West Covina’s Chris Solomon shooting for a triple-double in 2011; check out his highlights

Since 1969, only Bishop Amat’s Eric Bienemy (1985-86), and Covina’s Mike McDonough (2005-06) have won back-to-back area most valuable player honors. With 2010 in the bank, West Covina’s Chris Solomon has a chance to do something no area player has done — the football triple-double. He can do so by earning back-to-back area player of the year, back-to-back Southeast Division MVP and a back-to-back team title. If he does that, he would certainly go down as one of the most celebrated area players ever. Check out his 2010 highlight video. I posted it earlier, but because some of the language in the video is graphic, I’m providing a link to YouTube instead.

Tribune players of the Year (1969-present)
1969 Fred McNeil, Baldwin Park RB
1970 Pat Haden, Bishop Amat QB and John McKay Jr., Bishop Amat WR
1971 Mike Vicino, Royal Oak RB
1972 Rob Hertel, Los Altos QB and Ron Himes, Walnut QB
1973 Dennis Sproul, Los Altos QB
1974 Brian Bethke, South Hills QB
1975 Richard Nyden, Azusa QB
and John Van Vuren, South Hills RB
1976 Bob Epps, West Covina DL
1977 Don Roberts, Temple City RB
1978 Ron Stivers, West Covina RB
1979 Ray McNeill, El Monte WR
and Danny Trejo, Baldwin Park WR
1980 Bill Stone, Royal Oak, RB
1981 Blake Smith, Los AltosQB
and Steve Lauter, Los Altos WR
1982 Mike Smith, Los Altos QB
1983 Randy Tanner, Bishop Amat; Paul Hewitt, Monrovia
1984 Michael Johnson, Baldwin Park QB
1985 Eric Bieniemy, Bishop AmatRB
1986 Eric Bieniemy, Bishop Amat RB
1987 Bill Gallis, Northview QB
1988 Jason Martin, Los Altos TE/DB
1989 Marshawn Thompson, Bassett RB
1990 Jason Patterson, Bishop Amat FB/DE
1991 Marc Ruiz, Baldwin ParkQB
1992 Lawrence Phillips, Baldwin Park RB-DB
1993 Miguel Meriwether, West Covina QB/DB
1994 Daylon McCutcheon, Bishop Amat RB/FS
1995 Oscar Interiano, Sierra Vista RB
1996 Oscar Arzu, Sierra Vista RB
1997 Nick Covarrubias, Covina QB/DB
1998 Steve Stevenson, Charter Oak WR/RB/DB
1999 Jason Wright, Diamond Bar, RB/DB
2000 – Felipe Aguilar, Los Altos, QB
2001 – Donnie McCleskey, Bishop Amat RB
2002 – Daniel Drayton, Randall Brown, Los Altos RBs/DBs
2003 – Brigham Harwell, Los Altos DE
2004 – William Wagner, Bishop Amat RB
2005 – Mike McDonough, Covina QB
2006 – Mike McDonough, Covina QB
2007 – Dorian Wells, South Hills, RB
2008 – Chris Allen, Charter Oak, QB
2009 – Adam Muema, Charter Oak, RB
2010 – Chris Solomon, West Covina, RB

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  • Dan

    Good luck to Chris, hope you and the Bulldogs have another great year.

  • LA Futbol

    Makes me sad to see all the great names with Los Altos next to them (10 by my count, most in SGV History) and then look at the debacle of the last few years at LAHS. Here’s hoping for a miracle return to the glory days. (Hey…stop laughing, I said miracle!)

  • Joe Amat


    Every time you cut and paste this list I suggest that you correct

    1980 Bill Stone, Charter Oak RB

    to his actual alma mater of Royal Oak. Consider it done.

  • good luck chris!! ill be there rooting for u.
    u ready for the tailgates =)??

  • Dan

    Good to hear from you, looking forward to it, see you this fall.

  • General Turgidson

    That the Mc “doughnut” kid was player of the year twice in a row… its a travesty, a mockery, a sham.

    Should’ve been the Castaneda kid at Los Altos TWICE IN A ROW.


    “and the general hung his head and turned to the door.”

  • Amjed

    All i gotta say is this guy is garbage. Look up amjed abul-hosn from village christians hilight video on youtube. Twice as big, twice as fast, better stats, better back. Fred, u gotta work on who u look at. Ur missing out on a stud runningback. Check him out and keep an eye on him. Trust me.