Girls Volleyball: What’s the fall look like?

With Steve Ramirez taking over Whittier, looks like I will be more involved with girls volleyball, which has become blog lively over the past years with Bonita, St. Lucy’s, Los Altos, South Hills, and others having unbelievable playoff success … I have to start thinking of a top ten with the area’s best returning players. Any thoughts on who that might be?

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  • Basic

    I think that with the loss of their setter and OH, Bonita will not have a great year but even with that I still think V. Daniels is due for a very BIG year for the Lady Bearcats…And I hope I am wrong about the team and they come together and have another great run.

  • Bonita is suffering from lack of attention by head show at several practices!! It’s sad but doesn’t look good this year.

  • Los Altos Alum

    Well…I don’t know much about any other league besides the Hacienda…and Los Altos looks to compete..We have Fulton, Blackiston, and the Lino Twins all returning…
    Bonita has Dennis, Kennedy and Rioseco returning and I don’t care what anyone says, you can never count them out.
    Diamond Bar has the best player in the league in my opinion in Kathleen Torres..they also have Francesca Essilfie and sophmore Hernandez..
    Though they aren’t in the Hacienda I think St.Lucys will be the best team in the valley. They return 13 players from last years CIF Championship team and they have the best setter in the valley with Macy.
    Can’t wait to see what happens

  • Village Idiot

    Can you provide a list of the schools the Blog is now planning to cover? It might help include some very good teams beyond the usual suspects (SGVT coverage area) you just mentioned-Bonita, St. Lucy’s, Los Altos and South Hills.
    I have only been to two different summer league venues so far. A number of teams suffered big losses as last year’s seniors were perhaps the most talented class in years. Only a few teams managed to re-load. I think your number ONE team is pictured.

  • Volleyball Dad

    Fred, Ayala were the Champs in their own Summer league beating South Hills in the Championship game. Claremont looks to be stronger this year. St Lucys will be tops again, with Claremont, South Hills and Ayala making up a very tough Sierra League.

  • Volleyball Dad

    Glad to see an early mention of Volleyball. Lots of close league races this year.