Softball All-Area: Bonita’s Courtney Gano and Bishop Amat’s Jesse Mendez take top honors

All-Area Story: Courtney Gano batted an area-best .630 to go with 28 RBIs, 37 runs scored, 12 doubles, five triples and four home runs, but most coaches were more impressed with her defensive abilities at shortstop than with her gaudy offensive statistics, which is another reason Gano has been selected the San Gabriel Valley Tribune Player of the Year.

Coach of the year: This season Bishop Amat finished an impressive 25-4, won the consolation title at the Tournament of Champions in Arizona, won the Del Rey League title and advanced to the Division 3 semifinals, its best finish since advancing to the championship game in 2008. For his efforts, Mendez has been selected the San Gabriel Valley Tribune Coach of the Year.

: Courtney Gano, Bonita, Sr
COACH OF THE YEAR: Jesse Mendez, Bishop Amat
Pitcher: Danielle O’Toole, St. Lucy’s, Jr.
Pitcher: Natalie Sanchez, Bishop Amat, Sr.
Catcher: Britney Rodriguez, South Hills, Jr.
Utility: Sydney La Follette, South Hills, Jr.
Infield: Nikki Girard, Chino Hills, Jr.
Infield: Cassie Padilla, Bishop Amat, Jr.
Infield: Stephany La Rosa, Diamond Bar, Sr.
Infield: Samantha Nieves, South Hills, Sr.
Outfield: Courtney Hine, San Dimas, Sr.
Outfield: Bree Sandoval, Bonita, Sr.
Outfield: Patricia Parks, Chino Hills, Fr.

Pitcher: Nikki Innamorato, Chino Hills, Jr.
Pitcher: Taylor Langdon, Glendora, Jr.
Catcher: Kaylea Snaer, Rowland, So.
Utility: Veronica Ramirez, Azusa, Sr.
Infield: Alexis Gonzalez, Bishop Amat, So.
Infield: Kristen Stewart, South Hills, Jr
Infield: Sara Moore, San Dimas, Sr.
Infield: Samantha Valadez, Charter Oak, Sr.
Outfield: Jazzlyn Costa, Bonita, So.
Outfield: Liz Rubalcava, Diamond Bar, Jr.
Outfield: Nikki Sprague, Charter Oak, So.

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  • SGV Softball

    WOW Fred,
    I wont name any names but someone got hosed. 1st team all CIF, 80 point higher batting avg. but not good enough for your list. great job Fred……

  • FredJ

    I don’t think I hosed anyone, everyone on this list deserves to be here. You can always make an argument for someone else, but I feel comfortable with these selections after talking with lots of coaches and our staff. As for All-CIF, I don’t pay much attention to that when selecting our teams — in fact I can’t, our teams are picked before CIF releases its teams.

  • SGV Softball

    Whatever makes you feel better. These are individual awards aren’t they? Then stats should mean something….

  • FredJ

    Stats mean something, but not the be all, end all. You also have to ask coaches about defensive abilities, you have to consider level of competition. For instance, is a .600 batting average in the Montview or Mission Valley equivalent to a .600 average in the Baseline or Sierra? Not even close.

  • Lisa

    There you go again…talking smack about the Montview League! Why does it matter? A player that puts up the stats should be awarded for their performances, regardless. What about those Montview League teams that play teams out of their league and out of their division?

  • Fred Robledo

    Lisa, it’s not talking smack, if you can’t understand the drastic difference between level of competition, you will always feel the way you do.

  • Lisa

    Uh…okay Fred, sorry I doubted your knowledge!
    Thanks for all your hard work and the hard work of the rest of your staff!

  • SGV Softball


    well last i checked 491 in the Sierra league was second best and 465 over all is second best and 1 error…Next

  • Born and Raised SGV

    So what youre saying is.
    you didnt make my list because your parents cant afford to place you in a private school or cant afford to live in Sierra or baseline school districts (Upland, Claremont etc), instead we live in La Puente or El Monte where the schools are much smaller Sounds Ridiculous? I DO understand there are many people who think like you do.but I am glad not everyone doesif they did, I would have never have had the pleasure of watching Jerry Rice (D2) play on Sundays.
    I am sure glad RIOs family have the money to send him to AMAT I cant imagine someone not recognizing his talents if he would have played in a Montview school.

  • FredJ

    Not true at all, Azusa’s Veronica Ramirez, the Montview League MVP, is on this list and deservedly so. In baseball, Sierra League MVP Elias Novelo was on the all-area first team. They made it not just because of their batting averages, but their all-around games and what they meant to their teams. Plus, they came highly recommended by coaches I spoke with.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Just to be clear… She made the “second team list”

    Lets see here…
    Veronica Ramirez is the one who had an article about her “skills”, dominated on the field and won the league MVP, highly recommended from her coaches…. only made your second list would she have made the first team if she would have attended AMAT?

    Fred, I agree with almost everything you put out. Not this one.
    I will agree to disagree.

  • The VVL also

    Fred said:
    “For instance, is a .600 batting average in the Montview or Mission Valley equivalent to a .600 average in the Baseline or Sierra? Not even close.”

    The Valle Vista League had just as weak pitching as the Montview or Mission Valley Leagues, so batting average numbers coming out of that league are also skewed.

  • Funny in Sierra League

    Funny, 1st team All League girls don’t make this list but Second team do? I’ll take that award over yours any day. Those are from the League coaches that see the girls for at least 3 games and not by the Max preps (cooked)stats or teams/games featured in the Tribune. Some schools got almost no write ups in the paper until they made it deep into playoffs and they were one of the only team(s) still playing. The competition was tough and scoring was tough but the girls still came through not like teams/girls that didn’t even make it to playoffs or made multiple errors in games not covered by tribune. Popularity contest again!

  • FredJ

    I agree you can make a great argument for Ramirez being on first team, but the three I selected at the position she is considered for had similar numbers on better teams, tougher leagues and divisions. But that’s a good question, if she were at Amat, South Hills, Bonita or any other of our top high school softball programs would she be on first team? Nobody can really answer that without watching how it would unfold, but I do know she’s a very talented travel ball player who would have fit in anywhere. Look, like I always say, these selections don’t mean I made all the right choices, for every player selected you can make a strong argument with someone else.

  • FredJ

    Funny in Sierra..

    I disagree, our all-area teams are far less political than all-league teams. Remember, Nikki Wheatley didn’t make first team All-Hacienda league girls basketball, and she was arguably the best player in not just league, but the entire area, which is why she was first team all-area with us. … I think we got it right. Plus, league is only half the equation, how you do in non-league, tournaments and the CIF playoffs are the other half of the equation.

  • don’t whine

    To: Born and Raised SGV

    She would probably ride the bench on the Sierra on Baseline teams. Be happy with what you got.

  • nice picture??!?!??

    One thing for sure, I like the softball All-Tribune picture over the baseball All-Tribune picture. What’s up with light-up bat, my 2 year girl has one of those magic wand light-up bats.

  • just askin?


    We all know you don’t have to justify squat to anybody as evidence in the senior all atar game it was obvious who the areas best were and what leagues were the strongest. With that said I do feel you missed two pitchers and if you were at the all star game you could see there was only two that could handle the gold level talent that was being thrown at them. The first is Lauren O’Leary who is’nt in our area so she can’t be considered, but the second is the only other pitcher to handle the best hitters in the area and that was Carly Argyle who I beleive got snubbed this season by several? Lets just say most of the higher numbered division players got Lit at the all star game. Now the second pitcher I feel was missed and Fred maybe you could be so kind to answer this one how does a 1.34 era and 22-5 record not make at least second team aka(Anissa Sanchez) just askin fella?

  • please, pretty please

    just askin?, really?????

    The Hacienda League was a joke, everybody out in first round except Bonita, they got lucky against wild-card Ontario, but got knocked out in 2nd round. Anisa……..Pleeeze…..more like just beggin..

  • just askin

    please,pretty please
    now you can kiss my redneck azz! the sierra was overrated obviously by the score in the championship game lmao,.

  • Get Real

    There are some kids with better stats offensively and defensively that are not on the list. Being a senior helps and having a mom come on to the blog and parade her kid doesn’t hurt either. Congratulations to all the fine athletes.

  • FredJ

    Just Askin, I have nothing to do with senior all-star selections (though next year our paper is finally get involved in baseball and softball).

  • just askin


    I think you miss understood my comment my bad. What I meant was the weaker leagues were obvious in how their players performned in the all star game Meaning you got most of it right.

  • softball fan

    hey Fred, bla bla bla….

  • To Fred,Steve and John

    Dear Fred,
    I guess this marks the end of an error it’s been an exciting four years of softball your dedication and hard work in covering the girls has been much appreciated. I’m going to miss the blogs but most of all I will miss my DD. playing in the San Dimas,Charter Oak and Bonita tournments. Fairwell my friend and thank you I hope someday you decide to put together another all freshmen team like you did in 2008.

    It has been pointed out several times that we have a great crop of freshman softball players this season, and many of them are starting shortstops making a huge impact on top teams in the area. Most of these girls I’ve seen, some I haven’t, but I’ve put together an All-Freshman team regardless. Don’t hold me to it, most of it is observation, some based on stats, and some from browsing rosters. I posted stats next to the players that I had stats for. I’m sure you’ll tell me who I’ve missed and who I need to pay attention to more. I don’t know if we’ve ever done this before, so just have fun with it. Here it is, the All-Freshman team.

    Above: No wonder coach Gano came back to coaching. His daughter Courtney can already swing and defend the hole at short with the best of them.

    Tribune All-Freshman Team
    Laura Banuelos, Rowland, 2.36 ERA
    Jacqueline Carlin, Bishop Amat, .222
    Courtney Gano, Los Altos, SS, .384
    Stephany LaRosa, Diamond Bar, SS
    Monica Gomez, Sierra Vista, 3B, .593
    Samantha Nieves, South Hills, SS, .410
    Jazzmin Arrant, Covina, SS
    Mercedez Cundiff, Rowland, SS, .357
    Jazmin Chavez, Northview, .243
    Breeanna Sandoval, Bonita, .328.
    Jen Gonzalez, Charter Oak, .379, Utility

    Above: Diamond Bar’s Stephany LaRosa showed some amazing range at short. She’s already among the best in the valley.

    Amanda Salazar, Los Altos, 3B, .130
    Megan Parra, Diamond Ranch, C/Inf, .200
    Stephani Dennis, Wilson, OF, .167
    Melissa Rodriguez, Wilson, OF/Inf, .182
    Julissa Castellanos, South El Monte, C/OF, .240
    Salina Gonzalez, South El Monte, .286, OF/Catcher
    Chelsea Dang, Rosemead, Inf/Pitcher
    Veronica Ramirez, Azusa, P/3B
    Alyssa Lozano, Sierra Vista, SS, .469
    Ashley Solis, La Puente, SS, .320
    Auryanna Earhardt, Duarte, SS/3B, .243
    Leeza Urrutia, Duarte, 3B, .444
    Vanessa Medrano, Duarte, 2B, .389
    Justine Chavira, Walnut, INF, .313
    Alora Tejeda, Diamond Bar, Utility
    Alissa Young, St. Lucy’s, .211
    Amber Vernetti, St. Lucy’s, .200
    Aleena Avalos, San Dimas, OF
    Courtney Hine, San Dimas, OF
    Taylor Garcia, Baldwin Park, 3B
    Eileen Arevalo, Baldwin Park, Pitcher
    Ciara Liscano, Bonita, .295, Catcher

  • softball fan


  • shfan

    You know what I just thought? The article’s title is “Meeting Expectations”. Don’t kids in class get C’s if they meet expectations. Isn’t that average? Come on now Fred.