West Covina must be foaming over its rematch with Covina on Saturday, Sept. 3 at the District

The most shocking result of 2010 was Covina’s mammoth fourth-quarterer comeback win over West Covina in the season opener, winning 27-21 and giving the Bulldogs their only blemish on a 13-1 season and Southeast Division championship. You can say West Co. has the rings, but Covina owns the belt. It owns the bragging rights, and everything else that comes with it. But here’s the truth: Even though Covina has Billy Livingtson, Vinny Venegas and Gevontray Ainsworth back, does anyone really believe they can beat West Covina again? You look at all the games on the 2011 schedule, there isn’t a more intriguing game than this. If Covina beats West Covina again, you can seriously make a case that the top teams in the Mid-Valley are as good if not better than the top teams in the Southeast. I can’t believe I just typed that, but it would be true, and show that last year’s Colts win wasn’t a fluke, which I think it was. I’m not hating on Covina, I love their chances in the Mid-Valley against anyone with the exception of facing Monrovia, but I think West Covina will be looking to make a statement on Sept. 3, and when they get up big on Covina again, don’t’ expect them to let off the gas.

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  • Dan

    Both teams will come out on fire for this game. I get the feeling Covina is tired of hearing from everyone that last year was a fluke and will be focused on proving that it was no fluke. With most of Covina’s team coming back they will be an experienced and highly skilled group of players, West Co has a new line and QB, so there will be question marks for the Bulldogs but the WC skill players on both sides will be an experienced group, the kids coming up for the line look like they could be pretty good and so does the QB, but we will know better when the pads come on. This should be a tough game that could again come down to the wire.
    As for the Mid-Valley top being as good as the South East, last year they were not. I don’t think any team in the Mid Valley would have had the physicality to get through the semi-finals.
    Teams like Mayfair, Bonita, and West Covina not only had as much or more speed as any Mid-Valley team, but were more physical on the fronts and were running on all cylinders come playoff time.
    This summer the hype is at Monrovia, they could have a special team with all their skill players and with McCarthy anchoring the line. Could they be as good as their teams of the late 90’s? who knows, lets see what they do with teams like Glendora and what could be a much improved South Hills team this year. Another team that looked pretty impressive to me this past week was Pomona. Their skill players and linebackers made them look like a Baseline team, give them a good line and they could go deep in the playoffs.
    Covina and San Dimas should also be factors in the Mid-Valley, haven’t heard much about the Olympic teams.

  • Colt74

    This years game has no bearing whatsoever on last years game. If West Covina wins it proves or disproves nothing about our last meeting. Same if Covina wins. Totally different ball game and enjoy it as such.
    Agree with Dan, no one in the mid is up to par with the southeast. Yet. We are getting there, but size wise we have a lot to be desired.
    And I for one am NOT going to get suckered into a false feeling of over confidence because WC’s line is rebuilding and they are missing Johnson. WC could have an offensive line of trained ferrets and a one armed, one legged QB…but as long as they can get the ball to Solo THEY ARE A THREAT!
    WesCo will be fine and so will Covina. I think it will be a hellova game.
    It will be a brawl in the trenches.
    But like the song says…
    Saturday nights alright for fighting…Get a little action in!