Pushy parents force Medina out of MTown

Monrovia softball coach Randy Medina and his entire staff abruptly resigned, basically saying the pressure and expectations from parents forced him to come to the conclusion that returning for a 12th season wasn’t worth it. “Our expectations was we wanted to do well in league and go as far as we can in CIF,” Medina said. “To an extent I like the extra intensity that goes into travel ball, and I’m all for that. But the players, most of them play travel ball year round with intense schedules with four or five games in a weekend. High school is to be with your friends. It’s a different mindset. It just came down to where it felt that they being the parents weren’t happy and things got back to me. It’s a small town. A lot of parents were on my side and they said people are saying this about you.”
“My big problem was I had three parents who were not happy. They would talk about the program behind my back in adverse conditions. I think that hurt me the most. They were willing to talk about me, about my players and about my staff, sort of behind the team’s back. And that bothered me. It bothered me that my staff was being talked about as ineffective. That’s what hurt.”

Fred’s thoughts: I enjoyed covering Medina in MTown while I was at the Star News, he always came across as a knowledgeable coach with a genuine passion for what he was doing. He wanted to win as much as anyone, that was clear, and was a great example of what a high school coach should be. That’s not enough for some parents, particularly travel ball parents who feel more entitled, but I wish Medina would have stayed on and not allowed the distractions to get under his skin. We deal with it in the newspaper business too, specialization has made experts out of everyone, and the experts love telling you why certain coaches aren’t qualified, why so-and-so is better than so-and-so, and so on. Most parents are great, but the experts can be nauseating. My feeling is, the experts aren’t going anywhere, so just deal with it rather than allow them to chase you off, which is why I wish Medina would have stayed on. Here’s an idea for all the experts, you want to speak and make your opinions known? Any expert out there who has trouble with a coach and wants to debate or discuss the reasons on camera with me, I’m all in. I would love to see what you have to say when the spotlight’s on you.

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  • huh???

    I dont get it. Quit on your school and the program over 3 parents. Just cut the kids and move on. If you don’t want to cut them, tune the parents out. If you have never had problems until now, you are a very lucky coach. The crap that the bohi softball coach has gone through seems 10x worse than this. Hell, try putting up with KH as a dad. he drove coaches crazy.

  • bonita

    Thats great Fred. KH, KC has graduated. nows your chance. For years, you came on here and took potshots at coaches. Go on the camera dude. it will be classic

  • Fredzilla

    Listen Fred
    I’m not sure you really want to go down this road, becareful what you wish for. One thing is for sure kids are smarter these days and technology has made the burden of proof even greater. personally I know and heard several area coaches abusing their powers and acting in ways that would get them fired!!!! my advice to coaches is to becareful what you say to your players and team, becareful what you do and what you never want seen or heard. I beleive in karma so I’m leaving it there and keeping my mouth shut about who,where and when. But Fred you do have to admit coaches do some really stupid things and some of it is just plain arrogance. I once saw two area coaches standing 15 feet from a batter in a live game like they were untouchable, showing off that they were the big dogs in town lol. I bet you can guess what happened next you got it a foul ball right in the dinger coach went down like a loaf a bread to much arroagance by most of these coaches drives me up the wall most of them don’t know squat about the game. I’ll tell you one thing I’d rather you make this topic about the good ones like the coach I admired the most wilsons Ed Bruyninckx this guy really new the game but just never had the talent to match his ability. I would have liked to see him at a top school and to see what he could do with some top talent God rest his soul.

  • reality

    Parents stalk you around town,break into team meetings,mom’s come on to you, dads bribe you,they talk behind your back, they may threaten you,they call you a drunk or worse a pervert, they knock on your door at home,they say you are being paid a ton of money and that’s when the team is winning.

  • Nice Job

    Nice job Omar, way to step up as this years a-hole parent by picking on a volunteer who puts endless hours of time with your kid so you can sit back on your dumb ass and complain all season. Go back to Azusa (where you live). Or, “Silence Village Idiot”

  • Softball Fan

    It sad the Coach is quitting over 3 parents. Out of the 3 parents only 1 parent has a right to complain. The other 2 parents their daughters were not all that all season! Actually if their parent was not running a travel ball team I would bet money NO other travel ball team would pick up their daughters.

  • play the percentages

    here’s another way to look at it. One-Fourth of the parents on his team were a problem and trying to convert others. Who needs that? Best coaching job is at the orphanage – no parents!