Whittier: La Habra steps up schedule

La Habra High School has fielded the most-consistent football program among the three areas over the past decade, advancing to seven CIF-Southern Section divisional championship games during the last 11 seasons, winning six.
The Highlanders have won four consecutive CIF-SS crowns, and they are expected to be in the running for a fifth.
But being the best is not about resting on your laurels, and La Habra is definitely not sitting still this season.
Just check the schedule, which includes a Sept. 16 meeting against Pac-5 stalwart Servite, and also includes face offs against El Dorado on Sept. 2 and Orange Lutheran on Sept. 23.
Aaron Porter, who has committed to UCLA, and company have their work cut out for them. How do you think they will do?

Fri. Sept. 2, El Dorado @ Placencia Valencia, 7 p.m.
Fri. Sept. 9, @ La Mirada, 7 p.m.
Fri. Sept. 16, Servite @ Cerritos College, 7 p.m.
Fri. Sept. 23, Orange Lutheran @ Cerritos College, 7:30 p.m.
Thu. Sept. 29, ST. JOHN BOSCO, 7 p.m.
Fri. Oct. 14, *Sunny Hills @ Buena Park, 7 p.m.
Fri. Oct. 21, @ *Fullerton, 7 p.m.
Fri. Oct. 28, *BUENA PARK, 7 p.m.
Fri. Nov. 4, *Sonora @ La Habra, 7 p.m.
Thu. Nov. 10, *TROY, 7 pm.
*- denotes Freeway League game

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  • D-Mo

    Looks like a fun pre-season schedule. They should have no problem with their Freeway League opponents.
    I hear CO is going to play them next season. Don’t think they have ever played each other. Appear to be very similar programs.
    I wish their Servite game was on a Thursday. That would be a game to see.

  • suspect

    I expect their 3 games vs Pac 5 opponents to go as they did last year – a sweep. Olu and SJB didn’t even make the playoffs and waxed La Habra. There is TOO big a difference between these smaller divisions and the big boys. You just wouldn’t understand

  • Steve Ramirez

    I don’t know suspect, I think I remember hearing the same talk in the FBS about TCU facing Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl last year, and we remember who won that game.

  • Amat Bully

    Man La habra is a great program and i do see them upsetting at least one or two of them pac5 schools.

  • suspect

    Bully why would it be any different than last year? Bosco and Lutheran didn’t make the playoffs last year – and they’re better this season. Then – there’s Servite. I know you;re a Pac 5 hater because that’s where Aamt lives and you so desperately want the Inland to be as good – but show at least some logic.

  • West Coast

    La habra didnt get “waxed” by O-Lu. They lost 21-17 and more than likely would have pulled off the upset had their QB not get hurt in the fourth quarter.

    It’s good to see a smaller powerhouse play the big guns, but unfortunately the talent gap is still very wide with those schools compared to a freeway league team.

    La Habra will pull off a win against Bosco or O-Lu this season. Their defense will be very tough and they have some playmakers on offense, but the biggest question mark will be at the QB spot.

  • NotSince1995

    You know you’re at the annual Amat 1st round playoff post-game post mortem when there is more blue plastic Tequila cups on the front yard (errrr LaPuente housing parking lot) than punch cups at little Juanito’s birthday party…
    That’s right…Pac 5 “Participant”
    Not in 2011 either…

  • Dan

    All three should be good games. In any given year I could see La Habra pulling at least one upset. I see by West Coast post that they lost their QB in the 4th qtr of the O-Lu game and I remember him being out for a while, was he missing for the Servite and St. John Bosco games too? Its possible they could have pulled the upset against O-lu last year if he doesn’t get hurt, although I still think they would have lost to Bosco, Bosco struggles against good Pac 5 teams but usually doesn’t have a problem with the good lower level power’s
    Haven’t heard too much on La Habra this summer
    but in reading other message boards, it looks like O-Lu and Bosco will be up this year.
    Servite lost some guys but Coach Thomas has that program firing on all cylinders, so it’s a pretty good chance we will see another Pac 5 sweep over La Habra. La Habra is a good D6 or D7 program, much like the good El Dorado teams of 2006 and 2007. Not quite on par with the solid Pac 5 programs but capable of pulling the upset if a Pac 5 school is in an average or mediocre year. Anyway’s thats my opinion, I’d like to hear
    other opinions on La Habra.

  • BraveDad

    Let’s get one thing straight: yes, Cody got hurt against OLu and did not play against Servite. However, he started and played the whole game against Bosco and we waxed their behinds. It was 21 – 0 before the seats were warm. LH scored on a hail mary just before half to make the half time score 21 0 and it was not that close. LH never got past the 50 the whole first half. In the second half LH was nowhere near the end zone until Bosco cleared their bench and then LH scored 10 points in garbage time – it was not close at all. To anyone who thinks LH will beat Bosco this year: you are an idiot, or you simply do not know football. Bosco’s team is better this season at RB (Young will run crazy all season), QB (third year starter), WRs (Treggs might be the best in So Cal), TEs (Boscos TEs are total beasts), and the D will be much better (the OL will have four new starters, but the kids on the OL are big and athletic). LH is not as good as last season – heck they don’t even know who their QB is going to be. Bottom line is LH will lose all three games again and the scores will be even more one sided. Anyone who says otherwise is speaking out of their back side and is more than likely the parent of an LH student; and, not very enlightened with regard to the Trinity League and D1 football. I guess you have to think positive though right LH? All I can say is good luck, youll need it!

  • Only An Observer

    I’m not here to try and take anything away from the La Habra football program, but if you look back as far as the 04-05 season they have not been able to beat a Div 1 school. During this time period to the present they are 0 and 7 against D1 type schools. Even to say that La Habra would beat an Amat or Div 1 type team is a little exaggerated. Take a look (With some help from maxpreps).

    04-05: Lost to Los Alamitos 35-7
    05-06: Lost to Los Alamitos 28-0
    06-07: Did not play a D1 school
    07-08: Did not play a D1 school (Won I believe a D6 or lower Championship)
    08-09: Lost to Los Alamitos (Won I believe a D6 or lower Championship)
    09-10: Lost to Los Alamitos 28-13 (Won a D6 Championship)
    10-11: Lost to OLU 21-17 in 1st game of the season. Lost to Servite 23-0. Lost to St John Bosco 35-17 (Won a D6 Championship).

    I don’t see anything different this year for anyone to say they are going to beat a Pac 5 school, or compete with them (I believe they have lost a lot of talent to compete with these type of schools).

    This is what most people that come on this blog don’t understand. Some programs are not placed in their appropriate Divisions. If you would move these programs up to where they should be, in my opinion they would not be as successful as they have been (hence this has already happen to a few school that were moved up to more competitive divisions).

    Again without taking anything away from the lower level programs that have dominated those levels, there is just no comparison to come on here and say, so and so team is better then so and so team because they have rings in Div 20, and so and so team does not have any rings since forever.

    It always great to be a fan or supporter of a program, but people need to know that there is a difference in the caliber of Div 1 type schools compared to a D6 or lower school.

    Yes there have been exceptions (OLU, Oaks Christian, and Gardena Serra) these schools started out in lower Div. they could have possible stayed in those divisions and dominated, but instead they moved up to compete in Div3 or higher. All Im saying is would La Habra have won all these championships if they were in Div 3 or higher? Again this is only my observation.

  • NotSince1995

    Where’s Bishop Amat…?
    “Los Angeles Times”…August 2, 2011, 4:28 p.m.
    Break out the champagne, roll out the red carpet and let the trumpets blast. It’s time to unveil the top five high school football teams…
    No. 1: Anaheim SERVITE. When Coach Troy Thomas speaks, people need to listen. His teams have won or shared six consecutive Trinity League titles and won consecutive Pac-5 Division titles.
    Oh…Oh! Can you say September 9th…?
    No. 2: Mission Viejo…
    No. 3: Mission Hills Alemany. There’s more overall team speed, better depth, and the defense should be superior, thanks to lineman Kyle DeVaughn, the reigning Serra League defensive most valuable player.
    Oh…Oh! Can you say October 14th…?
    No. 4: Corona Centennial.
    No. 5: Santa Margarita.

    What other teams could crack the top five?

    Westlake Village Oaks Christian and Ventura St. Bonaventure are the favorites to win the Northern Division title. Santa Ana Mater Dei showed over the summer it has the talent to be a factor in the Trinity League. Long Beach Poly is loaded with outstanding skill-position players, but the Jackrabbits know they can’t regain their place at the top unless the offensive and defensive lines display improvement. Tesoro has a mix of young and veteran players that could lead the Titans to prominence.
    WAIT…! WAIT!
    Eric…did you forget your annual ball washing of the BishopNation…?
    Well, I guess I’ve Converted you too!
    Not In 2011 Either…

  • Dan

    Just an observer,
    Actually La Habra beat a Pac 5/D1 school in 2009, they beat San Clemente , they also came within 4 against Los Alamitos back in 2000 (they lost 24 to 20), that year Los Alamitos went on to win the D1 champioship. Not bad considering La Habra was in D9 that year. Last season they came close to Orange Lutheran, I think the score was 21 to 17, They lost their quarterback in that game too. They also came within a touchdown to Los Alamitos I beleive in 2008 or 2007. All these schools are legit Pac 5/D 1 schools, so to say they cannot compete is incorrect. I am not saying they are on the same level as these other schools because they are not, but an upset over a Pac 5 school, or at least a competitive game with one is a good possiblity with La Habra, because it’s happened already.
    With that said, I would pick a D1 school such as Bishop Amat over La Habra in a tough game any day of the week, but if your a Pac 5 school and you catch La Habra in one of your mediocre years an upset is a good possibility.