Your football rumors thread …

As we move into the summer and begin work on the second PrepXtra Football Preview magazine, we want to know who’s changing or has changed addresses . For instance, just heard and confirmed over the weekend that Bishop Amat’s Ben Kane, a 6-foot-2, 185 pound defensive end, has transferred to South Hills where he will be a junior this fall. Kane’s older brother, Daniel Kane, was an all-area player in 2009 for Amat. We know there are many others, and if there is any other football-type related news you want us exploring over the summer, let us know. If you don’t want to comment here, you can always email me at

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    Amat placed third in the USC Camp 7on7 this past weekend. Amat’s looking pretty good for a run team AND the Defense dosen’t look to be so bad either. Keep working hard Lancers, it’s all preparation for – League Play! Keep working hard guys…. Go Lancers, Go Amat!!!

  • reality

    What’s with the 3 week break of practice at Wilson? Looks more like a dis-interesred staff. Or maybe its a new coaching style. Coaching by not coaching. Every one else working like dogs.

  • 12th man

    Does anyone know if he was the starting DE? Its a shame that students transfer this late in pre-season.. No doubt they are doing it for Athletically motivated sports reasons..CIF should definately investigate every transfer closely especially during Football season ..As for BA they really have there hands tied this year trying to figure out a defense thats going to work the Pac5 will be no joke this year..look for Long Beach Poly, Servite, Mission Viejo Tesoro,Santa Margarita, Alamani & Bishop Amat to make deep runs in that order..

  • FBFan


    this is becoming more common throughout high school football. A lot of coaches are chosing to have their three week dead period at the beginning of summer as oppossed to the end of it. While most schools are on their dead period, Wilson will still be practicing. It’s more of a “to each his own” type of decision. The 3 weeks dead period is mandated by CIF, but up to the coach as to when to take it.

  • Aaron


    It first surprised me last year when McFarland did it at Temple City, I think Coach Bert wanted to shake things up.

    There’s a few OC schools doing it this year as well.

  • FBFan

    Now IMO, I think it’s better to have the dead period when most schools do because summer school has to be taken into consideration. A lot of football players are already on campus during summer school so it makes sense to have practice and let them have their vacation time after summer school.

  • Not good for GHS!

    Not only did GHS lose Prestesater to Crespi but they lost Gage Pucci, who would have been their starting QB, to Damien and they also lost Matt Hall to Maranatha. Hall will probably start at MLB at Maranatha, both Pucci and Hall will be sophomores this coming season.

  • SaintsR4real

    Not if you’re hurting academically, which may be the reason for summer school.

  • you win some you lose some

    It’s confirmed Pucci is in at Damien but rumor is they lost soph LB Provenzano to Bonita. His dad was at the Bonita 7 on 7 games Thursday with Bonita LB coach. There looked to be smiles all around. The kid has to be about 6 foot 200 lbs now and he would definetly help upgrade the Bonita defense right away. Can anyone confirm?

  • You’re Kidding Right

    @ Not good for GHS! (a.k.a Mr Pucci)

    You can’t be frigging serious dude. You actully wanted Pucci to be your starting QB? That dwarf was only going to start if Pasqy was still there and even that was a IF. The only reason he was was even considered to be a QB was because Daddy was and is the biggest behind kisser in the world. Daddy thinks his boy is all world. Have fun at Damien Mr. Pucci I’m sure Coach Gano’s carpets will be real clean.
    As far as Prestesater is concerned big friggin deal. Who cares? Go to Crespi and have fun. Whoppie!!!!

  • Sierra League Fan

    Tom Inglima fired @ Ayala. So much for the BULLDOG WAY!. He was a joke. I am surprised he lasted this long. Randy Reames or Greg Setlitch will take over. Tom Inglima was transfered to Chino High School. Why did they wait so long to do this. Fred did you know this? Can you confirm it?

  • FBFan


    Even if you’re at a school where not one single kid in the entire program failed one single class (which is highly unlikely even at your SD), there will be accelerated kids that want to get ahead or possibly take some college credit courses during the summer.

  • Not good for GHS!

    You’re Kidding Right

    First of all this isnt Mr Pucci. Ive never met him, I dont even know what he looks like. I do know this, Gage is a heck of alot better QB than what Glendora has now. The kid was on varsity as a freshman. This is why I dont understand why he transferred to Damien. He would have easily started for Glendora next season, and I understand Glendora is going to run the ball alot next season with Victoria, Holmes and Glassman limiting the passing attempts of Glendora’s QB, but Damien has their starting QB from last season returning. Just an observation.

    You would have to be crazy not to want to have a 6’6″ 275 lbs O-lineman on your team especially playing against Monrovia.

  • Taking Lineman Apps at Damien

    I hear Damien is looking for lineman that are 5’2″ and 300 lbs. That way, the new QB can have a strong line that he can see over.

    Unfortunately, there are no QB’s this size in D1 or D2, probably not even in D3.

  • Damien Downhill Decline

    Damien is going to be 4 and 6 at best. Small and weak o-line, even smaller running backs in the Sherwood Twins(relation to Gano)
    and several recruits that didnt pan out. Gano is driving the program down the drain. Told his team he cant suit up more players due to the lack of jerseys, then he changed it to lack of lockers. This guy is a joke.

    Last year D-backfield was burnt in every game. Special teams was pathetic. Nothing has changed except the hiring of a new coach. Which would be great if the coach was the one playing.

    I wish Damien was seeking O-line men who were that big. They are not. They are stuck with Gano’s small and fast approach to offense. They gonna get their butts handed to them on a platter when they see that other schools still believe in strong, hard hitters.

    Too many returning o-linemen from a loosing team last year. Damien never learns.

    Gano chose his Varsity team without the kids even straping on the pads???? wow, good luck Damien.

  • Damien is in Decline

    Coach Gano is a joke.
    His decision making is poor, and he cant coach.
    All he can do it recruit and protect his nephews.
    So sickening that a man like that is coaching damien football

  • Proud Spartan Dad

    Hey comon dude. I went a scrimmage yesterday and the Spartans looked pretty good. The JV team looked very promising. They had a bulked up offensive line really big kids, some really big kids. The varsity looked good as well.

    I can’t wait for the season to start to prove you wrong.

    JV is gonna do great this year and will be promising for next year as well if those kids keep growing.

    Stop being negative and let these kids play.

    My son is on varsity but he has worked hard to get there, lifting weights, running and learning the system.

    Good job JV and Varsity.