Breaking News: MacKinnon dismissed as Arroyo’s baseball coach

We have learned that Arroyo baseball coach Don MacKinnon was dismissed from those duties last week. We will have a story later, but coach MacKinnon, who turned the Knights football program to an area power in the 1980s and 90s and who won the Mission Valley League baseball title this spring, was told by principal Oscar Cisneros last week that the school wanted to “move in another direction.”
Arroyo was 14-9 in winning the league title this year. The Knights lost in the first round of the CIF-Southern Section playoffs.
MacKinnon will still teach at the school next year before retiring in June.

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  • Trojan Man


    DJ is a GOD @ Arroyo & I was an RHS Panther .
    He will ALWAYS be known as one of the GREATEST HS coaches in the history of the SGV .

    Get over yourself Cisneros …

    Fight On

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    So let me see if I have this straight. This Cisneros guy comes in at Arroyo and fires Mike Gorball and Don MacKinnon. The 2 most dedicated and successful coaches in the schools history. The reason given? He wants to move in a different direction. So using that reasoning the math, english, and science teachers whos test scores have been on the rise better watch out, because they are next on his hit list. My question to him is this. Exactly what direction are you going in? You have fired the 2 men who are pillars of Arroyo High School. They are both incredible men of character and great role models for young people. Maybe he’s one of those insecure people who feel threatened by people who are strong leaders. Or are you the kid who always got picked last in dodgeball. What ever your issues are, You are blowing it by singling out Gorball and MacKinnon. I would think you would have learned the power of the community when YOU were told by the school board that you aren’t really the boss.

    To the Arroyo Parents: If you guys were smart, YOU would start a petition to get rid of this guy. His “different direction” seems to need GPS because he is totally lost.

    SGV430 Ouuutttt!!!!!

  • reality

    ” I don’t owe nobody an esplanation. I own the school. I’m Donald Trump. Your Fired!!!!! Now where’s my homeboys cell number.”

  • sam

    fred what other baseball jobs have opened up

  • sam

    fred what other baseball coaching jobs have opened

  • Stomp

    It’s about time Mackinnon is washed up. His best years are behind him. It’s time for change vt Arroyo and some people don’t realize time does not stay still people get old.

  • Honest Engine

    Stop, Stop…some of you have no idea what your saying. There have been several issues that have occured with Mackinnon, long before Cisneros took a step on the Knights campus. Not everything is public. Use your head people. As I sit back and watch this all go down it becomes more clear that Cisneros is being made a target. Not sure why. If this is brought up at a board meeting I hope this time the EMUHSD School Board takes this issue into closed session to review the issue in private before reacting. I agree that MacKinnon is a great part of the Knights history and I would not want to see any negative publicity about his past issues with students or parents. That should be kept confindential. Again, people are speaking about things they do not have all the details too. Don’t react until you know all the facts involed. We all know what happens when you “assume”