Sophomore Koa Haynes and juniors Ross Barrera and Angelo Rodriguez battling for starting quarterback at Bishop Amat during Rio Ruiz’s leave of absence

With starting senior quarterback Rio Ruiz expected to miss at least three football games against La Mirada, Damien and Cathedral while he is away with the U.S. National U-18 baseball team in Colombia for nearly a month in September, Amat coach Steve Hagerty said sophomore Koa Haynes and juniors Ross Barrera and Angelo Rodriguez will battle it out for the starting quarterback job in Ruiz’s absence, with Haynes likely to get the nod, though Hagerty won’t know for sure until he watches them in pads. (To continue click thread)

Below: Amat soph Koa Haynes could be taking over in Ruiz’s absence

Hagerty said he was pleased with his conversation with Ruiz in terms of him leaving the team, “I wish I could tell you how easy it will all work, but Rio is a big part of our team and like any family member, he’s one of us and we’re going to work through it. This is a special situation and a dream of his, and we understand that. It’s a unique situation.”
Ruiz will continue at quarterback until he leaves, meaning he will quarterback the team in the first two games against Garfield and Servite, though Hagerty isn’t guaranteeing that at this point. When Ruiz returns against Venice followed by the three Serra League games, that’s when the big decisions have to be made. “I can’t forecast what’s going to happen,” Hagerty said. “Rio and I talked about it and came to an agreement that based on the development of the quarterback that is playing in his absence and how we’re doing, we will reevaluate the situation when he returns and do what’s best for our team. That was Rio’s idea, which explains the kind of kid that he is. He wants to do whatever it is he can to help this team. He wants to play football and doesn’t want to let his teammates down. He said ‘this is important and I don’t want to miss it, I want to see it through.’ That tells me he’s playing for the right reasons.”
Hagerty said it’s too early to name a front runner between Haynes, Barrera and Rodriguez, but he is confident any of the three can step in and perform.

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  • X Factor

    Why is Rio even messing around with football? He is sure to sign out of HS for 2 million + and never play a game as a Trojan. Risking all that for a few games of football is crazy!

  • Joe Amat

    I think its great that a kid can experience high school and live some dreams. he could get hurt sliding into 2nd in Columbia too. Athletes love to compete and that’s one thing that makes Rio one of the special ones. There are plenty of football/baseball guys in the Major Leagues.

    Heck – Joe Mauer was USA Today PLAYER OF THE YEAR in both -and was All-State in THREE sports in Minnesota. He’s only won three batting titles (only catecher to do so) and has also won three consecutive Gold Gloves. Didn’t seem to hurt his chances.

    Congrats Rio and props to Hags for the manner in which he’s dealing with this… so far

  • Amat 2012

    Rio needs to come back! If he isnt the starter we are going to be in serious trouble…..

  • do them both

    you can’t play sports thinking about getting hurt, because the minute you start thinking that way it always seems as if thats when the injury happens. there is a reasonable chance that rio will be playing baseball for the next few years. the true once in a lifetime opportunity is playing football in his senior year. baseball will end up being a job for him, but not playing his senior year of football will be something he will regret for the rest of his life. there’s no substitution for “friday night lights”

  • WOW…

    are you really comparing Joe Mauer to Rio Ruiz…Minnesota to So Cal…WOW… and is one player really going to make or break Bishop Amat Football season. Isn’t FOOTBALL a team sport…just like baseball Bishop Amat won the Div 4 Title not Rio Ruiz even though he did help the team win with his HR…
    Dont be surprise if rio ruiz pulls a jay anderson and pass up football to focus on baseball since he is a 2nd team all american in baseball not football.

    like i have said in previous post Bishop Amat rebuilds not RELOAD…

  • Amat snack shack press conference later today

    A very important meeting will take place today to determine which nacho chips to use during the upcoming football season for BA home games, three of the snack shack workers have submitted their preference, we will monitor closely and report the findings in an upcoming issue, again only appropriate posts will be acceptable

  • Wow This!


    Joe Amat was NOT “really comparing Joe Mauer to Rio Ruiz…Minnesota to So Cal.” He was simply giving another example of a sucessful muli-sport athlete.

    Ruiz isn’t just any athlete he’s now a veteran Pac-5 Quarterback who has played under the lights against some of the top teams in the State. He is not the kind of person that easily replacable.

    And yes…football is a team sport but when you lose your starting QB, your offense can change entirely because IT’S THE QUARTERBACK. WOW ur dumb!

    And trust me, I know you would absolutely LOVE if Ruiz “pulls a jay anderson and pass up football” But that’s not going to happen…so sorry to dissapoint you.

    Now go crawl under that Amat hater rock you wormed your way out from.

  • AMAT 73

    What is your problem . You had your years and as it was pointed out to you if not for some outstanding team mates who knows what would have happened in your years without them . In referrence to JA we did fine when he decided to concentrate on football which was ok because as you say we just reloaded. Quit the hate . Take a lesson from Rio and just learn how to act, as a former LANCER. What’s the matter with you anyway .Nothing wrong with critiquing but I do sense a little jealousy in your posts. Not enough recognition when you played because my son is class of 94 also and I don’t remember hearing your name very often . Your brother yes, but you no. Read what Hags said , he is confident any one of the three can step in and get the job done. Once again reloading.
    Snack shack,
    I have an inside source that tells me no change on the chips . Rest easy and feel free to load up this coming season on the same wonderful nachos you have enjoyed in past seasons.

  • well, judgeing from what i saw at last weeks 7 on 7 with South Hills and Eisenhower, the
    Amat QB needs a lot of work, good thing they can run the ball, hope the QB’s get better

  • Colt74

    Correction…you mean JA concentrated on BASEBALL. I think we all know what you meant.

  • WOW…

    yeah your right… 73

    you did FINE without jay anderson… shouldn’t Bishop Amat expectations be higher then FINE…. home game lost to TESORO yeah thats FINE i guess… im going have to move my family out of mission viejo now…cause your satisfied with a FINE… try and have higher expectation for Bishop Amat football and get back to GREATNESS…

    Servite week #1 man Bishop Amat better start hitting the JUICE…that game is going to be a SHLACKING…

    Work on it 73…whos your brother?? cause you know who i am…

  • Fan

    Why are you guy’s jumping on WOW for his opinions? Just because he doesn’t agree with you he’s a hater? He has a right to his opinions just like everyone else. Why is it that any time time someone doesn’t buy into what you Amat guy’s are selling you have to jump all over them? Truth hurt or just thin skinned? I don’t get it!

  • just sayin’

    WOW -Antelope Valley was NOT FINE either

  • AMAT 73

    I see what you mean about that preview button.
    WOW ,
    Some you win some you lose as you well know. The Tesoro game was , well I’d rather not cry over spilled milk as you seem to be doing so never mind. Fine in the aspect of that loss was condsidered to be the downfall of AMAT because of losing JA.But like I wrote earlier WE RELOADED . Don’t read between the lines or twist them to conform to what you think I am saying. Listen kid, we were great long before you an I came down the pike and we will continue to be great long after you and I are gone believe that . Our expectations are, as they have always been , to be the best and play at the highest level always. What moving out of MV has to do with anything unless you mean you have an offspring who is the second coming of Pat Haden and you want him to be a Lancer , that I can understand , but otherwise stay there no need to move. And if being on the juice is what got you thru your playing days so be it but our Men in Blue do not need it and we will see what happens to Servite when we face off . I for one am looking and thinking victory how about you, as we have beaten them 15 times in the past . As for that brother your asking , read my post again because I wrote my son was your classmate and fellow alum .
    Just a little Family disagreement nothing more nothing less . I am sure you have them in yours also.


    Back to the topic at hand gentlemen, who is going to QB Amat this year because I really don’t think he is coming back. If he makes the final cut he is “hasta la vista football”. As it stands now, we are toast this year without Ruiz. The back ups are years away from ready to play Pac-5 football and you can only run the ball so much with 10 defenders in the box on ya! Hate to be a downer but, I am legitimately worried about our season this year, hell we don’t even have a healthy receiveing corps to throw to even IF we had a decent QB!!! Calling all arms, calling all arms! Bishop Amat is taking applications for Big, Strong armed, smart QB’s looking for experience. Open Cast call, come one come all!

  • AMAT 73

    O yee of little faith. If you think this was not a concern of Hags going into this season that’s not being realistic. The same thing occurred last season but Rio chose football. I think someone will step up and fill the shoes of the position but the leadership role is what is going to be needed and missing without Rio . Maybe Jalen steps up and just says jump on my back and let’s get it . Our running game with Shay will be much better than we ended the season barring injuries and there is still Blue in the wings also . We will pass but remember our forte is to pound the rock. The only good thing is it is early and no games have been played and Hags can work someone in who can be efficient enough to keep defenses honest . And if they do put 10 in the box or 7-8 being again more realistic the QB will just have to perform . And that’s what it’s all about anyway . Making a name for yourself as the saying goes. I am sure one of these young men will step up and take charge. Remember J Mac , I don’t think many saw him as the starter and being as good as he turned out.

  • Colt74

    With the help of Amat 73’s post I think I have finally pinpointed the number 1 difference between Amat and the rest of us. Don’t agree with me…flame on.

    While I for one wish for a great season and success for my Colts. And hope that they come together and accomplish what I know they have the talent and coaching to accomplish….

    Bishop Amat EXPECTS it.

    “Our expectations are, as they have always been , to be the best and play at the highest level always.”

    That one line…lined up the tumblers and set of the flashbulb. Pretty cool actually.

    Granted, there are other differences…but MINDSET is 99% of getting there IMHO.

  • jcaz

    Colt 74,

    Personally, I never cared for the nachos.


    Just cause I disagreed with everyone in here that loves them , I just hope I don’t get a tong lashing by you know who….

    He he he

  • Anonymous

    Colt74, I dont know about you, your colts and the rest of the SGV teams but so does Monrovia and yes that is the difference.

  • Wow This!


    As you can see by his last post (right before yours) that “Wow” is a hater. However, I did not need to read this latest post to know this. When ur an Amat fan, you learn to read between the lines. And there is a difference between giving your opinion and writing something negative which is what he chose to do. Rather than wish Amat luck, he chose to “warn” us that Amat was going to fail without Ruiz.

    His latest entry which I pointed out proves that I was right. We can spot people like this from miles away.

  • Respect is Earned


    Monrovia does not play at the highest level, dude. Ya’ll are in the Mid-Valley, not the Pac-5 or the Inland. Last time I checked, Monrovia’s toughest game is going to be against Glendora. Amat’s toughest game is gonna be against Servite, Crespi, Loyola, Notre Dame, or Alemany…you get to decide which one is the toughest! LOL!

  • BA Blues

    I don’t think BA was planning on having a deep threat attack anyways. I can see the gameplan changing very little w/o Ruiz. I think they are probably going to stick to short passes. The good thing for Amat is that RB Jalen Moore, RB Zach Shay, WR Adam Sanchez, and TE Brock Booth can all catch and then run with the ball very effectively. And considering all these guys started last season, I think Amat will be ok.

    I think a greater concern will be the quality of Amat’s OL and DL which I know absolutely nothing about. Does anyone have any info on this?

  • All or Nothing

    Correction Rio has just been named on the ESPN-All America 1st team…one of 30 kids and only 2 Jr’s on the list…The accolades just keep rolling in for our humble but phenominal Lancer…Rio will win a Gold medal in Colombia and then come back home and lead our team to a league title and Pac 5 title and will sail off as one of the greatest athletes ever Bishop Amat…Really has Amat ever had such a PR machine such as Rio…He gives Bishop great exposure and great coverage…if he were at Damien they would put a statue of him in front of the school…But at Amat he has to take his place amongst the great ones before him

  • veterano

    Rio will face Servite and miss 3 games. he will play a total of 2 games before starting league.I dont see it as a big problem.he might be rusty his first game back which is non league but he should be OK for league and ready for the toughest opponents at the end of leaugue. ive seen quartebacks get hurt for months and come back and do fine.he has one year as a starter so that makes it easier.

  • Colt74

    And after going 0-9 and having a 117 year drought it should have been expected…demanded…and pre-ordered on back in February of last year.

  • Colt74

    “Backup quarterback Cody Cordell of Westlake Village Oaks Christian, a junior, has transferred to Encino Crespi”

    I’m sure BA could have scraped up gas money…..

  • Baseball Fan

    Isn’t it funny that all 3 candidates to be Rio’s backup are baseball players. Koa Hayes is a middle infielder, Angelo Rodriguez is a left handed pitcher and Ross Barrera is an outfielder. In fact, Hayes and Rodriguez played with the Varsity this past Sunday against Crescenta Valley.

  • “Rio Amat” or “Bishop Amat”

    Rio won’t play in the servite game. He is going to want to be at Full strength, with no injuries and a clear head going into this Tryout. One tweaked thumb or sore shoulder or ankle will kill his chances of making this cut. Besides the coach would be selling his team short to put in guy who is going to be playing timid possibly the whole season. You really think Rio is going to dive for that extra first down, or stand in there take that big hit By those big nasty weight lifting junkies, overr there at Servite and in the Pac 5? No way man. Your QB is the leader of the team…there is no way you can sit up here and pretend like missing three games is not choosing himself over a team…When Rio gets back, do you think he is going to have the pull inside that huddle? Will the team listen to him? I forgot, its the team and head coach or team who is being selfish if they have a issue with this. Bishop does boast about being in the pac 5, does a top pac 5 teams operate like this? Being injured is one thing but choosing to play another sport in the middle of the season, is a slap in the face to all the bishop kids working hard right now for the season. People don’t choose to be injured. A injured player is still at practice, still in meetings, when his brothers look over there and see him in rehab, they feel good. You can justify giving a kid his spot back. But would he have earn his spot back after going to play another sport? But when Venice or Damien is beating them, they will be thinking about where Rio Is… But will Rio Be thinking about them? His mind is going to be on making this team. If you think for one second he does not want this gold are smoking…. Is this RIO AMAT or Bishop Amat???!!! I never in my life heard of something like this before. The kid is a awesome baseball player, and I know he is sitting at home right now contemplating, whether he should play for a team who is going to finish 2nd in league and out in the first rd of pac5 playoffs. He knows that Baseball is his future. Im sure he wants to have back to back CiF titles and top 10 in the draft. It is the Money year, and I just don’t think he is going to risk that kind of money to play football. He is the top player from California, which is arguably the best Baseball state in the country. He is going to make this team. We all know that. Bishop head coach do yourself a favor, Man up, ask for a commitment no matter what. Its better to know you are not going to have this kid before week one rather than week 5. Its time to face the music. You think if the season is going bad, Rio is going to save the day? Think again. He is going to be out of sync(meaning lots of sacks, broken plays etc), He is going to have 3 days to go over 21 days worth of adjustments and progress the team has made? They are going to Blitz the hell out him folks… You truly will be better off going with the guys who were there. Even if you lose some games. Stay true to the discipline, moral fiber, and reputation Bishop has spent decades building. Players are looking, parents are looking…. and if this season is bad people with think anything goes over in La Puente. Id rather lose doing the right thing, than still lose doing the wrong thing. This very bad press, Good for Rio, But bad for the team. I Wish the kid the best. If his heart is not 100% in football, he should step down. That’s the right thing to do. He will save himself, alot of stress later. With this kind of press it looks like he is not %100 down for football. Sorry just have to be honest here on the SGV BLOG.

  • BA Blues

    @ “Rio Amat” or “Bishop Amat”

    You obviously don’t know Ruiz or the heart it takes to play for Bishop Amat. This kid is all heart as well as a champion and we will be proud of him regardless of this family’s decision. This is what people like you do not understand. You spend so much effort trying to spread your gloom and doom on the Lancer family but it has no affect. We remain the sole representative of the San Gabriel Valley’s fight against the best programs in not only California but the entire nation. It’s all about honor and fighting against odds that do not favor you. This is what makes Bishop Amat football great…To stare your superior opponent on paper right in the eyes and rush at them with all you have. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose…just like real life. The the most important aspect is that you gave it your all on the biggest stage with the biggest hearts against the top football programs in the country.

    Bishop Amat IS the San Gabriel Valley and IS playing the two time Pac-5 champions Servite this season. Regardless of who is starting….Who are you going to cheer for?

  • anon

    Kind off track but any word on that Dionza Blue kid? He had a really great freshman year and made varsity as a sophomore.

  • Damien Alum

    All or Nothing,

    Damien already has its share of statues and great ones. Maybe Robledo’s front yard could use some sprucing up with a bronzed likeness of Seven!

  • AMAT 73

    Damien Alum,
    It’s Nine by the way but what can you expect from a Damien guy. Probably still dizzy from the pounding you guys took last season via 9 and company.

  • 12th man

    I was expecting BA to go 8-2 this season & thats with Rio as QB..Without Rio you lose to Servite,Alemany,Crespi & possibly either Loyola or Notre Dame…So now your looking at a possible 6-4 or 7-3 at best..Should they bring back the playoff “At Large” birth??..BA has more important issues rather than who’s playing QB..They should focus on whos going to control the line on “Defense” if BA cant get atleast 3-4 sacks a game its going to be a long night..In order for Amat to make the playoffs the Defense has to step up & not give up any big plays on a consistent basis like they did last year..If you can keep the opposing team to just under 18 points a game you have a shot if you can keep it under 12 you have a shot at the Pac5..& thats real talk~

  • Fan

    Amat fans is that really your center for this year? Seems awfully small for the pac 5…

  • Hey BA BLues:

    Is Brock Booth coming back to be like a 7th year senior? Hasn’t he been at like 5 schools over the past six years? He has to have graduated and can’t possibly still be trying to play high school football can he?

  • Real Life

    The reality of all this, is that the games will go on with or without him..

    Someone will have to step up, win or lose..

    This is nonsense at its best.

  • Rio Amat or Bishop Amat


    It takes heart to play High school Football period! Just because you are at Bishop amat does not mean you have more heart than any of the other players in the SGV. Is that what you are insinuating? Rio’s heart is not at question. Its the commitment being question. You bishop Amat Honor stuff is a diversion to real issue. Like Ive stated, you have players, working hard here giving all there effort and attention to the season ahead. If your leader is off playing baseball, its going to make it tough for the team to have any direction. Now i understand that Most high school players are never in this position. However that does not change whats going on. He is going to be left with a huge decision. If he makes this cut he is out of there. If Rio commits to playing football the whole season, that would not change his ride to USC nor his draft status. He is still a first rounder. This gold medal quest is a personal goal. It will bring prestige to the schools baseball program, but will be the demise of the football program this year. I must not stress that I am not against the kid going after this once in a lifetime chance. However, I am against the Hostage situation BA is being left in. Everything sounds optimistic, in July. As the season approaches, and this Baseball thing gets closer the tune will change drastically. My guess is the kid decides to follow baseball. It would be in the best interest of the program to move on as if they did not have this kid. Bishop should hand over the reigns to the soph and rebuild for the years to come. You never know he could be better than Rio mid season..I mean he is at bishop amat right? By the way I want Bishop to beat servite, but it won’t happen with Rio having one foot in and one foot out the Football program.

  • Anyone Else

    What about those other kids battling for the spot behind Rio? Is it fair to them that this player gets to go off and do what he wants & be able to come back to possibly earn the starting job again. We all know that when he returns he will be put into the lineup right away!!!! If I were the other QB’s on the team I would be a bit upset at this. This means that any player should be able to go on vacation during season & come back and be able to play!!! Sometimes in life you need to make decisions and this is one of those times for Rio. Make a choice you can’t have both.

  • This has nothing to do with Rio

    Leave the Ruiz family out of this topic for a second. They will make the decided what’s best for their kid just like we all would do.
    The better topic is can a SGV SUPERPOWER like Amat withstand one players absence. If Amat is a legit contender in the the toughest divsion in the country the answers has to be yes. Amat should have the depth to lose a hand full of players. Like LB Poly says we don’t rebuild we reload. If your in that league then reload. If not your no different the rest of the teams in the valley.

  • #1 fan

    Rio is Rio — I in no way mean this with any sarcasm, hate jealousy or any negative way — I love Rio, his Dad, everyone has a love to hate relationship with him, because he’ll tell you himself he has a big mouth…but his big mouth marketing along with Rio’s skills have gotten him where he is today, why he’s known all over the US, why he’s the center of everything on this blog, why we all are informed of his every move. His Dad did it right and yes, Rio will do what HE wants and will not face any consequences because HE CAN & HE SHOULD –he’s SGV, he’s BISHOP AMAT, he’s CALIFORNIA…get over it people. Once you learn that RIO IS RIO you will feel much better.

  • real spit

    #1 Fan – Do you mean that it’s just “Rio being Rio” like “Manny being Manny”????
    Amat has no back-up QB – PERIOD.

  • Lancerstrike

    @Anyone Else

    No one’s position at BA is cemented. You have to compete for your starting position every week. Hagerty is renown for saying this and will start the best player that had the best practice or games. If one of the other QBs steps up and performs well, they will get the start over Ruiz when he gets back. If they do not or if Ruiz has a better practice week than they do, Ruiz will get the start. It’s pretty simple at BA and Hagerty does not do politics! lol

  • reality

    What decision? From my perch Ruiz has already made it. He chose baseball over football. Next subject please.

  • BA Blues

    I meant to say TE Sal Valasquez, not TE Brock Booth! My bad! I just rewatched the Amat vs. Crespi game on and lemme tell you….Jalen Moore ripped them to shreds. He ran for 262 yards, averaging over 8 yards per carry. I forgot how dominating he was in that game. And now Fred is saying that is he bigger and more athletic. This has got to have Lancer fans excited regardless of who is throwing the rock.

  • In time

    Anyone Else

    First of all who are you to dictate whether Rio can play both or not? Telling him to make a choice he cant have both. Not your decision, choice, or concern. As Fred stated in his documentation: we will reevaluate the situation when he (Rio) returns and do what’s best for our team. That was Rio’s idea, which explains the kind of kid that he is. He wants to do whatever it is he can to help this team. So with that: he knows what he is up against, and it is guaranteed, Rio will FIGHT for his spot once again. He is a fighter, and will give it his all to win back his position. In the meantime, he will work with the other quarterbacks to help them in any way he can!!

  • Nope

    in time, i agree with anyone else!!! it is the kids choice, it does not matter if you agree or not! he made a choice, and the players under him will be able to shine and if they are doing a great job when he comes back! they should keep who ever the starter is at that time!! great comment anyone else!!! i agree 100% with your comment!!!!!

  • I hear ya

    BA Blues, thanks for the clarification. I was thinking that BB’s pop has done what no other parent has ever been able to do in the history of CIF and that is get their son an extra year of eligibility to attempt to actually play. If you add it all up, did the kid play even half a season worth of football at the 5 or six schools he attended? Shame because he could have played somewhere had his dad stayed out of it and let him stay somewhere more than five minutes.

    As for Rio being made to make a choice and not having it both ways, I think you are sadly mistaken as he and the Hags have obviously made the decision to allow what is happening to happen. This is a once in a lifetime thing that every parent of a multi-sport athlete would love to have to deal with. This is a high class problem to have! Amat will do whatever they do without him and when he comes back to play, they will make the right decision whatever that is to play the kid at whatever position gives the team the best chance to win. Mark my words, Rio will have his cake and eat it too as well he should! I say congrats and good luck to him. Make your country proud and then come back to help Amat win a title.

    All this from someone that is NOT an Amat fan, graduate, or apologist, just a fan of high school sports, great athletes and Freddy’s blog!

  • Is Rio over hype as a football player?

    Rio does not run this blog stop it… Maybe this paper is pumping him up as a football player. He for sure is the areas best baseball player in this Decade. All Credit deserved. However he is just a slightly above Average QB, and He is not among the best QB’s to ever play at Bishop. Nor in the top 10 players in the valley. If he was truly a Dual threat QB being looked at by college scouts, He would not be playing Baseball in Columbia. He would seriously be considering playing football and Baseball in College or Minor league Baseball, and college football. Like John Elway or something. He is good but not in the Areas top 10 players in football going into this season. “NO ONE CAN ARGUE THAT”! But he is mighty important to the lancers season this year at any position.

    1. Ellis McCarthy
    2. Kevon Seymour
    3. Chris Solomon
    4. Tarian Owen
    5. Aaron Porter
    6. Taylor Lagace
    7. Justin Meaders
    8. Jaylen Moore
    9. Jamel hart
    10.Andrew Elfers.

    *** there are several more***

  • Ouch!

    With or Without Rio Bishop is not winning a Pac 5 title. I would love to see that happen, but lets be real with all the confusion and Distraction. Everyone already knows Rio is going on this baseball trip. I thought I was going to read a article about the guys fighting for the spot at QB. But its all about Rio. Rio Trip has over shadowed the BA football program. I mean you all are opening up with servite for crying out loud. Its going to be ugly. From watching the skills in 7 on 7 Outside of Jaylen…BA does not look like a pac 5 team right now. I hope they put it together. Jaylen Strap it up bc you are going to set a CIF Record for Carries. I would go with the Athletic Junior, He has a good arm…and He looks like he can Move. The young guy if he can not scramble, he better to know where to go with the ball quickly, or its Sack city. Well Good luck BA…

  • Frank

    1) Brock Booth has already graduated
    2) Let’s not turn this into a negative, everyone from Amat is very proud of Ruiz success.
    3) It would be selfish on our part to not allow him to play baseball in such an important tournament.
    4) Rio is not missing football to screw around
    5) Amat has enough back ups who would already be starters at other school, so its not really a problem
    6) Rio is not missing league games
    7) Amat is not going to pay Rio’s bills
    8) We all wish him the best and support his decision, and look forward to his contributions when he returns

  • tick, tick, tick….gong

    Not hearing any response to the prvious post about reloading. If your program is different than just reload. I recall you having the best staff in the valley, the players and therefore the best team. Losing a star like Rio should NOT bring you down right???? Beside this will give us a little insight to next year when you lose a whole lot of talent.

  • just askin’

    tick tick – I don’t hear any Amat supporters complaining or worrying. The Lancers will be just fine

  • AMAT 73

    Everyone doubting what will happen or predicting the downfall of team moral and so forth go back and read Hag’s take and what he plans on doing for the season. I am sure when the team goes on their retreat this will be disscussed and settled and the whole team will be on the same page if they are not already. I am sure the back up whoever it may be will fill the shoes at the QB position and we will shine . Like Hags said like any FAMILY member he is one of us and we’re going to work through it. Also said by Hags is we will reevaluate the situation when he returns and do what’s best for the TEAM. I am sure with Rio being the type of Lancer he is, all will be fine and also with the team. The case being our next QB will just have to step in sooner. But really with the backfield we have and our style of ball , pounding the rock , things will work out. And to use many of the haters , I mean bloggers thoughts on Rio what will we be missing anyhow , he can’t throw , makes bad decisions , would be better at WR or DB , so what’s the big problem ?

  • Joe Amat

    For years football guys who were multiple sport athletes would miss games during their secondary sports just to go on recruiting visits. It has happened to Amat in basketball and baseball over the years. And a recruiting visit is FAR different than representing your country (and your school – indirectly)

    I think this HELPS Amat big time over the long haul with future multi-sport athletes if coaches cooperate and do what’s best for the kid, within the team concept. Rio has never put himself ahead of the team and is a great leader, always ready to give credit elsewhere. This attitude will guide the acceptance form other players – who I’m sure will wish him nothing but luck.

    I also think allowing him to return is a good thing. Plenty of players miss time with injuries and are able to step back in and pick up where they left off. I see no difference here.

    I remember one of our baseball guys who was going for the All-Time career hits mark and the basketball coach allowed him to play in a baseball game (and picked up a couple of hits) on Friday afternoon right before the basketball team won a CIF Championship on Saturday morning. THAT’S having coaches cooperate and looking out for the kids best interest.

  • valley fan

    Brock Booth was granted a 5th year of eligibility at Bishop Amat. He will now compete for the QB position that his dad had him transfer to 4 schools and attend 8th grade twice to make it happen.
    Congrats Dad

  • Chill

    Amat has a ton of talent on their team. The Coaching staff will start to sift through the players and all will be right in Lancerville soon.

  • Go Amat!

    If you ain’t hated on, you ain’t doin’ shi+!



    Is that really a Bliss Show Girls advertisment I just saw? Wow time are getting real tough at the Tribune!

  • BA Blues

    In case you guys missed my prior post, I made an error by mentioning TE Booth rather than TE Sal Valasquez. Booth has, indeed, graduated. lol!

    And of course this thread is going to be about Rio Ruiz…we really don’t know much about the other QBs but if anyone has any info please share it.

    BA has never been known for their line size but rather quickness and fundamentals. They usually find a way to hold their own. I even remember Fred and Aram last season commenting on how small BA looked but honestly, BA always looks small. It’s very rare in high school football to have linemen that are both big and fast. In the vast majority of cases big lineman are very slow and can easily be out maneuvered.

  • Amats going down

    Who cares about all this? Amat is going to lose in the first round of the playoffs like they do every year.

  • just sayin’

    and yet still beat up on everybody in teh valley. what does that say about them?

  • Foolio

    @ Amats going down

    Amat beat Mater Dei in the 1st round of the Pac-5 playoffs the year before last, who did your school beat?

  • saladays

    Turn out the lights the party’s over…

    part time Qb has never and will never work.

    Sorry guys.

  • AMAT 73

    going down,
    Well at least you concede or have the confidence in us that we will defintely make the playoffs .Still a bold statement by you on the sure thing you know it is that we will make the playoffs. Can you say the same about your team . I think not because why would you be making comments on AMAT instead of your own team . But we will never know who that is unless , well forget about that as you can’t even register a screen name so you can continue with these cowardly drive bys and then go back to your hobby of pulling wings off flies.

  • Dan

    Los Altos split time with quarterbacks in 2003 for the entire season, even in the title game, turned out pretty good for them that year.

  • Agree Wholeheartedly

    JOE AMAT: I agree totally! Funny thing is way back in the day high schoolers were playing 2, 3 or even four sports. I remember a football and baseball stud that occassionally ran track during baseball practice at home meets! Now that is cooperation between coaches. I also remember the days when the football coaches could just make a kid play football such as the 6’4″ power forward that had never played football before is now a stud TE and DE! That doesn’t happen too much anymore with specialization and year round club teams etc… Those were the days.

    Valley Fan: Too funny! Wouldn’t that be like a 6th year of eligibility? While we are joking about that situation, why don’t we revise the breaking news with “and he is going to yet another school (his 6th or 7th now) where he won’t start at QB or contribute in any meaningful way. Cautionary tale of parents living vicariously through their childred. Travesty I tell you!

    To all the other bloggers, nice work. Let the games begin already! Can’t wait to see who lives up to the hype and who crumbles under the bright lights!

  • 12th man

    I dont think that 1 player can define a team~ Unless that one player is your starting QB & probbably one of your most athletic players out there on offense or defense…The QB from Tesoro(Adam) the QB from Servite(Pittman)& the list goes on.. all play huge rolls not only on the field but as leaders & role models for the community..You need atleast 6 athletic highly talented kids as weapons on offense or defense playmakers if you will~..rite now im only counting 4 at BA (Moore,Shay,Sanchez,Ruiz)someone else needs to step up..pounding the rock will only get you past the first 6 games not counting “Servite” (1st week)we all know your going to have to pass at some point of the game…Servite likes to stack the box & force you to throw on them~ they almost dare you…Anyways the second half of the season should be fun for Amat if they can find a true passer…Moore,Sanchez,Shay could probbably get you past the 1st round of the playoffs but without Ruiz a true leader your chances are slim to none on winning the Pac5…& thats ReAl TaLk!!

  • AMAT 73

    12th man,
    Go tell someone who cares .We know what we have and you don’t .Did you forget Alcantera and Blue and believe me there are a few more who will now have the varsity experience they lacked last year as first time players. And what is this “and that’s real talk” .Sounds more like ” same old bs” you’ve posting on here for quite a while now. Now that was real talk.

  • 12th man

    You sound more like Rio Talk instead of Real Talk…Everyone on here gets it already..Unless you’re not on here worshiping BA you should shut up..You cant ever give BA cunstructive criticism because rite away that makes you a hater lol..Your game comments have never been on target or have mattered..You have no perception to the game much less any integrity when it comes to the truth..The truth is BA will struggle on “Defense” & it will be the same results as last year with the same players you just mentioned (i dont like mentioning any names) they couldn’t stop the big play last year & i see more of the same this year..Get a grip with reality before it bites you in the ASS~..I like Amat…I just dont see them getting past Servite or Alemany the Crespi game is a toss up as with Loyola & Notre Dame..Do the math Genius???? Start with 8-2 season & work your way down 7-3 perhaps 6-4 worst-case scenario…Or is that too much for you to handle??…”LIKE I SAID” Thats ReAl TaLk~

  • real talk too

    Whoa, way to go out on a limb there 12th man. Predicting losses against the pac 5 champ and one of the only teams to beat Amat last year. Very insightful. What about predicting a loss to Tesoro too? Amat’s defense actually looks pretty good. I think now that Alcantara and Daniels have slid down in the box, Rio should fill that Free safety spot nicely! Verela, Sanchez, Roth and Fermin are all ready to turn it loose this year too. Let the Koa kid or Bererra kid get the job done at QB and put Rio in the secondary and WR. Montes, Andrews and Blue (who both also have looked pretty damn good at WR too) can handle the corners. I do not believe Defense will be an issue this year. Go Amat.

  • AMAT 73

    12th man,
    Rio talk. Please go back to my post which drew a reply from you. Show me where I once mentioned Rio. In fact aren’t you the one who came on here to immediately predict the downfall of AMAT because of the loss of Rio or do you have that bad of a memory.I mention names of players I know will have break out season and you come and knock them down as doing more of what they did last year. How do you know that ? Have you gone out to practice and seen them working out ? What are you basing your statement on ? Or are you just flapping your gums for the pleasure of self enjoyment. As for my comments on the games go back and read my posts which the majority are in the neighborhood of, good game or something to that effect but no real breakdown game play by play . I think you might have me confused with my pal Jcaz who does write his notes on AMAT column of which I have been critical at times . Go ask him he will tell you . When we lost to Alemany and Tesoro ( and if you don’t think that soggy field was a factor in us losing to Tesoro ,then who is the one with no perception of ” not to ” the game of football )not an excuse but a factor because they had to play on the same field, I listed my reasons for our loses honestly without sugar coating any of it . I will be the first to tell it as I see it no matter what as I did during our Verti years pulling no punches. When Servite was posted as being on our schedule you were one of the first to come out boldly and almost happily predicting our loss to them . How many times have players at AMAT come up from out of nowhere to have great seasons ala Casarez (spelling ?) and others in the past. I have no problem with people commenting on AMAT good or bad as long as it is truthful and not spewing hate either straight out or disguised as yours are. When a blogger has to put in the key phrase “I like AMAT but ” that says it all. Now you say the Crespi , ND , and Loyola games are toss ups . How in hell do you figure that . Give me some points as to why that and from where it came. Do you even know anything on each team . I know people intimate with Crespi and that sure isn’t their thought process. I have never seen you come on here and say AMAT just flat out played lights out which we have had a few of those games believe it or not but only when we lose do you start to crow like the barn yard rooster and puff out your chest and start with your I told you it would happen , so don’t give me any of your bs. As far as me have no integrity , ask some of my fellow bloggers , I believe in their eyes I might have just a bit . In closing one point I will give you is we will miss the leadership of Rio when he’s gone but it will still be there in spirit and heart , maybe not physically where he can step in and say the right things when it matters. But you know what other Lancers will definitely fill the void until he returns and you can bank on that. I may not hit bullseye all the time but my shots do hit the outer rings whereas yours fail to even reach said target and fall far short , as a matter of fact you sometimes shoot yourself in the ass . And the reality is becareful or I may have Jcaz let the neighbor’s Chihuahua loose and bite you in the ass. Now that’s “real” talk.

  • great for the sgv

    did you say something amat73??

  • great for the sgv

    awww 73, that was very touching(finally read your diary, being an amat alum you should know how to spell) but hey no worries I’m sure your lil buddy colt45 will be there nipping at your ankles and telling you’re right. cheer up buddy, go eat some blue and gold lucky charms.

  • 12th man

    I thought you got banned from Kiefer stadium for spreading false rumors just like you’re doing now on theese blogs…Dont worry I can sneak you in durring the games lol..Meet me by the BBQ train where they sell the tri-tip..Nobody cares about your situation or analysis they both stink..Who made you the Guru of football? You sound bitter & sometimes desperate with your comments(victim role)..So what~ If I made a couple of predictions..Here’s another one..The Dodgers wont make the playoffs..Does that make me a hater for making highly educated guesses?? I think not!! You really nead to reevaluate your life & stay off theese blogs..No Seriously!! Im concerned for your health & those Chonnies you got all twisted..

  • jcaz



  • AMAT 73

    12th man,
    Again you have me confused with someone else as I am greeted with open arms on Fridays by many at Kiefer. You my friend are the one who sounds bitter . I see you failed to answer any of my questions as to how you come to your false predictions or educated guesses as you put it on the fall of AMAT next season. Other than your 6 talented players needed you got nothing . About that tri-tip, see me there and I will get you a plate on the house.
    To great for,
    Actually it was golden pancakes with blueberry syrup and my coffee , you guessed it in a blue cup .

  • 12th man

    This has to be entertaining to all the readers..So lets just cut to the chase..Do you care to make a small wager on the Servite game? Nothing big..You lose stay off the blogs for 2 weeks & the same goes for me..As for the fall of Amat i merely said they would lose 2 games & go 8-2..Im sure if you ask Fred or Aram they would probbably be in the same ballpark with that prediction..Does that make them BA haters too?? lol..”YoU BeTtEr AxE SoMeOnE”

  • BleedBlue

    I am looking forward to a good season at least 8-2, even with Rio missing games that we should easily win without him. All this talk of Rio moving to another position is ridiculous, he is by far the best QB on the field, Haynes will likekly be his back-up and start in Rio’s absence giving him some valuable time to build on for next year. Patton has been the stand out WR who hasn’t been mentioned. He is hurt now, but will be back before the season starts. Patton, Sanchez, Andrews, Cook and Zahn will get the reps at WR. Blue hasn’t played WR and has only got time at DB, Safety and RB in the 7on7 plays. He played maybe 2 plays at WR at the SC tournament when Patton went down to injury. Talk of Blue at WR is premature. Blue looked good at RB and will likely get some return work. Fermin is on the sidelines and will hopefully be ready for the season. Hauser has looked like a beast with him and Guerrero going both ways on the line. Velasquez and Carrillo have looked good at TE and Velasquez may get time at DE. I look forward to seeing Amat in the Playoffs with Rio at QB.