to go along with the skill players, that was one of the better sgv teams of the decade, maybe comparable to the 2003 Los Altos team. As good as those CO and Los Altos teams were, Amat in any given year is at that level. Just my attempt at an unbiased opinion.

  • Blue and Gold Stud

    Really Roddy? said:

    I want to add that 2008 season was after a bye week and the game was televised. Amat came out flat but got the job done and could’ve scored more as you stated.

    2009 season was over at halftime, that lone touchdown DR scored before the half was caused by blown coverage of the DB’s. 1st Team defense played the first series of the 3rd, as the coaches saw no threat, pulled the starters and allowed the 2nd & 3rd teams to get more playing time.

    DR had said that they had several key players injuired before the game but with the score 28-7 at the half with Amat starters & 41-7 with mostly 2nd & 3rd team players the rest of the game, the outcome would’ve still been the same; a “W” for Amat.

    Oh by the way,that LB Poly game, pay attention Roddy; it was the most points scored against them (LBP) all season!!!!

    Go Big Blue!!!