Damien adds two junior running back transfers from East Valley Division champ Paraclete

Nobody knows for sure how improved Damien is or exactly how many transfers, or impact transfers the school has acquired, but my source from Paraclete says that junior running backs Travion Boykins and Uriah Trailer both transferred from Paraclete to Damien and are certainly capable of helping the Spartans. They would have started and been the primary backs on a Spirits team that won the East Valley Division title and finished 13-1. As sophomores, Boykins rushed 29 times for 260 yards and two touchdowns (8.97 yards per carry) and Trailer rushed 28 times for 285 yards and a touchdown (10.18 yards per carry). Here’s what my source said about them: “They’re two great kids who I know will be able to help right away if Gano can muster up a decent line and scheme. A bit diminutive but shifty, strong and fast.” With Charter Oak junior defensive lineman Alex Hernandez and Glendora sophomore quarterback Gage Pucci also at Damien, the Spartans certainly seem to be addressing off-season needs to get more athletic and talented.

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  • jhykron


  • Nate

    Maybe someone can teach Gano to develop the talent he gets from his freshman classes rather than relying on transfers his whole career…geezus!

  • reallynate?

    Guess you can say the same thing about Charter Oak, South Hills, Diamond Ranch, Monrovia, West Covina, etc, etc., they all win with home growns and transfers, that’s how you win championships. Name the last school that won a championship with all home grown players?

  • Dan

    Coach Gano is doing a great job filling in those skill positions that Damien has been missing for the last couple years. And at the same time, he’s building up the rest of the Spartans to support these skill players – from linebackers to o-linemen. You can’t say he’s relying solely on transfers because anybody who knows anything about football knows that the game is a team effort.

  • Trojan Man

    Should be interesting to see IF 2 RB’s Under 5’6″ can be competitive against Damien’s opponents.

    Fight On

  • AMAT 73

    It looks like the Sierra is shaping up to be a heck of a battle for the league title this season . Hopefully they can all make some noise come playoff time and make the SGV look good this year. With Gano, the old you can’t teach an old dog new tricks seems to be true.

  • Sierra League Fan

    If you can’t coach them yourself, might as well bring in ready-made talent. Even with these transfers, they will not be a factor in the Sierra league. I hope Pucci is their QB….he has no varsity experience and is tiny. Also, Paraclete is far removed from inland division type of talent. Hernandez is the only decent transfer I have heard they have got. Gano must have lost his recruiting touch….lol. This is Los Altos anymore coach!

  • No One Knows???

    No one knows uh, point yur car to la verne any night Fred/Aram you can find out. Goin to b interesting fer sur.

    Hernandez – impact plyr good guy, quality
    Pucci – better than what was there, answer long term ?????
    Boykins – impact, dude is stepping up and a stud, small but is worth it.
    All other xfers so far are no better than players already in the system, so why were they brought in????

  • Ralph

    I’m surprised the transfer train didn’t get to Damien Avenue earlier in Gano’s tenure.

  • Gano’s Weak

    Gano is a horrible coach. What is he teaching the kids that have been there all summer? Yeah work hard but if I can get a better player I will replace you. Nate your are so right, develop your freshman class work support the local Pop Warner & JGV programs to create a program. Spartans your going down a very slippery slop. Gano is not building a program he is just trying to win at any cost because he only thinks of himself. The moment he leaves or retires your program will be right in gutter just like Los Altos. Gano do you any sense of moral values or any values?

  • Really

    Paraclete sent three players to division 1 schools this and is packed with talent SL Fan…ha, little you know bud.

  • BB

    Just looked up their bio’s at old school and diminutive is putting it nicely. They better be real fast because at 5’4″ and under 150 lbs, they are not gonna get it done in the Sierra league. We will just have to see who has worked the hardest since last season. Good luck

  • Friend of Father

    By watching Damien several things are clear this year.
    1. They are more athletic
    2. They are faster
    3. They are more skilled
    4. They are small

    Not clear
    1. Will their game plans be up to par
    2. Will they be physical enough

    I’m a fan and I cant wait to see the answers

  • Good Luck Damien

    Pucci at QB! Damien’s Oline must be under four feet tall. And if the little guy is their starter Daddy must be charming and working Gano big time over there.

  • Whatcha Talkin Bout Willis

    “Glendora sophomore quarterback Gage Pucci also at Damien, the Spartans certainly seem to be addressing off-season needs to get more athletic and talented.”
    SAY WHAT!! They aren’t talking about the same Pucci kid from Glendora are they? Nah they can’t be. Damien is going to actually start that guy

  • jhykron

    Ummm… who said Damien’s starting Pucci this season? In passing league he’s always been the third QB to get in thus far.

  • Just wondering

    Are these the same Glendora people bagging on Pucci that are begging him to come back. Your full of crap if you try to say there isn’t a large group of people begging him to come back.
    Typical 2 face GHS…..

  • ???

    YO FRED???

  • Mr Two Face

    Dear Just Sayng quit blowing smoke out the backside NOBODY and I mean NOBODY here at GHS is begging Pucci to come back.Only you in your wildest dream/fantasy is wishing that.
    Good luck Gage and Damien or should I say GOOD LUCK MR.PUCCI remember you can’t go through life buying your son everything.
    Signed TWO FACED!

  • Mr Two Face

    Let the record show that I made a mistake. My post was directed to Just Wondering and not Just Saying.

  • Observantcat

    Congrats to Damien: One can never under estimate the heart of a good athlete. Malik Felton of Servite can attest to that. He was all of 5’7 170 and was the major difference maker for the Friars last season he tore a hole in the hearts of the Mission Viejo fans with his finals performance. Paraclete is a small school out in the dessert with really gifted athletes, if Damien were to welcome these guys with open arms and work hard to give these guys the looks they need it could be a turning point in their program.

  • Just wondering

    Mr 2 Face…. we are suppose to belive you a self proclaimed 2 face. And as for the rest of the 2 faces at GHS they are just lying to you 2.
    GHS true and true

  • Pot Calling Kettle

    Amat 73, really?

    Are you going to cast aspersions at Gano re: can’t teach a dog new tricks? If that was meant to mean that he did something wrong or illegal in getting “recruits” or transfers to go to his schools over the years, then you really need to shut your pie hole if you really are associated with Amat. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • AMAT 73

    Pot head ???
    I write that because you must be smoking something to read all that in my post. For your sake ( are you a Damien alum ?? ) I will break it down for you. When at Los Altos, Coach Gano was known for his vast array of transfers coming in .I never said anything about the legality or illegality of them . You brought it up I didn’t , Freudian slip perhaps on your part , you tell me. You know as well as the SGV knows darn well Gano built LA into the power they were by transfers , as a matter of fact he got McBride from us for his last good team at LA ( not complaining about it before you try and go there ), and it looks like he is going to try the same route at Damien . I have never seen this many transfers coming into Damien in all my years of following SGV football and doubt neither have you . So before you go shooting your hole off again ( notice I didn’t say which one because that’s in question from where you speak ) , is this really what Damien needs to do to get a winning program . At least the previous coaches did it with Damien kids . Now yes we do have and get transfers at AMAT but as you see they are all perfectly legal . Now on the recruiting issue , you show me one school who doesn’t recruit with many schools having football camps for middle school kids . And what do you mean if you really are associated with AMAT ? Go ask Msgr if I am associated with AMAT , he will tell you .

  • Your No different than KH

    73 we know your associated with Amat and many of us are embarassed by it. You all know self rightiousness makes us sick. You put Amat at odds with everyone for no reason. Just support your team and shut your trap.
    Love the real Blue and Gold

  • Reality Check

    AMAT 73

    Most players from both Amat and Damien are basically transfers from other programs. Maybe 1/3rd are from Catholic schools in thier area.
    They are and never will be associated with the city they are in.
    Quit calling the kettle black.

  • AMAT 73

    Reality check,
    Incoming freshmen are not considered tranfers . Any incoming freshman is free to go to any school of their choice regardless of the area they come from . And I believe the number is a little bit higher than 1/3 of the incoming class being from Catholic schools. But yes they are not specifically from the La Puente area but when you consider that most area Catholic middle schools have only AMAT and Damien to consider if they choose to continue their Catholic education locally they basically have a choice of the two.

  • Mike Smith

    Amat 73:

    “You know as well as the SGV knows darn well Gano built LA into the power they were by transfers”

    This really isn’t a true statement. Yes, in later years he won championships with transfers. No doubt about that but his two CIF championship teams, were teams made up of almost entirely Hacienda Heights kids. So the idea that he “built” his program with transfers is flat out incorrect. Sean Forge, Bobby Godinez, Robert Spinks, Felipe Aguilar, Ramon Martinez, Travis Parker, Shaun Cody (ironically enough Cody was a Damien transfer but was a Hacienda Heights kid), Ricky Tovar, Fernando Valdivieso. These kids were the stars of those teams, every single one of them played for Hacienda Heights Cougars and went through the system. Dont forget that the best athlete of all the kids in this era in Hacienda Heights was Sergio Santos who is now playing for the White Sox but transferred to Mater Dei after his frosh year and became a one sport player. Who knows how good he could’ve been if he continued to play quarterback and safety? At least initially for Gano, you would have a hard time finding a more organic championship team. Yes, the transfers followed but the program was built with homegrown talent.

  • AMAT 73

    Mike Smith,
    You absolutely correct . Back in those days I believe you are either class of 83 or 84 there was an abundant amount of talent in the SGV . I had jsut mentioned to another blooger on the old Sierra league being a power at the highest level . I was mainly reffering to present days maybe the last 10 years or so .

  • AMAT 73

    Mike Smith,
    Don’t know what went wrong but posted before I was done. But back then most kids stayed in their own backyard and played for the local team, so built his program was probably the wrong word. Different mind set by both players and parents in those days . I do remember your teams and they were very good and always at or near the top . Due to many new schools openning up and the thinning of the talent pool because of that , changing of the demographics of the area, the pressure to win is what probably led to the influx of transfers . The teams of DeSpain and of your time laid the ground work but it’s just too bad it could not not continue in that mold.

  • DHS Football

    AMAT 73,

    You are absolutely correct, never in the history of Damien has their been so many transfers come in. Word is that there is even a transfer from Amat. That really never happens. Sounds like they are following Amat’s model and finding creative ways to finance tuition, etc. for the athletes. Now that Fr. Travers is apparently gone, expect much more of the same. They have given Gano the keys to the castle. Let see what he does with it.

  • Anonymous

    I hate how people continue to comment on the size of these athletes and “how they will last” in the Sierra. It’s the Sierra League folks, not the Southeastern Conference or Pac. These kids will be playing against better competition, yes, but they are still high school kids. The question should be whether or not they are talented enough.

    Also, one of Gano’s all-time best RB’s who led LA to two CIF titles was a kid by the name of Randall Brown. 5’4” at best.

  • Dan

    Imformative post Mike Smith,
    Seems like Gano gets pounded on the blogs with reguard to transfers. Being that he won his first two titles with mostly home grown talent, and that Los Altos had not won a title in the 11 years before he got there, could it be that the transfers he had for his 3rd and 4th titles came in because he and Los Altos were winning titles again? I don’t know any coach that refuses transfers if they are legit, maybe the guy can actually coach and maybe the transfers he started getting at Los Altos were a result of his winning ways.

  • eastsider

    I here that there is a frshman to be at damian that is 6’4″ 240 pounds and benches 300 pounds at Damian.

  • Call Me Crap

    @ Just Wondering

    It’s OK you can call me full of crap!

  • Alum

    I had a son in this program when Morrison was coaching at Damien. Gano is a huge step up from Morrision. Traylor and Boykins are a nice addition, but Hernandez and Pucci are bigger! By the way, Puccis uncle coaches at Damien and his cousin Zack is an alum. As far as Gano transferring in players, most high schools do. South Hills and Charter Oak have been transferring in players for years. So far this summer the best skill players In 7 on 7 are home grown Damien players, not transfers. Zaldivar and Pucci have both looked good at quarterback. Savage, Aguirre and Sherwood have looked good at receiver. Castile, Perrington, Boykins, and the other Sherwood will carry the ball for the Spartans this year. The speed you speak of was already here at Damien. Boykins and Traylor are studs, but the speedsters are Aguirre, Perrington, both Sherwoods, Castile and Savage. ALL DAMIEN BOYS NOT TRANSFERS!

  • Finally Revealed

    “Puccis uncle coaches at Damien ”
    See we knew there was a reason!!! Can’t earn a spot give him a spot!!!That’s the way Dad operates. What a joke!

  • Gano Recruiting


    I am 100% sure if Gano is getting transfers in they will play over the home grown talent, it doesn’t matter who is better. If you don’t believe me go talk to some of the parents from Los Altos. Those kids don’t tansfer over unless they are going to start, weather they are better or not no best man plays, end of story.

    You wounder why Gano left LA, he chased away all the home grown talent. When the transfers dried up and he chased away all the home grown talent you end up with what you have at Los Altos a 0-10 season, exactly what happened to Los Altos last season. It is going to take the head coach years to rebuild your program.

    Don’t forget Gano’s number 1 rule,


    Have fun …………

  • Sideline judge

    @ DHS yesterday. DHS was fast & big plays with speed. Maybe its the summer, saw laziness in the receivers going up for the ball and missing easy passes. Boykins & Trailer are the men on the field. Sherwood kid is all that too. You felt them out there.
    DHS SR QB is the starter. No way the other 2 QB’s could match. Lots of hype about Pucci kid. He has ok skill & speed. Hype is all smoke screens. Heard he was marketed as a Steve Clarkson kid and invited to a Spurrier camp. One word: Connection. His family are neighbors to the Spurrier Family and anyone can be a Clarkson kid with the right cash wad. Wasn’t impressed and his size will kill him unless you got an Amat line. JV scrimmaged next to them & DHS JV QB looked better & is a big kid.
    Want to see Damien with pads on. Then we will see how fast and mobile they are. See if these fast small guys can take a hit.

  • AMAT 73

    DHS Football,
    Didn’t realize Father T is no longer in charge at Damien . You did write apparently so is that a fact or are just going by hearsay . It seems as he was cemented there much in the way Msgr. is at AMAT . Also, nothing creative about financial aid to students in need . It has always been done at AMAT and you can look at the website and find out how to apply. That is one of Msgr’s main focus which is a great thing , building an endowment for financial aid to students of all caliber who want to attend AMAT and their families are financially challenged . Good luck to your Spartans and see you in week 3.

  • X&O only

    If you were at Damien yesterday and your not related to any of the QBs you know the the truth. Pucci put on show last night that no other QB at Damien can put on. Hate if you want it doesn’t change the fact that his good. Who will start only time will tell. The JV QB is wasting his time and money and will never take a vasity snap at Damien. He is to slow in from feet to head and lacks arm strenght. Only mommy and daddy would see it otherwise. Damien will be the fastest team in Sierra by far but will the big enough is a real question that can only be answered when pads come on.

  • X&O only

    If you were at Damien yesterday and your not related to any of the QBs you know the the truth. Pucci put on show last night that no other QB at Damien can put on. Hate if you want it doesn’t change the fact that his good. Who will start only time will tell. The JV QB is wasting his time and money and will never take a vasity snap at Damien. He is to slow in from feet to head and lacks arm strenght. Only mommy and daddy would see it otherwise. Damien will be the fastest team in Sierra by far but will the big enough is a real question that can only be answered when pads come on.

  • X&O only

    If you were at Damien yesterday and your not related to any of the QBs you know the the truth. Pucci put on show last night that no other QB at Damien can put on. Hate if you want it doesn’t change the fact that his good. Who will start only time will tell. The JV QB is wasting his time and money and will never take a vasity snap at Damien. He is to slow in from feet to head and lacks arm strenght. Only mommy and daddy would see it otherwise. Damien will be the fastest team in Sierra by far but will the big enough is a real question that can only be answered when pads come on.

  • Damien dAD

    Saw the AD Gano posted in the paper….or was it Pucci’s Dad….

    It said…

    “Free Tuition for 300 lb lineman with 5.0 speed and less than 5 feet tall.

    5’2′ QB must be able to see over you.”

    All applicants send resume and photo to ganopucci@damienhs.com

    LOL…wish everyone well.

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J,
    Why no covage on the action going on at Damien ??? Sounds like a QB battle and who did they go against in 7 o 7 ?

  • Damien dAD

    Amat 73,

    No battle. It’s like the battle between Brock Booth and Rio last year.

    Booth ended up playing some TE, but with Pucci’s size I’m not sure where they will put him.

    The senior is hands down better and will start.

    It’s amazing how much hype one parent can create. Word is he wouldn’t have started at GHS so he transferred. That’s why they are so bitter with GHS.

    Booth story all over again. Dad trying to live dream through his kid. Sad situation.

    Damien Dad

  • Needed A Laugh

    The poster X&O cracks me up…is a total crack up and I needed a good laugh today.

  • AMAT 73

    Damien dAD,
    Too bad for the young man. I somewhat mentioned that in my post to Mike Smith . It seems in this day if a parent is not happy with his kid not starting they go off to another school. What happened to the make a name for yourself attitude. If someone beats you out, try harder and keep plugging away or maybe move to a different position and adapt . You never know an injury or bad grades or whatever could happen and the slot opens up . I think in Booth’s case AMAT was his 3rd maybe 4th school . Thanks for the info .

  • Get a life

    Damien Dad..you sound a lot like the cry baby GHS parents. My bet is your not from Damien at all. and if I am wrong you should leave Damien because your not Kansas anymore toto.

  • Sideline Judge

    You crack me up X&O. Not a parent @ DHS and wouldn’t want to be. Look at the smack talk on your own. Parent of DI athlete. But if you are a Damien parent, why you hatin on other Damien athletes? My point was the JV could have done the same and had deep passes in what I saw yesterday. If I saw the frosh, I would have said the same. My point was there was nothing remarkable about Pucci. He will never be a DI QB and the road ends here unless Daddy has an alma mater or their are growth hormone supplements on the market. That’s not mommy & daddy. That’s life. Sorry small man if your Napolean complex is eating at you. Pity for any kid that isn’t Pucci if DHS parents talk like that about their teammates on their team or JV or frosh. This is why Damien loses. How can the kids know what TEAM is if their own daddy’s don’t?

  • Spartan 4 Life

    Had a chance to see Damien via 7 on 7 a couple times. Even though the linemen aren’t around, they look good. I saw them vs. Riverside North, Los Altos, Walnut & El Monte. Forget all the negative talk about size or Dad’s getting involved, the team is coming together. Zaldivar is the QB, but Pucci is very good. He has a heck of an arm for a Sophmore. Watch out for Boykin & Trailer, they’re special!!

  • The U

    So let me get this straight, Pucci has only been with the program for a few weeks and he is already pushing the starter for his job (lol)….The writing is on the wall to all you haters, Pucci will be starting before league comes around……Damien Dad (AKA MR. Zaldivar) quit hating and lets be real, your only at Damien becuase your son would have been way down the depth chart all 4 years at the U….some of you clowns talk as if your teams are sporting QB’s that are 6’4 (havent seen any in the valley yet oustside of Omana.) Correct me if im wrong but the Covina and CO QB’s are seeing eye to eye with Pucci.

  • Mike the Clone


    Will you Glendora people please stop with the Pucci kid. We have dealt with Dad for years. You just laugh and go on.

    As you Glendora folks know, Daddy Pucci is a total blow hard. So let it go OK…Laugh a little and let him make you an offer to clean your carpets.

    He is at Damien now and you guys don’t have to listen to his “BS” anymore and can laugh out loud. Let Damien put up with the father but don’t take it out on the kid.

    Wish Gage well, It’s his Dad who is a total_______fill in the blanks as most of you have been for years.It’s OK bagpipers, take a deep breath and be thankful you can laugh out loud now and not behind his back.

    I AM OUT!

    Mike The Clone

  • Get a Handle

    The Pucci’s are welcome at Damien. The kid has done nothing but work hard and compete. He has talent and by the time his senior year rolls around he will be very good. The ride between now and then will be hard but heck thats the life of a QB.
    The Damien famlies have zero reason to have bad feelings toward them so I would venture to guess many of these comments are made by Glendora families. The comments look all to familar to the ones we saw last year when Chad got hurt. Unnecessary than and now.

  • Grow some balls GANO

    Sounds like a weak 7on7 schedule, why doesn’t Gano give Rice over at Pomona a call. You think you have some speed lets match it up with some P Town speed.

    Sounds like Gano is giving his parents a false sense of security. I don’t think a single team played over .500 ball last season. Gano you aren’t going to get better unless you play the best, grow some balls

    Gano Yes you are being called out, now what are you going to do about it.

    Like usual go craw back into your hole.

  • Ohhh your a big man

    Way to man up and call someone out anomously……lol
    Looks like someone had to much liquid curage tonight.
    Drunk blogging is second only to drunk texting bet you did that tonight to so be sure to apologize to ur girlfriend in the morning cause she will know it’s u unlike us.

  • Damien Alum

    There has been a lot of trash talking about Gage and his father and it’s pretty pathetic (no doubt from GHS fans). I personally don’t know Mr. Pucci but I have met Gage on several occasions and he’s a great kid. I have not seen him play but I do know this. He started on the GHS JV team last year as a freshman and was the number 3 qb on varsity. When the varsity first and second string qb’s went down last season due to injuries it was Gage who stepped in to finish out the season for GHS. This year’s varsity qb at GHS was Gages backup last year at JV. If Gage was still at GHS, he’d be their starting qb so to say he transferred because he wasn’t going to start this year at GHS is ridiculous.

  • Damien Alum

    By the way, best of luck to Gage and the rest of the DHS football team. Talk about championship dry spells!!!

  • Real Damien Fan

    Its disturbing to read the blogs tearing apart the Damien players from its own parents. Some are obviously GHS and more than likely Pucci’s former backups. Most of the Glendora parents/kids that I have talked too would take Pucci back in a heartbeat unless he would be taking your kids spot.
    As for the Damien parents (Damien Dad or X&O)who have negatively put down Varsity quarterbacks Pucci, Zaldivar, Alfaro and the JV quarterback Callen is disturbing on all levels. I have met or have known each of these young men & their families and (Damien Dad & X&O) you could take a lesson (or two) in class/leadership/loyalty from each of them. They support one another and understand what being an athlete is, which is pushing yourself and the others they compete against to be their very best. All four of these young men are true students of the game. No time or money is wasted if you are doing what you love to do. There are no guarantees in any sport of playtime (ability or injury). But that isn’t what being on a team is about. You need to support the whole team; not praising one and pitying them against everyone or pitying everyone against one.
    Go Spartans!

  • Longtime GHS Fan

    Would like to say and I basically agree with MTC that we who support GHS just need to move on from the whole Pucci deal.
    I think the misconception is that people don’t like Gage when in fact it could not be further from the truth.Gage is a great kid.
    Now Dad is another story. He rubbed people the wrong way here at Glendora. He was more than the typical Rah-Rah dad he just went over the top. It was funny and still is funny to hear him talk up his kid and when he walks away you just roll your eyes.And seeing him work the coaches is amazing.You just have to shake your head and go WOW is that really happening.
    Our QB situation is just fine now and was never in any jeopardy. With two kids that are working hard and look great.
    So let’s move on and not sweat Jeff and his sideshow. It’s time for Damien to find out what we are talking about. He is basically a nice guy a little over the top at times but a nice guy.And very entertaining if you don’t take it too seriously.
    We wish Gage well and hope he will be a fit over at Damien.

  • Just The Facts

    “Some are obviously GHS and more than likely Pucci’s former backups”

    Pucci was always the backups, Backup. Get your facts straight!

  • Pride of the foothills

    To Just the facts:
    Last year, when Jeffrey’s was hurt and the senior backup was down, please (in your own words) describe why a freshman quarterback (aka Pucci) played multiple games at Varsity. In addition, on Maxpreps, why is Pucci described (again, a freshman) also listed as the starting quarterback on JV (The times he wasn’t playing Varsity)?

    Glendora is in a world of hurt for a quarterback and no one scratches the surface in following Jeffrey’s shadow.

    To Longtime GHS Fan: I have to wonder the credibility of your story since you don’t even know Senior Pucci’s name? Its not Jeff and he is a pretty nice guy; as is the whole family. Its a shame the backstabbers that exist and don’t have the you know what to say it to their face. But have to air it anonymously on a blog. Another defining moment in the cowardly Glendora history. Those Tartan skirts are fitting.

  • Just The Facts

    “Last year, when Jeffrey’s was hurt and the senior backup was down, please (in your own words) describe why a freshman quarterback (aka Pucci) played multiple games at Varsity. In addition, on Maxpreps, why is Pucci described (again, a freshman) also listed as the starting quarterback on JV (The times he wasn’t playing Varsity)?”

    Thank you for making my point, I stand by my statement. Pucci was the Backups, BACKUP !
    Thanks for the confirmation!

    People are amazing DOHH!

  • Hummm

    So Called Pride Of The Foothills try getting to some passing league games. You would know that the QB situation at GHS is “just fine”. These two have gotten some great reps against some pretty good teams and did very well.Coach likes what he sees and talked about it at the booster meeting.
    I know, I know, I know this is where you tell us that you have been to some passing league games. Well if that is the case then you know nothing of what you speak.

  • Get Over It

    The whole Damien/Glendora thing reminds me of the parent finding out his kid wasn’t going to be the starter so he took his ball and went home dirty diaper and all.
    Waaaa! Waaaa! Waaaa! Waaaa!

  • Football follower

    This will be interesting to see what the public schools will do with all the recruiting going on at Damien. From what I hear the agreement that Damien had with the public schools in their league that they would not recruit. It is going to be interesting to see how Gano does in D-1 next year

  • glendoras missing pucci

    for all you people that think glendoras doind fine without pucci…umm im just asking how did they doo in there seven on seven this weekend…0 -4 with a lose to a jv team..sad and i believe you can blame that on ghs starter. with pucci those 4 games woulda been a walk in the park… me being a ghs alum and ghs parent…i really miss pucci so lets not kid ourselves and mr.p is a great guy.. alittle cocky but has 0 involvment with any of any coaches ever!! i have learned first hand.. this is one of the worst rumors

  • Thanks

    @ glendoras missing pucci said:
    Thank you Mr. Pucci for clearing that up for us!
    Sounds like someones missing Glendora.

  • Damien dAD

    Mr. Pucci,

    Figure it out…The problem is you walk around town saying your son is better than the other boys at every school you transfer him to.

    Well…he’s not. But if you think he is, let him prove it on the field. Stop talking and let him earn it.

    Don’t come over here to Damien telling everybody he is better than all the boys here at Damien. That’s an insult to all of our boys who have worked hard for years here already.

    Now I can see why all of the Glendora people are happy you left. Stop ruining things for your son. Think about what your teaching him.

    Stop posting and stop talking. Let all of the kids play and earn their spots.

    Damien dAD

  • Spartan Dad X 2.

    Attention Damien Fans:
    Don’t get caught up in the smack talking. Zaldivar & Pucci are actually are both going to play this season. They both have looked good this summer. Remember the negativity is coming from outside Spartan walls! Sounds like sour Tartan fans could be spinning this web. This blog started positive then went negative as soon as GHS fans started blogging. Kevin Pucci is a quality human being that cares about his sons future. If my son was a QB & the new coaching staff started talking about running the ball 85% of the time I would look for a new place to play too! Some of the best Spartans reside in Glendora & attend Damien, Amat, etc., because of the weak bs that comes from haters like the ones on this blog. I still support GHS, Corey V. & his family are some of my best friends. So get over the past & look to the future. With Holmes, Victoria, Rodriguez, & Connor Grady, you guys are in capable hands. Go get’em Connor!!! šŸ˜‰

  • Look Whose Spinning

    Spartan Dad X 2.
    Mr. Pucci’s very own spin Doctor!!!

  • Damien dAD

    Mr. Pucci,

    Please stay off the blogs.

    You’re already bringing negative attention to our school and creating problems on the team. There will not be 2 QB’s playing this year at Damien unless Zaldivar get hurt.

    By the way, you’re also creating problems for your son who seems like a good kid.

    If you can’t keep quiet and let your son try to earn his spot, then please take your son back to Glendora if it is in such capable hands.

    I hope you’re not hoping that Zaldivar gets hurt, so your son can play. That’s the only reason he took any snaps last year from what I understand.

    Please don’t wish bad upon our players, create problems with our TEAM, and bring bad press to our school.

    Enough is enough!

    Go Spartans!

    Damien dAD

  • Fact

    Pucci played 1 varsity game last year.
    Did not throw a pass.
    Back to Top
    # Athlete Name Comp Att Comp % Yds Y/G TD Int Long QB Rate
    Season Totals 83 146 .568 1270 127.0 13 5 42 101
    Graph Data [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+]
    4 D. Holmes 1 1 1.000 42 4.7 1 0 42 177
    14 K. Taylor 5 14 .357 80 8.9 0 1 26
    15 C. Jeffries 77 131 .588 1148 164.0 12 4 41 105


  • Spartan Dad X 2

    Damien dAD is not from Damien. I flushed him out on purpose by saying nice things about Gage Pucci. This dudes hatred for the Pucci’s could not be hidden. Anyone that plays at Damien would know that Spartan X 2 probably means that I have 2 kids on the varsity at Damien. Which means that this is not Kevin Pucci jackass! Enough said about that!!!
    Coach Gano has a competitive atmosphere at Damien that is welcomed by all. See the problem with most parents is that they are afraid to let little Johnny compete. Mr. Zaldivar and Mr. Pucci are both outstanding individuals, as are their sons. The Big Easy and Gage have both looked great, as well as a lot of other kids at Damien. Damien fans are not haters like the dude I’m talking about on this blog. This is our third year at Damien, the only negativity I have seen has been towards the Pucci’s. It is the same style & hate that came at them when they were leaving Glendora. You don’t have to be a forensic expert to see who you are BOY! You are the same couple of guys that started this crap when the Pucci family was leaving. If we knew who you were, you wouldn’t speak so tough then would you BOY! Kevin Pucci is a great Dad who is trying to give his son the best opportunity at playing at the next level. By the way, playing QB is not always about height & watching Glendora head to head with Damien left little doubt who the best two QB’s on the field were that day. Answer is Zaldivar & Pucci. 7 on 7 is overrated but since you want to hate on a QB let’s go there. Glendora did not match up well in the air, speed or passing. But, I realize that The Tartans are going to bang the ball up in there with Victoria & Holmes. Both are great kids & awesome players. You will rely on the running game as well you should. Rodriguez & Grady look good at WR. Looked like the passing game just needs a little timing. Christian Fulham also looks good at TE. Parent’s at Damien have a lot of confidence in Gano & his staff. My boys are always bragging about the family atmosphere at Damien! Gano went 6-4 last year with a young team. The Spartan’s will be much faster this year & much tougher. I keep reading about height & size on this blog. Look at our kids again, there is a lot of muscle, heart, & strength in these boys. So measure our height all you want, you guys need to learn how to measure heart! Oh that’s right, heart can’t be measured! Good luck to The Tartan’s & The Spartan’s. By the way we play D-1 teams & watch how we do this year against them!

  • More Spin

    Spartan Dad X 2 is spinning out of control!!!

  • Damien dAD

    Spartan Dad X 2 (aka Mr. Pucci),

    I thought your screen name meant that there are 2 Mr. Pucci’s at Damien now.

    I didn’t expect you to recognize a Damien parent because you obviously don’t know what one is.

    At Damien, here’s how we do it….

    1. We cheer for ALL the boys and don’t try to say our son is better than everyone else. We leave it to the coaches to determine that.

    2. We don’t try to create problems amongst teammates by saying that our son is going to take playing time away from a much better returning Senior.

    3. We don’t bring negative press to the team or the program by acting like a non-Damien parent.

    4. We don’t say things like this that you’ve said on this blog (especially when they are not true)….

    “Pucci put on show last night that no other QB at Damien can put on.”

    “Pucci will be starting before league comes around……Damien Dad (AKA MR. Zaldivar) quit hating and lets be real, your only at Damien becuase your son would have been way down the depth chart all 4 years at the U.”

    “Zaldivar & Pucci are actually are both going to play this season.”

    Consider this Parent Orientation for Incoming Transfer Athletes.

    Go Spartans and I wish ALL the players well this season!

    Damien dAD

  • The U

    WOW ISN’T THAT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK….. Damien Dad (AKA Mr. Zaldiva) you are a train wreck……The above quotes you mentioned all are from different people and I see that the truth hurts…. I say we put this post to rest and revisit it right before the start of league so we can see who the REAL JACKASS is…..Hey Spartan Dad X2, the house next door is for sale…(lol) Hell you can bring all the boys

  • Damien dAD

    The U,

    OH….I forgot. You can only use 1 name on here. All those posts must have come from different people. Thanks for reminding me….NOT! LOL

    Damien dAD

  • Easy HOT ROD

    Damien daD let it go already we all know who you are, its not a NATIONAL secret. For those of you who don’t have your decoder rings. Damien Dad has no ASSOCIATION with Damien. So slow down and worry about your own school and kids. Try WRESTLING with the idea that someone would PITCH these statements about you and your kids. It wouldn’t feel very nice.
    No phun intended.

  • Tony

    I must say after reading the comments an small but distasteful one liners, referencing the Pucci Family at Damian an of Gage Puccis transfer an other young men that just transfered.I’m disapointed that such Things are said by few. For those that know this Famely an the Dynamics that transpose in the Home I need not explain For those who chose not allow yourself to … I guess ignorance is bliss will.
    I don’t no How or why people comment on family’s they know only from bleacher talk an passer bys ,,,,There usally the parents of average Athletes ,, an want to blame the new transfers or the coach because that’s easier that digging in an help getting there kids fit physically or mentally because his role just changedTithesthe new transfers flaunt ” no the coaches fault he should of stuck with ( home grown kids yal that’s what I read wow
    As far as the transfers go,they have made a commitment to Damian an being they made a decision as very young mean to do whats best for them an I would bet there maturity goes as follows,, sports come secondary to accadimics , family an church for this I bet they have been taught. How about you Damien parents have any of you thanked these young men for there sacrifices to come an help your program !
    Now for the record i changed my daughters from poblic schools to private in ninth grade, due any of you intelligent bloggers have an idea why come now well maybe it was time to gear up for collage an I wasnt happy with the study habits , curriculum! Now this was me but I know for a fact Mr & Mrs Pucci would not make a latteral move in less it be best for there children as would anybody with children ,,,, I know I’m giving some of you bloggers some credit that you might not deserve … I can only assume those who commented on it ,,,one either did on emotions which happens we all error!! Or sad to say maybe never prepped for college, let alone did so as an athlete ( I know those are tough words but come on twenty paragraphs of blogs which ultimatly attakes the coaches an the young men that has sacrificed slot to help the program a think you very hospitable bloggers belong to DAMEIAN hello
    As far as Ganno bringing new talent in Hello that’s his job !! For those of you that commented on that well coaching must not be some thing you digest very well.. That’s ok to but it really is better to be thought of as ignorant than open your mouth an confirm it !!
    Ok what’s my. Experience well radix two daughter both went to collage on Volleyball scholarships . An guess what one Teaches an the other one is getting here Masters They were middle of the road athelets work harder than most but at that level there was some Grate Athelits they understood that going to a school that they would start at wasn’t as important as there education an being second string on the court didn’t bother them as long as they could work an train with the best an Teaching your kids to recognize talent in the piers and to appreciate working with Great coaches an athletes is a lesson that comes from a well rounded parental guidness
    From the sounds of some of some of these blogs , I do hope they were just an emotional statements by few . If I hadn’t know the Pucci Family For three generations now I might of moved on from this blog An chalked it up To people that like to beheard.
    I promise anyone here that if you get the opportunity to get to no this Family
    you will besupprised at the level of professionalism in there kids that range from 9
    to 23 . An all are atheletes for those of you that has been down the road with multiable children in. Sports from an early age on
    your self about Coach Ganno , an who he plays ,starts , benches I don’t even know Coach Ganno but I do know one thing if he don’t teach your young athletes to win at this leavel ,,an to give him feed back an communicate with him weather they start or become a support arm of the squad then he as not prepared the few that will play in college an beyond nor haze he sent the right signal about life That’s the hidden responsibility of a Coach . He was hired to advance the program folks…. now if he just makes sure every body gets equal playing time an maybe goes 4 &.6 But By God we had fun !! Come on surly the parents behind the kids arnt this shallow
    The hard realty ,,,we as adults get passed up at work for promotions
    advancement ect. An some of you complain, feel cheated ect well you had the wrong coach folks , But your kids have a coach that will change,, teach the kids change an WIN. ( let’s Face It the Coach likes his job to, so he will win even if little Jonny rides the beanch he to will learn how to win) Fleet from Spokane Soon to support the Spartans So come on parents let’s get all the kids to the next level

  • Tony

    Damians dad & mike clone.

    Two lace curtain individuals !! Here’s the deal lace curtain. Mike an the other wanna be. There is a fine line between busting someone’s balls an putting your money were your mouth is !! Lady’s so Kevien Pucci is a blow hard an u got nothing better todo than bust on Gage that was line 5,2 ect. Ect so he is such a bad recruit How about this lady’s 6 td passes for the year 600 yrds passing an 200 yrds rushing not a bd outing for a sophomore that at best will play 50% of the games now the why I see it u can punk out an I’ll post ur spinals names on all this referencing your cowardness last game I’ll have you funds. Understand Kevien gets real exited watching his kids compete all four in collage high school he dedicate his lif to them more that most more that you two or you wouldnt of felt so insecure that you commented on his excitement no matter how over the top it is he lives it do you well you will watch Gage hu or at u gonna pass he is only 5’2 remember only played one varsity game last year u lacecurtain fks. 500 each lady’s don’t wet urself
    Tony. Fleetwood@yahoo