Times reporting that Van Nuys Montclair Prep drops athletics because of financial reasons

L.A. Times writer Eric Sondheimer just wrote: In a move that has stunned alumni and students, Van Nuys Montclair Prep announced that it is dropping its athletic program because of financial reasons. It makes you wonder if other schools could follow suit, especially with lower-level sports programs. Sondheimer also wrote that student-athletes transferring from Montlair Prep to another school will automatically become eligible under a hardship waiver.

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  • joe

    Hard to believe, Montclaire prep, built a beautiful baseball field only a few years ago. Better than most college fields.

  • bigdaddy

    Your reap what you soe.

  • Jastrab

    I thought if your school (don’ know of many) does not offer a sports program you can play for any school and remain at your school. Some of these students may find the commute a problem, but does that rule still exist. I think that great sprinter Amat had went to school somewhere other than Amat while competing on their track team.