With one month before the high school football season begins, check out 2010 highlights

As promised, the Inland Insider, Tom Kiss, put together a 12-minute video highlights of the 2010 football season. Lots of great stuff, check it out. I’m out of town until Aug. 4, but Stevie R., and Aram will take over while I’m sitting on a beach in Cabo … The PrepXtra Football Preview Magazine debuts on Aug. 30.

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  • mike lawry

    Colt 74, to start off, your jokes are as lame as you. And I never said that Ayala, and Don Lugo were good teams. I said that I heard about the P-Town hype. I also said I thought it was all B.S. so I went to Ayala to watch them. I further said they passed at will, and were very, very fast, especially for a valley Vista league. 2500 yards in the air maybe not, but it will be Damn near close, n a lot will be put up on Covina, that’s a given. It’s funny how you shut your piehole when the numbers were put up. You are the Biotch, and soon will be P-Towns B.

  • Bulldog Fan

    Love the highlight video but come on couldnt you find one Ayala play to add. I know you all dont have any respect for Ayala but mark my word, that will change this year. They are going to be the big surprise.

  • Colt74

    1.Don’t like my jokes? Bite me. Bragged about how you beat Ayala and Don Lugo…now you change your story? Bite me. 2. Shut my pie hole? Didn’t feel like wasting my time arguing about your passing league Bite me ( touch football without the touch )accomplishments. But hey..you are right..you beat CC’s sophomores in the passing league…one game. Take a bow. Bite me.

    That’s a given? The only thing that’s a given is you are high or drunk. But hey…Bite me.

    And in closing, Bite me.

  • Pomona


    First off Mike Lawry has nothing to do with Pomona football. Second we didn’t beat CC sophomore quarterback, we beat CC sophomore, junior and senior quarterback. They pulled the starter after two or three picks (10 plays). May have been a bad day or may have been our defense. The other two did around the same against our defense.

    Don’t want to argue about passing league, sure didn’t have a problem with it when you thought the numbers were to your advantage. Now that you look like an idiot, all you have to say is “Bite me”.

    If you hadn’t figure it out yet we at Pomona respect Monrovia but have no respect for Covina. I also figured out why so many people come on this blog and comment on Pomona beating Covina? It’s not that they support Pomona, it’s that they hate Covina. Let me give you a little taste of what we got, out of our top THREE running backs none of them played for Pomona last season. In my opinion the all three would start on any team in the VVL, including Covina. Did I forget to mention they all three have great hands (receivers). Don’t want you to have a heart attack old man so I will save the best for later, the defense.

  • mike lawry

    D_ _ _ Head Colt 74, I never bragged about P-Town beating Ayala n Don Lugo, I said I went to see what the P-Town hype was all about, and I said they passed at will, n were very fast you idiot. And bite me?????? What are you, some kinda of fudge packers (homo). You sound like an idiot. If CC were all sophmores they would still stomp you out. And I did shut your piehole. You used the excuse of not wanting to argue but you do it throughout this blog, so hush your P_ s _y.

  • Football Love


    Buddy, you can’t argue with senseless, non informed, ignorant people that have no thought process and just rasnt out junk!!

    Monrovia y Pomona por vida!!

  • tommykiss

    Bulldog Fan,
    we did not start putting actual game highlights until week 4, thats why if you notice the early videos we did, Chino Hills v Mayfair, Ayala v Colony and Chino Hills v Santiago, only had coaches and player interviews.
    We progressed to the point where all games after that had highlights of scores and other big plays.
    This year we plan to have 2 cameras on the field to show different perspectives of the games.

    Tom Kiss

  • Pomona

    Football Love,

    Your exactly correct, and that is why you just described Colt74. All his comments are coming out of his a@@, he has no real facts to back them up. He can’t comment on the talent at Pomona because he has no clue what we have. The comments supporting the Pomona program have come from bloggers that have seen both teams this summer.

    I will give you another sample, how many teams in the SGV are starting the season with three first team all league linebackers.

    I only know of one, POMONA

    We have more ……..

  • I saw Pomona!


  • mike lawry

    I saw Pomona!!!!!!! QB ia garbage? Realllllllly? What school are you following? Hopefully 1 of the 14 P-Town faces this season with their garbage QB. Football love!!!!!! We don’t need to be informed. But believe me if you are with one of the teams that face P-Town, you to will eat sh_t, along with (I saw Pomona , and colt 74). Por Vida???????? This is a H.S. blog, not a letter to Folsom.

  • Pomona

    I saw Pomona!,

    Sounds just a little personal. Since you saw Pomona, what colors are their uniforms, that should be an easy one. Then where and when did you see them and what teams where their besides Pomona. I am expecting no response just like the last person that made a similar comment (same person).

    Since the Tribune doesn’t care here is infor on Gerrad Kough. Beat if he was attending Damien or Bishop Amat it would be all over the Tribune blogs.


    Just the facts Committed July 1st Kough is an offensive line prospect from Pomona, California. Kough is 64, 265-pounds. Rivals bio Scout bio YouTube highlights

    What others had to say about Kough Kough is considered a two-star prospect by Scout, and is not yet rated by Rivals. Kough plays tackle for Pomona, but is being recruited by Colorado to play guard. Offensive coordinator and running backs coach Eric Bieniemy was responsible for Koughs recruitment from the Buffaloes staff. Kough had also been in contact with head coach Jon Embree and offensive line coach Steve Marshall. Here is what an ESPN analyst had to say about Kough: Kough is a tough run blocker who displays the upper body playing strength to dominate his present level of opponent. Has the size and athleticism for the offensive tackle position at the major level of competition. Will need to work on initial quickness and explosion as well as adding body mass to his frame. Playing out of a three point stance we detect some hip and ankle stiffness however it does not appear to affect his ability to play on his feet in space; comes off the ball aggressively but too high when establishing initial contact; does tend to narrow his base but is able to get movement and sustain due to his persistent leg drive. Flashes good pull around ability; we see the potential to set the edge and maintain leverage on 5 technique defenders. With improved initial quickness and pad level we see the potential to consistently get a hat on active 1st and 2nd level defenders. Additional body mass along with the nasty finishing attitude this guy plays with, we see a lineman capable of making the necessary run blocks at the next level. Flashes nimble feet and along with his arm length and quick hands he should be an effective pass pro blocker. Shows the ability to quick set but must work on bend and balance; plays too high and gets caught up on his toes at times. Demonstrates good initial punch and placement, working to re-locate the hands inside the frame. Kough does not appear to be an immediate starter at the BCS level of play, rather a prospect in need of some time and perhaps a red shirt year to grow physically, improve his athleticism while polishing his technical skills.

    Kough had other offers from only Army and Portland State. However, Kough was drawing interest from Arizona State, UCLA, Washington and Fresno State.

    In his own words Colorado said they like me because I finish, I play through the whistle. And I have good feet, I can move, Kough told BuffStampede.com. I know (red-shirt freshman) Jered Bell who plays for Colorado so when Colorado offered me, I looked it up and that pretty much sold me. Colorado is going into a new conference and they seem like an up-and-coming team, like they are about to win. And Colorado seems like a nice place with a good environment. I am going to take a visit out there soon and I cant wait.

  • bulldog nation

    Colt 74, though you still live off of last years high from that Lucky borderline win, just remember that we still have that ugly taste. Guaranteed we will have the pedal to the metal. Good luck this year ( nnnnooooooottttt). Have your 3D glasses on because we are coming strait at you.