For those wondering, South Hills’ Jamie Canada ready to go in September

After three years, we may finally get to see a Canada in a South Hills uniform. When Jordan and Jamie Canada transferred to South Hills from Duarte in 2009, both were ruled ineligible by CIF, which shouldn’t be a surprise, virtually anyone who transfers to South Hills is ruled ineligible by CIF these days. Jordan Canada never played at South Hills and Jamie Canada was injured all of his junior year with a knee injury that required surgery, and there was some concern his health would force him to miss a great deal of 2011. But in a recent conversation with coach Steve Bogan, he confirmed that Jamie Canada is coming along fine and should be available in the season opener against Colony. With a healthy Canada at DB and WR, to go with QB Vincent Hernandez and arguably the area’s best back in Jamel Hart, who looked like a monster when he came in for pictures last week, how good are these guys? Where would you rank them amongst the best in the Sierra? You know, if everyone who started at South Hills stayed at South Hills, the Huskies’ might of actually been a factor in the Inland Division this year, and before you laugh, consider what they would be like if Charter Oak QB Travis Santiago, RB Aaren Vaughns, WR Chris Gilchrist and Bishop Amat linebacker Randall Varella had stayed at South Hills instead of transferring. C.J. Saylor and Ty France were also a force on the freshman team four years ago that many called special, but both opted to concentrate on baseball. Line those six up with what South Hills already has and you have a team that would have been one of South Hills’ best ever.

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  • shfan

    I doubt best ever Fred! Just add that to one of your many stupid comments!

  • FredJ

    I think you lead everyone in that category

  • Dan

    In 74 they were CIF 4A Champions, I would put my money on that team as SH best ever. Although that 10 and 0 freshman team with Santiago, Gilcrest, Vaugns, France, Saylor,Valera, etc. could have been pretty special. By the way, West Covina freshmen were up on that freshman team 14 to 0 with 4 mins left untill half time. They then picked off a Santiago pass and returned it deep into SH territory and looked like they had all the momentum. Only problem is they commited a penalty on the play and had to give the ball back then a slew of 15 yard penaltys advanced the ball deep into WC territory and SH scored.
    WC then lost two onside kicks in a row and by halftime it was South Hills 19 WC 14. South Hills held the lead and Ty France ended up scoring one more TD late in the game to seal the SH win 25 to 14.

  • shhs

    Ty France is coming back

  • Oyah

    Are you kidding me.Fred get real?Im sure all those kids you talked about are all kids that don’t belong at SH anyway.

  • Colt74

    1974 South Hills
    CIF 4A Champs
    State Champs
    #2 national ranking

    Brian Bethke CIF 4A player of the year award.

  • Dan

    Colt 74,
    Forgot about their State Title, although I thought they finished with a #4 national ranking
    in 74, either way its all very impressive, I would go with that team as their best ever.

  • Colt74
  • Oyah

    I think the quality of football and athletics in So Cal was at a higher standard during the 50’s threw the early 90’s.I think the demographics of So Cal has changed so much that the quality of athletes is just not there. So Cal was a baseball machine back in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s with USC cranking out championships year after year.Like SH many schools and community’s look different. Back during the haydays in So Cal there were lots of kids in So Cal and lots of jobs as well which created alot of great community’s.Many of those community’s are decaying and and people are heading out of state.Only time will tell if So Cal athletics will make a comeback and if not then we can remember the good old days of So Cal.

  • Colt74

    just wanted to share….
    the ultimate helmet

  • Steve Ramirez

    Oyah: SoCal still ranks on the same level nationally than the other hotbeads of Texas and Florida. USC was able to win so many championships, because back then recruiting was more regionalized and their were no scholarship limitations. Dedeaux was able to just stockpile players who could have been stars at other places, but never saw the field at USC. The dynasy was broken up when a scholarship limits were put in place in the 1970s, and the program really took a hit when the phase of half-scholarship started to be the craze during the 1980s. It’s the big reason that USC has just one national title since the late 1970s and maybe five College World Series appearances. It really has nothing to do with a drop in talent level in the Southland.
    Back to the original argument: For someone who was in junior high school in 1974 and watched that team a few times that season, that 1974 was one of the better teams in Valley history. Now the talent level that South Hills had in 2000 might be better, but that ’74 team accomplished more, with the 4-A and mythical state titles.


    Man jamie im so happy for you dude even know we play eachother we first week of league its a pleaser to play against a great friend like you man ….. SCOOBY from CHARTER OAK