Arellanes and Zavala back coaching, and what you probably don’t know about Wilson’s Bob Burt

You learn a few things with players and coaches visiting the Tribune on picture day for the PrepXtra Football preview magazine that is scheduled to debut on Aug. 30. Jim Arellanes, who was recently fired at Los Altos, is now an assistant at Baldwin Park with coach James Heggins. Brian Zavala, who was let go at Wilson, is now an assistant at Gladstone with Albert Sanchez. I also loved my brief conversation with new Wilson coach Bob Burt, the only coach in our area who has coached a Division 1 football program. Burt coached Cal State Northridge in the early 90s.

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  • Old Days

    Burt was also the Defensive Coordinator at Cal State Fullerton when Class of 85′: Rowland H.S. John Bell and Edgewood H.S. Stan Bowers played for him.

  • Percy Arceneaux

    Poor Burt, these parents are going to work him. Every day, all day.

  • HH

    Percy Arceneaux

    Wrong. The Wilson parents won’t need to ride Burt, ’cause this year’s group of coaches, ain’t a bunch of clown shoe wearing jackasses.

  • ditto’s to HH

    yes, the circus has moved on to other places but then again there may be a lack of entertaining posts this year from wilsonland

  • david rivera

    well we will see what burt is made of because he is stepping into a very challenged team at wilson. this team really needs alot of help at QB and running back. i am not going to bash burt but if he goes 2-8 or 3-7 there is going to be alot of trash talking at wilson. seeing how this team came out of the mighty miramonte and into the little valle vista.parents will not tolerate it there at wilson

  • d rivera you r not a parent

    dearest david if there is trash talk then it will be u posting it, the circus has left town

  • Coach

    The big difference is COACH Bert, is a real head coach. Zavala and Hoyd are weak position coaches and terrible head coaches. Coach Bert and STAFF are doing an excellent job over at Wilson. Wilson doesn’t really have the talent to compete this year but with the coaching they are going to surprise a few teams.

  • wildcats 98

    Coach BURT and his staff have already change the these boys into a contender for the VVL… i wont be surprised if WILSON is VVL Champions this year.

  • wildcats 98

    whoever is using Percy Arcenaeux name please STOP…He was a good team mate of mine and is no longer with us…all the memories i have of us are all great ones. R.I.P. “P”

  • HH

    wildcats 98

    Not going to happen. Just too many ?’s, at critical areas, on the roster.
    No established RB returning.
    No established QB threat.
    No secondary playmaker(s)
    etc, etc…

    If they do manage to have players step up, and “play over their heads” it will be a direct result of the coaching staff bringing out the best, not raw talent.

  • Teaching Positions

    Were Coach Arellanes and Coach Zavala able to get teaching positions at those schools? If not, is Coach A still teaching at LA in the Fall?

  • david rivera

    i think burt is in over his head at wilson. but if anybody can deliver for wilson it his him. maybe wilson can get some respect now. the miramonte league team which once was can finally hold up its head in the mediocre valle vista league.what a embarasment last year year to this program.

  • really?

    I have been to practice and those things you bring up look like a strength.

    The Qb can run and throw

    The secondary looks fast and tall especially for their division

    The backs look good especially the really fast one with the afro.

    Maybe i’m wrong but they look pretty nice.


    I’m surprised the CIRCUS hasn’t started bombing our blog and are long gone. Thank goodness they are gone!!!!!

  • wildcats 98

    all the haters are gone…cause los altos knows that they made a bad decision in not giving Coach Burt so much as even an interview for there head coaching position. And now WILSON is the team to beat in the heights…We are going to have that will for a few more years. While los altos will go 0-10 for a second straight year.

  • HH


    The qb from last year’s varsity team (12) can run a bit, but he’s not by any means lightning fast, and he will not take a hit. His throws have no zip on them. Way too many balls thrown up for grabs to avoid the pressure/hit.
    The “afro” rb is actually the teams best receiver. He may be able to run some to the outside, but he’s got no muscles/durability to be running between the tackles.
    Not a lot of raw talent on this team to work with, so the coaching staff has it’s work cut out for them.
    But hey, the “no-name defense” went undefeated one season, so anything is possible.

  • Talent


    “I have been to practice and those things you bring up look like a strength.” Not sure how to respond to this comment are you kidding?

    “The Qb can run and throw” everyone knows this kid can’t throw the ball. I been to more than one practice and Coach Bert has made that very clear with his comments.

    “The secondary looks fast and tall especially for their division” Just not sure what you are seeing, the fastest kid out their has a real tuff time in coverage. We have one good DB and that’s it. Two of the kids that are starting at DB have never played the position.

    “The backs look good especially the really fast one with the afro.” The really fast one with the afro runs like a 4.7, he looks so fast because everyone else is so slow.

    “Maybe i’m wrong but they look pretty nice.” No maybe you are wrong, the talent is way down from last year. The coaching is what is going to win games this season, not the talent.

    I have seen four teams from the VVL; Covina, San Dimas, Northview, and Wilson. Wilson is clearly third in talent of the four.


    We have something good again here at Wilson and will be just fine. The positive vibe is back. Stop riding our tails and move on. Get a life and keep your expert comments of OUR kids to yourself. All the negativity is gone stay off our blogs using different names. its obvious!!! AND keep your 2nd string wounded duck in Pomona…

  • HH


    Believe me when I tell you, M.S., old Wilson #7’s dad, is not commenting on the blogs about Wilson, good, or bad. He could really care less about what the Cats problems may, or may not be this coming season. He knows, and is friends with the majority of the kids still on the Wilson team, so he isn’t going to come on here, and critique the kids on their skills, or lack thereof (unlike me). The White Devils are just fine where they are, in Pomona.

    Not M.S.

  • http://rgd2626 rgd2626

    are you nuts? this is the same guy that wouldn’t leave los altos alone after he left.I remember when he first got over to wilson the parents on the blog bragged about what a good guy and supporter he is. Well, you guys found out. As long as it goes his way its great, if not , the coaches are idiots.
    And dont forget, he is the one that would not stop bashing GANO because of transfers coming in that were juniors and seniors, he was so bad he was banned from this blog. And guess what? HE DOES THE EXACT same thing with his son.

  • HH


    Hey Godinez. How ya doin’. Long time, no hear. How’s the coaching gig going, or are you relegated to teaching PE only these days? Last we heard from you, you were making one of the worst attempts at co-head coaching ever seen at the frosh level at LA with that fossil, Rick Fries. Nice way you Stooges, including Felipe, ran that program straight into the ground. How many kids are left at LA from that season? About five, maybe? Haha, What a bunch of Maroons. You know why people like you don’t like people like M.S.? Because you people can’t talk straight up with a parent, or a player. All you know how to do is lie, make empty promises, and BS. That’s why, in M.S’s case, he went from one bad program at LA, to another, eventually bad program at Wilson (under Zavala) to finally land at a seemingly stable coaching program at Pomona. If it weren’t for coaches like yourself, Felipe, and Zavala who think they can head coach, when they’re really only just adequate position coaches, all this moving around wouldn’t be necessary.

  • Who is his staff?

    Speaking of Wilson and Burt, which I believe will do a tremendous job, who are his assistant coaches?

  • david rivera

    how does a miramonte team which was wilson 2 years ago go into a average valle vista league and win just 1 game. this just really sickens me to see that last year. zavala should really be ashamed of himself and that really doesnt look good on his resume. please burt at least go 500 in league

  • get over it

    only going to say one thing,and its all that really matters wilson sucks will prob go 2-8 only beating LA and don bosco. the new coaching staff is a joke!! they have no qb and moved the best wr to rb..good luck wilson enjoy the wheel thats all your going to have