Saluting a champion: La Verne Lutheran ring ceremony fundraiser on July 17

La Verne Lutheran would like to invite the community to join the Trojan Family as they receive their 2011 Back2Back California State Championship basketball rings. Family, friends and supporters are asking for a small $25 donation to help minimize the expense of each players rings by buying a ticket to this event. 100% of the proceeds will got to help players and coaches pay for their rings. Contact Linda Jones at
951-536-9913 for more information.

La Verne Lutheran Championship Rings Ceremony
When: July 17, 2011
Time: 4 p.m. – 7 pm
Cost: $25
Location: La Verne City Hall – Community Center, 3660 “D” Street, La Verne, Ca 91752
Fundraiser: Players will receive proceeds from each ticket that is purchased on their behalf. Tickets Include: Food, Live band, Guest speakers, Game clips of season, Live Auction and fun.

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  • reality

    Now What? Is it uncool or ungangsta to smile. I thought you were Christians? Are’nt you supposed to be happy? Sheeeeesh!!!!!

  • dean brush

    Why do The Triumphant Ones look so depressed and unhappy?

  • LV Homer

    Do any of these guys live in La Verne? I am just saying…

  • Joe Amat

    I know La Verne Lutheran isn’t always too worried about “rules”, but they should make sure to check the CIF Blue Book that puts some restrictions on what players can “receive” for post-season awards – and I’m pretty sure cash from a fundraiser is not one them. I know Amat has always been careful on how much they could contribute to the purchase of Championship Rings – which is always handled through the school.

    LVL should be very careful in how they proceed and “word” what they’re doing. many times with CIF is not always “what you do” but how you do it and describe it. What is described above probably doesn’t fall within the spirit of Rule 213. It could, however, be presented and handled in a different manner that are still within CIF guidelines. But they have until the 17th to adjust

  • let the hate begin

    Joe Amat, thanks for the great insight. Something that was apparently overlooked.

    To the reality, dean brush and lv home and the other haters: equating not smiling to not being Christian or not being happy is just plane stupid. None of these guys are trying to be gangsta, but are probably trying to look tough or cool. look at ten high school baseball, football or basketball team pictures and if you find more than a couple of kids showing the ivories I would be shocked.

    most definitely none of the kids pictured live in la verne, just saying, but we have been down that path ad nauseum before. Kids come from far and wide to go to school and play basketball at LVL. Yawn, snore and nap over that tired refrain.

    how about if you stop on by to look at the beautiful rings that they earned to see what one looks like because I am certain that any school within 30 miles wont win a state title in basketball anytime soon and you haters with little johnny certainly won’t.


  • FYI

    off the top of my head Eisenhower, Summit, Renaissance Acadamy, Rialto, Bishop Amat, Brea, Magnolia and Troy are all probably within 30 miles and have all been to basketball state finals recently – with Amat going to 5 out of 8 years. I wouldn’t be quite so certain yet

  • Going wasn’t the point!

    Mr. Or Mrs. FYI:

    WINNING a ring was the point of the 30 mile comment not getting to the state game. Again, come on by to take a look at the bling!

  • FYI

    pointer – didn’t look the others up but Eisenhower won, Amat’s won back to back State titles as has troy and Brea. You were saying?

  • Then go see theirs!

    Thanks for edifying me FYI regarding the other State champs that have won in the past. You can go see their rings too then since your team still won’t win one!

  • FYI

    uumm – I cab look at anyone of our back-to-back rings anytime I want. That narrows it down for you and a couple banners that hang in a much nicer place than that closet you;ll call a gym

  • LV Homer

    Please explain how taking a great travel team, finding a school willing to allow them to use their gym to work out in, which happens to be in a division with the other schools for the sick and the blind, and then winning back to back state championships is any kind of accomplishment? That should be expected! And then you compare yourself to schools that play Div. 1 ball? Give me a break…