Trib Rewind: Memory Lane with Coach Gano and his little girl Courtney in 1995 postgame show

Back from vacation with a video that makes me feel even older. Check out this 1995 clip of then Northview coach Greg Gano with what must be two or three-year old Courtney, the reigning Tribune softballer of the year. Quarterback David Fraijo scored the game-winner in overtime over Workman, 34-31. I love it, three announcers in suits decked out like Monday night football. Who remembers Continental Cablevision?

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  • shfan

    Really!? Get over the Gano’s already. It’s embarrassing.

  • Football Fan

    Does anyone know where i can fine football footage of friday night games played in the 1990’s on public access television??

  • WHS


    second that

  • Football fan
    Yes i do. Go ask Amat if you get a copy of the last time they won C.I.F.

  • SGV Athlete

    hate, legit question, hate, hate…

  • great find

    Great job, Fred, finding this video. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Miss Spartan Glory

    Coach Gano to his Varsity & JV team: Im so sick and tired of hearing your parents complain. I just dont have enough jerseys to suit up more Varsity players….: WTF? With the tuition and football fees we pay? Fire Gano and buy jerseys!

    How dumb are you coach? How dumb do you think Damien parents are? Go back to coaching public school. we have a tradition that guys that played all three years, busting their ass are Varsity.

    Coach Gano isnt a coach, he’s a recruiter.

  • Give it break

    To: Miss Spartan Glory,
    So your boy didn’t make varsity, if he was good enough, he would be on varsity. Gano wants to win and so do Spartan Fans. Go Gano!

  • Miss Spartan Glory

    yes, we will see. Im sure we will be
    3 and 7 with Ganos faves in there.
    another dissapointing year but the bright side is
    gano will probably be gone.