Prediction time: Who do you like?

As we are in the calm before the storm of the prep football storm, our colleague Aram Tolegian, our area football guru, has posted some of his predictions for the league title chases in several of our leagues.
Can’t say that I agree with all of his picks, but that’s what makes this fun.
My picks for league titles are the following::

Del Rio: Santa Fe
Hacienda: West Covina
Montview: Azusa
Mission Valley: Arroyo
Sierra: Damien
Valle Vista: San Dimas
Others: La Habra (Freeway), Schurr (Almont), Bishop Amat (Serra), and St. Paul (Mission).

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  • Bulldog1

    No problem with this one! ” Kiss the Ring”
    Bulldogs to repeat in a “rout” with class and humility.
    Bulldog Fever….

  • reality

    Sorry Steve but I do not care for your generic one size fits all articles. Take a stand on something, do some homework, then post something we bloggers can fight about rather than this junk.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Picking league winners is not taking a stand? I guess I read the definition wrong in Webster’s.

  • Bulldog1

    Steve, Reality is a crybaby.
    Forget him!!!!

  • Stevie,

    St. Paul in the Mission? Is that homerism, optimism or pure lunacy? I hope you’re right, but I don’t know man.

  • Amat Bully

    are you serious robledo you chose damien over CO to win the sierra…..

  • reality

    When you take a position you explain why unless you’re Sarah Palin. I don’t agree with Aram but at least he explains his reasons for his picks. What have you noticed about these picks???? That is what I mean by doing your homework. But hey!! you got bull#1 on your side and a nice photo so I guess you are impressing somebody.

  • Amat Bully

    LOL at you picking Amat to win the serra….maybe because they’re part of the sgv is the reason why you pick them..

    Del Rio: Santa Fe
    Hacienda: West Covina…only obvious
    Montview: Azusa
    Sierra: CO…hands down
    Valle Vista: pomona…loving the hype
    La Habra (Freeway)
    Chaminade (mission)
    San grabriel (Almont)
    Alemany or Notre dame (serra)

  • Bulldog1

    reality, as I explained last season; why show pictures of losers? Everyone loves a winner, thats why you see Bulldogs in your dreams and on these blogs. reality, if I remember right, youre a cat lover. Next time you be Sarah Palin and Ill continue to be the Bulldog on top.
    We will win with class and humility always. And yes lots of pictures of Bulldogs this year.
    Yes Steve, Im impressed!!! Keep up the good work.
    Go Bulldogs.

  • reality

    I would love to continue this banter but as I have a life and its Friday night I must take my lady out for a steak and a festive libation. But let me toss you a bone bull#1. I heard Amat Bully wants you to kiss his rings. Maybe you two can hookup tonite as I’am sure you two dolts have nothing better to do.

  • Amat Bully

    why would you throw me in your cat fight or your made up date. i stand alone… time pick on someone you can win against because Bulldog1 is embarrassing you…

  • VVL

    Hey Bulldog1 if you TRULY believe your “why show pictures of losers? Everyone loves a winner” that picture should be of Covina right? Did they not beat you?

    But don’t worry, this year you again will get to “Kiss the Hoof”

    And Amat Bully, CO has absolutely NO CHANCE of winning the Sierra. Too much hype and no substance. CO last year was the same. Before the season they were the Great White Hype and look what happened.

  • SGV Fan

    Can someone take out Azusa already?? LP, Gladstone step up!! Glad Arroyo is favored in the Mission Valley, great staff=great results. Would like to see Rosemead take a shot at again.

  • Aaron

    I like it…but the Del Rio should be in your others part…especially Steve WDN covers La Habra right?

  • Amat Bully

    what would make you think that CO has no chance only 10 points separated CO from the sierra league title last year and truthfully last year was a rebuilding year. And reasons for CO coming in last year favored is because CO was coming off a championship season but as you see were favored again even after suffering two league losses last year. CO will be crowned its almost guaranteed….

  • SaintsR4real

    Good job Stevo! Not like that Gordo Aram, because of your reputation, we know you did your “HOMEORK”!!
    Please tell me, what stands out at San Dimas to you, to make them your Valle Vista prediction??

  • sarcasm bully

    They should cancel the season and give CO the championship now! No need to play the games, they did so well last year and the year before when they ran threw the Valley’s B teams…Come on! The truth is CO has trouble playing against quality opponents, its not their fault though, they won back to back tittles against sub-par opponents and if I remember correctly they lost games or at least tied games those years to IE teams. CO will have a fighting chance against good oponents this year, but nothing is promised or “almost guaranteed” I like Damien.

  • Amat Bully

    sarcasm bully:
    Ok maybe i came off a little to confident. you right CO still has to play the games. But calling the southeast a sub par division is a little harsh dont you think. And why is it that when CO won it all in that division everyone knocked their Championship with the whole CO won against sub par contenders but since West CO won it, its all praise and now West Co is even considered better than CO, i dont get it. Not knocking West CO at all but i think a lot of these bloggers are a little hypocritical. But you say Co has a “fighting” chance as if CO is the under dog.

  • sarcasm bully

    It is what it is, I was there in 08, great CO team, poor competition…Now West Covina ’10 vs ’08 CO would have been a great game, I give the edge to CO in that case…WC does get a lot of hype and it’s probably cause they are not scared to schedule big games (it’s the truth not trying to knock CO) against Amat, Venice even OC teams. I do see CO as underdog next year, you have a great qb albeit undersized and a great reciever in Gilchrist but where is the D? ’08 CO was stacked! Damien is the league favorite.

  • BA!!!

    I gotta admit…Aram has shown big cajones by picking Amat to win the Serra. I bleed Royal Blue and Gold but this surprised me. At the same time, it got me excited for some BA Football!!! These are some of the best football programs in Calfornia and the entire country! Welcome to our world!

    The LA Times had this to report about Servite and Alemany:

    “No. 1: Anaheim Servite. When Coach Troy Thomas speaks, people need to listen. His teams have won or shared six consecutive Trinity League titles and won consecutive Pac-5 Division titles.

    So when Thomas says “We have a typical Servite team,” that means beware of the Friars.

    Servite will have the most underrated player in the Southland in senior quarterback Cody Pittman. I don’t see any Internet recruiting experts ranking Pittman among the best quarterbacks in Southern California. They made the same mistake two years ago, when Cody Fajardo led the Friars to a Pac-5 title, then signed with Nevada.

    Pittman is a three-sport athlete, about whom Thomas says “He’s as good as any quarterback we’ve had.”

    Besides Pittman, Servite has a standout linebacker in Butch Pauu, one of the best blockers in Travis Averill, an experienced tight end in Ainslie Johnson and one of the toughest players in defensive lineman-running back Jherremya Leuta-Douyere, who returns from a knee injury. The biggest question for the Friars is who’s going to replace their graduated cornerbacks?

    No. 3: Mission Hills Alemany. Those who think it was a fluke for the Warriors to make it to the Pac-5 semifinals last season will soon learn that this year’s team is even better. There’s more overall team speed, better depth, and the defense should be superior, thanks to lineman Kyle DeVaughn, the reigning Serra League defensive most valuable player.

    Alemany won four summer seven-on-seven passing tournaments behind an inexperienced junior quarterback in Devon Dunn, who led the junior varsity to a 10-0 record last season. If Dunn performs as well as he did in the summer, the Warriors should be right in the title mix. Their only drawback is a weak non-league schedule that will do little to prepare them for a competitive Serra League. Junior receiver Steven Mitchell and senior defensive back Jerico Richardson have UCLA scholarship offers.”

    By Eric Sondheimer
    August 2, 2011

    Full article can be found here:,0,3023887.column



  • Senor Serra

    News Flash – Alemany was Vernon Adams. He’s not there anymore and one returning D lineman doesn’t make them a lock. Passing league is for show so I don’t put a lot into winning Seven on seven’s. Crespi lost some good players too and other than J.Moore, Amat is a question mark too. Don’t know a lot about Loyola and Crespi but I predict that the Serra is really up for grabs and just as tough as years past.

  • just sayin’

    Bully Boy – using the same logic you applied to CO in the Sierra
    what would make you think that (Amat) has no chance? only (8) points separated (Amat) from the (Serra) league title last year (and they won it the year before that)
    Why would you readily annoint Alemany – who lost their all-everything QB and are bringing up a JV kid to replace him. And what info do you have to guess that Notre Dame might have a shot – the 52 -7 beat down Amat put on them last year?
    you’re still letting your envy cloud your vision and keeping you from making consistent solid statements

  • Amat Bully

    just sayin’
    My reason is simple i don’t like Amat….But other than that, i read the La times and just what “BA” posted is exactly what i read. And my reason for Notre Dame is that they return a lot of starters and have the fastest back coming back in kalfani who’s much faster this year and has the experience.
    I had been to some of the Alemany practices and watching JR Mitchell, Jeff farrar And Jerico run routes with Dunn placing them on the money, i think its safe to say that they have one of the best receiving core in the whole Southern Cal, and we all know how not that athletic Amat corners are.

    Senor Serra:
    Alemany is still loaded they have returners on both sides of the ball not just one D-linmen they have almost their entire secondary back besides mccullough but they do return the other corner a Lb their safety and the d-lineman your talking about. Not only that but they’re still getting all the kids from pasadena there to. i hear that CJ washington will play a little Lb to this season for them.

    Alemany is my pick for the serra. the only upset i think is going to come from Notre Dame. Amat one dimensional offense is going to be exposed and shut down i see BA finishing possibly 3rd this year, 2nd maybe with an upset victory between the other teams that will put them 2nd.

  • just sayin’

    Bully Boy – never a good reason to make a statement, but I’ll let that go. HAte clouds your judgement. You’re just not very consistent and use 1 argument to justify why you think CO has a chance – and the same argument to explain why Amat doesn’t. Not making much sense.
    Talk about “1 dimensional”? Alemany has to replace 2901 of their 2931 passing yards and 2/3 of their total rushing carries. That’s a daunting task. I wouldn’t rely on a JV kid’s, who’s never taken a varsity snap) touch football performance to evaluate whether he’s “ready” to replace Adams?
    Amat has their leading passer, rusher, and 5 of their top 6 receivers returning. And last year Amat lost by 8pts
    not predictin’ – just sayin’

  • OldMan in Chino

    Just wondering that since this is a San Gabriel Valley newspaper that the top picks in the Sierra and Serra leagues (Charter Oak and Bishop Amat) are based on the strength of their teams or if they get the nod based on that they are viewed as the top teams in those leagues within the circulation area of The Tribune?