Not missing Red Sox – Yankees tonight at 6 — More than 92,000 expected at the Rose Bowl

There are finals. And then there are Finals.
But mere capitalization doesn’t suffice in capturing the anticipation of Saturday’s much hoped-for U.S.-Mexico final — sorry, Final — of the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup in Pasadena at 6 p.m. This game won’t just anoint a champion of all North and Central America and the Caribbean and send the winner to the 2013 Confederations Cup (the greatest head start for the World Cup out there). It will also write the latest chapter in one of the fiercest rivalries in the world’s game.

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  • Sierra League Fan

    NO THANKS! I’d rather watch paint dry. I just don’t get soccer. It is the most widely played sport by the youth in america, but it stops there. Just goes to show you that mommies and daddies make their kids play to socialize with others.

  • Fredj

    It stops there? Only 92,000 at the game today

  • reality

    Is socker when somebody rolls a ball too you then you kick the hell out of it and then run the bases? That game rocks.

  • NotSince1995

    you dumba**…! Its to, not too…! And what you’re describing is what you and your hommies do in your front yard (err LaPuente drive way)!
    USA all the way!
    not in 2011 either…

  • Mike The Clone



    Soccer, come on I’d rather pull leaves out of my pool than watch that crap. Soccer who frecking cares?

    The poor Rose Bowl clean up crew tomorrow with all those Parking lot burritos.

    I AM OUT!

    Mike The Clone

  • Ignorance is bliss

    What such ignorant and racist comments. Pretty sad if you ask me. Soccer is not only played in Mexico or central America, it is a National Sport played in Europe; Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, England, Italy and so on, you get my roll dummy?! I bet you wouldn’t be making these comments if you ever played the game.

  • a disgrace

    At a Rose Bowl soccer final, vastly outnumbered U.S. fans saw their team smothered with boos and obscenities, our national anthem overwhelmed by air horns, and the postgame ceremony in SPANISH. A U.S. player said: “It was a ****ing disgrace (it) was in Spanish. You can bet your ass if we were in Mexico City, it wouldn’t be all in English.” But it might as well be Mexico. Welcome to Los Angeles, the Capital of AZTLAN

  • 1st Disgrace

    The disgrace is that no english channels televised it. Why would you expect Galavision to broadcast it in english.

    I am a USA soccer backer all the way, but what was disgracefull is the lack of support that the country (citizens)gave its own team in their own back yard.

    Comments like Mike the clones, are what really is disgracefull. Mike if you don’t like the sport, then why even get on this thread, and why waste your time even commenting.

    Go USA Under 17 Mens team, and USA womens teams.

  • I agree

    MIKE THE CLOWN. BURRITTOS???? Come on CLOWN, I thought you were better then that!

    Your comment was uncalled for and racist. I believe there was 92,000 people that FREAKING CARED!


  • Guess I’m A Clown Too

    One thing about Mike he doesn’t pull any punches.I didnt find anything racist in what he said. Some need to pull their politically correct heads out of their arces.And if Fred found it offensive do you think that post of Clones would still be here. Come on light weights suck it up and quit being such wimps about soccer. It sucks!!
    If your into watching guys lay down and cry like babies because they got kicked in the shins more power to ya. 95,000 people can’twrong about soccer well half the country voted for Obama too and look what the moron has done.
    In fact there were articles in the Tribune,Star News about the parking lot being a mess.Maybe Mike should have use Land Mines instead of Parking Lot Burritos but oh wait that might have offended the Muslim terrorist.You guys are little girls get over yourselves.
    Don’t come on here playing the race card!
    I’m with MTC soccer sucks!

  • Fred Robledo

    Mike’s comments and others like him are usually from men over 40 who are always going to say the same thing about soccer. “It’s like watching grass grow.” You know how many times I’ve heard that from old timers like him. They’re set in their ways with football, baseball, basketball and nothing’s going to change their opinion, so I just laugh and watch how soccer continues to grow with the next sports generation. The soccer’s boring comments get so old, because if it was, it wouldn’t be the most popular sport in the world by a landslide and the biggest youth participation sport in America. My advice, laugh off the Mike the Clone type comments, they’re in the minority now, and will continue to shrink into a smaller minority as the years go by. As for his “Burrito” comment, always consider the source before getting all worked up, he’s attempting to get under your skin, that’s what people who make ignorant comments do. Just don’t allow it.

  • FBFan

    Several horrible Communists and Facists have played and supported the game of soccer. This isn’t a comment made of ignorance and I will not delve in any further because it will be much too long of a post, but the game of soccer has promoted racism and socialist thoughts which is why commie kickball will not and should not become a major sport in the greatest country on the planet.

  • Seriously?

    FBFan, I won’t delve into it much either, but sports in America have dealt with racism issues too, don’t you think. What a stretch for you to make that comparison because you’re so threatened by the popularity of soccer. Hate to tell you, but baseball, basketball and athletics of all sorts have strong ties to racism in this country? Ever heard of Jackie Robinson and what he went through, or players of color before him? C’mon, you have to come up with a better reason than that to hate soccer. You know, about 20 times more people watch the world cup final than the super bowl? What does that tell you, it’s boring, lol.

  • AMAT 73

    As far as soccer it is a world sport and many people follow the game . If you like it fine , if you don’t why post hate on a great game. What is interesting is the fact that no major network other than the Spanish network found this game to be worthy of being televised. I believe the women’s World Cup is off to a start and little coverage of that event either. A couple of articules here and there but nothing major for a world event.
    A lot of those AYSO parents are from that over 40’s crowd you speak of so maybe you are a little off on your number.Just think of high school kids age 14-18 and their parents 24-25 or older, which is a growing trend in that people are having children later in life nowadays, when they had them makes them 38- 43 more or less .If they didn’t like the game do you think their kids would be playing ? I think maybe the over 50’s crowd is more like it, as soccer was never a sport that was played in school yards as much as the games you mentioned . But you are right in that soccer is growing but I don’t think as much as a professional sport in the manner of football , baseball , and basketball .

  • Mike The Clone

    Now Now Mr. Robledo,

    I don’t mine being called a racist and ignorant. But I draw the line at being called OLD!


    Mike The Clone

  • FredJ

    Hey, we’re both old

  • Leave It To Mikey

    Leave it to a football guy to blow up a soccer blog. Soccer in the Tribune blog has never receieved so much attention.