Fill in the blanks for the 2011 preseason team

The 2011 Tribune PrepXtra Football Preview Magazine, which includes team pages on all 36 teams in our coverage area, is coming along nicely and should debut on Tuesday, Aug. 30, just two days before the season-opening Smudgepot, Bonita vs. San Dimas, on Sept. 1. We already have shot the cover, which includes four players, and are finally starting to identify the other fun parts of the magazine, such as the top returning QBs, RBs, WRs and defensive players. There is also the 2011 Tribune Preseason-All-Area team, which is the top 25 players by position. To show how way off we were last year, of the 25 preseason choices in 2010, only nine from the preseason team, South HIlls’ Jamel Hart, Charter Oak’s Dennis Rufus, San Dimas’ Allen Brown, Bishop Amat’s Christian Orduno, Baldwin Park’s Demetrius Jackson, Chino Hills’ Auston Johnson, Ifo Ekpre-Olomo and West Covina’s Maurice Dupleasis and Chris Solomon, made the final 2010 All-Area team. We’re looking for the top 25 again for the magazine. Think you can come up with a better list for 2011? Fill in the blanks or share your comments of who should be on this list.

2011 Tribune Preseason All-Area Team


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  • Andrew Gonzales

    Two Juniors from Bishop Amat both started as Sophmores and recieved second team all league, Left Tackle Andrew Hauser and Safety Adam Alcantara are sure to both have big seasons

  • AMAT 73

    Although the running back position is loaded in the SGV I think penciling in Jalen Moore at one of the RB slots at this point is not going out too far on a limb. Also based on what we have been hearing, Santiago at the QB position.

  • sgv

    Santiago at Qb? What did he do last year to put him at the top this year …no disrespect and I see the kid is good but let’s base this on last seasons leaderboards ( stats, passing, rushing, attempts, receptions, points per game, and finally Games won and loss..let’s be real?

  • AMAT 73

    Just my opinion on who looks to have a break out season and couLd also be Omana at DB . If you want to go on the previous year as many of the top QB’S graduated I would say Rio or Livingston ( spelling ? Covina ) but we all know Rio is going to miss games this season at QB so I didn’t think it was fair to list him. By the way who’s your choice since you forgot to put that in your post.

  • Amat Bully

    in my opinion no Amat player should be penciled in at any of the skill positions.

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    Come on now man . If you are going to comment at least give us your list . As you can see I did put your QB, Santiago as my choice. If you can’t see Moore as one of the most promising backs this coming season just because he is from AMAT then you really are a lost cause. The young man is just a flat out stud at RB.

  • SaintsR4real

    Longshot in most peeps eyes, but time will tell.

    Devante Brown,SD..WR
    Alec Zenner,SD….OL

    Justin Bugh,SD….LB
    Andrew Espinoza,SD..DB

    Omana from DBar my favorite, if his supporting cast steps up.

    Don’t hate, just my opinion.

  • david rivera

    people better start paying attention to pomona, this team has at least 5 scholarship players on there team and with schreiman at QB no telling how far this team can go. they are the front runners to win the valle vista seeing i also saw san dimas,covina,nogales,northview,baldwin park. with wilson there coaching staff is really good but i think they need a few more athletes on there team. but people remember what i said about pomona


    Sydney Jones wes co stud athletic and a shut down corner.

    Watch this kid.

    all Wes co backs looked good.

  • david rivera

    just got back from wilsons practice, coach burt looks very impressive as a head coach. you can tell he was once a division 1 college football coach

  • Observer

    i think Livingston is the real sleeper here because no one has really had a chance to get a real look at the kid… only season will we have a chance to tell

  • Wildcats98

    Coach Burt keeps impressing by the minute…

    he hired a freshman coach who once coached at CAL TECH…must be a move to try and get the asian to play…lol

  • VVL

    All this talk about Pomona, I watched them for a few games at Santa Fe this weekend. I think David Rivera is right on with this team, they are loaded with talent at every position. They really looked like a VVL all-star team. I didn’t see a single weak link out there. I have seen Covina and San Dimas play and the talent isn’t even close. This Pomona team is faster, stronger, and bigger than both those teams.

  • Los Altos Alum

    sgv fan

    are all west co backs really that good. how bout a transfer from LA a kid named Najera. he was your frosh qb two years ago. he got slow feet, short and attitude.

  • WestCo

    Los Altos Alum,

    I saw Najera at a 7on7 he isn’t a back, he is one of the backup qb’s. Najera looked like the second string qb, he got about five throws in. Najera did look slow and small. I heard about the attitude that was the reason why he left WestCo freshmen year.

  • anonymous

    Memo Silva El Monte WR
    One of the top WR’s around.
    Juan Ceballos El Monte TE/LB
    Big, Physical and Athletic


    QB: Henry omana DB
    RB: Jammal Clayton DB
    RB:Nicolas Rete DB
    WR: George Katrib DB
    WR: Duante Harris DB
    WR: Brandon Sanchez DB
    OL: Chris Carrea DB
    OL: Joe Fontana DB
    OL: Troy lanning DB
    OL: Joe Harrison DB
    OL: JP DB
    PK: Brain Druiless DB

    DL:Matt Cariilo DB
    LB:Troy Lanning DB
    LB:JJ Gelua DB
    LB:Davsi Morgen DB
    DB:Brandon Sanchez DB
    DB:Jammal Clayton DB
    DB:Georg Katrib DB
    SS:Gabe Lopez DB
    P:Brain Druiless DB

    Best team in the valley Diamond Bar

  • Dan

    Los Altos Alum,
    Cool it with the name dropping, leave the highschool kid alone, he’s probably 16 years old, tell you what, he didn’t look to bad when he came in during the tournament on Saturday, nore did he look too bad today against Azusa and Beverly Hills, his balls had more zip than when I saw him last week and his decision making is pretty good for now. Under Maggiore and staff if he has attitude it will be checked at the door, but so far he hasn’t shown a bad attitude at all.

  • CoCharger56

    Charter Oak
    Brandon Arrietta, Sr., DL & OL
    Herman Atkins, Sr., CB & S

    These studs are going to surprise a lot of people this year! Under the radar now, but soon to be in the spot light!

    Make us proud, boys!


  • Eric Davis – BHS ’80

    Locks (2010 returners):

    2010 All State Cal Hi Sports
    First Team
    DB-Chris Solomon, West Covina, JR.
    Second Team
    PK-Brandt Davis, Bonita, SO.

    2010 All CIF Southeast
    QB-Chris Solomon, West Covina, JR.
    DB-Garret Horine, Bonita, JR.
    DL-Justin Meaders, West Covina, JR.

    2010 All CIF Mid-Valley
    WR-Vinny Venegas, Covina, JR.
    DL-Nick Hynes, Covina, JR

    2010 All CIF Inland
    OL-Nick Enriquez, Chino Hills, JR.
    LB-Nick Gonzalez, Chino Hills, JR.

    2010 All CIF Pac-5
    RB-Jalen Moore, Bishop Amat, JR.

    2010 Cal-Hi Sport All State Nominees
    Rio Ruiz, Bishop Amat, JR.
    Chris Soloman, West Covina, JR.

    Other Considerations:
    QB-Henry Omana, Diamond Bar
    RB-Donovan Holmes, Glendora
    LB- Nick Pichotta, Bonita

  • Davis interesting POV but add them all

    this is an interesting way of looking at it but if u post Ruiz and Solomon for Cal Hi Sports All State then why leave out JR Nelson 2010 Cal Hi Sports All State Underclassmen WR from wilson

  • Eric Davis – BHS’80

    Sorry I missed him, but absolutely add to the locks

    WR-DB JR Nelson, Wilson, JR.

    Any player receiving post-season/off-season awards, press, camp achievements, invitations & praise should be considered.

    Good luck to all the athletes this coming season.

  • BTW – speaking of camp achievements

    last sunday at the NUC west regional combine JR Nelson was one of the top performers advancing to the national NUC combine at the Univ of Oklahoma nest week as a WR. NUC also liked his shuttle time of 4.22, said it was the third fastest in the nation for players over 6′ tall.

    a running back from Monrovia did very well also winning the RB MVP award, he probably will be going as well. sorry dont know his name

  • BTW

    Sparq Combine in Oakland:
    Chris Solomon
    Ht: 6’1″
    Shuttle time:3.97
    If your statement is true then Chris must be in the the top two in the nation.

  • thats very good

    NUC and SPARC have different style shuttle runs but still a very good run, the national all-time best at the NUC shuttle is 3.92 and that was about 4 years ago

    the best this year for NUC is 4.09, but remember NUC made the comment about Nelson because he is taller than 6′, most all best shuttles are players that are 5’7″ to 5′ 9″ and usually RB’s or CB’s

    what the shuttle runs really shows is how well a player has the potential to have quickness and cutting ability on the field, that’s what is important

    I’ve seen Nelson and Solomon on the field several times together (gridiron and Badger comes to mind) and Nelson is definitely faster and quicker but at that level both are very good

  • future CU Buffs? from the valley

    Solomon has already been offered by CU and the Buffs are watching Nelson very closely and had him at their Elite SN Lights camp, maybe they will wind up Buffaloes in the PAC 12

  • lest we forget

    let’s not forget the lineman from Pomona HS that ahs already committed to Colorado

    but what if McCarthy, et al, all of these guys sign with APU now that they are NCAA, instead of winning NAIA championships, let’s have local boys help win FCS Div II championships

    even McClain has committed to APU for trck and he could have gone anywhere