Football season around the corner …

The second PrepXtra Football Preview Magazine will publish on Aug. 30, two days before the weekend trifecta featuring San Dimas-Bonita (Thursday), Glendora-Charter Oak (Friday) and West Covina-Covina on Saturday. Until then, we’re back covering summer training camps until opening weekend, and taking your suggestions on teams you want to hear from the most. BTW, since Aram covered so much summer passing league, I gave him the honor of picking the Tribune’s preseason top ten for the Magazine. Maybe you’ll be surprised, maybe you won’t.

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  • CO bigger, faster, stronger

    I like co going 9-1 this season, they will beat Glendora convincingly, I think this season they will have the best defense In the area and teams will have an extremely tough time scoring on them, look out for a breakout year from Jonathan Thropay whose coming into the season at free safety he is 6’4″ 195 lbs, runs a 4.7 electric 40, also look at aaron Vaughns as well at corner, he’s been lock down the whole summer and will tough to go by as he is the fastest player on charter oak year. Travis is going to do his usual thing and with your returning back in Scooby ( this boy is a flat out hog with the ball in his hands) if the receivers can play at a consistent rate the sky is the limit for them.

  • Colts

    go visit covina havent really seen them this year!

  • 6’4??

    yeah right thropay is barely a lick over 6 foot!

  • Aaron

    Never can get believers out of you folks. Bearcats are ready to play! Seriously DRanch ahead of BoHigh? Are you smoking? Are we really buying Diamond Bar? They gave up 29 points per game last season. And they play another WEAK schedule. So you won’t see how good/bad they are until week five when they face WesCo. As far as DRanch and DBar are concerned…you need more than one or two guys.

    To whoever starts at QB for WesCo, good luck.

  • SaintsR4real



  • patrick

    Aaron, you have a really BIG mouth, but thats ok, cause you will be the next one eating your crow!!!Perhaps you should be wishing the Bearcats good luck also instead of pawning them off as “World Beaters” before the season has even started!!

  • Progress..

    Look out for the Monrovia Wildcats in 2011. This year’s team is going to be great. As Defending Mid Valley Champs, the Cats are going to have a target on their chest all year long. Teams Like Covina, Maranatha, Pomona, and San Dimas, have the Cats in their sites. The cats will have to bring their “A” Game come playoff time. With Huge losses like “all everything” QB Nick Bueno, and LB Derrick Johnson, Monrovia has some players who must compensate for those dynamic studs. However, The cats have “Reloaded” with the addition of Deshawn Ramirez, back for his senior year. He is top tier running back who will be carrying the load running the rock this year. Expect huge numbers from this kid. The one area of concern is “New Comer” George Frazier starting at the QB position this season. He is a all Cif LB, but will have the important roll of leading the team this year. Luckily this kid is a gamer with a high football IQ. Monrovia has plethora of Speedy talented WRs in Williams, Craft and Bryant to name a few. It is going to be difficult for opponents to cover all of these WR all of the time. The Cats also have to replace players like Bisterfeldt on the line, but once again, Monrovia will have a nice line. On the defensive side, the cats will be lead by the best player in the area Ellis McCarthy. There is no doubt that he will require a double and triple team all night. This should open up opportunities for other defenders to make plays. The Cats will also be solid up the middle with Frazier leading the line backing core. The Secondary will be Lead by all Cif Junior Anthony Craft. The Cats did lose All Cif safeties Jay Henderson, and Charlie Cimmarusti, but Mason Bryant and Deshawn Ramirez are Excellent Replacements.

    To Summarize, the Cats will dominate the Rio Hondo league, and be a top four seed in the Mid Valley. However, after winning its first CIF title, Monrovia is looking to Master this level of competition, and Move up in Rank. The Goal is to go 14-0, repeat as Mid valley champs and possibly get a state bowl ” Small Schools” appearance. If Monrovia can accomplish 2 out of 3 goals stated, The Cats will be ready to say good bye to Div 11 football and say hello to the Pacific league and South East Division. The Monrovia vs Arcadia rivalry would be huge, and games like Monrovia vs Muir would pack stadiums. It would be wonderful for Maddox and Maggoire to face off in a Playoff game. Then you may see Monrovia play the likes of ST Francis, Alemany and the “holy” Bishop Amat Lancers lol.For now, Monrovia will have to master the likes of teams like Glendora, and South Hills and Arcadia, to prove their worth. The Glendora game is a “Must win” for the Green and White Machine. That’s where it all begins. This is going to be a exciting year, and I predict that Monrovia will repeat as Mid Valley Champs.

  • Aaron

    patrick…my man, I’m not pawning them off as anything.

    What would you like me to say? That last year was a breakthrough? As long as these kids play their game they will be fine and advance beyond the first round.

    DRanch and DBar have far to improve from last season, is DBar a dark horse? They have a great athlete at QB who can sling with the best of them and a good WR…but do they have any resemblance of a line?

    Thing is I don’t know, but the film on them from last season would say they’re gonna be 4-0 when they face WesCo, after that I’m not sure.

    Hacienda may end up being a dogfight.

  • SaintsR4real


    Thanks for the nice post, and best of luck this year.

    I have a few questions though, if you don’t mind answering back.

    Monrovia has won one CIF title, how do they plan on mastering this level of competition (division)if they have one of the weakest league around?

    Yes, they should dominate their league again, but are you not talking a little premature on going undefeated until you have actually won your first four games between Glendora, Arcadia, San Dimas and South Hills (hope you saw what I did at the Glendora passing league, not good)??

    Who are the key players that will take you to the next level and actually compete?? All I see are two, Frazier and Craft. Who am I missing??

    You say Monrovia is looking for a bid in the State Bowl (small school). Is Monrovia a small school, having 1800 kids or more?? How do you think they have a chance if Monrovias’ strentgh of schedule is only 3.7, compared to the likes of San Dimas at 11.2 with only 1400 kids and never had a chance at a State Bowl???

    All in all, great support for your team.

  • Aaron

    The Mid-Valley Division winner…if the Mid-Valley winner was considered would be placed in the regional for Division III, not one of the “Small School” Divisions. The only league that could even try for that would be the Olympic, but I believe their size is irrelevant because of the division they compete in.

  • Progress

    Well to answer your first Question…Their are only two good leagues in the Midvalley, first the Valley Vista, and Olympic that means two or more teams that can go all the way. However, The Majority of the teams in the Division have cupcake preseason schedules and weak league schedules as well. I will use this years “San Dimas Schedule. The only upper division game you all play this year is Bonita. Now granted Azusa is good, that’s 2 good Preseason Games, Then they only other good teams you play are, Pomona and Covina. That’s four good teams. Covina, plays wesco and Walnut, two good upper division teams, then in league they play, Pomona and San Dimas. that’s Four Good teams played. Maranatha plays, Azusa the who??? Village Chr or Whittier Chr…I am not sure that league is going to be that good. Now, on the other hand, Monrovia plays Glendora, South Hills, Paramount, Arcadia and “SAN DIMAS”. 4 upper Division Teams, and a former CIF Champ and Semifinalist. We By far have the toughest preseason schedule in the Mid valley. But Still only 4 good teams played. Pomona also has one of the tougher schedules playing Chino and Chino Hills, then Covina, and San Dimas. Still only 4 good teams played. Sam with Schurr only 4 good teams played. I am not knocking BP or wilson, or Temple City or San Marino, or Rosemead and Alhambra, but these teams will not beat the top team(S) in their league. So when it comes to the Midvalley as long as you have 4 good games, you will be just as ready as anyone else. Now if you look at the schedules of Charter Oak, West Covina, Chino Hills, Bishop Amat on that level week 1-14 you will see good teams. So leagues and schedules in the Mid valley don’t weigh that much. It’s a Talent driven division, steered by good coaching staffs like Monrovia, San dimas, and Covina..

    I am not sure you know who Deshawn Ramirez is, but he is the best running back in the Midvalley after sitting out a year, and top 5 SGV. He is a huge weapon for the Cats this year. You will see. Are you forgeting about Ellis McCarthy top DL in Socal? Those four players alone are a lot for the Midvalley to handle. But really Monrovia just has size and speed. There were at least 5 underclassmen starting on D and O last year. When you can get half of your starters back on both sides, that’s Reloading. We only lost 1 WR from last year. 1 rb, 2 lineman and well Bueno. But, the guys stepping in are good. You will see.

    As far as state bowl goes, if we are consider D3 its going to be tough to make that. So i will concede on that statement. Maybe wesco will get that bid, if they go 14-0.

    Finally, The Glendora Passing league performance was not that good, But Monrovia is not known for passing league teams. Monrovia had a good showing against Bishop Amat, but Amat is not a passing league team. So when you look at the Monrovia game vs Glendora, it was closer than the score 21-7. Monrovia had 4-5 turnovers in that game. Some in the read zone too. And Jefferies Made some super star plays falling down, throwing behind his back etc… despite McCarthy pressuring him all night. Their QB this year won’t be able to do what Jefferies did under pressure. All 5 of our preseason games are going to be tough. I hope I answered some questions for you…

  • Brandon Cartright

    Sorry Aaron, Freds right, Bonitas going to finish the season in third place is about right. No playoffs. The problem this season is a lack of athletes. Some if not all the strongest, fastest, smartest, biggest, best athletes arent playing football. Aaron, you are a Bonita homer and know the school a lot better than most, Im sure you could name at least ten athletes from other sports that would start on this years football team. This and next season will be rebuilding years at best, why do you think Podley was considering going to Glendora as a coach?

  • Aaron

    I probably can. Third in League is where I peg them because they are young…but since the Hacienda is guaranteed four spots in the Southeast Playoffs…

  • SaintsR4real


    Thanks for your input. You are definitely right, Monrovia has the toughest pre-season in the Mid-valley, but their regular schedule is what screws them up from building up their profile to step up in competition. I’m not sure, but I believe a team has to show at least a couple titles and a number of dominating years in their divisiom before they push them up a level.

    Yes, I have seen DeShawn, two years ago when Monrovia took it to us in pre-season. He was great to watch and a game breaker. Not sure if he played the full season, he wasn’t playing in thr title game. He has been away from full contact for awhile, so time will tell.

    Once again, thanks, and let’s see where were at in week 4…

  • reality

    While you are right about Bonita having many athletes that do not play football, that is true at many public non recuiting programs, but the ones that are playing are smart, very well coached and want to be on the field. Bonita has been fielding very competitive teams though usually undersized and slow of foot. They play aggresive and will gamble when you least expect it. They seem to always be around in the 4th quarter and more often than not win. I would not be surprized if the Bearcats start off slowly but neither would I be shocked if they stunned San Dimas again. The reason Bonita has been successful in all their programs is their high quality coaches and the fact that they lose very few if any of their La Verne athletes to other schools. So come Smudgepot they will be prepared.Also no way was Podley leaving because the cupboard was bare. There still is plenty of good stuff in it.

  • Bonita

    ARAM, remember when you predicted bonita to go 1-9 last year?? Then you turn around and say they had some of the best seniors the school has seen in a while?? Are you with it or against it. But just like last year bonita’s gunna ball out. But no matter how good we do this year, I will always be looking forward to you predicting us to have a loosing season.

  • Observantcat

    Saints4real, I believe Progress is right on the money about Monrovia moving up and out of this Div. If you noticed last season we were #4 in the Div.3 State bowl bidding and yes those 2 pre-season games hurt us. Our search for an offense outside of Nick was very evident and it showed in our early preseason games. By the end of the season we outclassed the entire Mid-Valley as did we the RHL, so by no means does being part of a non-competitive league hold a team back from having a state bowl bid. We are a Div. 3 state bowl contender and West Covina is Div. 2 State bowl contender which is a much tougher at at the state bowl level. Now as far as reloading is concerned, I think that this years team is going to be a few steps above last seasons squad simply because of all the options we have this season. DeShawn is the real deal and it will show this season, he has been keeping is very good shape and is still the guy to stop in the Mid Valley Div. That year off only makes him more anxious to prove his talents on the field at RB and on special teams. Monrovia will be much more dangerous this season on offense, the defense is going to be just as stellar with guys Like McCarthy, Cassas, Frazier, & Walsh as well as our DB crew. I think that we sometimes under-estimate teams in our league because of the disparity of talent that is on the Monrovia team, I believe some of the other teams are due to make a run this season as well and will compete in the Mid-Valley Div. along with several other teams from other leagues. The connection these kids have with their Coaches is phenomenal. I would love to see these kids develop a dynasty type attitude and move into playing more greater competition. As for the VVL, I think you guys are going to have your hands full trying to handle other athletic teams in your league, Pomona is screaming pretty loud about what they have tunneled into their program and everybody knows that Covina is pretty pumped up this season to grab ahold of that crown outright this season. So get ready for some real action this season, like I said before See you at our house in Sept. We will have someone their to change the lights on the scoreboard just in case….lol

  • progress..

    Saint’s… 2 Semi appearances and 2 finals appearances, 1 title soon to be 2 titles, in 6 years would be Domination…and the truth of the matter, is at least 4-5 of our star players will be back next season as well, with only Maranatha returning Elfers, Covina will graduate almost everyone except for Ainsworth. San Dimas will need a new QB and Replacing Corona as well. If Monrovia wins it this year,there would be no Reason for why CIF to Swap them with Hoover or Glendale in the Pacific and southeast. Those teams are losing to South Pasedena….Come on now. It’s just a matter of time before Cif does some house cleaning again. It’s Hypothetical, but I can’t see Monrovia being in the Rio Hondo and Midvalley for too much longer. There is just too much talent coming up. You see what they did to Charter Oak…If West Co goes back to back, they my turn some heads as well…I am really not bragging, but with a program on the upswing and a Coach like Maddox, He is going to want to up the the Division. Monrovia this year can Prove without a doubt they can move up, if they sweep, Glendora, South hills, Arcadia, and Paramount and San Dimas. Our work is almost done, in this division. Then we may have to take some lumps, but oh well…that’s how we want it.

  • SaintsR4real


    Let’s see how many post we can get without going to trash talk??


    You say Deshawn is STILL the guy to stop in the mid-valley, but he hasn’t played since 2009( as I said, he was shining at the SD 2009 game at Monrovia). I believe Ainsworth from Covina (Corona right behind him)has that title till someone passes him up outright. Let me ask you, head to head, who is the better running back, Bueno or Deshawn (QB activity aside)? If Deshawn is better than Bueno on the open field, then you guys have it good.


    Okay, you’re saying if Monrovia wins back to back then they should by far move up to a more competitive league? I’m cool with that. Does the same go with San Dimas, 2 titles in three years and (cros my fingers) beating Bonita 4 out of 5 years?? Can you tell me what 4-5 Junior or Sophomore players you are talking about? Do they have above average stats from last year? How sure are you that Maranatha, Covina, San Dimas have only one valuable player coming back?

    One thing is a for sure, this season is gonna be awesome, especially if our predictions pan out.

  • Bonita,

    Quit making things up. I NEVER said Bonita would go 1-9 last year. In fact, you can pull up the August 2010 archives on my blog and read what I said about Bonita BEFORE the season.

    For starters, I ranked them No. 23 in the All-Encompassing 25. If I thought or said they would go 1-9, that would not have happened.

    Then, in response to the scrimmage vs. Damien, I wrote “So, on to my impressions. My first one was that Bonita passes the look test. I was very impressed by their size … and I’m not necessarily talking about the lines. The ‘Cats seem to have the right type of body in each spot. They kinda reminded me of a prototypical Orange County team.”

    Why don’t you come back when you’ve woke up.

  • Observantcat

    As a pure break away RB, DeShawn is by a great measure the better of the two. Nick has great instinct and definitely good speed but DeShawn is much bigger and faster in the open field and much more balanced. You will not be able to snatch DeShawn down like you may have done Nick. If they both were on the field at the same time then most of our games would have been over in the first quarter last season, but our games were generally over by halftime anyway. By the way if you recall our first game last season against you guys, our running back Michael Harris ran the ball 6 times for 77 yards and 3 touchdowns. So you can just imagine what he and Ramirez might do this season along with a few other talented backs. I hope that answers your question. NO MORE BILLYCATS!!!!

  • progress

    Saints we are going to be in good hands after this year as well. some of our players did not get awards due to fact that Monrovia had so many players who could have been all CIF last year. Here are a few Notables sophomores who started on last years championship team. Also keep In mind that we have talent that will be introduced to the Midvalley who are sophomores this year. We have stellar talent coming in from the JAA program…So you see a trend here? Our top tier Freshman don’t play JV, they go straight to Varsity, so by the time the are jrs, they are ready….With a great staff, and incoming talent, things look good…You will know about everyone on this list come week 4.

    George Frazier 6’2 220 lbs QB/LB(jr)- all league all Cif and all state.

    Anthony Craft 6’0 180lbs WR/DB(jr ) all league both ways, All CIF

    Mason Bryant 5’11 175 lbs Wr/DB/K No Awards, but will be all League and All CIF this year.

    Brett Walsh 6’2 200lbs LB/TE(jr) no Awards, but started for the cats. He will be all league and CIF this year.

    Iassac Mivaret 6’3 255lbs (Jr) OL/DL no Awards as Soph but will be all league and All CiF

    Blake Heyworth 6’2 190 lbs(Jr) Transfer from St Francis. No Awards, but he will play a lot since Frazier goes both ways. He is a solid QB, and would play for the Majority of schools in the division.

    As Far as Nick Vs Deshawn…Nick as good as he was, probably was not Big enough or fast enough to play D1 Football. He was more quick than fast, but did have good speed. Deshawn is big enough and Fast Enough to play at a D1 school. He is what you call fast running in 4.5-4.6 Range. And that’s after a year off. He will be 4.4 guy in college. Nick had the ability to throw with a background in baseball, otherwise he would have been a WR/DB. Deshawn can play RB,WR or DB on the college level. You will see this kid in week 4. And you will see how fast he really is. Ainsworth is a bigger back…He is very good, hopefully he has improved his speed. He has great hands as well. He may #2(if covina will give him the ball more) in the Division behind Deshawn, but next year he will be the best back returning…If Covina was smart, they would start him at LB too.

  • SaintsR4real


    Wow, Aram was the first one to go BELLY UP (get it?) on keeping the trash talk away from this blog. Maybe you need to eep his remarks off, he’s a DRAMA QUEEN!

  • Bonita


    My mistake. It wasn’t you that made the prediction that bonita would go 1-9. It was FRED ROBLEDO who said it in the video where you guys talked about the bigger loss, Garrett Pendleton or Jamie Canada. Fred says, “when you look at rowland they got michael ball, we know what west covina has coming back. Diamond Ranch is gunna be strong, walnut actualy has a pretty good team. I think if u take pendleton out of the equation for bonita, its over. Your looking at 2-8 or 1-9.”