Strugging with the area’s best defenders …

In keeping with our fall football magazine tradition, we’re ranking the area’s biggest impact makers on defense, whether up front, outside or dominating the secondary. What top five will have the biggest impact on D? We he have a pretty-good idea who’s on the preseason all-area defensive team, but ranking them with that criteria is tough.

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  • reality

    I saw two men that immpressed me in passing league, though I don’t know their names yet. A big towhead kid from Monrovia that played inside linebacker. Quick and coachable. 2nd a kid playing safety for Bonita. Over matched all of his opponents. If you know who they are please help, I apologize for just the poor descriptions.

  • Aaron

    Garrett Horine, Bonita, Safety, SR.

  • mtown lives

    towhead kid from Monrovia…come correct or don’t come at all… Reality.

  • Videoman

    A couple of Glendora guys to watch are linebacker Skyler Crall and defensive back Donovan Holmes. These two guys will be making a lot of plays. Donovan is also very good on offense as a receiver/running back.

  • D1 Stud

    I’ve seen two of the best DB/Safety in all of the SGV. Anthony Craft and Mason Bryant. Both of Monrovia

  • Proud Poppa @ Any School USA

    Well I’ve seen my son and he is going to tear it up this year! No need to mention his name because by the end of the year you will all be posting it on here anyway. I’ll check back in at the end of the season.

  • Can We agree on one thing

    Let’s define best. In my mind the best defender in valley is a D1 prospect. So if your not a D1 guy I don’t think you can be considered the best in our area. There will be a lot of very good ones but only one BEST. I agree we wont know the answer to this until after the season but three come to mind right away Horine BHS, Crawl GHS and Hernadez DHS. All three will be a force to be wrecken with and opponents will have to scheme for.
    Would like to hear about others….

  • D1 prospect

    Devante Brown, San Dimas,DB, D1 prospect to a number of schools.

    Thank You

  • NotSince1995

    If we follow “Can We agree on one thing” then it looks like the BishopNation won’t be getting anybody on this list…
    Not In 2011 Either…

  • Some that come to mind

    Justen Meaders- DE(WCHS)
    Alex Hernandez- DE(Damien)
    Aaron Salgado- LB(WCHS)
    Eric Ortiz- LB(COHS)
    George Frazier- LB(MHS)
    Justen Meaders- DE(WCHS)
    Darrell Daniels- DB(Amat)
    Khari Garcia- DB(COHS)
    Dillon Corona- DB(SDHS)
    Dionza Blue- DB(Amat)
    Aaren Vaughns- DB(COHS)


    Fred – Who are you looking at as probable contenders for this list? You here the scuttlebutt(sp?) Give us some insider stuff.

  • Sgv Lover!

    MIddle linebacker Eric Perez from Azusa, 6’2 230lb keep an eye on this kid, he’s looking to have a huge season.