East wins Hall of Fame, 7-6 … West misses game-tying extra-point and game-winning field goal attempt; Overton East MVP

By Steve Ramirez
Staff Writer
The strength of the San Gabriel Valley in football has favored the Eastside in recent years.
That didn’t change Friday..
Former Pomona High School standout Jamal Overton rushed for 82 yards and the East sacked Muir’s Jeffrey Davis three times during the final three minutes to lead the East to a 7-6 victory in the 32nd Hall of Fame Game at West Covina High School.
The East, which rolled to a 40-0 victory last year, won for the eighth time in the past nine meetings.
“I was just thinking if we sack them here, we win,” said Northview’s Chris Auxier, who forced a punt with just over a minute to play when he dropped Davis at his own 42. “When I got that last sack, and I knew we won, it made everything feel so much better.”

East 7, West 6
West 0-0-6-0–6
East 0-7-0-0–7

E: George Johnson 13 run (Jeff Stamp kick)
W: Karl Holmes Jr. 21 pass from Nick Bueno (kick failed)

Up until then, It looked like the West might rule the Valley.
The West, which saw its scoreless streak reach six quarters after it was shut out in the first half,finally caught fire in the third quarter.
Pasadena’s Aaron Simpson ran 31 yards on a fake punt and Nick Bueno followed with a 25-yard run to the East 17. The double-threat quarterback, who led Monrovia to the CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division title last season, then came up with the West’s play of the game.
He rolled right on fourth and 14 before tossing to Holmes, who made a leaping catch int he end zone to cut the deficit to 7-6 with 1:03 left in the quarter. The extra-point kick by San Gabriel’s Gilmar Tenes was wide.
The West, after forcing a punt, then went from its 47 to the East 24 before settling for a 31-yard field goal attempt by Tenes. But the snap was low, and forced Bueno to scramble before throwing incomplete.
“No one wants to lose the game,” Bueno said. “We all just picked it up in the second half.”
Overton helped the East score its only points during a 97-yard drive , which covered the last part of the first quarter and most of the second.
Overton, after the East started from its own 3 following an interception by Azusa’s Jose Nunez, had consecutive carries of 15, 14 and 14 yards to push it to the East 48. He then followed with runs of 7, 14 and 11 yards to the West 24 before converting a fourth and 1 from the 15 with a 2-yard run to the 13.
George Johnson, who helped West Covina to the Southeast Division title in the fall,then broke loose from Muir’s Howard Vaughn in the backfield before diving in the end zone following a 13-yard run.
“I give all the credit to the offensive line,” said Overton, who had 73 yards during the drive. “They are the only way I could have done that.”
That eventually set up defensive heroics by the East defense, which after the West got the ball on the East 48 after a punt and face mask penalty, sacked Davis three times to force a punt, which was blocked by Baldwin Park’s Mario Rodriguez to set the East up at the West 30.
The East then ran out the clock to win for the second consecutive season.

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  • Coaching Was A JOKE

    First off the Tribune stated the start time of the game was 7:30 p.m. well I have no ideal what time the game did start but was in line with lots of pissed off people at 7:15 p.m. and the game had already started.

    Second, sorry but those coaches were a joke espically on the west side of the ball. Did they loss the concept of an All-Star game. Nick Bueno is a great player but to show case that one kid was a joke. It’s almost like the football gods sent the West coaching staff a very clear message when they sent Nick Bueno out to punt late in the game and he got off that -15 yard kick. Why not spread the love some, it was sad that so many kids worked so hard for three weeks and some didn’t even see the field. One running back on the east side went in for only three plays and never touched the ball. Their were kids on both sides of the ball that didn’t even get a single down.

    Now at the end of the game the east coaching staff running out the clock and taking a knee. Why not put some of those kids that sat the whole game out their, use up some of those timeouts and give them a few snaps.

    Both sides had some kids going both ways, what is up with that?

  • football

    This game needed Garrett Pendleton so he could open up the game he would have put points up and much better passer than the other qbs in the game very boring game needed pendleton for sure

  • Coaching


    I have to totally agree with you on that one, I didn’t see a single quarterback out there that threw the ball well. Neither team had a passing game.

  • footballer

    OH Crap here we go with the Bonita crap again.

  • NotSince1995

    Great defensive game by the East…! That’s what this story should have been about!
    But that was it…The East offense played with one hand tied behind their backs. How many times did the East QBs actually throw the ball? The Walnut kid had to be 5 to 10 inches taller than any DB trying to cover him. He caught what? 1 or 2 balls? That’s it? Wasted talent. If Johnson couldn’t see over that big OLine then get a taller QB in there. Oh wait, that guy had an incident at GradNite. Coach Thomas had one play. Who needs an OC when the 2 and 4 holes are wide open? Right coach?
    Looking back at the game I think, no I know, the kids on both sides cared about the game a lot more than the coaches and the reporting…C’mon men (you the ones without the helmets on the field), you can do better than that…That free burrito at El Tepeyac is not that important. Is it? You need to start getting in shape for the upcoming season…!
    Good to see the SGV come together for this game. Lots of well behaved people…! Even the know who crowd!
    Not in 2011 Either…

  • airless tartans

    To bad Jeffries wasn’t available.

  • It is nap time yet?

    Last night’s game has got to be the most boring All Star game I’ve witnessed. No fault to the players though, the played valiantly and just followed the plays given by their coaches. The coaches should have opened their playbooks and razzled dazzled the crowds. You don’t take a knee with 1 minute to play when some kids didn’t see one down. This game is suppose to be for funzies and not for Coaches egos!!

  • East All-Star Receiver

    Three weeks of wasted practice that I could of been enjoying my summer with and we don’t even throw the ball. Yeah the running game was working but for what 7 points? I thought the coaches would do better coaching then what they brought to the game. Good job to the defense though, they played great but what kind of All-Star game goes 7-6. To score points you got to throw the ball and that is the complete opposite of what the East did. At least the west did throw the ball, shoot I kinda wished I played for the West team and I bet we would of won too.

  • Dan

    LOL, I see you done some editing on the game report Fred.
    Your first article and video interview was kind of funny, you should have left it up there, even more funny was in the video the running back took the credit for the TD you gave him, probably without realizing it. I’m just wondering Fred, did you come late to the game and have someone give you wrong info? Or were you at the snack bar? lol.

  • wildcats 98

    just found out Coach Estrada from last years WILSON football team has passed…

  • wildcats 98

    Just found out last years football coach estrada has passed away..

  • FredJ

    Put it this way Dan, I was the one who the announcer kept saying left his lights on in the parking lot, had to get it jumped, then let the car run for a while …

  • Dan

    Ha Ha, I remember that! Funny stuff Fred, sounds like kind of a rough night for you! I was just having a little fun with you, great job on the new improved write up, lol.