College football: Duck and Cover-up

Oregon might be running away from the NCAA in addition to opponents this season.

Here’s the latest post on my college football blog about the problems on Pac-12 favorite Oregon.
Oh, what a tangled web when we practice to deceive…
This has not exactly been the summer of glory for college football.
First it was Ohio State that came crashing down, and now the same appears ready to happen to its 2010 Rose Bowl Game opponent Oregon, who if you believe Yahoo Sports, which took down USC and Ohio State with investigative pieces, has Oregon on the hook with sorted tales of illegal recruitment of top recruits.
It centers on Will Lyles, who admitted to Yahoo Sports that he swayed two recruits toward Oregon after paid $25,000 by Oregon under the disguise of a scouting service.
The scandal comes on the heals of Ohio Stategate, which appears to have drowned Buckeye Nation in a sea of stuff for cash scandal that took down coach Jim Tressel and will most likely put the the Buckeyes in college football jail, getting a penalty similar to what USC received prior to the 2010 season.
Now comes word over the weekend that Oregon  could suffer similar fate, if not worse, after Lyles told  Yahoo Sports that he used his undue influence to sway top recruits to Gang Green, and a cover-up allegedly orchestrated by Oregon coach Chip Kelly. 
It doesn’t look good for the Ducks, and Kelly, who some pundits could suffer the same fate as Tressel, perhaps before the season kickoffs in September.
It could get very interesting at the Pac-12 Media Day in Los Angeles at the end of the month.
Stay tuned.

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  • Colt74

    It’s all Reggie Bush’s fault!

    NCAA to strip USC of 1928 Championship …

    Ruptured Ducks????? ….film at 11…..

    Welcome to the real world and the business of College Sports…….

  • Steve Ramirez

    Actually, Colt74, it might be mine. My jinx that started in my college days at Cal State Fullerton, continues to live. I covered the 2010 Rose Bowl Game between Ohio State and Oregon. The former will get hit with a major penalty, and Oregon is step behind.
    Whose next on my hit list? Alabama? TCU?

  • Colt74

    If you are the jinx…do me a favor. I’m a Florida State Fan ( Free Shoes University Rules! ). Please this year cover a “FLORIDA” game….


    But on a side note… Fred has to be loving this.. if this keeps up UCLA will be #1 Team in the Pac 12…there won’t be any other teams that are not on sanctions!

  • CDawg

    Cal Bears 4 Life. Go UC Berkeley!