Football 2011: A peek at some of the better Whittier-East Valley crossover games

As part of our new all-encompassing sports blog, I began to look at the schedule for the Tribune and Whittier area teams and noticed some interesting crossover games during the nonleague stretch of the season.
Here are some of the best:

1. Charter Oak vs. Santa Fe, at Pioneer HS, Sept. 30
What a way to end the opening month of the season. This one could be promoted as the Best to the East Valley vs. the Best of Whittier. Now Bishop Amat and La Habra might have something to say about that. But it features two of the more consistent programs from each area in the past decade. Going into the season, you would favor Charter Oak, but there’s no doubt that the Chiefs could make it difficult for the Chargers.

2. La Mirada at Bishop Amat, Sept. 16
This one would have been one of the better early meetings last year when both were loaded. The Matadores are down a bit, but the Lancers also have to get a long without Rio Ruiz during the first couple of weeks, if not longer. But this one has to favor Bishop Amat.

3. La Serna at Bonita, Sept. 16
This is a reamatch of last year’s CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division semifinal, won by the Bearcats, 21-16. Both teams suffered some graduation losses, but it should be one of the better cross-over games. Give the advantage to the Bearcats. Same teams, same site, same result.

Game I would like to see:
How about the true battle of the Best of the East Valley vs. the Best of Whittier: Bishop Amat vs. La Habra. The Cal Preps projection page says it would be Bishop Amat 35, La Habra 21. I think it would closer, but it would be fun to see. Speaking of Whittier vs. the East Valley, why not a return of Bishop Amat vs. St. Pau…just sayin.

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  • BigDog

    No contest between Bishop Amat and St Paul.

    This would be like the Vasity playing the in coming freshmen team!

  • Best vs. Best?

    “Game I would like to see”

    best vs best?

    Bishop Amat vs. La Habra?

    You guys just ranked Charter Oak #1 so why Bishop Amat?

    Just asking?

  • NotSince1995

    Remember the “good’ol days”? Way back then. In the ’70s…When Disco and Ford Pintos ruled…
    Watching BishopNation v St Paul now…is like watching New Mexico v New Mexico State…Nobody cares!
    We have way better match ups in 2011 than that…! C’mon…!
    Not In 2011 Either…

  • AMAT 73

    Doesn’t it just grind your gears when you see something like that . The best of the ESGV vs Whittier area, AMAT vs La Habra. HA HA HA HA . All your crap you post and it does no good . Name your better match ups or is it because you lack the intestinal fortitude to do so . In terms you can understand , no guts. C’mon post up for once . Plus I think muscle cars ruled the 70’s but I can see where you were , driving a Pinto , HA HA HA HA . Or were you riding in the back of your Mom’s Pinto wagon as you passed AMAT dreaming you could one day be a LANCER.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Hay what’s wrong with Pintos?

  • pinto enthusiast

    I ageed with Dirk digler and nonesense…I love dem pintos I collect em… I have 6 of them in my front yard up on blocks….dirk and nonesense you are welcome over anytime …but bring your own beer

  • Dan

    Oh Oh Fred, is that spam I see below me?