Former South Hills QB Cameron Deen at Mt. SAC

Quarterback Cameron Deen, who led South Hills to the Southwest Division semifinals in 2007 and ’08, has left Northern Colorado. He has apparently enrolled at Mt. SAC and will compete for the two-time state and national champions in the fall.

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  • Aaron

    This is about four months too late.

  • Steve Ramirez

    It’s called confirmation, Aaron.

  • Aaron

    A little exaggeration on that…but it was on his twitter, that’s how I confirmed when I heard the rumor.

  • reality

    How do you play 2 years D1 then enroll at a JC?

  • Steve Ramirez

    He used a redshirt year in 2009, so he has one year of eligibility left at the JC level. He is technically going to be a sophomore athletically, and he can transfer to a JC and play without sitting out a year.

  • Excuse my ignorance

    where did he play D1 ball?

  • BigDog

    Whats your thoughts on this?


    Steveeeeeeeeee, hold the presses my man!!! How about Citrus College FOOTBALL being previewed on here????

    Steve, Citrus looking good this season and how about sending a scout to take a look. Steve did you know RAULEY ZARAGOZA, just got picked up from Citrus and going to Delware State.

    S. Arceo will be playing linebacker and Jose Nunez will also be playing at Linebacker. All from AZUSA!


  • Huskiefan

    Northern Colorado is D-1AA

  • Steve Ramirez

    NCAA looks at all as Division 1. The old 1-A is now referred to as Football Bowl Subdivision, and 1-AA at Football Championship Subdivision. But the eligibility rules are the same. It is a very good move for Dean, considering the last four Mt. SAC QBs have gone FBS – Kevin Craft (UCLA), Nick Lamaison (Tennessee, Texas El Paso) and Matt Faulkner (San Jose State).

  • Steve Ramirez

    Aztec Pride, my Citrus preview, like Mt. SAC, APU, La Verne and Whittier will run during the middle of August.

  • great for the sgv

    Is he the projected starter and who is the fourth qb?

  • Aaron

    Lamaison because he did it twice.

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