South Hills’ Saylor, Bonita’s Garza, Los Altos’ Munoz and Amat’s Ruiz selected to Milwaukee Brewers area code roster

South Hills’ C.J. Saylor, Los Altos’ Joe Munoz, Bonita’s Justin Garza and Bishop Amat’s Rio Ruiz were selected to the Milwaukee Brewerrs’ area code roster, which represents the best in Southern California. The team will compete from August 5-10 at Blair Field in Long Beach. For more information on the teams and history of the 25th annual Area Code games, click here.

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  • Jackboy

    Congrats to CJ Saylor and Justin Garza for making the Southern section Area Code team, both of you are good ballplayers and well deserve to make this team.
    Good luck šŸ˜‰

  • More Like Jack Mule

    Did you forget to congratulate Rio Ruiz? Idiots like you who are jealous of kids make me sick.

  • Hey Mr. Van Winkle

    WAKE UP!!!! Read a few of the blogs, I don’t think Rio needs or is looking for anymore accolades. The kid plays at the highest level & holds all the highest awards, and hopefully by this time next year, he will have signed a very lucrative MLB contract. Rio will be fine now, GO BACK TO SLEEP!!!

  • L France

    Lets see,
    15 pitchers
    4 shortstops
    4 third basemen
    4 outfielders
    3 catchers
    2 first basemen
    1 second baseman
    Maybe I should have told them my kid pitches too!

  • Amat69

    Rio is a returning player Mr. a-hole Mule. Jackboy is correct when congratulating the Garza and Saylor kids as they are new comers to the team.
    Please learn how to read, if youre an Amat homer, youre a disgrace!

  • MMunoz

    How typical of you Mr. Robledo to continue to show your familiar favortisim…Do you not know there are other San Gabriel Valley HS Players that made the roster? But I am glad that MY SON (YES MY SON!) has not needed your bias reporting to open eyes! We are kinda use to it after 3+ years at Los Altos. I will include some comments from true reporters to give you a clue that there is other talent out there! I mean no disrepect to the Garzas,the Saylors(which I know both personally) and to Mr.Ruiz, They have all raised fine young men with amazing talent!

    “Joe Munoz of Los Altos (Hacienda Heights, Calif.) displayed the most power of the tryouts batting practice. His hands got through the zone quick and with authority.”

    “Another infielder, Joe Munoz out of Los Altos (Hacienda Heights, Calif.) had a good day. He showed good actions defensively and a good arm. The arm showed well on the mound as well when he had an opportunity to pitch during the game.”

  • Fred Robledo

    I apologize Ms. Munoz and thanks for bringing it to my attention. I got an email alerting me of Ruiz, Saylor and Garza making the team, and when I glanced over the roster, I screwed up and missed Joe’s name on it. I would never leave someone’s name off purposely, so sorry if you think there’s a bias.

  • MaribelMunoz

    THANK YOU! Mr. Robledo for the revision!

  • AMAT 73

    Damn it Fred, How dare you put Rio’s name last on the heading of this thread he should be first. All joking aside Fred does a great job of covering kids on these types of achievements . Congratulations to all these fine young men and here’s to hoping we can one day read about their success in the majors in the Trib and other publications.

  • Xavier Martinez

    For clarification. My boy Erik does play with Ty at South Hills and looks up to Ty as a friend, outstanding player, fellow student, and team captain. We have been friends of the France family for at least 10 yrs and only wish nothing but the best for Ty and his family. It is extremely selfish and irresponsible for an adult as yourself to use my initials and post the comments you posted because of some issues you may be experiencing. These types of comments can only hinder the relationships between kids, parents, coaches, and others. Ty and Erik are friends and great kids, comments like these could only hinder their friendship. So “XM” who posted your comments using my initials keep your thoughts to yourself or have the integrity to comment using your own identity.
    Note: I will no longer post regarding this issue. Mike and Diane thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  • Tartan Pride

    You So. Hills parents sure know how to party! Anything to be relevant I guess.

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J,
    These few posts with the bickering between SH parents is a perfect example of why only regestered blogging should be allowed. The trashing of fine young men and families in public has no place on here.

  • Bulldog1

    Amat setenta y tres, I dont know what posts you are reading here but, no South Hills kids are being trashed! Nothing negative here, but, yes some bickering between parents. So what! Whats it to you? Youre still Butt Hurt your football team was one and done.
    We win with class and humility always and with football season just around the corner; I smell some more Kiss the Ring ceremonies coming! To be the best, you must beat the best!
    Amat setenta y tres, contrary to your opinion, sometimes kids dont get better, sometimes they just burn out, and I see nothing wrong with that. Sometimes the truth hurts, I havent figured out why it hurts you so much? Are you friends with Mr. Martinez? And, oh yes, he did shop his kid at West Covina, did he shop at Amat too?
    Bulldog fever.

  • AMAT 73

    Now read this slowly . I wrote the bickering between SH parents .Then I wrote the trashing of young men and families not school specific and just a general statement. Your right in that sometimes kids reach their peak in their choice of sport but with good coaching and hard work sometimes they do get better . Now let’s address that butt hurt statement of yours. The way you follow my posts it seems you are the one that is still raw in the behind from those whippings a couple of years back . You know to be the best you have to beat the best which you still haven’t done. You brought it up I didn’t . No I have no idea who Mr Martinez is fyi .

  • registered blogger

    Amat 73, you are absolutely right. All bloggers should registger with a valid e-mail address. It wont stop all the nonsense, but will help. Wont happen though. It would cut down on comments.