Chino Hills, Charter Oak, West Covina and Bishop Amat make a strong case for No. 1

It’s seriously time to start thinking of the Tribune preseason top ten for the magazine. Do you go with West Covina, the only area team to win a divisional title and with the reigning player of the year, Chris Solomon? Do you go with Charter Oak, arguably having the best summer with a confident QB in Travis Santiago? Do you go with Chino Hills, who lost a lot of skilled players, but based on last year, was the best team in our area in the CalPreps’ computer poll? Or do you go with Bishop Amat, who competes in the toughest league, division, and one that hasn’t lost a head-to-head match-up against an area team in years. What I posted below is the CalPreps final California rankings for 2010. As you can see, Chino Hills (23), Bishop Amat (26) and West Covina (29) finished in California’s top 30. The rest of the Trib’s top ten finished between 56 and 234. So, how would you rank them this year?

23. Chino Hills (10-3)
26. Bishop Amat (9-2)
29. West Covina (13-1)
56. Bonita (12-2)
111. Claremont (7-4)
130. Charter Oak (6-5)
158. Damien (6-4)
162. Glendora (5-5)
210. South Hills (3-7)
234. Diamond Ranch (5-6)

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  • shfan

    My guess is that you give it to Bishop Amat to ride all season. Worked out for you well this spring didn’t it!

  • AMAT 73

    Well it looks like Cal Preps did your job for you . Unless you want to go to Max Preps for another set of rankings which is almost the same except for having Monrovia between Bonita and Clairmont thus knocking DR off the list which is only right since Monrovia are CIF champs.

  • Wally Nutz

    How can you keep Monrovia off that list and have Diamond Ranch. That team is .500 for the last 2 years. Squeaked into the Finals twice only to get spanked by Charter Oak. Apparently, Pomona has shut the door on Layton for recruiting and unless his daughter starts dating another JA player, he won’t be able to recruit out of there either.

  • Amat Bully

    in my opinion C.O is way to low and Amat is way to high and chino hills does not belong above either one of the two teams.

  • SaintsR4real




  • chino hills

    Anat bully: really we are that bad? Did you read the part that said is was based on last years stats? Oh yeah my bad you won the t shirt this summer so that means you take it all this year! Keep in mind your playing in our league and in our house this year so watch what you ask for….Chino Hills is up there because they earned it!! Have a nice day and take off that t shirt its over…

  • Amat Bully

    i didnt really read the article i just seen the B.S rankings but you right. lol the t shirt been off but you right we do play at your house this year and man there is going to be a lot of sad huskie fans and i wouldn’t call it your division now that them Chargers are going to take over it….but good luck this season except against us.

  • just sayin’

    CO is overrated if “Amat Bully” honestly believes they are going to beat Chino Hills at Chino Hills. Lets just say this… When Glendora and Diamond Bar left the Sierra and CO and South Hills joined, the league got WEAKER. CO never plays anyone. South Hills struggled mightily last year, but at least they played some people in the past which CO can’t say. Glendora and Chino Hills were the top dogs in the Sierra for years. Diamond Bar was the punching bag, but with a new coach and a better than average starting QB, this is the year the Brahmas really do some damage. I’d say DB beats Diamond Ranch, Walnut, etc. and have a tight game with Bonita which could go either way. West Covina will destroy the Brahmas, but they are just in another class. Glendora will struggle w/o Pasquarella at the helm, but they are still a top ten team in the SGV. If they can maintain what Pasquarella had going in terms of the success of the program from top to bottom for years, they should be ecstatic.

    Anyway, I’d say CO probably takes second place in the Sierra by default. Damien has been a laugher since Gano took over. South Hills needs to get things figured out and right the ship obviously. I don’t know what Claremont has coming back thst others don’t. Ayala might be in disarray w/o coach Igimla. So, CO swoops in and probably takes second place. I wouldn’t be surprised if a hiccup or two left them in third or fourth in the Sierra when it’s all said and done. The only finish from CO that would surprise me is first place. I guess we’ll see when the time comes… )With high school football though, you never really know what’s going to happen until they go out and play under the lights. So, all we really know now is “Amat Bully” lives in a fantasy world….

  • AMAT 73

    chino hills,
    You have to take into account that when valley guy or AB sees AMAT, logical thinking goes out the window for him. Considering all those above CO had better records and faired either equal or better in the playoffs they are where they should be other than Monrovia , and since they have been making a lot of noise in our part of town and they face 3 of our locals in preleague they should be included.

  • Joe Amat

    Let’s remember… Monrovia is a Star News team so wouldn’t/shouldn’t be in these rankings no matter how good they are.

  • Amat Bully

    just sayin
    what about your Lancers where will they finish? and CO will finish 1st in the sierra division and all that yip yap about the division has become weaker since CO and south hills entered shows how idiotic you really are. how can a divison become weaker when a doormat team and a mid-road team leave and a championship team enters and a tough south hill team who had just finished a 10-3 season unlike the glendora team that left with a 7-4 record and 1-9 diamond bar team dude shut up yeah south hills struggled only because of injuries and the fact that they were in a rebuilding stage and CO well they competed fought every team tough and finished above .500 with an inexperienced squad…..i would go on and bring up who lost to who but im not doing all that anymore.
    but really where will your Lancers finish 2nd possibly third we all know 1st in out of the question and 2nd is a long shot this year.

  • just sayin’

    “Never argue with a fool, the onlookers may not be able to tell the difference…”

    I’ve said what I needed to say. 🙂

  • lmao

    Amat Belly Dancer: This just in( CO has no credit to talk based on last year when their mouths wrote checks they could not cash) Lets see the facts: last year CO was supposed to take over the Sierra?? 6-5 you lost players we lost players, but here you go running your mouth again…as i remember it was you that was sad last year with your smurf tears! you want it? come get it!! You havent even seen our team yet but your calling it a victory how nice for us!!

  • Amat Bully

    just sayin’
    im going to take your advice and not respond to you anymore you the one that started the so called argument so yeah SHUT UP…

    no doubt i had a sour beer face last year when we lost but this year is completely different we’re going to be fighting for league champ in the final game of the season so we gone get to see how yall react under pressure.

  • Bully flew over the cuckoos nest

    How quickly you forget. Glendora beat CO last year. Had Glendora remained in the Sierra last year, CO doesn’t even make the playoffs. FYI – winning a championship in a lower division the previous year doesn’t carry over with you to the following season.
    And that 7-4 Glendora team you mentioned, had a piece of the Sierra Championship that year, something your CO team didn’t even come close to last year.

  • LMAO

    Amat Belly: i wasnt sure if the Charter oak Mental Inst was still open , but now i know it is and they have wifi internet access…Listen do you hear that?????? everyones laughing at you!!

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    I think another name change is in order. Maybe you should start calling yourself the SGV Bully as you seem to be bullying the whole SGV with your CO rhetoric and not just AMAT.

  • Amat Bully

    AMAT 73:
    no lie i kind of do dislike almost every team in the sgv only because almost everybody hate on what CO accomplished some of these blogger teams haven’t even scratched or smelled a championship game is decades. but there are a hand full of teams i do like.

    Bully flew over the cuckoos nest
    yeah they did beat CO but now speak on when we beat glendora the year they went 5-0 to win the sierra it all levels out they beat a rebuilding but tough CO team CO beat a Sierra dominant glendora team.

    you must be new at blogging, i go at it with everyone i dont care about a laugh here or there all i know is CO has 2 rings since the new century began how many does your team have and please stop it with the weak division junk the southeast is not weak West Co, Muir, Bonita, etc…are no push overs and can compete if not dominate the sierra behind CO

  • LMAO

    Amat Belly: I was thinking what was the true meaning of bully? 1.aggressive person: an aggressive person who intimidates or mistreats weaker people….WTF have you beat Chino Hills? Did you push them around? Did you beat Amat? Did you push them around? And for sure neither of of are scared of someone that has 2 rings Kobe has 5 rings and he doesnt say hes better then anyone or guarentee victories, maybe because he has class?? Inside your ring does it say that from here on you are better? Ok ill just call you lord of the rings since you have 2 wow , this is the sierra now so nothing is giving without blood and sweat ….

  • green and gold

    Damien, working harder than all and more disciplined than ever, along with the transfers, will win the Sierra league hands down.


    Amat Bully,

    That name is a little harsh, take it from one CO fan to another, you will not be able to keep up with all the stuff that is said in the blog so try not to prove everyone wrong in here. Too many posts and we dont want to have another dranch incident….

    Alright now back to the rankings:

    #1 The plain and simple fact that West Covina won the only championship in the SGV and returns the player of the year, they should be #1 (This will change very fast)!
    #2 Chino Hills played and lost to the Inland Champ and state runner up so they should be #2 plus they return 4 out of their 5 offensive lineman! I dont care what people say, you can put me back there and I could run for 100 yards per game with that line.
    # 3 Bishop Amat gets the nod at becuase of the division they are in.
    #4 Goes to Charter Oak with a team full of skill players, the line has to match their play to take the sierra league.
    From the 5 spot to the last spot that gets tough.
    #5 Claremont
    #6 South Hill
    #7 Glendora
    #8 Diamond bar
    #9 Damien
    #10 Bonita

    If Azusa is as good as they say I might even switch out Bonita for Azusa. Bonita looks real bad this year, graduation hit them hard!


  • player

    #1 West Covina Solomon
    #2 Charter Oak Santiago
    #3 Amat Ruiz
    #4 Damian ?
    #5 South Hills ?
    #6 Covina Livingson
    #7 Diamond Ranch Carillo
    #8 Diamond Bar Omana
    #9 Glendora ?
    #10 San Dimas ?

  • Amat Bully

    LOL why would you use kobe when he won his fifth he quoted i got one more than Shaq and just this year when the Lakers was down 3-0 he guaranteed that the Lakers was still going to win….im going to do you a favor and leave you alone you weak and obviously a rookie at this.

    i know and no we dont want that to happen again but i just enjoy arguing with some of the real veteran bloggers that know what they’re talking about.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Amat Bully,
    “no lie i kind of do dislike almost every team in the sgv only because almost everybody hate on what CO accomplished some of these blogger teams haven’t even scratched or smelled a championship game is decades. but there are a hand full of teams i do like.”

    CO beat 2, 7-7 Diamond Ranch Teams to win those CIF titles…..How bad does that make that division??? Ho does a team with 7 loses make a division final???? Can you say WEAK! I don’t think that merits respect when you move up to play the big boys. You may have rings, but that was then….this is NOW.

  • Amat Bully

    Sierra League Fan
    have you ever seen the movie 8 mile, if so do you remember when rabbit went against the free world and in the beginning rounds he battled lotto and the other dude and he told them YOUR SAYING THE SAME SH!* THAT HE SAID while pointing at the other rapper well in this case thats you your saying the same sh!*…..and please stop saying the southeast is weak dranch just had some good playoffs runs 2years straight. besides that year CO beat damien who was tied for 1st place in the sierra division that year Co went 2-0 against the sierra division. i can keep going on with this stuff but its not worth it lets live in the now and this year were going to see we have to see each other every year now so its on….


    SGV FOOTBALL!!! BUDDY, you just made my christmas list,LOL… I KNOW IT’S EARLY.


  • sierra

    Limp since 1995: such ignorance, you actually think we live in trailers on cow farms…..Haha I think you have us mistaken with Chino but its ok being ignorant ….and just a heads up we aren’t gangbanging scum out here so keep your dumb A$$ demands to your self. Talking about 8 mile and lil rabbit you degenerate scumbag.. who watches that anyway? ?

  • Amat Bully

    hey that was me that mentioned the 8 mile thing i just tried to relate to you my bad……and you still avoided the question the other blogger asked you……and watch the name calling it makes you look more of an a$$ then you already are…and who said anything about you being hood or ghetto nobody gives a Damn about that when you on the field thats out the window just answer the questions or shut up…

  • Amat Bully

    oh yeah and 8 mile i watched it and million of other viewers did to i didnt know that made me a gang banging scumbag LOL what is a scumbag though? and why gang bangers have to be scumbags? the police is just like them they’re just more organize so does that make them classy scumbags?

  • reality czech

    The only real way to make a preseason top ten is to start tat the top and figure who would beat who in a head-to-head matchup. Until someone from the San Gabriel Valley beats Bishop Amat – they have to be #1. Then work your way down from there. Probably followed by Chino Hills, West Covina, with Claremont, Charter Oak, and Damien fighting it out for the next few spots.
    When comparing teams to each other like you have to do for a Tribune Top 10 poll, you can’t consider how they compare within their divisions – because the divisions are different. If CO loses to Vista Murrietta that doesn’t mean they might not have beaten Bellflower or Santa Fe.

  • Da Nitty Gritty

    I think this is very simple.

    What other good team is returning their starting QB, two starting RBs , 2 starting WRs, 1 starting TE, and 6 returning starting defensive players?

    As young as they were last season, this team mananged to place 2nd in the Serra losing only by 1 TD to semi-finalist Alemany who, themselves, only lost by 1 TD to eventual Pac-5 Champion Servite. They also beat Crespi (without Zach Shay) who beat the Inland Division Runner Up in Vista Murrieta.

    The #1 team in the SGV has got to be Bishop Amat. I invite everyone to prove me wrong via stats, records versus quality Pac-5 type opponents, or the number of returning players.

  • sierra

    Anal Bully: the truth is because you played arcs lower level when you got your rings you are ranked way below us. I don’t take orders from women by the way! Now your rings don’t mean a thing in here if you want to talk smack beat us first otherwise wait and see . Talk is cheap!! By the way my son won some championships in junior all american can I apply those here too? “L” go home rabbit..

  • sierra

    Anal bully: I would be upset too if I lost to a weak team.with no rings! Lmao

  • Colt74

    Seems simple enough to me. Which team(s) on the list won a Championship last year? Raise your hands……

    West Covina should start out as the Number 1 Tribune team.

    You can lower your hands now….



    First of all do not try and put your little spin on the rings these kids earned in back to back seasons. If you dont remember these were some of the best teams that CO had and would have beat any Sierra league team. If you dont believe me, go check out calpreps and project a matchup! Chino Hills will be good in terms of their line but will they have the QB and skill players to match TD for TD??? Losing Nate and Ifo is huge for Chino Hills, you do not have any of those type play makers on your roster this year. So I would keep the yappin to a minimul and wait for week 10 when we go head to head!


  • halfback65

    Diamond Ranch will not finish on the top 3 Hacienda League. As for recruiting Roddy Layton needs to keep the special parents out of his ass and maybe he will have a winning team. As far as I’m concern Diamond Ranch is not even a conversation and will not be beating DB this year….

  • Sierra League Fan

    Not Since 1995,

    Unlike you, some of us have to work and have lives and don’t lurk like trolls on High School football blogs. First off, get your geography correct jacka$$. you see, CHINO HILLS high school is in CHINO HILLS…..CHINO high school is in CHINO. We have no dairies and trailers in our fine city. Check your demographics little boy….or is that to big of a word for you???? You can continue living in the past and your shiny little rings you won by beating a .500 team 2 times in the playoffs….HAHAHAHA. Let’s flash forward to the present.

    Now it’s story time….
    “It was a cool fall evening of November 5th , 2010@ Charter Oak High school….. the mighty, 2 time defending CIF champion Chargers fell to the trailer trash cow pie eating Huskies of CHINO (in your geography)…the next week the mighty chargers of Charter Oak fought gallantly against the mighty(???) 3-6 Huskies of South Hills and eeecked out a 3 point victory to save their play off lives ( a team Chino Hills beat 51-14). The giddy little Chargers were so happy to make it to the playoffs in the big boy division only to be dismantled in the first round and sent home to look at their bright shiny rings from the past and wish they were back in a time where they could beat up on little kids and play teams without winning records in the playoffs (Muir 4-7, D-ranch 7-7 twice, Bell Gardens, etc). They soon realized that the Sierra league & Inland division are cruel places that don’t give a sh*t what you did before…..The end”

    Story time is over for today little boy, now go back and look at those shiny little rings.

  • Romey

    Sierra League Fan- That. Was. Awesome! Rack Him!

  • Sierra League Fan

    SGV Football,
    Chino Hills will be ready. They have their starting QB back as well as the best line in the sierra league. They have 2 VERY good RB’s that will be juniors this year who learned behind Nate & Ifo last year. They also have 2 very good, tall receivers that are coming off of injuries. They will be fine. It should be a good game for the Sierra league title in week 10

    Not Since 1995,
    It is true that Chino Hills has not won a CIF title. The reason is that they have only been fielding a senior varsity team for 7 years….They are a new school. Also, unlike Charter Oak, they were put in division 3 out of the gate. They didn’t get to play in the much smaller division Charter oak did. in their 3rd varsity season they were moved up to division 2 and took eventual Champion Norco to the wire in the playoffs and would have easily won your division against El Dorado that year….so go on and brag about your division “7” titles

  • 12th man

    Womens Soccer???
    Alex Morgan from Diamond Bar just scored her 1st goal vs France at the World Cup..

  • SGV for 30 Years

    WOW, you Trib guys are sure blow alot of smoke No D Bars way this summer. I don’t know what you guys are gonna do when you find out that they can’t block or tackle anyone. I’ve seen Omana play. He wasn’t a mobile guy at all. Since he will spend most of the season running for his life. I don’t see DB making a playoff run. It will be just like last year. Beat up Jerrys Kids in the pre-season, finish 5th in league.

  • Amat Bully

    some of you Chino Hills dudes are losers dont knock CO for winning back to back rings and try to say it was against a weak league. Again the southeast is nowhere near weak they actually have a winning record against the the sierra teams so stop it with that non-sense and basically your trying to say that West CO championship means nothing there is not one team in the sierra league that would had beaten that West Co team last year. stop hating on CO rings Chino Hills has none and will not get any.



  • just askin’

    bully boy – how many Inland playoff Teams has CO ever beaten?

  • Doh!


    When was the last time Charter Oak beat a Pac-5 or Inland division powerhouse?

  • halfback65

    Yeah! Diamond Ranch is really not a conversation… I’m not understanding how they made it as far as they did within below average winning record. Diamond Bar will beat Diamond Ranch this year! Regarding Roddy Layton recruiting, he should stop listening to special privileged parents he might….he might… have a winning team and make playoffs this season…. Ha! ha! I’m just saying.

  • Amat Bully

    just askin’:
    when was the last time Amat made it past the 2nd round?

    DoH: who is your team but when was the last time your team won a championship?

  • Amat Bully

    And CO has beaten pac5 teams before and inland teams so stop it……and like i said before imnot going into the 20th century thing anymore im in the present century and in the present century CO has accomplished more than CH and Amat.

  • glendora fan

    Sierra league fan is right, you almost cant even give charter oak credit for those back to back titles because that division and their league was so bad. they were an average maybe slightly above average team playing against schools who barely knew how to play.

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    I’ve been following your battle on here but I have one question for you that I need clarification on . Seeing as the last PAC-5 team CO played was AMAT wwwwaaaayyyy back in 03-04 ( wow that’s a long time ago ) and we did beat them by the way both games to be exact and by huge margins also , who and when was the last time CO beat a PAC-5 team before AMAT because I know they have not faced one since and being an old guy, as your pal notsincewhenever likes to say , I just can’t seem to remember that happening. Not hating just need to clear up that last statement of yours up and add some credibility to your posting of that fact.

  • OldMan in Chino

    I am delighting in reading the banter between the loyal followers of Bishop Amat and Charter Oak about the number of Championship games they have played in and how many they have won. Just wondering how many years did it take for Bishop Amat and Charter Oak to play in their first Championship game and how many years did it take for them to win their first Championship game. Chino Hills High School is still a relatively young school (opened in 2001). According to Wikipedia Bishop Amat opened in 1957 and Charter Oak opened in 1894. So I guess the question I am putting out is given the Bishop Amat has been open for over 54 yrs and Charter Oak for over 111 yrs, how many Championship games have they played in and won during the years they have been open? Bishop Amat has been open for 44 more years than Chino Hills High and Charter Oak for 107 more years. They have a head start in building a winning tradition. So how much time do you allow a school open for 10 years to play for a Championship in football and finally win a Championship? I know that Chino Hills High in their 3rd year of playing softball won a CIF Championship and in their 9th year of playing volleyball played for a CIF Championship. Given enough time, I am sure that Chino Hills will play in a CIF Championship game and eventually will win one. The past two years (2009 and 2010) they played into the Semis and lost by 6 to the CIF Champions Upland High and by 19 to the CIF Champions Centennial High School. The 42 points that Centennial scored was the lowest they scored till the State Championship against Palo Alto and the 23 points that Chino Hills scored was the most Centennial allowed all season. The CIF Championship game between Centennial and Vista Murrieta was 45-21 a difference 24 points while the score of the game between Chino Hills and Centennial was 42-23. Post season comments from Centennial were that the game against Chino Hills was their toughest game to date and that they were stretched to win.

  • Colt74

    Bishop Amat
    CIF Championships
    Football 1961, 1970, 1971, 1992, 1995

  • reality

    After watching some passing competitions I think Bonita is in real trouble. Curious as to who will be fighting for the other 2 playoff spots in the Hacienda after WC. It could be a real battle for last place. Diamond Bar looking good but need to see them in pads.

  • Dan

    Sierra League Fan,
    Your statement: “They didn’t get to play in the much smaller division Charter oak did. in their 3rd varsity season they were moved up to division 2 and took eventual Champion Norco to the wire in the playoffs and would have easily won your division against El Dorado that year….”
    How do you come to that conclusion? By arbitration??? Without hesitation I would have put my money on Eldorado over Chino Hills if Chino Hills was in our division that year. The next year too. In addition, teams like Trabuco Hills, Los Altos, West Covina and Charter
    Oak in that year would have been even bets against Chino Hills. So I’m not sure how you come to the conclusion that your Huskies would easily have taken the division. Actually I don’t see any year that Chino Hills would have been a lock to “EASILY” take the South East or Southwest division. {Charter Oaks divisions] They would have been legit contenders but no way would they have been a lock.
    I like post like yours though cause it makes for some interesting debate, but I’m curious
    as to how you come up with your logic.

  • Don

    Rehashing the historical, (hysterical?), C O vs. B A thing is always a good time. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t do it here on the blog every three or four months.

    As far as the original proposition goes I think the first three teams listed are today, before any games are played, pretty darn close. Maybe WesCo has a slight edge because of the number of key returnees. Maybe. BoHi is too high, C O, Glendora, and S H are probably too low.

    Remember that the CalPreps pre-season rankings are based solely on the previous season’s success, (or lack of it). For instance: The 2009 Bonita squad came in at #415 in the state after a 3-8 season putting them at #22 on Aram’s pre-season list last summer, then the Bearcats go 12-2 and move up to #56, or translated here, #5 in the area. See how this works?

    My problem with using a list like this is it doesn’t take any of the personnel or management issues that the team may be faced with in the upcoming season. Transfers, in or out, injuries, ineligible players, coaching changes and a jillion other things have a big impact on whether a team does well over a season or not. Heck, someone might even lose a returning QB who heads off to play baseball. CalPreps doesn’t know and for the most part, those who do, ain’t talking.

  • Colt74

    Charter Oak
    CIF Championships
    Football- 1985, 1998, 2001, 2008, 2009

  • Colt74

    CIF Championships
    Football- 1925, 1926, 1928, 1939, 1980, 1995

  • just sayin’

    OldMan in Chino – Amat opened in 58 and won a title in 61

  • sierra

    Sgv football: seriously? No qb or soil players? Have you seen us? And our line….let’s just say its going to be back peddling all game for you we can match and raise!! Cceeeee Noooooooh

  • Colt74

    just sayin…. 1957

    “The school opened in the classrooms of St. Christophers School (boys) and St. Johns School (girls) in September 1957. On December 16, 1957 the present campus site was opened. His eminence, James Cardinal McIntyre formally dedicated the campus in October, 1959.”

    Taken directly from school site ( history/general)

  • just askin’

    bully boy – in this century – who has ChOak beaten that is better than Crespi, Alemany, Notre Dame, Loyola, Mater Dei, St John Bosco, Servite, St Paul, St Francis, St Bonaventure, Orange Lutheran, Rancho Cucamonga, or Lakewood?
    tell us more about your “accomplishments”?

  • just sayin’

    Colt74 – 57-58 school year. If someone had graduated that school year it would be Class of ’58. semantics – but technically you are correct.

  • Colt74

    Come on Bishop Amat…I mean it took you guys 4 whole years to win CIF in Football! Slackers!

    Tesoro did it in 3!

    ( Don’t get me started on that….)

  • AMAT 73

    OldMan in Chino

    61 AA WON
    62 AA LOST
    69 AAAA LOST
    70 AAAA WON
    71 AAAA WON
    83 BIG-5 LOST
    88 D-1 LOST
    92 D-1 WON ALSO WON 1st and only REEBOK BOWL (City vs CIF )
    94 D-1 LOST
    95 D-1 WON

    As you can see 10 times in the title game 5-5 not bad . The battle in here is basically AB and his new found friend notsinceanybodycared resting on the back to back titles of CO and CH not playing in championship or winning a title. Don’t know why you brought us into this mess in your post because this is basically a CO vs CH on titles or playing in the finals.In Cal and Max preps you finished as the top rated team of the SGV you get the nod as I wrote earlier , but as many of my fellow AMAT posters pointed out no valley team has beaten us in the last 21 or so straight contests and maybe only 2-3 total in many years you can be the judge on that . Either way to be in the championship game and win it in our fourth year, first graduating class is pretty damn good.

  • Amat Bully

    AMAT 73
    to answer your question and im only responding to you right now because i might end up getting my walking slips for blogging all day but the last time we played aliso niguel CO beat them and they were pac5 i think it was in 08-09 but Co blew them out.

  • Amat Bully

    AMAT 73
    my bad you said after Amat well that i dont know as of now but i will get back to you a little later….

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Amat 73

    I have the highest regard for Bishop Amat and their history of football success. I watched them play Ayala High School in the late 90’s and while Ayala beat them, I will attest that it was most likely a down year for Bishop Amat and a stellar year for Ayala. Charter Oak seems to be a little too full of themselves in that comparing Championships earned in a different division may not necesarily carry over to another division. The Inland Division is a strong division and I would put my money on a team like Bishop Amat to hold their own against a Big VIII team like Centennial.

  • AMAT 73

    valley guy,
    Yes I believe those years are defintely wrong because they would have to be 1908 or 1909 and we both know the SGV would have been Indians ( LP Warriors ) and Christians ( AMAT LANCERS ) HA HA HA .

  • Colt74

    Aliso Niguel

    2005 SeaView League Div VI 9-3

    2006 Southcoast League Pac5 6-4

    2007 Southcoast League Pac5 1-9

    2008 Southcoast League Pac5 0-10

    2009 Southcoast League Pac5 2-8

    2010 SeaView League Southwest Div 4-6

  • Colt74

    I don’t care who you are or how biasd you are for your team…Football is alive and well in the SGV!

    Chino Hills vs Centennial was one of the BEST games of last season and it was clear by the Coveritlive that CH had the support of the entire Valley.

    Bishop Amat vs Alemany a heart breaker but non the less a great game with the Valley support.

    Charter Oak vs South Hills a game that it was a shame that someone had to lose. Killer write up by Aram too.

    West Covina vs Bonita. Enough said. If any game would give a coach ulcers it was that one.

    Be a homer. Be passionate. Represent. Blog.

    Trivia question : Which food item will make it into a 2 minute drill video first this season?

  • just sayin’

    bully boy – read that by Colt 74? I’d be embarrassed to even say that after a 1-9 season ChOak even chose to schedule an Aliso Niguel team, much less use beating the 0-10 team as a bragging point. LOL!

  • just sayin’

    bully boy – ChOak playing Aliso Niguel is like the school bully that beats up a bookworm that skipped a couple grades abut happens to be a couple grades higher!

  • Doh!

    LOLLLL @ Aliso Niguel & Da Bully

    During Aliso Niguel’s Pac-5 days (4 years), they only managed to beat 2 other Pac-5 teams. This was back in 2006. They failed to win any other league games while they were in the Pac-5…and because of this, opted out of the Pac-5 for obvious reasons.

    Nice try BULLY, but the fact remains that besides a back to back stompings by BA a few years back, Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar has failed to schedule another Pac-5 or Inland division powerhouse.

    As a matter of fact, he waited until Esperanza was gutted of its players, crashed it’s football program, and left the Pac-5 to schedule them. And Rancho Cucamonga? They are not a power program yet. Rancho is in the same boat only having scheduled and being swept by BA…and ya’ll haven’t beat Rancho yet.

    Keep trying, dude! hahahaahaha!

  • hahahaha

    Wow “Bully”… hahaha…

    CO “blew out” ‘PAC-5 POWERHOUSE’ Aliso Niguel in 2008-2009?? That is what you are bragging about? That is your gold star?

    – Aliso Niguel went 0-10 that year.
    – Charter Oak won 30-14.
    – The CO-Aliso Niguel game was Aliso Niguel’s closest game all year!!! (ALL YEAR…As in, every team they played that year they lost by MORE THAN 16 PTS EVERY TIME…)

  • Colt74


    Actually it was 3 wins. In 2009 they beat Marina too.

  • sierra

    Bully : Lord of the rings? Where y’all at? No comment? Are you polishing your rings? Everyones laughing at you! !

  • Joe Amat

    Seor, (remember – I dropped the “bully”)

    Like I said a couple threads back (and 73 has suggested as well) time to go incognito for a while and come back with another name change.

    Sort of like the blog version of the witness protection program … or filing for intellectual bankruptcy. Either one. Or both. You could disappear for a bit, start over with a new identity, have a different (and better) take, and contribute to the board.

    Or we can all continue to have our fun. But trust me … you’re getting in it even deeper

  • Colt74

    Just to have some fun.
    This is what Calpreps predicts in a match-up for teams THIS SEASON.

    Bishop Amat 42
    C.O. 8

    Chino Hills 35
    C.O. 20

    C.O. 21
    Covina 22

    Look it up !

    Cee Oohhhh Veeee Iiiii Nnnnnn Aaaaaaa !

  • Doh!


    I stand corrected! Doh! In 2009, Aliso Niguel beat a 1-9 Marina team that got shut out 3x in league and only averaged 9.4 points per game! haha!

    2008 Aliso Niguel Scores

    Newport Harbor 58, AN 7 (51 point difference)
    Vista 35, AN 7 (28 point difference)
    Fountain Valley 48, AN 14(34 point difference)
    Trabuco Hills 31, AN 7 (24 point difference)
    Cap Valley 46, AN 14(32 point difference)
    Mission Viejo 59, AN 7 (52 point difference)
    Dana Hills 57, AN 14(43 point difference)
    Tesoro 48, AN 0 (48 point difference)
    San Clemente 33, AN 6 (27 point difference)
    CHARTER OAK 30, AN 14(16 point difference)

  • sierra

    Colt : awsome!! Live the ceeee ohhhhh veee….

  • Sierra League Fan

    Ok Dork…here we go

    “Amat Bully said:
    And CO has beaten pac5 teams before and inland teams so stop it……and like i said before imnot going into the 20th century thing anymore im in the present century and in the present century CO has accomplished more than CH and Amat.”

    OK pooky…let’s look at how many Div.1 (pac 5), Div.2 (inland) and Div. 3 (Central) “PLAYOFF” teams that Charter Oak has played, and beaten, in the last 3 years.

    CO Lost to Glendora (non playoff team 5-5)
    CO Lost Rancho Cucamonga
    CO Lost to Vista Murrietta
    CO Lost to CH & Claremont
    CO won 3 Sierra League games agains opponents with a combined record of 13-17….Impressed yet? I’m not 0-4

    CO Lost to Rancho Cucamonga
    CO beat non playoff bound Damien by 2pts….Chino Hills Beat them by 32
    CO Beat Etiwanda by 1 pt….Chino Hills Beat them by 21
    Still not impressed!!!! 1-1

    CO Tied Rancho
    CO Beat Etiwanda (who was 5-6)
    1-0-1 ….. Rancho Was the only good team they played that year.

    So…. Let’s recap out of all of the upper division opponents they played that made the playoffs in the last 3 years they are 2-5-1 . Enough Said!

  • Thor

    Amat pussy does not rep CO!

    Sorry all.

  • Thor

    Amat PUSS,

    Please come to Crespi game tomorrow and ask for me, you make us sick you tool!


    OldMan in Chino,

    First of all I have the utmost respect for Chino Hills and the type of teams they tend to put out every year especially since they are one of the newer schools around! Lets not forget that Chino Hills also has more that 1000 kids in their school compared to Charter Oak and that’s a nice little ….

    I wasn’t too fond about your comment “Charter Oak seems to be a little too full of themselves” please note that there is only one or two people okay maybe 3 in this blog that give CO a bad rap. For the most part we the CO family have love for all the SGV teams and do not feel superior because we earned back to back CIF Rings two years ago. That was two years ago, now we have concentrate on the task ahead a league title, then a shot at the Inland title. I can’t wait for week 0, Glendora were coming!!!! Chino Hills its on

  • Sierra League Fan

    I wish all SGV & inland teams good luck this year. This isn’t about us (bloggers)…it is about the memories these young men will make this year. Those memories will last a lifetime. I am looking forward to the start of “REAL” football….not passing league and especially NOT

    ok….now back to baggin’ each other 🙂

  • sierra

    Agreed!! Hopefully the boyz go out and represent their school and have no injuries, and may the best team win on any given Friday night.oh and try to leave it out of the hands of the striped guys…

  • LecheroHillsHusky

    Why are there so many cows in Chino Hills? No Really, the 4 legged kind. Real Heffers. Don’t say No. You know what I’m talking about. Right there off of Grand near Chino Hills Pwy. I saw a bunch of them inside the CostCo too. Is that still Chino Hills. Just asking!

  • Green & Gold

    Damien is flying under the radar this year. Look out for Alex Hernandez along with Alex Arevelo to be big hitters for the spartans. 7 on 7 has shown the Spartans to be alot more skilled than last year with speed to spare. Look for Jalen Castile to carry the rock for the spartans this year. Damien has alot of backs by the looks of it. Savage & Andy Sherwood have been looking good at reciever. Nick Sherwood rb, Ryan Perrington rb, & Andrew Aguirre wr,are also looking very speedy & could give defenses fits this year. Zaldivar, Pucci, & Alfaro, make the Spartans very deep at QB. This team is going to be the best Gano has had since coming to Damien. They are going to give the Sierra league all they can handle this year.

  • Green & Gold

    Damien is flying under the radar this year. Look out for Alex Hernandez along with Alex Arevelo to be big hitters for the spartans. 7 on 7 has shown the Spartans to be alot more skilled than last year with speed to spare. Look for Jalen Castile to carry the rock for the spartans this year. Damien has alot of backs by the looks of it. Savage & Andy Sherwood have been looking good at reciever. Nick Sherwood rb, Ryan Perrington rb, & Andrew Aguirre wr,are also looking very speedy & could give defenses fits this year. Zaldivar, Pucci, & Alfaro, make the Spartans very deep at QB. This team is going to be the best Gano has had since coming to Damien. They are going to give the Sierra league all they can handle this year.

  • Green & Gold

    Damien is flying under the radar this year. Look out for Alex Hernandez along with Alex Arevelo to be big hitters for the spartans. 7 on 7 has shown the Spartans to be alot more skilled than last year with speed to spare. Look for Jalen Castile to carry the rock for the spartans this year. Damien has alot of backs by the looks of it. Savage & Andy Sherwood have been looking good at reciever. Nick Sherwood rb, Ryan Perrington rb, & Andrew Aguirre wr,are also looking very speedy & could give defenses fits this year. Zaldivar, Pucci, & Alfaro, make the Spartans very deep at QB. This team is going to be the best Gano has had since coming to Damien. They are going to give the Sierra league all they can handle this year.

  • Colt74

    Funny! LOL! Now let me try…

    Why does NotSince1995 have a mustache?
    To hide the stretch marks!

    What does a NotSince1995 and an ambulance have in common?
    They both get loaded from the rear and go whoo-whoo!

    Why do you think that we want to read what you think? Do we come to your work and tell you how to make the fries?

  • OldMan in Chino

    First off allow me to apologize to those supporters of Charter Oak who are not blogging like they are the players on the field. I should have taken more time and thought through my observation on certain Charter Oak bloggers. My comment about those Charter Oak supporters who are full of themselves was directed to those who brag about the rings they won as if this should convince all that the rest of the Sierra League to concede first place to them based on what they did in the past. The Sierra League is a strong league and the Inland Division is equal to or at least comparable to the Pac 5. I wrote that I have the utmost respect for the accomplishments of Bishop Amat because the majority of their success was against top level teams. I totally agree that bloggers should support their school of choice and most importantly games are won on the field and many times a team will “catch lightening in a bottle” and win a game that they had no business winning.

  • Doh!

    OldMan in Chino

    We appreciate your kind words but the Inland Divison is no where close to the Pac-5. Please refer to Maxpreps, Calpreps, or head to head scores to learn more. The Pac-5 is a beast that very few Inland teams have even experienced. I do invite you to prove me wrong via direct scores, comparative scoring, or level of competition.

    The Inland Giants are clearly Centennial, Vista Murrieta,Chaparral, Redlands East Valley, and perhaps Norco (even though they have never played a Pac-5 powerhouse).

    The Pac-5 giants are Mater Dei, Bishop Amat, Orange Lutheran, Servite, Crespi, Alemany, Long Beach Poly, Mission Viejo, Edison, Lakewood, SO Notre Dame, Loyola, San Clemente, Los Alamitos, Tesoro, Santa Margarita, and St. John Bosco.

    It does not take a genius to do the math and it does not take a genius to understand why the Pac-5 is normally ranked within the top 5 in the entire country and has been ranked #1 in California since its creation.

    Despite the 4 or 5 teams that have risen to Inland greatness, these teams do not have to face the 16 proven football programs that compete in the Pac-5 year after year.

    Again, I do invite you to prove otherwise but please keep in mind that over the past four years, Corona Centennial has split 2 games a piece with Mater Dei…Mater Dei has not won a Pac-5 championship in 11 years…

    That stat alone should open your eyes to the fact that the Pac-5 is brutal and unlike any other division in California. Do have a good day, sir.

  • Amat Bully

    to all dummies i just mentioned the fact that CO beat a pac 5 team it doesnt matter who it was Aliso niguel can use the same metod as Amat and say that they play in the pac5 and thats y the y lose a lot losers shut up dummies it was a question asked and i answered DUMMIES……..

  • LecheroHillsHusky

    PAC5 Giants?

    Bishop Amat: Perenial 1st round playoff losers. And perenial below .500 teams the previous 10 years? That Amat?

    Crespi: 8-4 in 2010, 6-4 in ’09, 6-4 in ’08, keep going?

    SO Notre Dame: The 2-8 in 2010 SO Dame? or the one that has lost to an average Amat team in the 3 of the last 4 years? Can you say Aliso Niguel?

    Loyola: 3-7 in 2010, 4-6 in ’09, 6-5 in ’08? That Powerhouse? Can you say Long Beach Milikan?

    PAC5 may have some of the best teams in SoCal, but the Inland Division definately will not take a back seat to you or the lowly little and overhyped Serra League!


  • FredJ

    Will continue deleting Notsince1995 comments if all this person does is agitate and insult commenters and use racial slurs….Please don’t respond, I’ll delete the comments when I see them.

  • Colt74


    Let me guess…That was the last year:

    1. You had your diaper changed?
    2. Your last Zoot Suit convention?
    3. When you were not picked on THE NEW DATING GAME?
    4. Madonnas poster was on your bedroom wall?
    5. You had your orange Gremlin?
    6. You delivered the TRIBUNE on your bike?
    7. You could use your Clearasil discount card?

    Sorry that was such a bad year for you. For Bishop Amat and Covina though it was a GREAT year. That is the year they got the rings! If you ask nicely I’m sure someone would be willing to show you one!

    And to show you there are no hard feelings We both promise that we will save you a seat during the playoffs this year! Ok?

  • AMAT 73

    notsincewhogivesadamn aka village idiot,
    WWWWWaaayyyyyy back in my high school days, 3 times in the finals with 2 wins at the highest level and still at the highest level after 38 years speaks volumes.Knock me for being old but the memories are sweet. What do you have youngster . I know you can’t be a CO alum because the Azuza canyon where you live under a rock is out of district. And here’s something for you . Go to Costco and by the Cracker Jacks in bulk , maybe you will find a couple of more rimgs in one or two of the boxes because looking in the Inland for one is wishful thinking.Instead of being the blowhard you are give us something on your team and what they will do this season or is that why you only come on here to knock others because you know they got nothing. Sorry to the real CO bloggers but having the village idiot on your side must be tragic for you guys. At least my pal valley guy uses some football talk in his posts but this clown , well if I was you guys I would make a sharp turn and throw him off the wagon as soon as you can. VI, I see you brought some family into this , lecheroman , posts like an azz , sounds like an azz, same type rhetoric as an azz , must be related to an azz, aka Village Idiot .

    Man you are coming up with some great material . Keep them coming . Who knows we may see on Leno soon .Ambulance whoo whoo , man I am still cracking up at that. By the way he doesn’t make fries he sucks lug nuts at Trojan tire according to him in a long ago post when he was daring some blogger to a face to face meeting .


    Colt74, maybe that BLISS GIRL, (advertisement) is NotSince1995… HARDCORE LOOKING WOMAN in disguise. What do you think. LOL…

  • AMAT 73

    Sorry about that incorrect spelling Azusa. I should have known that having gone to school with many out of St Francis of Rome. You know the old saying, everything from A TO Z in the USA.Hearing good things on the Aztecs for this season . Good luck this season.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Colt74 said
    Let me guess…That was the last year:
    1. You had your diaper changed?
    2. Your last Zoot Suit convention?
    3. When you were not picked on THE NEW DATING GAME?
    4. Madonnas poster was on your bedroom wall?
    5. You had your orange Gremlin?
    6. You delivered the TRIBUNE on your bike?
    7. You could use your Clearasil discount card?

    Colt…sorry I must correct you buddy…

    1. Nope..still hasn’t had it changed that’s why he still smells like sh*t
    2. Tried on his zoot suit, but his fat ass couldn’t get in it. Say no to the chicharones!
    3. Just got picked for gay dating game….he is picking out a new dress to wear.
    4. No more Madonna….he plays for the “other” side now….has a Justin Beiber poster.
    5. Still has the Gremlin with the bobbing head dog on the dash
    6. Tribune fired him….couldn’t get his fat ass on a bike any more.
    7.Gave up the clearasil….came to terms that he is ugly beyond repair.

  • Sierra League Fan

    FredJ said:
    Will continue deleting Notsince1995 comments if all this person does is agitate and insult commenters and use racial slurs….Please don’t respond, I’ll delete the comments when I see them.

    Oops…my bad Fred…I didn’t see this….please delete my previous post about the list

  • OldMan in Chino

    My comments pertaining to comparing the PAC 5 to the Inland Division was to remind those bloggers supporting Charter Oak that are minimizing the strength of the Sierra League, that it is a big step up from the South East Division to the Inland Division. While they have easily won their rings in the South East Division to expect to do so when they are competing in the Inland Division is a real stretch. I would agree that top to bottom the PAC 5 is a very strong division and the weaker teams in the PAC 5 could most likely go toe to toe with teams from the Inland Division. Charter Oak cannot match the enrollment of the schools in the Inland Division, the housing boom in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties lends itself to a talent pool of 3000+ to draw from. It is not my intention to be demeaning in any way to those supporters of Charter Oak, however success in a lower division does not always mean that success in a higher division will follow. Consistent success against teams from the Inland and PAC 5 Division (not select teams from those Divisions) is a true mark of the strength of a team. Once again high school football is a sport played by 15-18 y/o kids and it is the parents who brag about their kids, so many factors come into play when teams meet. Was Palo Alto really that strong of a team when they played Centennial or were they better at adapting to a field that had numerous games played on it that turned it into a quagmire of mud? Servite a powerful PAC 5 team was manhandled by Concord De La Salle on the same rain soaked mud field. My point is that we may never know how these games would have turned out if they were played on a dry and well maintained field. Once again past success does not always ensure the same level of success. Fontana High School was once a powerhouse, now due to new schools opening the talent pool has been dispersed. Good luck to all and may this football season be free from major injuries and may each team be at full strength so they may be able to display their skills

  • AMAT 73

    OldMan in Chino,
    I think you need to look to a SGV FOOTBALL or other well know CO bloggers of which not many have posted at all this season to get a realistic view on CO . The 2-3 on here plus the village idiot are not true blue CO supporters just hanging on the bandwagon. I am sure if you ask them they do know they need to step it up to compete in the Inland and in the Sierra for that matter. If in fact they put together solid O and D lines they will have a shot at the Sierra title . I think they will make the playoffs again this season but to make noise in the playoffs that is where they have to show up . Skill players are great to have but if you can’t deal with it in the trenches all the skill players can only go so far.

  • reality bites

    Sierra League Fan,

    Check out today’s LA times front page! If you don’t have anything good to say about soccer…shut the heck up and try to represent!

  • just sayin’

    Lechero – what does it say for the Inland Division if Crespi: at 8-4 iand THIRD place in the Serra beats the Inland Runner-up? Or if Loyola: 3-7 DESTROYS Upland (and hands Valencia their only regular season defeat) then SO Notre Dame beats them? Add that to the point below that th eInlands only GREAT team, Centennial, has split with Mater Dei and they haven’t won this century AND lost to Amat in the 09 playoffs.

    You’re losing that battle if the teams you’re putting up as average are beating the best from other divisions.

  • BleedBlue

    Press Release

    In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),”AmatBully” was allowed out of his cage and posted his comments so that this blog could fulfill it’s requirement to allow the mentally disabled to participate. Now that this bolg has fulfilled it’s ADA responsibilities will all other mentally disabled or impaired bloggers please refrain from further postings. You know who you are.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Amat73;
    You made my point for me. The bloggers who overstate the athletic prowess of Charter Oak are the ones I was addressing. I am all for those who talk up their respective teams, however to expect the rest of the Sierra League and the Inland Division to heap accolades on them based on past success is asking too much. When it was announced that Charter Oak would be moved to the Sierra League and have to compete in the Inland Division very few of the loyal faithful embraced this move. They found out that the Sierra League is a tough league to compete in as evidenced by their going 3-2 in league and exiting in the first round. I agree that in order for Charter Oak to compete in a tougher league and division, they will need to upgrade the caliber of their pre-league opponents, which they did by scheduling 3 Inland Division opponents (Glendora, Roosevelt and Rancho Cucamonga). Chino Hills has scheduled the same Pac 5 and Inland Division teams they played last season and went 2-1 against them (they beat REV and Tesoro and lost to Santiago). I cannot overstate that the teams from San Bernardino and Riverside Counties will have a decided advantage in the talent pool they can draw from given most of them have enrollments of over 3000. The Big VIII has an average enrollment of 2960 while the Sierra has an average of 1968, a difference of almost 1000. Once again good luck and safety to those who play this season and may it be a memorable season to all involved.

  • AMAT 73

    OM Chino,
    I saw and I am not sure if it was on here or Aram’s blog that there are some new high schools being built out in the IE in the coming years. I think one will be in the CC area which will drop those enrollment figures . That’s exactly what happened in the SGV many years ago .The original Sierra league was very powerful and also being at the top level . Then came the great influx of people to the SGV and the need for more schools so talent was spread out out . It will eventually catch up to the IE also . Just look at your area . I believe at one time Chino HS were CIF champs as was Diamond Bar.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Amat73
    Your memory is correct. Chino and Don Lugo were the only high schools in Chino before Ayala, Chino Hills and Colony were built. Ayala pulled students who used to go to Don Lugo, Colony pulled students who used to go to Chino and Chino Hills pulled students who used to go to Ayala. Diamond Ranch pulled students who used to go to Diamond Bar, Garey and Ganesha. With Open Enrollment, students within the Chino Valley Unified School District can attend any high school in the district as long as there is room for them. A problem is that is also emerging is that neighborhoods are aging out. Older neighborhoods in the SGV are now home for adults who are empty nesters and unless young families move into them there will be no school age children living in those neighborhoods. The builders of new housing tracts are offering great deals to first time buyers and why buy a house that has years on it when you can buy a house that is brand new for a comparable price?

  • It’s All Relative


    Wesco and Monrovia – Yes …………LOWER LEVEL OF PLAY.
    Charter Oak and San Dimas – Yes …………LOWER LEVEL OF PLAY.
    Should I go on…? Nah…You’ll delete it anyway!….THE THING WE BLOGGERS CAN WISH MORE OF.

  • LecheroHillsHusky

    Just sayin’

    PAC5 Giants? I know not

    Its says Crespi Lost 4 games in 2010
    Its says that Loyola Lost 7 games including to Newport Harbor who went 6 – 7
    and its says that SO Notre Dame Lost 8 games including a loss to Taft. Isn’t Taft a City Section Team? Hell if you’re gonna schedule cupcakes, at least beat them. Just ask Amat.
    And then you have Amat who hasn’t won anything since who knows how long. Most recently getting destroyed by Lakewood and Tesoro. Tesoro in your own house? Remember that. When you flooded your own field because you were afraid of their speed. That didn’t work.

    Just face it, your beloved Serra League is a lot closer to the LB Cabrillos and JSerras of the world than you are to the Servites and Mission Viejos of the world.

    Your combined record was 22 – 21. Just barely over .500 PAC5 Giants? I know not.

    I also know I won’t convince you, but the consistent losing in the playoffs may be a good reminder. You’re just not that good, but then again you’re too blind and full of yourself to see it.

  • NotSince1995

    @ my Relative –
    No it’s not all relative…This article is about the upcoming football season and the pre-season rankings.
    BishopNation has No Football CIF Championship Ring for 17 years…Not Since 1995! Am I wrong…? You tell me. Am I a mentiroso…? No. That’s a Fact!
    Those other previously mentioned teams are recent CIF Champions and you’re not…That’s a Fact! You can include Chino Hills and the Covina Colts to your membership.
    That’s right…!
    Not In 2011 Either, PrimoLancer…
    See FredJ – I can write without being a racist or an aggitator too…! Like an impartial journalist and without getting emotional.
    Just reporting the Facts! Like you…

  • BleedBlue

    Top Ten Reasons People Hate on Amat

    1. Your kid didn’t make the football team
    2. You didn’t make the football team
    3. Your girl left you for some guy from Amat
    4. You got tired of living in the Amat shadow
    5. You couldn’t afford to send your kids there
    6. Your parents couldn’t afford to send you to school there
    7. You lost to Amat evertime you played them
    8. Nobody cared where you played if it wasn’t Amat
    9. You secretly wanted to got to Amat
    10. You have an inferiority complex

  • Doh!


    It’s obvious that you do not read nor research very well. But that’s ok! Amat fans will do your research for you with smiles on their faces!

    Crespi(3rd Place-Serra) may have lost 4 games in 2010 but they did manage to beat Vista Murrieta…Southwestern League Champs and the Inland Division’s Runner-Up who also beat Charter Oak 28-7. Crespi’s non-Pac-5 loss was to Compton Dominguez who is no stranger to playing Pac-5 caliber type of teams…you can look up their history like the LA Times did.

    Loyola…All of Loyola’s losses came at the hands of Pac-5 teams. But they did manage to beat…no…destroy Upland. If you check ur history books, Upland beat Tustin, Etiwanda, Los Osos, Chaparral (Defending Inland Division Champions), and Glendora. We’ll talk more about Glendora later.

    SO Notre Dame had a horrible year! The did lose to Taft who lost to Dorsey in the first game of the season…Taft would meet Dorsey in the playoffs and defeat them 35-18. Taft’s other losses were to Alemany, Crespi, and Carson. Carson was the City Section’s D-1 runner-up. Despite their troubles, SO Notre Dame found a way to beat Loyola! How?…I don’t know but they did it! Loyola beat Upland who defeated Glendora who had a great season by beating CIF Champs Monrovia, Charter Oak, and lost by only 5 points to CIF Champ West Covina.

    It’s obvious that you are judging these football programs on a strict record basis. You must find a way to look beyond and understand the level of competition these types of teams face. I do encourage you research more and educate yourself on how how California state football works. If you do this, you will have no doubt that the toughest division in the state of California is the Pac-5. And the Serra League has been consistantly second…behind the Trinity League. But many are saying that this year will be the year that the Serra checkmates the Trinity. Regardless…these are some of best leagues in the entire country (check maxpreps or calpreps for further info). What gives us pride is knowing this fact….knowing the odds that are against us and what it takes to compete at the national level. No other San Gabriel Valley School knows what this is like and to be under this kind of pressure on an ANNUAL basis….except for the Bishop Amat Lancers.

    You should show more respect for the school that battles the nation’s finest year after year…Again, that school is Bishop Amat.

    And if you do disagree…that’s cool! I do invite you to prove otherwise…But please do submit more evidence other than straight win/loss records. To lose to San Dimas is not the same as losing to Mater Dei. Ask around if you do not believe me.

  • Joe Amat


    Good stuff. After reading last night I was going to write essentially the same thing.

    One addition though.I think accordingto Cal Preps the SERRA League has been ranked higher than the Trinity in 4 of the last 5 years

    Like Charles Barkley said,”I could be wrong- but I doubt it”

  • Colt74

    Why is it that people can understand that there are
    tougher conferences than others in NCAA Football….

    ….But they can not accept that fact in High School Football?????

  • Amat Bully

    Fact is Monrovia, CO, West CO, and other champions in the lower division are handling their business and winning championships and being bumped up divisions. Now Amat is not handling business and should be bumped down divisions but we know that wont happen when you still have teams such as Millikan, cabrillo, jordan, san clemente, woodrow wilson, jserra catholic, and Bishop Amat who has not been competitive in the pac5 they’re all just teams who can brag about being in the big pac5 but knowing that they will not win anything anymore those are your pac5 doormat teams every division have them. those teams are like the weakest teams of the pac12, sec, big east, and so forth of bcs schools your just there yeah you had your moments when you were kind of good but thats it those moments were decades ago. but i will say this Amat and the others i named will fare just like Aliso Niguel did when they were dropped from the pac5 and the other schools who were dropped i dont see them dominating the so called lower division schools.

  • Colt74

    So what you are saying is because Bishop Amat ONLY got second in the Serra league last year they should be dropped down?

    What place did Charter Oak come in last season in the Sierra?

    So maybe Charter Oak should be dropped down to the VVL and Covina should be moved to the Sierra?

    Sounds good to me!

  • Amat Bully

    in defense of CO that was our first year moved up we still have time to prove ourselves as for some of those pac5 teams i named including Amat had plenty of time and now is labeled as a tough doormat team.
    when the pac5 is mentioned no one mentions those teams favored to win anything and im not talking about league im talking about championship. No one besides the Amat nation and the fans of the other teams expect them to win and truthfully i dont believe that any of the die hard Amat fans think or predict Amat to win a championship in the pac5.

    Amat fans you have all day to chew me up i wont be back on until later.

  • QuestonZ

    So “Amat Bully,”

    Mater Dei consistantly makes the Pac-5 playoffs and has split 4 games with Corona Centennial BUT they haven’t won the Pac-5 in 11 years…should they drop down too?

    Santa Margarita beat Carson, Los Alamitos, Orange Lutheran, Mater Dei, and Edison last year, BUT They have never seen a Pac-5 championship…should they drop down too?

    Before 2009, Servite had not won a championship in 25 years. Should they have dropped down too?

    Since 2008, Lakewood has beat Servite, Mission Viejo, Long Beach Poly, Bishop Amat (the team that beat St. Bonaventure), Long Beach Poly, St. John Bosco, and San Clemente. Lakewood too, has never seen a D-1 Championship game. Should they drop down too?

  • Smerter


    I think AB was trying to say that Bishop Amat should be moved down because they only shared the Serra League crown the season before last rather than win it outright. LOL!

  • Smerter


    Once again, when confronted with actual facts, figures, and cold hard statistics, the Bully runs away. And when he comes back, he’ll continue to ignore these facts and stats and continue to make an ass out of himself. Hey CO Fans!!! Doesn’t this guy embarrass you? Especially because he is now the face of Charter Oak football on this blog? Why aren’t you kicking his ass? lmao!

  • Colt74

    “in defense of CO that was our first year moved up we still have time to prove ourselves”

    That is the ONE thing you have said so far that I agree with.

    Charter Oak WILL prove themselves and I have not one molecule of doubt to that fact. Big Lou knows how to coach and how to win. Charter Oak has the talent.Is this the year that it all comes together for Cee Ohh? Fred and Aram seem to think so. You CO fans seem to think so.

    Enjoy it. Brag about it. Scream it. Support it…

    But there is not one reason while you are doing all that, that you have to bag on any other teams.

    My 2 cents.

  • great for the sgv

    10 reasons I love amat

    1.My kid was recruited by amat
    2.My kid didn’t have to try out for the team
    3.My kid can choose from any raider tatooed amat booster cougar(dino)
    4.I don’t live anywhere near amat(big plus)
    5.I don’t need to afford tuition
    6.Friends of the program allow me to afford amat
    7.amat NEVER loses
    8.Fredj will allow all of my comments and will never delete my posts
    9.never wanted to go to amat, but couldn’t pass up the free and education and the extra benefits
    10.colt45 will let me know how great I am


    great for,
    You forgot number 11
    I should get down on my knees and thank God my son has the talent to go to Amat and not some other rinky dink program in the SGV.

  • Colt74

    Is it just me? Am I the only one that thinks anything NotSince1995 has to say is As useless as rubber lips on a woodpecker ?

  • 12th man

    Ok its time to give it to you straight….BA does look better on defense they still struggle on the corner positions giving up alot of big plays over 20 yards which I witnessed on Tuesday..The good thing its still pre-season & they can make the minor adjustments or tweeks..I also did take into consideration they were alternating & trying new players in the secondary & playing without pads is a huge difference..
    The offense looks good..I didn’t see anyone with break away speed but they had the same problem last year & did alright…Look for Amat to pound the rock all season & occasionally throw short passes on the opposing defenses all day..Dont know how they are going to utilize Rio?? Im sure it will be at QB..
    Coach Hags have you considered going with 2 QB’s all season this way you can use Rio at wide reciever on 2nd or 3rd & long.. You need a taller reciever that can go up for the long jump ball or someone you can use as a deep threat down the field as a deversion to open up the defense cause im pretty sure everyone who plays BA is going to stack the box & play the short pass..I know it sounds like a tall task but i would use Rio on offense as QB 2 out of the three downs & put him in the slot position as wide reciever also he’s a playmaker when it comes to catching the ball as we all witnessed it his sophmore year…So yeah I would put him in as QB,WR, & you have to bring him in on defense on 3rd & long anything over 15 yards..Asking him to play every down on defense mite just be asking for trouble or injury..anyways good luck to the Lancers this season~

  • bossman

    I saw Diamond Ranch #1 QB Isaiah Locke and #1 Athlete Andrew Fischer at the LA Valley College Passing Tourney, I know they only won the consolation bracket, beating Dorsey, but the 2 I mentioned above were unbelievable, I think they could suprise some folks this year. Their line took 2nd in the lineman competition too, I’m tellin’ you, mark my words, for all Roddy’s faults he’s assembled some athletes that will definitely make some noise.

    You heard it here first, now let the nay sayers speak, I’m open to influence

  • Joe Amat


    The one thing you’ll notice from members of the Pac5 is that NO ONE predicts championships. It would be foolish to do so. To be one of a group that can legitimately compete for a title is what programs strive to be. Then… on any given Friday – you gotta get it done.

    THAT is the privilege of playing in one of the toughest leagues and division in the Nation . To have the pressure of playing in a game you “could” lose every Friday night is special… and something most good programs don’t get to experience.. We’re glad we do.

  • Amat Bully

    ok to all yall that didnt quite understand what i wrote maybe i quoted it wrong i was saying that year in and out there are predictions on who would win the pac5 and what i was saying is that BA has and never will be favored to win the pac5. And to the idiot that still bragging on winning the serra league get over it when you did share the title that was it and the team you shared it with didnt win it all either so winning the serra league is nothing but a small accomplishment.

  • NotSince1995

    I agree with Smerter and QuestionZ (who happens to be the same guy by the way!)
    Amat Bully,
    You have to agree that the Oakland Raiders were once a committed to excellence team and look at them now…what to do with the Raiders? No one below the NFL wants them. CFLhell no! NCAA…gettahear…! Not even the NAIA Division. The NFL is stuck with them.
    What about perennial losers like the thanksgiving massacres Detroit Lions or the Cleveland Browns? What to do with them? Such is the way that the Pac 5 sees these teams. They dont win. They cant win…! But Servite has to beat up on somebody in that Division, dont they…? At the very least Mater Dei and Edison, LB Poly, OLu and Lakewood have a decent chance every year. But the BishopNation…Cmon!
    Challenge the BishopNation to bet their HOUSE on it and all youll get the same blah, blah, blah that we always get this time of the year…for the last 17 years…(see JoeAmat below)!
    You know the drill You should show more respect for the school (insert BishopNation here) that battles the nation’s finest year after year Amat Bully, battles = cant win in BishopNationish! See Tesoro or Lakewood. They battled those 2 teams alright!
    OR, the old You dont know what youre talking about. Do some research (they usually say this loudly and with lots of conviction to convince themselves of course), we are as good as the Trinity League. Then they jump up and down, yelling…We are…We are…We are…like the little girl demanding her dolly. Can you say Raider Fans? Hey but we use to be good (they say with that Lancerito pride)…!
    When all else fails you can always count on the old stand-by we are better than your school (insert any school here), FredJ said so! CalPreps says so (see JoeAmat) and Maxpreps or the LA times said so too, and we play in a tougher Division and our league is the best. Then they jump up and down yelling…We are…We are…We are…like the little girl demanding her dolly. Amat Bully, remember when Michigan was a great? What about USC and Paul Hackett…?
    The fact remains that for 17 Long Years Not Since 1995 the BishopNation has not won a CIF Championship (see soon to come rebuttal about how OLu and others that havent either usually from JoeAmat, jcaz, or OldPlatformShoes73 or some other old Lowenbrau drinking Lancerito). The Fact is…Most of the kids playing for the BishopNation in 2011 werent even born in 1995. They have never seen a Champion in their lifetime or in this Century…! Dad (they question)…? Que Mijo(says Dad)? Whats a CIF Championship Ring they ask…? Then dad has to drive to the U-Haul storage and dig through his boxes of DuranDuran videos, his Nike Cortez shoes and his Madona Corset until he finally finds and pulls out his 1995 (or before) ring for the boy to see…! And that reminder just stabs the BishopNation right in the gut like a vato ice pick every time you remind them of that.
    Not Since 1995…its like yelling OJ Simpson on the USC campus!
    It is also a fact that prior to 2009, the BishopNation was a below .500 team for over 10 years. Just like Millikan, Cabrillo, Jordan, San Clemente, Wilson and JSerra. Amat Bully, this is the part of the RESEARCH they dont want you to do! Frankly, they were the Aliso Niguel of SGV…! They dont like to be reminded of that. Like USC and the government, they like to pretend that Paul Hackett, the Recession and the Losing Years never happened. They dont like to talk about THAT…! It reminds them of when they had to send OldAndyGibbsFanClubPresident73 for rehab in 1999…!
    The fact is that BishopNation should have been gone from the Pac 5 along time ago. They don’t belong here and they know it…! Theyre just hoping CIF doesnt notice them…
    Not In 2011 Either…
    All Football Facts, FredJ…Am I wrong?

  • great for the sgv

    over football-don’t think so….are you saying the rest of the programs in the sgv
    are rinky dink?? typical response…

  • NotSince1995

    Hey Colt74
    Which part of the facts about Covina Colts didn’t you like:
    – Not winning a CIF Championship Ring Since 1995?
    – WesCo is gonna Smoke you this year…?
    – That your school had a 65% drop-rate in 2010…?
    NumbNuts, have you ever heard of Ebonite…? Probably not in your Hollenbeck and Rowland circles.
    Not In 2011 Either, Colt74…

  • great for the sgv

    Can’t wait for the pre-season games to start. amat looks like they’re going to stroll thru that schedule. looking good boys!

  • Crack Kills

    All you dumb azzez need to shut the hell up! Not competitive? I would say making the playoff’s IS COMPETITIVE!!! What are the rest of the schools that don’t make the PAC5 playoff’s then? Notsince1995 you are an ASS! Stay off the crack Brother!

  • Colt74


    1. I think your horchata was spiked.

    2. Did you eat paint chips when you were a kid?

    3. Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you’d had enough oxygen at birth?

    4. Don’t you realize that there are enough people to hate in the world already without your working so hard to give us another?

    5. You being here is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.

  • player

    Just strolled back into town and WOW!!!. Ok as far as The West Covina vs Covina match up. Again it will be a hard fought game to the end. Both teams match up equal to one another. A slight advantage or I may be leaning West Covina’s way. Good luck to both teams and may the best team win. A new year a new cross town champ.

  • Colt74

    “The fact is that BishopNation should have been gone from the Pac 5 along time ago. They don’t belong here and they know it…!”

    “here”…? What do you know of “here”?

    The only thing YOU have to do with the word Pac5 is:

    1. Your hours still spent playing “PAC” man
    2. Your Jackson “5” album collection.

    Sorry there muerte cerebral….it’s not the same thing!

    People say that you are the perfect idiot. I say that you are not perfect but you are doing all right.

    Now go away or I shall taunt you a third time….

  • say nowwww

    Championships are hard to come by and BA has theres so everyone needs to get a grip on reality. They have the best football program in the SGV.
    I would have personally luved to send my kid to BA but wife didn’t want him to grow up to be a gardner.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think they have the best football program in the sgv if so why they dont have the most players being recruited every year and saying they are the best in the sgv is making the sgv look bad all that means is the sgv cant compete out side of the sgv and we all know thats not true. but it is safe to say that BA is one of the top teams in the sgv. but as for them representing the sgv on the highest level they make the sgv look WEAK……

  • Been around

    To Old Man in Chino, Bishop Amat opened in 1957, but did not field a football team untill 1958.

    Over all record vs opponents.

    405- 153- 11

  • Amat Bully


  • Yall dumb

    All you dudes talk shit but the fact remains that no San Gabriel Valey school has beat Bishop Amat since forever 10 years? 20 years? It dont matter how Bishop does against the kind of teams they play. My and your school dont play those kinda teams yo. I want Bishop to slap Long Beach Poly. I want Bishop to slap and kick the shit out of Mission Veigo. How u gonna come on here and talk shit when your school playin weak? Bishop playin SERVITE . They beat some of the best mf teasm in cali. How u gonna hate on them stupid? yall a bunch of stupid inbred

  • Panther Fan

    Sierra League Fan said:
    Amat Bully,
    “no lie i kind of do dislike almost every team in the sgv only because almost everybody hate on what CO accomplished some of these blogger teams haven’t even scratched or smelled a championship game is decades. but there are a hand full of teams i do like.”
    CO beat 2, 7-7 Diamond Ranch Teams to win those CIF titles…..How bad does that make that division??? Ho does a team with 7 loses make a division final???? Can you say WEAK! I don’t think that merits respect when you move up to play the big boys. You may have rings, but that was then….this is NOW.
    July 12, 2011 7:57 PM

    Sierra League Fan,
    Dont be bashing on CO. They are a serious team to be dealt with and Dont be taking DR to lightly either.
    Here are the losses of DR, the team you mentioned above.
    2008 Losses Muir 16 DR 6, Oaks Christian 48 DR 6, Chino Hills 22 DR 21, Bishop Amat 17 DR 6, Charter Oak 23 DR 7 (League game), Bonita 17 DR 7, CIF Championship Game Charter Oak 30 DR 14.

    2008 Wins DR 21 Colony 0 (2006 & 2007 CIF Champs), DR 35 Los Altos 13, DR 48 Wilson 0, DR 45 Nogales 7
    Playoffs DR 21 Muir 7 (9-2 record), DR 15 South Hills 12(ot) (9-3 record), Semi Final DR 39 West Covina 7 (10-3 record)

    2009 Losses Colony 25 DR 20, Elsinore 15 DR 3, Chino Hills 17 DR 14 (Chino Hills kicks field goal with 2 seconds left on Clock) Glendora 16 DR 14 (Glendora kicks field goal with 1 second left on Clock), Bishop Amat 41 DR 13, Charter Oak 12 DR 0 (Charter Oaks lowest score of the season), CIF Championship Game Charter Oak 21 DR 0.

    2009 Wins DR 35 Muir 20, DR 36 Bonita 29, DR 30 Los Altos 10, DR 35 Wilson 7.
    Playoff DR 41 Burroughs (Burbank) 18, DR 33 Shurr 27, Semi Final DR 31 South Hills 27.

    In 2009 Colony, Elsinore, Chino Hills and Glendora all had come from behind wins. The two Sierra Teams – Chino Hills and Glendora were fortunate to make last second field goals for their wins. I would say the Sierra teams from a higher Division had a very difficult time with the team from the lower Division. Oh and by the way Chino Hills did lose to DR in 2007 by a score 42-28.

    DR has also taken on the Big Boys ie. PAC-5 teams Edison, Servite, Bishop Amat, and State Champions Oaks Christian. DR did lose to those teams but also gave them at least one close game each.
    2004 Servite 36-34 (Come from behind win for Servite)
    2007 Edison 27 DR 13 (Come from behind win for Edison)
    2007 Oaks Christian 34 DR 21 (Come from behind win for O.C. 2006 Div III State Champs)
    2008 Bishop Amat 17-6 (score was BA 10-DR 6 in 4th quarter)

  • NotSince1995

    Hey Colt74
    You didn’t answer my question, old man? Pull the Stop Lever on your Freddy Fender 8 Track Tape and answer the question…! I challenge you…!
    Which part of the facts about Covina Colts didn’t you like:
    – Not winning a CIF Championship Ring Since 1995?
    – WesCo is gonna Smoke you this year…?
    – That your school had a 65% drop-out rate in 2010…? Really…? 7 out of 10 of your Freshman dropped out before graduating as Seniors in 2010…? Really Colt74…?
    Which one HURTS the most, Colt74…?
    Remember…Its green side up! The brown side is dirt. Ahh, but you guys are experts and already know that. Right…?
    Nice job, Covina HS.
    Not In 2011 Either, Colt74…

  • NotSince1995

    Hey BeenAround…
    The Atlanta Braves (Senators, etc) have 10,000 wins and nearly 10,000 losses in their history…
    What’s your point…?
    Check the BishopNation win/loss record for the last 15 years…What are those numbers…? What about your Playoff Record? What are those numbers like…?
    Not so rosita are they? In fact, they kinda look like the Covina Colts don’t they…?
    Hah…? What? What…?
    Not In 2011 Either…

  • Joe Amat

    Two quotes I’ve heard that like that too many on here don’t adhere to.
    “Pressure is a privilege” and “If you’re the best on your playground – find a different playground”.

    There is no pressure in playing some 2-8 team from the other side of the valley or against kids you beat up on since JAA. Venture out and test the waters. People here want to go find playgrounds with kids they can beat up. Fine. Have fun.

    Doesn’t tell you anything about yourself or how good you might be in the grand scheme of things. Stay in your Fish Bowl. Watch this for a conversation among SGV football programs, their athletic directors, and what might happen when they leave.

  • Colt74


    “Which part of the facts about Covina Colts didn’t you like:
    – Not winning a CIF Championship Ring Since 1995?
    – WesCo is gonna Smoke you this year…?
    – That your school had a 65% drop-out rate in 2010…? Really…? 7 out of 10 of your Freshman dropped out before graduating as Seniors in 2010…? Really Colt74.”

    1. At least we have won CIF Championships. Are you just bitter because your continuation school did not have a football team?

    2. Like West Covina smoked us last year? How many Peso’s did you lose on that one? I remember how much of a fool you looked like after that game. But then again…you look like a fool every time you open your mouth. I’m sure you are used to it.

    3. Where do you come up with this BS about 70% drop out rate? Post a link. Plus if you minus YOUR kids…what would it be?….2%?

    Now STFU and finish rotating my tires….

    All that you are you owe to your parents. Why don’t you send them a penny and square the account?

  • Joe Amat


    According to you maybe Long Beach Poly should just pick a few teams in August to play in their own little Pac5 tournament. how many team should be in the highest division of football in th estate. Here are the top 20 teams besides Amat.

    Servite (25 yrs between Championships)
    Mission Viejo (NotSinceEver)
    Alemany (NotSinceEver)
    Santa Margarita (NotSinceEver)
    Mater Dei (NotThisCentury)
    Crespi (NotSince86)
    St. John Bosco (NotSinceEver)
    Tesoro (1 title in their short existence as “flavor of the month”. Future TBD)
    Lakewood (NotSinceEver)
    Long Beach Poly (5000 student powerhouse – should always contend)
    San Clemente (NotSinceEver)
    Orange Lutheran (1 Pac5 Title – has since lost to Amat)
    Los Alamitos (1 D1/Pac5 Title in history)
    JSerra Catholic (NotSinceEver)
    Edison (NotSince80)
    Loyola (6 titles in history, winless in Serra League last season)
    Newport Harbor (NotSinceEver)
    Notre Dame (NotSinceEver-Amat forced them into D1 in late’90s.Look it up)
    Dana Hills (NotSinceEver)
    Trabuco Hills (NotSinceEver)

    Who should stay and who should go?. And why? You tell us – and be consistent, now. Maybe even venture who could replace them. Just remember, the team that has dominated D2, has split their last 4 games with a school that hasn’t won a title this century and who Amat beat in the ’09 playoffs. In Amat’s worst year of their existence, , during those 2 yrs some would like to forget, Amat still beat the D3 champion.

  • Colt74


    Keep trying …

    “You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world could you possibly beat me?”

    If this was a football game I think the score would be 42-O at this point…but keep trying…you may score yet!

  • jcaz

    Not sense 95 (notice I didnt call you nonsense in this instance), the time has finally arrived when you have decided to come into this forum and make an argument that is worthy of some discussion.

    Its refreshing, and I am sure you will agree that it sure beats the heck out of all those menudo jokes and stupid racist comments that got you banned from that other bogg not too long ago right ?

    Anyway, it seems as if you made an interesting point back there, if only because I have discovered that you actually appear to have a flair for writing !

    Somehow I always believed you did, and even though you often chime in here with some silly one liners, I have always had my suspicions that you were most likely a relatively well known blogger, who comes in here periodically and writes under another moniker.

    You know not since, I think that maybe one of the reasons why youre always ragging on Amat so much, is because your a big Charter Oak guy. Noting wrong with that, because they have an awesome football program over there. But, dont sit here and deny it ok, because every time someone mentions something like that to you, you are always quick to try and deny it.

    However, over the last several months, you have pretty much outed yourself you know that ?
    Anyway, and believe it or not, that discussion is for another time.

    For now however, those comments your made back there really caught my attention. In fact, maybe Im going to agree with you on one or more of those points you made and the reason for that is because they may in fact have some substance and merit for once.

    You see, no matter how you slice it, it is true that Amat hasnt won a division one championship in football, in quite some time. Sure, we lost in the first round two years ago and then last year we got bounced at home in the second round last year. However to suggest that Amat isnt as good of a football program as any of the other teams in our valley is really stretching it my friend.

    As you know, its easy for others to pile on our football team when our team doesnt meet the expectations that all of these bloggers on this forum expect us to have.

    Its tough to be surrounded by the best, and to play against the best, but then again, we wouldnt have it any other football. Now, dont get me started on baseball, but in football, we compete against the very best when we try to play for a championship.

    Anyhow, “not since,” I have agreed with you on one point, but why is It is so easy for you to dismiss the fact that Amat plays in one of the most competitive divisions in the country ? I mean honestly, would you sit here and tell me that if Amat were in the same lower division as some of our other schools, that Amat “MAY” have done far better than what they have accomplished so far in these last few years ?

    Btw, Im not suggesting that they would have won championships ala Charter oak, but what I am saying is that they MAY have done just as well were we not in the PAC 5.

    Would that have made a difference in your eyes ?
    Again, the bottom line is that I cant deny the fact that there hasnt been a new championship banner hanging on our walls for football in quite some time, but the fact is that there is more of a possibility every day now that we have all of the right people in place.

    Mark my word not since. Before its all said and done, welll win one. Maybe not a lot, but well win at least one.

    Anyhow, not since, you keep writing like this, and we can continue to have an ongoing discussion about the merits of Amat football for as long as you wish ok.

    Oh, and BTW, as I have so often mentioned in here. I may very well be an Amat honk, but Im not a homer. So please dont categorize me as such.

    Remember “humble pie?” I dont make excuses.

  • BlogBlob

    149 Comments and the season hasn’t started yet?

    Must be talking about Bishop Amat! hahahahaa!

    Love or hate, BA you gotta appreciate!

  • Colt74


    “In the San Gabriel Valley area, state figures showed the Baldwin Park Unified School District had the lowest 2008-09 graduation rate at 55.6 percent, while WCUSD had the highest dropout rate at 35.6 percent.

    Covina-Valley Unified, Glendora Unified, Bonita Unified, Rowland Unified, Azusa Unified, Walnut Valley and Duarte Unified all had graduation rates between 90 percent and about 96 percent, state figures showed.

    Four unified districts – Monrovia, Bassett, West Covina and El Monte – saw 2008-09 graduation rates between 81 percent and about 88 percent, followed by the Hacienda-La Puente Unified district at 72.5 percent.

    In the Whittier area, the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District had the lowest graduation rate in 2008-09 at 76.5 percent, down from 90.8 the previous year.

    Read more: Some San Gabriel Valley, Whittier districts see dramatic changes in graduation, dropout rates – Whittier Daily News

  • Joe Amat


    C’mon! Why let facts get in the way of someone’s opinions, feelings, biases, and prejudices?

  • Colt74

    Just to get off on something else and for amusement.

    CALPREPS 2011 Predictions for your COVINA COLTS!

    West Covina (CA) 31, Covina (CA) 19
    Covina (CA) 40, Gladstone (Covina, CA) 3
    Covina (CA) 38, El Monte (CA) 7
    Covina (CA) 31, Walnut (CA) 20
    Covina (CA) 35, Pomona (CA) 7
    Covina (CA) 34, Baldwin Park (CA) 10
    Covina (CA) 48, Nogales (La Puente, CA) 6
    Covina (CA) 26, San Dimas (CA) 19
    Covina (CA) 38, Wilson [Glen A.] (Hacienda Heights, CA) 14
    Covina (CA) 35, Northview (Covina, CA) 7

    Covina (CA) 31, Azusa (CA) 10
    Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) 41, Covina (CA) 10
    Bonita (La Verne, CA) 31, Covina (CA) 21
    Covina (CA) 22, Charter Oak (Covina, CA) 21
    Chino Hills (CA) 34, Covina (CA) 20
    Claremont (CA) 22, Covina (CA) 21
    Damien (La Verne, CA) 24, Covina (CA) 19
    Covina (CA) 34, Diamond Bar (CA) 20
    Covina (CA) 28, Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) 14
    Covina (CA) 24, Glendora (CA) 21
    Loyola (Los Angeles, CA) 24, Covina (CA) 21
    Norco (CA) 28, Covina (CA) 17
    Redlands East Valley (Redlands, CA) 28, Covina (CA) 13
    Servite (Anaheim, CA) 48, Covina (CA) 0
    Covina (CA) 31, South Hills (West Covina, CA) 22
    Tesoro (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) 28, Covina (CA) 8

  • 3…2…1…


    My god you’re a glutton for punishment….

  • Colt74

    What punishment?
    It’s a blog
    Just reminding folks there is still plenty of time to get those bets in on West Covina
    Fred pays me based on the number of hits

  • FYI

    By the end of the season CalPreps is above 80% on their projections


    COLT74: These are FACTS!!! According to CAL PREPS… Did a little research on my own, since I see you placed AZUSA in your FICTION POOL OF GAMES.

    1. 2008 SEASON, AZUSA 27-6. I was their and so was FRED!

    2.2009 SEASON, AZUSA 41-13, I was their too! BLOW-OUT!

    2010, I believe AZUSA would have still WON!
    AZUSA loses to VILLAGE CHRISTIAN, a game that AZUSA should have won, BUT!!!! Let the game slip from the their fingers 31-24.


    WHITTER CHRISTIANS plays Covina and wins by 11 points 28-17 second round play off exit. All i’m saying AZUSA vs Covina last season would have been one HELL OF A GAME! REGARDLESS OF WHAT CAL PREPS PREDICTED! BUT YOU GOT CAL PREPS BACKING YOU UP ON THAT PREDICTION. (NEVER HAPPENED THOUGH)!




  • Colt74

    I see that CAPS key has not broken yet…..

    2010 Covina would have won big IMHO. But we will never know.

    keep going…( since we’re going backwards)

    2004 Covina 58- Azusa 8(If 28 points is a blow out what is 50 points? A good old fashioned ass whoopin?)

    Here’s a FACT: Covinas “LAST” CIF Championship was in 1995. When was Azusas last CIF Championship? When was their FIRST?
    I’ll wait……

    Yes you beat Covina twice in two years. Do you think your Aztecs could beat them this year? Me personally, I don’t think there’s a snowballs chance in hell…but I’m biased. I’d love to see us play this year.

    Your coach could probably make a phone call and set up a scrimmage. I bet the Colts would jump on that.

    If we do play this year loser buys Dos XX’s !!!

  • NotSince1995

    1) Its been 17 years…(Not some time ago as you so politely put it…!) Not Since 1995…! Remember ’95…?
    – Tupac is sent to Jail
    – The Rockets beat the Shaq Magic
    – 49ers beat the Chargers in the SuperBowl
    – Nobel Prize for Physics went to Martin L. Perl, Frederick Reines
    – No Email, No Texting, No Facebook, No Blogs…
    Way back in 1995…!
    2) I am your conscience and a constant reminder of your arrogance…! CO, SH, WesCo, Monrovia, San Dimas, Walnut – I cheer for all of the SGV. I gave Amat Bully a little advice because your hommies were piling on and I don’t like to see an unfair fight…! Where I come from the odds are better when its just one on one…!
    3) I dismiss your great achievement of “Participating” in the Pac 5 for the same reason that no one is impressed with Millikan, Cabrillo, Jordan, San Clemente, Wilson and JSerra for “Participating” in the Pac 5 either. You’re just not as good as you think you are. Participating does not = Contender or Champion…
    4) Amat Bully, here’s the other one they use when all else fails: “I mean honestly, would you sit here and tell me that if Amat were in the same lower division as some of our other schools, that Amat “MAY” have done far better than what they have accomplished so far in these last few years?”
    jcaz, what years do you refer to…? ’99, ’04, ’06, ’07 or 2010…? What years…?
    5) jcaz, willing to Bet Your House On It…? Let me know…
    Not In 2011 Either…
    Amat Bully – And there young man…is how its done…! All Facts and nothing but the Facts…!

  • Pomona


    Let’s see how much you believe in CALPREPS 2011 Predictions for your COVINA COLTS!

    Let’s put a friendly wager on the Pomona score, loser buys the other team Pizza. You want to come on this thread firing away now back it up.

  • Colt74

    I have a better idea. Each of us deposit $100 with Fred. Must be deposited 1 week before game. Winning team collects and it goes to that teams Football Boosters.

    Fred has met me. Has he met you? I guess he will after you register a log on and deposit your money.
    Your turn to jump froggy.

  • NotSince1995

    Joe Amat –
    Thank you for proving my point to Amat Bully…
    I knew you would provide your proud comparison of failure to those yearly contenders of the Pac 5…
    Here’s a quote for you:
    “You play to WIN the game…!” Not participate!
    Amat Bully, what did I tell you…?
    You dont know what youre talking about. Do some research (they usually say this loudly and with lots of conviction to convince themselves of course), we are as good as the Trinity League. Then they jump up and down, yelling…We are…We are…We are…like the little girl demanding her dolly. Can you say Raider Fans? Hey but we use to be good (they say with that Lancerito pride)…!
    Joe Amat – “If you’re the best on your playground – find a different playground”. Does this include Garfield HS, Venice, and Cathedral…? I know most of the SGV teams can handle the that playground quite well. Thank you very much…!
    To answer your question, I strongly believe that if you were gone from the Pac 5 tomorrow, nobody would notice…! You’re just not as good as you think you are…And you know it…! Its just one of those things that are hard for you to accept because your pride of the long ago history gets in the way…! Kinda like the Raiders…!
    Its just that simple…
    Not In 2011 Either because like last year you don’t have the OL or DL to compete with the big boys…Oh and now you don’t have your savior…! Can you say 5 and 5 in 2011…?
    Colt74 –
    Truth HURTS…? Like an IcePick in the Gut!
    1995…? Really…? Proud…? Really…?
    70% drop-out rate…! Look it up in the California Department of Education…5 more years of this stuff and the Sate is gonna take over your school like they did Compton HS…! LMAO…! Journalistic Facts little man! Read’em and weep…!
    Hey FredJ – whats with all of the unnecessary racial slurs from this little old man on Rowland and Hollenbeck…? LMAO…!

  • chicken little

    I notice NotSince didn’t have the balls or the ammunition to answer Joe Amat

  • Calpreps 2011 Preseason Predictions

    BA vs. SGV:

    Bishop Amat 35, West Covina 21
    Bishop Amat 41, Charter Oak 8
    Bishop Amat 38, Chino Hills 21
    Bishop Amat 55, Azusa 0
    Bishop Amat 48, South Hills 14
    Bishop Amat 41, Covina 10
    Bishop Amat 42, Glendora 7
    Bishop Amat 46, Diamond Ranch 6
    Bishop Amat 38, Bonita 20
    Bishop Amat 62, Los Altos 0
    Bishop Amat 52, Baldwin Park 0
    Bishop Amat 38, Damien 14
    Bishop Amat 35, Monrovia 14
    Bishop Amat 41, Claremont 10
    Bishop Amat 42, Muir 8
    Bishop Amat 42, Santa Fe 3
    Bishop Amat 35, St. Paul 13
    Bishop Amat 56, Rowland 3

    BA vs. Serra League:
    Bishop Amat 42, Notre Dame 13
    Bishop Amat 34, Crespi 26
    Bishop Amat 28, Alemany 22
    Bishop Amat 38, Loyola 13

    BA vs. Trinity League:
    Bishop Amat 31, Mater Dei 13
    Servite 35, Bishop Amat 17
    Bishop Amat 34, Orange Lutheran 17
    Bishop Amat 28, St. John Bosco 27
    Bishop Amat 38, JSerra 17
    Santa Margarita 30, Bishop Amat 28

    BA vs. Inland:
    Bishop Amat 31, Corona Centennial 27
    Bishop Amat 28, Vista Murrieta 21
    Bishop Amat 31, Redlands East Valley 17
    Bishop Amat 40, Chaparral 13
    Bishop Amat 48, Los Osos 8
    Bishop Amat 35, Rancho Cucamonga 21
    Bishop Amat 35, Norco 17
    Bishop Amat 48, Santiago 12
    Bishop Amat 42, Roosevelt 21
    Bishop Amat 38, Upland 21

    BA vs. other Pac-5:
    Bishop Amat 31, Long Beach Poly 20
    Mission Viejo 38, Bishop Amat 28
    Bishop Amat 28, Tesoro 17
    Bishop Amat 38, Los Alamitos 12
    Bishop Amat 38, Edison 14
    Bishop Amat 50, Dana Hills 13
    Bishop Amat 28, San Clemente 27
    Bishop Amat 35, Lakewood 17

    BA vs. Others
    Bishop Amat 35, Carson 14
    Bishop Amat 38, Crenshaw 19
    St. Bonaventure 31, Bishop Amat 28
    Oaks Christian 31, Bishop Amat 21
    Concord De La Salle 40, Bishop Amat 21
    Palo Alto 22, Bishop Amat 20

  • Colt74

    Truth hurts? What truth? You have NEVER backed up ONE THING you have said with anything. Nada. Zip. Just because you spew it it’s fact? You are a fool. You would not know the truth if it was stapled to your ass.

    70% drop out rate..LMMFFAO! Where do you come up with pure BS? Do the voices in your head just give them to you? Did your dog tell you? Seriously? You can’t back up anything you say. You just spew.

    You are a pathetic hurt little man who probably lives for the attention you get on the blog. To each his own.

    You have yet to answer ANY questions that I asked you….you just come here and Bla bla bla…..same thing over and over. I mean you are seriously too stupid to even come up with anything new. You just repost your same stale warped point of view for 2 years now..same drivel…same BS…same sad little man.

    God it must suck to be you…..

  • chicken. little

    I think you were asked who should be in the Pac 5? If all those teams” fail” worse than Bishop who’s left? Even the best in D2 loses to a Pac 5 “participant”


    Colt74, you know I just re-read your post were you have all the schools listed by Cal Preps Predictions 2011 for Covina, and then I started to think a little bit, that was awfully nice of you to list AZUSA with all those great FOOTBALL SCHOOLS!!!

    Colt74, I need to not get so EMOTIONALLY (FOOTBALL) upset so quick! LOL… I had to much coffee again.

    Colt74, what a nice relaxing Saturday and i’m definitely not to get an argument with you, because that would be like arguing with my WIFE, and she always wins!

    1995!!! Man does that sound familiar! Colt are you sure your not that NOT SINCE 1995 guy.LOL…

  • Colt74

    You I don’t argue with. You I discuss with. We were cool last year and I had your back. Nothings changed. Me you and Saints4real before the Azusa/SD game.

    But I still hate the Rams…..

  • Smallcitymc

    It’s interesting to look at past records, but when everything is said and done, it comes down to “what are you going to do with what you have NOW”. After all, isn’t that what this thread is all about?

    That being said, anyone know how Amat’s big uglies look?

  • Colt74

    Please join me in welcoming the newest COLT fan and future blogger into the world (and my new grandson) : Sebastian Rubin Vega !
    7 lbs 9 0z

    Mom and Dad are Steelers fans so now I have to find a mini Lambert Jersey…..

  • Joe Amat


    For a little more perspective , since you didn’t really answer the question but danced around it , here are those top Pac5 teams again with their accomplishments this century, and Amats’ record vs those teams.

    Servite: Last 2 titles, 25 yrs between Championships) 15-16
    Long Beach Poly 08. 07, 04, 01, 00 (5000 student powerhouse – should always contend) 6-5
    Loyola 05, 03 (winless in Serra League last season) 23-9-1
    Orange Lutheran 06 (1 Pac5 Title – has since lost to Amat) 1-1
    Los Alamitos 02 (1 D1/Pac5 Title in history) 0-3
    Mater Dei (NotThisCentury) 19-15

    Bishop Amat 10 trips to CIF Finals-only behind LB Poly’s 23 & Mater Dei’s 13, 5 titles, last one in 1995. D1 non-stop since 1963 All-Time Record 414-155-11

    Crespi (NotSince86) 10-3
    Edison (NotSince80) 1-1
    Tesoro (NotSinceEver) 0-1
    St. John Bosco (NotSinceEver) 11-5-1
    Lakewood (NotSinceEVER) 8-2
    Mission Viejo (NotSinceEver) 2-0
    Alemany (NotSinceEver) 14-3
    Santa Margarita (NotSinceEver) 2-4
    San Clemente (NotSinceEver) 1-0J
    Serra Catholic (NotSinceEver) 0-0
    Newport Harbor (NotSinceEver) 0-0
    Notre Dame (NotSinceEver-Amat forced them into D1 in late’90s.Look it up) 4-3
    Dana Hills (NotSinceEver) 1-0
    Trabuco Hills (NotSinceEver) 2-0

    So there’s been SIX Pac5 teams that have won a D1 title since Amat’s last one. Of those six, Amat has beaten 4 of them this decade and took LB Poly (who has won 5) to the final minute. The rest of the Pac5 has gone longer between titles – or has never won one. Participants?

    Now maybe you can answer the question about who should be in the top level of football instead of your, “no one would miss you” comment. I’d say that’s true for most schools, maybe all but LB Poly. No one noticed when Servite & Mater Dei left the private school leagues for a while, the powerhouses from the Inland are now gone, Crespi disappeared for a while until Amat & Loyola forced them and Notre Dame to move back in, The Santa Clarita schools are out, Mission Viejo moved back in recently and OLu is new completely. No one notices. Amazing that during all that time with all that movement – Amat stays in D1.

    THAT’S the bigger playground.

  • reality

    Wow! Has this blog got boring or what? It now reads like a dating site with 3 members all posing as the next Hemmingway.

  • Sierra League Fan

    What gives? no new blogs lately…what about the Bonita & Ayala passing tournaments and the Los Osos Linemen comp? I am sure you can dig up some dirt to get these folks going.


    Congrats Colt74!!! I didn’t know you were a Grandpa. Let’s raise the kid right and have become RAMD FAN. Buy him a Jack young blood jersey!!!!
    Always a Rams Fan!

  • NotSince1995

    Smallcitymc –
    The BishopNation biguglies look like the CovinaColts biguglies…
    And how are they gonna do in 2011…?
    Its been 17 long and painful years…
    Not In 2011 Either…
    Pollito –
    Stick around “chief caddy” to JoeAmat…
    JoeAmat –
    There’s no Cha-Cha or Folklorico 2 stepping over here. You don’t like the Facts…? That’s as obvious as your BishopNations’ arrogance…!

    “So there’s been SIX Pac5 teams that have won a D1 title since Amat’s last one. Of those six, Amat has beaten 4 of them this decade and took LB Poly (who has won 5) to the final minute.”
    6 teams in 17 years…? Wow…can you say monopoly?
    Fine, you beat “4 of them this decade.” But did you beat them in the Championship Game…? What…? Hello…?
    Uh…Nnnnn….Nnnnn…Nnnno…NO? Then what are we talking about…? Pra…Prac…Practice…?
    “You play to WIN the game” H. Edwards. You know him, don’t you…?
    Participating and Winning are 2 (as two or dos) different things and you know it…if you haven’t won by now, guess what…? You’re a participant…? Detroit Lions, LA Clippers, Club Leon of Mexico Soccer, and BishopNation…!

    I’ll answer your question more specifically –
    Can you say St. Bonaventure? see LB Poly in 2010. What about Oaks Christian…? What division do they play in now…? D3? They could certainly compete in the Pac 5. Oh…wait…they aren’t Catholic. “Serra” League will never allow that to happen…! Am I wrong…? I want an answer to this question, Joe Amat!
    Corona Centennial, Vista Murrieta…Frankly there are 10 to 15 teams that could participate in the Pac 5 the same way you have over these past 17 years…!
    Is that clear enough for you, Gene Kelly…? You’re just not that good…And you know it!
    God I hope Sebastian’s parents are able to afford an education near the 210 or closer to the 57…! We don’t need another drop-out in 2027…!
    Not In 2011 Either…

  • SaintsR4real


    Congrats on ur new grandson!!
    Cya at the Smudgepot.

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations on the new Grandson . Maybe you’ll change that Lambert jersey for a Covina Colts one instead. Start him out young. Well enjoy your time with him because it truely is a Blessing .
    Actually the 12th man’s take was pretty good. The trench play was good with some quick players who look like they have been spending a lot time hitting the weights . The secondary looked like a revolving door as they were shuffling many in out but they gave some up and shut some down so by seasons beginning they should be ok . The O line was handling their work . It was a passing scrimmage so we will see but pass protection was good. The short to medium pass plays looked sharp and crisp . As far as the Rio situation only Hags and staff know what will be come the season but one possible benefit is he will be football fresh when he returns .

  • Honest fan

    Bishop is on its way out. As the SGV teams get stronger and keep their players local. You will see the Bishop program continue to struggle. They are just not getting the guys they used to..if Rio does not come back…that could be a big blow to the program in regards to wins and losses. I mean Servite, as a opener which will be a loss, then Venice and Cathedral with no Rio? Jalen is going to have to carry the team. Kids want to win titles. Bishop is far away from winning Pac 5 ball. But I guess some kids would be satisfied with saying they played in Pac 5 at Bishop.

  • Decline you say?

    Dear Honest fan,

    Last season, the Serra League was ranked #2 in CALIFORNIA and #5 in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. Bishop Amat came in 2nd and lost to the 1st place team by a mere touchdown. Does this mean anything to you?

    In 2009, the Serra League was ranked #1 in CALIFORNIA and #4 in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. Bishop Amat shared the league championship. Does THIS mean anything to you?

    So by your logic, I guess Mater Dei football is on the decline too considering it’s been over a decade since they won the Pac-5? lol And that Servite school you are so sure is going to beat BA?…It took them over TWENTY FIVE YEARS to win the Pac-5 in 2009! lol

    Amazing how you fishbowlers have so much to say yet you never back up your claims with scores, stats, or rankings. Heaven forbid you would acutally claim a school too!..You guys ever notice that BA’s biggest critics and doubters never claim the school they support? This is no coincidence.

    2 SGV schools won CIF Championships and there was no mention of this in the LA Times. Bishop Amat wins ONE league game, and makes headlines in the LA Times AND the front page of! Decline you say? riiiiiiiight! lol

  • CO Bro

    You guys need to get off this blog and get a life! Seriously, after reading this whole thread it seems like some of you people are on this site 24/7. Bunch of old men taking trash to each other about high school football, LMFAO at you guys.

  • AMAT 73

    Ok let’s be honest. I have been reading these posts as to how bad AMAT is . Everything from a Pac-5 bottom feeder to has beens . Projected to go 1-3 or 0-4 in the Serra. That IE’s CC or Norco , Upland would just tear them apart. Can’t compete and never will again. You get the picture. Well then why is it that not one team in the SGV has beaten such a lousey team as AMAT .It’s been years since it’s been done. Now I know well enough that not all of the bloggers out there think that way but many do led by sgvworstsince and the new AB , old valley guy . How can you have any confidence that SGV teams would fair well outside of the fishbowl when they can’t beat the bottom of the Pac-5 , last place Serra League, Lancers . You’ve seen the polls and read the outside rankings by angencies other than the Trib that put AMAT further above what you and others think ,but in this valley AMAT is considered a has been no good team with no D-1 talent or not as many D-1 prospects as any othe team in the SGV. Where does that put your team , but I know you won’t write who that team is ,or any other SGV team in the scheme of things when they can’t get past a Pac-5 can’t contend bottom feeder. Now honestly I don’t think that way because I know our teams in the SGV can compete regardless but by reading your post and others you must think they can’t if they can’t beat AMAT , honestly . So please give me a reply without some blind eyed to facts comment if your really are as you say an Honest fan.

  • great for the sgv

    Ok I get it amat is the supreme team of the sgv that is littered with rinky dink programs. Let’s all put them on the pedestal where they belong, no need to play any games, they are in the pac-5 and only lose to great teams. colt boy you need to do a better job of taking care of your big daddies over at amat, they seem a little irritated.

  • Joe Amat


    Really? That’s. All. You. Got? You finally gave up your tired, old, schtick (somewhat) and were al over the self-proclaimed Bully to “do his research”. I really thought you were going to come with something strong.

    After all this time of “participants” and Amat doesn’t belong, the best you have to offer is “…10 to 15 teams that could participate in the Pac 5 the same way” ?!?!? Seriously? The SAME WAY? I was SURE you were going to come up with someone who was better than a “participant”… you know, someone who could join “the monopoly”.

    But the BEST you have to offer by name is a team that DOMINATES D2 and has spent the last four years splitting games with Mater Dei – who Amat has beat the last 2 times they’ve played and who hasn’t won a title this century. So CC has JUST as good a chance of being a “participant” as anyone else.

    Then you come with their perennial runner-up… and Vista Murrietta can’t beat the Serra leagues THIRD place team – who Amat has beat 2 of the last 3 times they’ve played. That means they might not even MAKE the playoffs in the Serra League.

    And good job with offering up St Bonaventure, who Amat beat the season before last , and Oaks Christian, who has SPLIT with Alemany the past two seasons – just as Amat has. And the Alemany coach is on record as saying Amat is better! Another potential “participant”?

    Seriously – THAT’S the best you can do? 4 teams that have just as good a chance of losing as they do winning vs other Pac5 schools and “10-15 team” that could do as well as Amat? You have to come up with someone BETTER!

    You gotta come with something stronger than that. 10-15 teams? REALLY? It’s a THIRTY team division. Get started with that list of teams that can sustain a level of competition at D1 for the next 50 yrs as Amat has done. Teams that are just as apt to knock off champions – even in non-playoff years. Not the run-of the -mill I have a good group come along once every few years and then becomes Esperanza. Someone who can be – or compete with, top seeds avery season. Heck – even in Amat’s WORST year they beat the D3 CHAMP!.

    Year-after-Year… for DECADES. And when the cards fall right and they get it done on Friday’s they’re right there. Just like every other team in the Pac5. That’s what I want. Throw out someone who can be liek Servite who went 25 yrs without a title but competed every year. Or someone comparable to Edison who has stuck it out for 30 yrs between Championship wins or even in the Lakewood Category…. who has NEVER won! Those schools would LOVE to have only had a 17 year “drought”.

    Give us someone BETTER than that. This is the Pac5 – it’s ain’t intramurals, brutha!!!

  • great for the sgv

    Yes!!! amat the team of the decades!!!
    Al Davis would be proud of da lancus!

  • reality

    Actually, Amat probably is the SGV school of the decade since their record vs the fish bowl this decade is like 25-1

  • AMAT 73

    great for sgv,
    Since you are on here popping off also, my post to Honest could also be for you. Since he won’t answer maybe you will seeing as you put AMAT in the has been catagory also . No pedestal needed just an honest reply from bloggers like you and others.And don’t forget to put who you root for on Fridays.

  • great for the sgv

    demands, demands, demands from a higher authority! talk about pressure. who else would I root for??? none other than the mighty men in blue and gold who rumble thru the “fish bowl”.
    Da Lansus team ah teh dekades!

  • NotSince1995

    Well…It looks like Monrovia got us all fired up today…! We all know where you stand…
    It was very clear at the Hall of Fame where you stand…! So Shameful!

  • chicken little

    NotSince – still, no balls

  • AMAT 73

    great for sgv,
    Typical responce as you put it in one of your replies from a hater. No guts to say who you root for or is it just to emmbarrasing for you . You guys are all alike . Taking pot shots at AMAT but not saying which direction there coming from . At least notsince2010 declares his loyalty to CO , I will give him that but that’s it .

  • great for the sgv

    embarrased about what? As I stated before:

    Da Lansus team ah teh dekades(The lancers team of the decades)I only root for winners!

  • AMAT 73

    great for the sgv,
    How could that be you only root for winners. Everybody on the blog knows what losers the Lancers are. Come on quit avoiding the question and give us an answer . In other words, man up . Is the occasional misspelling of teh in your posts a clue as to who you really are ??????

  • NotSince1995

    I tried to get you 200 posts Fred…
    Looks like your BishopNation Band of Subscribers are getting a bit lazy on you…
    Looks like OldClorisLeechman73 is all you got left…and it is getting its’ A$$ kicked by “great for sgv” guy!
    That said, Yo Opino:
    1. WesCo – To the Champions go… you know the rest.
    2. Monrovia – Ditto above
    3. La Habra
    4. Charter Oak
    5. Damien – Hard not win with all the illegal stuff…(its a matter of time ask Alex!)
    6. South Hills
    7. St Paul
    8. Arcadia
    9. Muir
    10. St Francis
    Then the rest…
    Not In 2011 Either…

  • chicken little

    that said NotSince, you might get a reaction if you even attempted to answer any of this, which you’ve avoided since it’s been posted – still, no balls

  • Huskie pride

    All i gotta say I’s who won last year in Sierra league??? Chino hills!!! Don’t hate!! U know we are good!! And we will always win the sierra league! Our house!