UPDATED: Rio Ruiz selected to Team USA 18U National Team roster for second-round trials, father says he will go and still play with Bishop Amat’s football team this fall

UPDATED: Rio Ruiz has decided to attend the U.S. National team trials Sept. 12-21, his father Rudy Rios said, which means the Bishop Amat quarterback will miss at least three nonleague games against La Mirada, Damien and Cathedral, returning against Venice followed by the Serra League opener against Alemany on Oct. 14. Rudy Ruiz has spoken with coach Steve Hagerty, who he said was supportive of Rio’s decision. Rudy said nothing is guaranteed (to Rio) in terms of his position when he returns, saying that it’s Hagerty’s decision, and he respect it.

BREAKING NEWS: Bishop Amat High School slugger Rio Ruiz has made the 28-man roster of the 18U USA Baseball National Team roster.

Ruiz is one of 28 players to receive invitations to be a part of the second-round trial, which will take place between Sept. 12-21. From there, the team will be cut down to 20 players, which will compete in the COPABE Pan American AAA/18U Championships in Cartagena, Colombia, Sept. 23-Oct. 2.

The trials and tournaments conflict with Bishop Amat’s football schedule, thus calling into question whether Ruiz will be a part of the Lancers’ football team, on which he has been a two-year starter at receiver and quarterback. Last season, Ruiz played quarterback for Amat, which went 9-2.

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  • RIO the American

    Is their really any doubt? Rio will be representing our country sept 12 thru oct 2nd.
    Bring home the gold!

  • jcaz

    I have mixed feeling over this issue.

    Rio really dosnt need to be a part of that baseball team because he already has a scholaship tied into USC.

    Because he will be on a major college baseball progrm he will have no doubt recieved substantial noterity as a part of that tems and if he is good enoug to make it into MLB, then that all star game will not chagne things for him one way or another.

    Havng said that,if he should choose to participate in the baseball tournament, then that should be a wonderfull thing for him, but I would NOTt expect him to simply come back to the team after the tournament is over, and expect to have the quaterback job waiting for him.

    I belive that the person who ends up earning that spot be given that position for the remaider of the seasson no matter what happens to Rio.

    Of course, Rio should be able to play on the team once he returns, and maybe as a wide reciever or defensive back as many folks in here have already mentioned, although perhaps the same argument can be made about his trying to replace those starers at those positions once he gets back to Amat.


  • 12th man

    No Ruiz = No Playoffs for Lancer football 2011~ Without Ruiz at the helm at QB Amat goes .500 or one or two games above it..(at best)..”Decisions” “Decisions”…Good luck to Rio & his family whatever he chooses…

  • Joe Amat

    well, it is official. Rio IS going to advance to the the next round of tryouts… and if he does I expect him to make the team. Hags has been told – so he’s definitely got some decisions to make. I know how I’d handle it – but Hags is gonna do what he has to do and has my 100% support on whatever that is.

  • Rob

    I wish Rio the best and as a Damien guy we now have a shot against Amat!!

  • Colt74

    “Ruiz would miss nonleague games against La Mirada, Damien and Cathedral, returning for a game against Venice on Oct. 6 in preparation for Bishop Amat’s Serra League showdown against Alemany on Oct. 14. He would be with the Lancers for their game against defending Pac-5 champion Anaheim Servite on Sept. 9.”


  • eastsider

    what is the big deal.if there is another quarteback waiting to get his turn and wins the job in those games that Rio misses the team will be fine. Rio can play defense and receiver.if his backup does not prove that he should be the starter,Rio will be back for the important games. many quarterbacks get hurt early in the season and come back at the end and do fine. Amat is a running football team that does not rely on the quarterback.they will still beat La Mirada,Cathedral and Damian big without Rio.

  • Real Time

    If I am a QB looking for P.T. or a grand stage to play on,I’m moving to La Puente and throwing my hat in the ring for a shot at leading that Bishop Amat team to the play offs/Championship?

  • Amat Dad

    Rio’s a very competetive individual, and putting his baseball skills against the best 18u players in the country is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Baseball is his ticket to a 1st class education and possibly the pros. Football on the other hand is just something he’s also very good at,he also understands that evrything understood he may lose his quarterback starting position but nothing in life is guaranteed. That being said maybe this is a blessing for Hags to take a look at the next QB for Amat considering Rio is in his senior year. The running game will dictate how Amats offense rolls this year.
    Good luck Rio, hope you make the team we’re all looking forward to seeing you on team USA.
    Even the haters that aren’t Amat followers.

  • Long Ago

    Former California Angel, Larry Gonzales: Edgewood 85′, represented the USA in the 87′ Pan Am Games. His team lost to Cuba in the hard fought Gold Medal game. The opening ceremonies were held at the Indy 500.


    With all this talk about Rio possibly not being there for the Lancers. Who do you guys have behind him as back-up?

  • Real talk

    As for rio being gone during football season I think it is ok for him and for bishop . He is a athlete but not a great QB. Amat has never been a passing team they just pound the rock and get the defense tired. So I know Amat will be good to go because the coaching is top notch. Good luck to all the teams trying to stop Moore and Shay and scoring on that D.

  • Witness

    @ real talk, Pat Haden!
    No one knows how will Rio will do on the football field until he returns, but I choose to believe that he will do big things and surprise the non-believers.
    Happy 4th of July everyone!
    Think Positive!

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/tribpreps/2011/07/rio-ruiz-select.html#comments Truth

    good luck on with Rio’s decision…but who is the back up for amat?

  • Real talk

    @ witness wow you had to dig deep for that one. What year was that? Lol no I’m not saying that we have not had a few good QB’s someone had to be throwing the ball to jj Jackson. But I could list many more blue chip RB’s out of Amat. I think wait I know Rio is so good at baseball that it is taking away time that he could be learning the QB position. It takes more then just being able to squeeze the ball in tight spots. He needs work on pocket presence and reading the defense. If I was playing Amat I would stack the box because you know Moore can beat you but I would make Rio make throws to beat us. I think that was tesoro game plan. I would put him back at receiver and secondary. Plus I think he should just stay focused on baeball I would hate to see him get hurt. Man I wish Amat would just get a pure QB and have the run and the passing.

  • Witness

    @real talk, You said “NEVER” and “NEVER” is a long time. I didn’t need to dig deep for one of the greatest QB’s of all time in Pat Haden.

  • NotSince1995

    BishopNation –
    Lebron James just called to say that Rio is taking his talents to the South Field…!
    Nah…Nah…Nah…Nah…Hey…Hey…Good Bye!
    Not in 2011 Either…

  • trojanlar

    Who ever remembers these championships compared to CIF championships?
    Does Rio even need another “Showcase”, He has already punched his ticket!!!
    La Mirada will be no joke.
    Don’t let a “Golden Boy” dictate the dreams of the rest of your fine hard working LANCERS!

    “LET’S GO LANCERS”!!!!!

  • veterano

    when john jackson was at amat they had randy tanner at running back and not that good of a quarterback tim canova ,jacksons junior year. his senior year the quarterback was rick quarter who also was an average quarterback.running back jacksons senior year was sophomore eric bienemy. Rio is better than both those quartebacks,there running game is what made those teams succesful. jacksons junior year ,they made it to the final and lost to servite by a touchdown.

  • Jackboy

    Rio is a Baseball kid, his dream is to play baseball, and hes a good ballplayer with a chance to play some Pro Baseball. Do you really think its in his best interest to play football this season, especially when hes not in football shape? And he wont be
    I hope if he does play football, he stays healthy so hell have a real shot with no regrets or excuses.
    Good luck Rio.

  • Real talk

    @veterano thanks for the info. I first started watching Amat when Bienamy was in his senior year. I had a feeling that Amat has always had a good RB as the center stage. Sorry not always that is a strong word ( Pat Haden ) but I feel upset when people say if Rio does not play we will be a 500 team he is good but I feel as long as we have a good RB and we do we will be good to go. I think Shay is a player that we will need to have a big year when they try to stop Moore we will give it to the quicker Shay. Do you ever think we should change our playing style to a pass first team saying that we focus on a above average QB and wideouts?

  • Joe Amat

    I think what this says about Rio’s intentions are very clear. With a USC scholarship offer in hand this trip, while a GREAT opportunity, is not necessary to be “showcased”. However, these championships will be crawling with MLB scouts and one only needs to look at past rosters to see there is a link to high draft stock. It’s kind of like the McDonalds All-American Game in basketball. If you’re in those games – you’re pretty much in.

    To me, this says Rio intends to go for broke, sign if he is drafted in the 1st round and by-pass USC. Best of luck to him.

    and to Real Talk… No

  • Witness
  • veterano

    the problem is not hte offense for the lancers. they are able to put up enough points. last year the problem was the defensive backfield which will be better this year with maturity and experience.running back they are very stacked. if any running back gets hurt they still have blue and daniels .

  • trojanlar

    If anybody would like a true education on who and where certain ballplayers will go with college and pro scouts, I invite you to Goodwin Field at the tailgate with these decision makers!!!!
    BTW: What can Cruz do for Rio?

    Congratulations to a “Great Coach”: Rick Vanderhook!
    who the TROJANS should have considered.

  • trojanlar

    If anybody would like a true education on who and where certain ballplayers will go with college and pro scouts, I invite you to Goodwin Field (CSUF) at the tailgate with these decision makers!!!!
    BTW: What can Cruz do for Rio?

    Congratulations to a “Great Coach”: Rick Vanderhook!
    who the TROJANS should have considered.

  • trojanlar

    If anybody would like a true education on who and where certain ballplayers will go with college and pro scouts, I invite you to Goodwin Field (CSUF) at the tailgate with these decision makers!!!!
    BTW: What can Cruz do for Rio?

    Congratulations to a “Great Coach”: Rick Vanderhook!
    who the TROJANS should have considered.