Some schools are tough to get in touch with

We did well with our PrepXtra photo shoots for the magazine last week, with players from just about every team coming in for pictures. However, we still haven’t heard from Pomona,and Gabrielino. We’ll assume they were on vacation. Every other team in the area is ready to go. If you’re a coach from one of the three aforementioned schools, call me at 626-962-8811, ext. 2161 or email at for our final make-up date.

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  • Pomona

    Pomona will be at West Covina today.

  • david rivera

    finally wilson starts practice today. better late than never

  • not late david

    Mr Rivera, Wilson is starting today by design, they took the manditory 3 weeks off at the beginning and will continue straight to school starts now with the exception of one week in august, this has been the plan of coach burt all along, so in their eyes, they are not late

  • david rivera

    ok fair enough

  • speaking of Pomona – D1 commit to Colorado Buffs

    If Rio changes the color of his comb, we all know about it the next day, last week OT Gerrad Kough from Pomona verbally committed to Colorado being recruited by Off Coordinator Eric Bieniemy and no one has even noticed

  • just sayin;

    you mena the great Eric Bieniemy that graduated for the great Bishop Amat? That Eric Bieniemy – you see it ALL comes back to Amat! LMAO

  • trickle down economics

    u would think that with all of these pro money makers that have come out of BA, some of them would have dipped in the kitty to help make the school a better place to be instead of looking like a Hanoi POW camp, maybe Rio someday will pay for air conditioning in the remaining rooms that dont have it

  • AMAT 73

    trickle down,
    What does that have to do with the topic of this thread. If you don’t like the campus then just stay away . It suits about 1300 or so students just fine . It is a long standing tradition at AMAT to get out of school early in September because of the heat. You how we love tradition . And those past students who have gone on to a better economic situation donate many dollars . You just have to know where to look and like many of you drive by posters they choose to remain anonymous only for entirely different reasons then people like you. And if it bothers you so much donate to the fine arts building fund , I am sure Msgr will set aside a urinal with a gold plaque with your name on it . ” Donated by Trickle Down ”

  • The list is down to TWO! Nice, Freddie. I have a feeling that when all is said and done, it will be down to one and STAY THERE. Not naming names, but let’s just say it’s the school where they demolished Uncle Joe’s Donuts for expansion.

  • Colt74

    Uncle Joes…..home of the mam sized donuts.

  • Colt74


    we need an edit feature!

  • david rivera

    pomona look very impressive at west covina yesterday. as i see it right now the valle vista league is theres to loose. schreiman look very impressive.a little taller and a much stronger arm compared to last year. what out valle vista

  • Colt74

    From what I am hearing… Wilson is the team to beat in the VVL. Best coaching staff in the valley and their QB would supposedly run circles around the QB at Pomona. At least that’s what I hear.
    And the parents that were starting trouble last year are now doubling up on their Prozac so the coaches should be able to do their jobs with minimal heartache.

  • hey colt

    colt said: “Wilson is the team to beat in the VVL. Best coaching staff in the valley and their QB would supposedly run circles around the QB at Pomona”

    u r right about one thing: wilson QB would be able to run around better but that is it, Pomona QB is going to challenge Livingston as the best passing QB in the VVL, u can count on it

  • Loaded

    I saw the WestCo Pomona 7on7 and have to agree this Pomona team is the team to beat in the VVL. This same Pomona team beat CC last week. Aram you need to see this team, they are loaded.


    You’ve gotta be out of your mind. Pomona the team to beat??? WOW
    David Rivera and QB’s dad are freaking blind to all other competition. Pomona QB is starting at Pomona because they have no one else! Thats the truth. Needs tons of work. Bad feet no arm and a true 2nd or 3rd QB by fart!

  • Pomona


    Then you better go talk to Corona Centennial and West Covina, Pomona beat both those teams with Schreiman at Quarterback. At the Corona Centennial 7on7 Pomona dominated on both sides of the ball. At the West Covina 7on7 Schreiman threw for three touchdowns in the first ten plays. Before anyone makes the comment, let me make it very clear 11on11 with the pads on Corona Centennial would destroy Pomona.

    Something most people dont realize at the 7on7s during the week, Rice never plays to win he has at least two to three JV kids on the field at all times. I am assuming he will be playing all the varsity kids at Santa Fe tournament this weekend.

  • the QB answer for doubters

    all u need to say about Schreiman is that Coach Rice and the OC was very very glad in January when he got to Pomona

  • not all the clowns left our school

    just when we all thought all of the clowns had left Wilson it looks like whsfootball forgot to get on the circus bus and leave , as they say there is always one


    Personally talked with asst. CC Coach and said “WE PLAYED ALL OUR SOPH KIDS AGAINST POMONA” What a joke. Can’t wait for the D1 buzz about Pomona QB to hit the blogs soon. HAHAHAHA

  • Pomona


    That’s funny, since they pulled their Varsity starting quarterback after about 10 plays since he threw I believe three picks. Then they put in their second string QB and he did a better job. I will say this; if those were sophomore kids then they are all on rods, biggest sophomores I have ever seen.

    I am assuming that Chino/Chino Hills/Diamond Bar/Diamond Ranch all played their Sophomores against Pomona yesterday, right? Pomona played with all these teams. Just for the record all the teams were fairly equal; I would give the edge to Diamond Ranch.

  • Pomona


    Since you personally talked to one of the CC assistants, what is his name? We will be down their again in a week or two.

  • Dan

    The West Covina and Pomona number 1’s were even
    at 2 td’s apiece, on your third offensive series your number 1’s were still in when West Covina put their number 2’s in on defense, thats where you had your third TD. Either way it’s just passing league, the question of how good your line is, remains a key factor.
    Pomona looks very athletic, they remind me of how Claremont looked last summer. Out of pads they look like they can line up with any of the locals, from what I hear your linebackers will be a very good group. Your qb looks good despite what the haters say. Also there is no way he is small and skinny as the haters were saying, he had good height and had a solid build, and threw a nice ball most of the time, now if you guys have a line that can protect him and open a few hole’s for the run game you could go deep in the Mid-Valley.

  • Pomona


    I realize that you put the pads on 11on11 West Covina should win no matter what happens in 7on7. Not saying we can’t beat you, but I am saying I wouldn’t bet on it. Also I believe we scored three times in the first ten plays, we went 8 for 10 with one pick (only pick of the night). Our QB said that was a great pick.

    We also had three starters out; our best receiver, receiver and our starting running back on offense. They play corner, safety and safety on defense.

    I do realize this is passing league and our line is going to play a huge factor in our success or failure. Right now our defense is our weakness link but I believe once we get all our starters back it is going to be one of the best in the valley.

  • Dan

    “I believe once we get all our starters back it is going to be one of the best in the valley.”

    Good luck with that, I would like to see Pomona or other locals, especially teams in our Hacienda league such as Diamond Bar, or Diamond Ranch etc. turn into local powers. The more good local teams in the area the better the matchups will be. Much more fun than having to sit through a blowout game cause your team is playing a cupcake.
    When West Covina plays teams they are heavy favorites over it gets tempting to sneek over to a game that has a couple of good local teams in it, or a good local vs a good outside team.