Tribune: Amat No. 1 in preseason top 35 poll

Consider this the Robledo preseason top 35. As I stated earlier, Aram is picking the top ten to start the season for PrepXtra, then I will take it from there the rest of the way based on how the season shakes out week to week.

Team, 2010 record
1. Bishop Amat (9-2) — There is no question in my mind, they return Serra first-team RB Jalen Moore, QB Rio Ruiz, a healthy Zach Shay and many others from one of the best offensive teams in Lancers’ history. Will it translate to a Serra and Pac-5 title? That’s wishful thinking. But compared to the rest in the SGV, it would be silly to rank anyone else ahead based on past results and what’s returning in 2011.
2. Charter Oak (6-5) — On paper and over the summer they looked good, really good. Travis Santiago separated himself from a strong contingent of SGV quarterbacks, and with RB Kurt Scoby, WR Chris Gilchrist and other weapons, the Chargers should be the real deal. But I’m from Missouri when it comes to the Chargers. They have to show me they can win a step-up game, something they haven’t done since I took charge in 2007. They won back-to-back titles, but I wouldn’t exactly call beating Diamond Ranch in back-to-back title games over-achieving.
3. West Covina (13-1) – Now that they have won the Southeast title and given coach Mike Maggiore his second title, the Bulldogs are among the area’s elite, and will continue making deep playoff runs in the Hacienda and Southeast. In terms of pure demographics, West Covina owns the area’s best athletes and returns the player of the year, Chris Solomon. It’s a powerhouse public school that will continue getting better.
4. South Hills (3-7) — This might not be where South Hills ends up at the end of the season, their schedule is simply too tough. But on paper, QB Vincent Hernandez, RB Jamel Hart and WR Jamie Canada give them weapons to contend with anyone. If they can shore up their defense, the Huskies are in business.
5. Chino Hills (10-3) — The Huskies lose a lot of impact players, but coach Derek Bub should reload with so many athletes in town, and what separates them from other SGV teams is their size on the line, a reason they did so well in summer lineman competitions. At the end of it all, the Huskies will be fighting South Hills, Charter Oak and Damien for the league title.
6. Damien (6-4) — I’m buying because like Rick Neuheisel at UCLA, the pressure is on coach Greg Gano to show he can win somewhere other than Los Altos, where he won four championships. Like Neuheisel there have been several coaching changes, philosophical changes and key transfers that all indicate the Spartans intend to show they’re no longer that other Catholic school’s punching bag.
7. Covina (10-2) — I’m on record stating that Monrovia is the team to beat in the Mid-Valley Division, but the Colts could give them a run for their money. This could be coach Darryl Thomas’ best team since the McDonough years with so many weapons on offense. I know what to expect from all purpose Vinny Venegas and QB Billy Livingston, but they key for me is RB Gevontray Ainsworth, who looked like an impact-maker as a sophomore, but didn’t get enough touches. If Ainsworth has a breakthrough season, Monrovia should be worried.
8. Diamond Bar (6-4) — Attitude is everything, something coach Ryan Maine is drilling into the head of his new team. That’s why they went out and won the SGV shootout with a purpose, and have one of the area’s best QBs in Henry Omana. I’ve always thought Diamond Bar should be better than what they’ve show the past decade, and with Maine in charge, maybe a return to the glory days isn’t too far away.
9. Glendora (5-5) – New coach Todd Quinsey has his hands full, but he has the perfect pieces in his run-oriented offense with Corey Victoria and Donovan Holmes. Because of their schedule they may not finish in the top ten, but I would take them in a head-to-head over anyone ranked below.
10. Arroyo (9-2) — I’m never comfortable ranking Mission Valley League teams this high, but Arroyo is different. Steven Rivera is as rare as four–year starting quarterbacks come, and this team will have a chip on its shoulder. If they can improve their defense, they could be scary because you know the Knights can put points on the board.

The Rest:11. Bonita (12-2), 12. Diamond Ranch (5-6), 13. San Dimas (8-5), 14. Azusa (10-1), 15. Claremont (7-4), 16. Ayala (4-6), 17. Walnut (6-5), 18. Pomona (5-5), 19. La Puente (8-3), 20. Rosemead (8-4), 21. Rowland (4-6), 22. Baldwin Park (5-6), 23. Wilson (4-6), 24. Los Altos (0-10), 25. Workman (2-8), 26. Sierra Vista (7-3), 27. Northview (3-7), 28. Gladstone (5-6), 29. Nogales (1-9), 30. Ganesha (4-6), 31. Mountain View (5-5), 32. El Monte (4-6), 33. Bassett (3-7), 34. South El Monte (1-9), 35. Duarte (0-9).

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  • Aaron

    1. Bishop Amat…woah too high, when the kid that is supposed to be the guy at QB hasn’t been around because of baseball. A kid that is going to skip town for three weeks to play baseball…and Fred you think the kid will be the starting QB when he returns, sorry this is not an injury.
    2. CO-ok
    3. WesCo-we’ll see. My questions are QB and line.
    4. South Hills-uh what?
    5. Chino Hills-too low, they’ve proven consistency
    6. Damien-I’ll tell you after they scrimmage BoHigh.
    7. Covina-solid pick
    8. Diamond Bar-gave up 29 pts a game boys
    9. Glendora-you know Jeffries is gone right? And that more than a few kids transfered?
    10. Arroyo…can they get past the first round…kind of like Bohigh from 2000-2009.
    11. Bonita-About right…but not with who you have ahead. Youthful.
    12. Diamond Ranch-Too high for now
    13. San Dimas-hmm
    14. Azusa, too low. Top four seed again…can they beat Maranatha and SD in non league, if they do look out.
    15. Claremont-Idk, Kessler and his WRs are gone, o line needs some work.
    16. Ayala-coaching change.
    17. Walnut-idk
    18. Pomona- lots of blog hype.
    19. La Puente-TOO LOW
    20. Rosemead- Need a qb and some other stuff.

  • Frank

    Definitly agree with Amat as #1 pick in the valley. I dont think there is another school in the SGV close to them competitively right now. Amat returns most of their top players as well and a strong group from last years jv team.
    Charter Oak I’m not convinced of a second place ranking. Duarte kids have started going to Monrovia instead, CO only has a few left. I think they are on the way out of being a continuous competive team.
    South Hills 4th, are you kidding us Fred?
    The rest of your picks look pretty good.

  • Amat Bully

    CO behind a one dimensional Amat team who’s not going to have their ace in “9” WOW so even without “9” your saying Amat is better than CO,West CO and etc… and then you have South hills in the top 5. this is a real laughable list but hey by now im sure everyone knows who you run with. I guess you bleed blue to. But it is what it is the season is around the corner. Amat comes in #1 as always with CO, and the rest behind them.

  • Fred Robledo

    I’m basing Amat with Ruiz as the starter. He’s going to start the season, be there for the Serra schedule and Pac-5 playoffs if they get there. Say what you want about South Hills, but I would take them against any of the teams I ranked below them. Who’s going to stop Jamel Hart. He was a beast as a junior and is bigger, stronger and faster now.

  • david rivera

    you got arroyo and diamond bar ahead of bonita, come on fred lets get real here. bointa number 11 ok i understand they lost alot last year but the cupboard is not empty especially with horrine and not to mention there other receivers and running backs. believe me you are under estimating this bonita team

  • david rivera

    you got arroyo and diamond bar ahead of bonita, come on fred lets get real here. bointa number 11 ok i understand they lost alot last year but the cupboard is not empty especially with horrine and not to mention there other receivers and running backs. believe me you are under estimating this bonita team

  • david rivera

    you got arroyo and diamond bar ahead of bonita, come on fred lets get real here. bointa number 11 ok i understand they lost alot last year but the cupboard is not empty especially with horrine and not to mention there other receivers and running backs. believe me you are under estimating this bonita team

  • Amat Bully

    ok fred so without “9” which they will be without him for a few weeks where do you rank Amat?

  • Fred Robledo

    Bully, let’s answer it this way, Amat plays La Mirada, Damien and Cathedral without “9” — three games they should win anyway, though Damien could give them a run for their money at home. What people forget is Ruiz is not important to Amat like Santiago is to Charter Oak, or Rivera to Arroyo. Those teams’ offense’s are built around their quarterback, at Amat it’s different. They can run, and you still have to stop them, which teams in our area couldn’t do anyway. So, where would I rank them without “9”? I have no idea, because unless he’s hurt and out for the season, he’s on the team and I’m ranking them with the second-year QB under center. If that’s your rationale for not giving them the top billing, you’re really stretching don’t you think? It must hurt to face the truth.

  • Basic

    @ FR:
    So is there any word from Amat as to who will start those games when 9 will be out?

  • damien

    I heard Damien has a badass freshmen running back coming in that has a good chance to start on varsity. I may be wrong but I heard he chose Damien over Mater Dei.

  • Hey Castro

    You wont be much wiser after the Damien-Bonita scrimmage. Both Podley and Gano will pre script each play on both sides of the ball. Both coaches will be out to do one thing…answer any remaining questions going into game 1.

    As for the question about the Damien freshman running back he is not at Damien. Rumor is he is at MD. Rumor is he also really really strugles academically so it will be intresting to see how this extremly talentd kid pans out.

  • SaintsR4real


    Is his name Austin Falcetti???

  • Hey Castro

    No its not Falcetti…were talking stud…lol

    It is a kid from East LA. Special football player but unless something drastically changes he will never pass a class or be in school more than a couple a days a week.

  • Lancer Charge

    Bishop Amat was never a deep pass threat team to begin with. They rely on the run and the short passing game…which is good news for Lancer fans.

    Besides QB Rio Ruiz, BA returns 2 of their starting RBs including All Everything Jalen Moore. The other starting RB/WR, Zach Shay is also the kick/punt returner due to his speed and hands. Also returning is Adam Sanchez who was BA’s leading WR last season as well as Sal Velasquez, the starting TE. Junior WR, Darren Andrrews caught 11 passes for 202 yards last season as a sophomore..he’s coming back to.

    On defense, BA returns 7 starters….DB Ajee Montes, DB Adam Alcantara, RB/DB Dionza Blue, DB DJ Daniels, LB Idilio Sanchez (2nd leading solo tackler last season), LB Randall Varella,and DE Adam Torres. Get ready for a much improved secondary as mentioned by Hagerty. It should be noted that Alcantara, Blue, and Daniels all started last season as Sophomores!

    By the sheer number of returning starters from a team that lost the Serra League by a mere touchdown, BA should, indeed, be ranked #1 in the SGV. The biggest question on both sides of the ball will be the line play. If this BA team can manage good line play, they not only have a great shot at the Serra but also the Pac-5. You have to remember that Alemany only lost to Servite by a mere touchdown as well.

  • AMAT 73

    Who do you profess should be ranked above AMAT if as you say AMAT is to high .I say go ahead and rank us 35th because it really doesn’t matter.But please let me know who should be # 1 in your book and why if you care to back up that post. And please don’t use the ” because Rio will not be there” cop out . Up until last year we have not had a passing attack nor the numbers put in quite a while. We have had just enough to keep defenses honest but have pounded the rock steadily . You rarely hear anyone from AMAT making such a big deal of the Rio situation as the bloggers do . We have quite a few starters returning who will step up in Rio’s absence and with a healthy Shay look for our running game to be kicked up a few notches above last years showing at the end of the season . What many outsiders fail to see is he was a big loss to our offense . valley guy, Fred’s second reply to you hit it right on the nail in that you still need to stop our running game which no one in the valley has done . But as always this is a new season so we will see if some local team does it this year. Last year was a rare year in that so many yards were racked up passing but that was mainly because of what defenses were giving us .

  • Aaron


    I don’t think that’s a cop out at all. We’ve seen it happen on college teams and in the pros where teams suffered because they rotated quarterbacks. I think it’s a serious team issue that all of a sudden you’d let a kid go away for four weeks and hand him the reigns back and one expect him to lead, but two take things away from a kid that put in the time. If Ruiz had made the choice to stay and play the season I’d be hard pressed to say Amat wasn’t number one, even with as much as I like what CO may have.

    I also believe in this scenario that Haggerty is displaying a lack of leadership by not preparing and designating a different QB at number one. I would not want this to happen at Bonita. I understand that your offense revolves around a very solid running game, but I don’t think you can just plug and play like that.

    The kid won nine games as a QB, we already know he’s a projected 1st rounder in baseball. So as of right now I’m saying doing something that probably doesn’t help his draft stock that much if at all…hurts Bishop Amat.

    You personally have questions about the defense, okay very valid. I’m just wondering why the starting QB, who is a SENIOR, is going to play baseball in the middle of football season rather than lead his team.

  • East LA Running back… don’t make me LMAO

    East LA has a great Junior all American Program. They have some of the best 13 year old running backs in the South land. They Historically, dominate SGV players when they are young, but they don’t in High school. However, the problem with East LA Running backs is they never get bigger, Faster or Better, once the reach high school. I have seen this every year. Same with Pico Rivera Running backs. Look at Garfield, El Rancho, Huntington Park, Boyle Heights…you name it Etc… NOw if we were talking Rosemead… maybe! None of those teams loading with East LA players can beat any of the top 7 teams in the SGV. None the running backs are better than SGV backs when they mature. Once the get to high school, they are just average. Ask Around, I am not lying.

    1.Bishop Amat-Jaylen Moore/ Baldwin Park
    2.West Covina-Chris Solomon/???
    3.Charter Oak-Kurt Scoby/ Duarte Hawks
    4.Chino Hills-??
    5.Monrovia-Deshawn Ramirez/Duarte Hawks
    6.South Hills-Jamel Hart/???
    7.Muir-Tarein Owens/ Pasadena

    Damien and Mater Dei should stay far away from any East LA Running Back.

  • AMAT 73

    First off where in my post do I say I have questions on our defense ????? Our defense is solid and I feel will do the job with much improvement in the backfield . It is a cop out to use the Rio issue because nothing has been said on what will pan out .For you to say Hags is showing a lack of leadership on something you really have no idea will play out is pretty bold of you . What if for instance the QB does an excellent job and allows Hags to use Rio as a DB and or WR upon return or adds options to the offense. This is a unique situation as we have not seen this happen in the SGV before to this extent . Now if the decision has been made that Rio is the starter and the team if fine with that , what is so wrong with that decision ? I think all will be planned out and stated ahead of time , probably at the team’s retreat which is where it should be announced , with everybody on the team buying into the decision . You have to admit losing your QB to a few preleague games so he can enjoy a once in a lifetime experience then come back and pick up his duties for league is not all that bad at least to me . Now you did say too high so you placing CO at 1 where does AMAT fall 4,5,6, because they certainly can’t be any higher or can they ?

  • OldMan in Chino

    Just wondering that since this is a San Gabriel Valley newspaper that the top picks in the Sierra and Serra leagues (Charter Oak and Bishop Amat) are based on the strength of their teams or if they get the nod based on that they are viewed as the top teams in those leagues within the circulation area of The Tribune?

  • Aaron

    Reread your post.

    QBs are required to lead…that’s not leadership. I’m hoping that the kid Haggerty is prepping does well, I hope he wins. Sorry, I don’t buy the opportunity that it creates for your team.

    Last year Bonita lost Garrett Pendleton to a freak elbow injury, Spathias was able to manage the game and led them to a 4-0 record. I’m not sure where we’d have been at the end of the season, but it would have made a huge difference overall had Pendleton played 14 games rather than 10.

  • AMAT 73

    Ok let’s just say we agree to disagree on the Rio issue but as I said nothing has been published as to what will happen just yet .And you did specifically say Hags showed a lack of leadership, not the QB position, but Hags by not preparing and designating a different QB number 1 did you not ? By the way not all QB’s are required to be the team leaders , maybe lead the offense in executing plays but not always team leaders as you saw when Pendleton went down. Now maybe he lost some development in running the offense or being familiar with tendencies of his weapons in the offense or defenses but the team surely did not lack leadership on the field in his absence . Now back to the ranking , where do you put a question mark on Rio AMAT in the rankings if you say they are “whoa too high” ????????

  • reality

    When bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks he quickly answered, “because thats where the money is”. Aaron when you ask why Ruiz is playing baseball rather than football I give you the same answer. Quite clearly Ruiz future as of now rests on baseball and if things work out for him a rather lucrative one. I admire the fact that he is willing to play football at all considering that fact. To me that smacks of real leadership, willing to fight with your team and risk a injury in a very violent game. I’am positive Hagerty and staff have considered all the various scenarios thay can play out with Ruiz and I fully trust their judgement. But when you question Hagerty and Ruiz’s leadership that is just wrong.

  • Hey Castro

    Aaron you actually make 73s point with your example. Bonita lost there QB and still went 4-0 during that time and when GP returned he got his job back. No difference injury or a chance to represent team USA either is just another reason.
    Ask youself did Podely show any lack of leadership by giving the team back to GP?
    Think about son.

  • Progress…

    Rio is a Great and Smart Kid. Deep down he has got to know missing the summer and several games this year is going to damage his teams progress. Bishop Will have to Find a new leader, while he is away. The QB has to be one of the main leaders on your team. Like George Johnson, or Nick Bueno or Travis Santiago, Elfers, Rivera,Jefferies, Omana, Livingston and Kennedy. Just about all of the top teams ar depending on their guy to get as many snaps, Reads, pep talks, scoldings to prepare for the year. Are you really going to be able to jump down “9”‘s Throat in hell week, if he misses reads, fumbles, throws picks or whatever? NO, coach is going to pat him on the but and say ” don’t Worry kid, it will be there”. Well in the Pac 5, those teams QB are getting it in, and have been Since April. Now him being a top Athlete, he will get things back right, but the timing and rhythm will be off for a some time. Lord, do you want to break your guy in VS Servite??? I just think for this reason alone, you can not rank Bishop #1. He may be starting the season with team, but he is not going to better week 1 than Santiago. In My humble opinion, it should be…

    1. Charter Oak
    2. West Covina
    3. Bishop Amat
    4. Chino Hills
    5. Covina
    6. Damien
    7. South Hills
    8. Daimond Bar
    9. Glendora
    11.San Dimas
    12.Diamond Ranch
    13. Arroyo
    14. Azusa

    No way is Arroyo top 10.

  • AMAT 73

    Surprised you didn’t put Monrovia at number 1 because if Rosemead is included you might as well include Monrovia and others. Because if you go up Rosemead Blvd you must go due east to get to MHS . All the QB’s you mention are on teams that rely heavily on the pass or the QB was a major part of the offense ( Bueno ) other than WC . Now Johnson was a 3 year starter so he was a team leader but WC probably could have survived without him at QB . We are a running team and the QB as far as driving the offense is not as critical as the QBs you mentioned as far as moving the ball down field. The sign of a good team and Bonita was a great example of this last year is to replace an injured or for whatever reason missing player and not fall too far in effecency . Now if we were a passing base offense , yes this would be a huge blow to us but we will survive and who knows we may wind up with a J Mac situation where he came off the bench and had great success. Like I wrote earlier this may work out for the best because in football the ball takes funny bounces. Now as far as the rankings take AMAT out but I don’t see how you can deny WC the number one ranking . CO is all on paper as far as what they will do and big question marks it is said on O and D lines but WC they are champs and deserve it .

  • progress

    73 If you think you just line up and put any qb back there just because you are a running team, you must be crazy. Do you think that may be the reason why Bishop can’t get over the hump in Pac 5 play? Maybe bishop Should have a more balanced attack? Either way Rio is Critical to Bishop doing anything more than what they did last year. Besides, Rio Can throw. I saw your highlight film on youtube. Rio made some key throws. Heck look at bueno’s rushing yards in the playoffs…he threw during the playoffs. Plus he threw and ran for over 1000 yrds, so I’d say he was Balanced. Now West co has like 6 good tb. most teams don’t have that, so I would say that is very far and few around these parts.

  • Aaron

    Well, that was my opinion. As far as proving a point…big difference. Garrett Pendleton fractured his throwing elbow on a play in practice…Ruiz is going off to play baseball. I didn’t think Ruiz was the best QB in the area…but he’s pretty solid and without him idk what that leaves you if you’re wanting a title in December and a regional playoff appearance. I remember what your expectations are at Kiefer, and I respect it which is why I question the move.

    Who would I put in front of them…I’d like to see either a Chino Hills or CO matchup right now. However, that won’t happen.

  • NotSince1995

    Looks like the BishopNation puppet is back from the the South…
    The Truth Hurts cuz your Blue & Yellow BishopNation ain’t won Since 1995…
    and they won’t in 2011 Either…
    Servite 35 -3 on 09/09….
    That’s right….
    Not In 2011 Either….FredJ errr BishopNation!

  • Soloman jr all american

    Soloman played for the West Covina Bruins with Salgado , Livingston , Corona , Venegas (WR Bonita) , Johnson (MLB for Chino),And Jimmy Frazier.

  • east La Running Backs LMAO

    That explain why the Bruins have been so good…that was a tough stretch..all of the area’s top player came out these parks..Great Job SGV Junior all american football. He where are all the east La running backs now? I am sure that will be on display in the Garfield vs Bishop amat game….lmao, Jaylen is going to have 300 yards against them….ahaah east La Running back going to Damien…. Gano is not that desperate. LMAO

  • Relentless D

    Don’t count out South Hills yet! They still have some weapons and the defense will be strong this season. The Huskies will make it to the Playoffs you will see.

  • CO Bully

    Still pushing: I cant believe what im reading based on our past do you see Chino Hills having a losing season in the past 5 years but to just count us out that easy and put us behind Damien is just funny!We reload every year and are ready to go for example look at our 1st 5 games going into season, Bear Creek Colorado, Corona Santiago,Tesoro, (the new) Pomona, Redlands East valley….come on do the math and see whos actually picked some good teams to play going into season? Every year we lose Talent but thats the name of the game but we have one of the Biggest JAAF programs around so the boys just keep coming and the difference this year will be our returning Beast of linemen and our returning QB these things make a world of difference and you throw in all our receivers that werent ready to play at the passing tournements this summer surprise surprise. Cant wait to see…..

  • NotSince1995

    Winning CIF Championship Rings don’t mean anything to this guy…!
    He’d rather disrespect CO ’08 and ’09 as well as WesCo ’10 teams…
    Picking the Pac5 “participant” of the SGV is just laughable…
    Yo Opino –
    BishopNation will go 5 – 5 and not make the Playoff…
    Not in 2011 Either…

  • Sniff Sniff

    Did someone break wind in here? Never mind, it was the last post of dumbdumb1995.

  • AMAT 73

    That has a nice ring to it . Get it “ring” . ha ha ha ha.
    In case you have not realized your team is now a Inland Div participant, 3rd place in league and 1 and done in the playoffs . That’s what those rings got you in 2010.

  • NotSince1995

    Look at OldMrsRoper73 wheelchairing to the defense of MrRoper (errr the puppet)…!
    The SGV Wins CIF Football Rings every year, Mildred…
    When was the lst time you saw one with B and A engraved on one of them…
    What….? What year….? You were still wearing your high Pumps back then. Member…?
    You have No Chance against Servite or the Pac5….
    Not In 2011 Either, Mildred73….!

  • Just4fun

    2011 Calpreps Predictions…

    Corona Roosevelt 34, Charter Oak 21 (loss)

    Rancho Cucamonga 35, Charter Oak 17 (loss)

    Charter Oak 21, Glendora 20 (totally even)

    Charter Oak 22, Santa Fe 13 (very close game)

    It’s too bad that Charter Oak fan “Amat Bully” is more concerned about Bishop Amat than he is his own team. I wonder if he’s aware that the probability of the Chargers going 1-4 in the preseason is an unlikely but definite possibility.

  • NotSince1995

    Just a Reminder:
    “Honesty hurts . said:
    Bishop Amat Nation do you ever see Amat getting back to the level it was 20 years ago?

    I know Amat is tight knit community with loyal fans, which normally do not air their dirty laundry on the blog. However, with the constant coverage , high rankings, etc… by the TRIBUNE, the question is “is anyone worried about the state of the program”?…

    I don’t think people are hating on Bishop, most can see now that Bishop is not what its supposed to be…All summer, I have read all of you sugar coat this Rio situation. I can not justify a kid not playing passing league all summer and missing games during the season.

    Bishop has never allowed a player to miss season games, because of another sport? Has any other lancer football great ever wanted to? I know this is a once and life time chance..I am all for that, go play baseball! I have never seen this before. But, one thing a young man must learn is life is full of tough choices.

    Whatever you are a part of, you must be fully committed. That is what Bishop should be teaching. That sums up what that program has become. A Free For All. That is sending the wrong message to the SGV world…

    As long as this coach is there, that precedent will be set…people are going to point back to Rio, whenever they want some kind of favoritism….

    How can he say no to anything, if he (Rio) is allowed that to happen. I would not make a kid choose sports when playing for the school, but hey, this is effecting 70 other people, a season and records. Yeah you hear he will be ready for the Servite (35 – 3 loss, I added that!) game or he will be ready for league…you all are kind of delusional (FredJ, I added that too!).

    I’d rather lose with a full time QB then lose with a part time QB…I mean how do think you are going to look to the world if this years season is a disaster?

    They are going to point right to this….People are pushing this gold n blue lancer pride, honor, and etc…etc…..But if your number one guy is Being treated special then all that BA pride is a bunch of crap. If any other player pulled a stunt like that they would not be welcome back with open arms….

    I lost a lot of respect for bishop with that kind of stuff going on.”
    Just a reminder…
    Not In 2011 Either…

  • Pac 5

    Its one thing to Move up a level and lose. But its another thing to lose every year. Bishop Keeps using ” we are in the Pac 5″ or “The pac 5 is a different animal”. But that is getting old. Bishop Amat’s Athletics boys athletics is not what it used to be. Lower division basketball…they are not winning, Lower Division baseball, they should be in Div 1. Football has not won in forever. How can you consider yourself a state power football? OLU, St Bonnies, Oaks Christian, alemany were all in lower Divisions when Bishop won its last title. Since then they have all won a title. If being a SGV power is your recent claim to fame…then you should step into Div 3 with St paul and oaks christian, and try your chances there. I don’t see Bishop Winning on the Pac 5 level.

  • Real talk

    It is almost here!!!!! The smell of the field the ones that still have a real grass field anymore. The sound of the drums, the sound of the announcer getting ready to call the game and the familiar faces that you see year after year. You see we all have our favorite team and teams that we don’t want to win. We also all have a opinion and not one of us have a clue what the Year may bring . What we all can agree on is that we will have some close games blowouts and bad calls . What it comes down to is not since , just sayin, 73, bully , and myself could voice our opinion, but the games still have to be played and like the saying goes “Anything can happen on any given Friday” ! So I say that we are all apart of this game that we love. Good or bad that is high school football!!!!!! So good luck to all the student athletes on playing to there best ability and staying heathy……. As my gramps would say “let’s go blue”!

  • Joe Amat


    I appreciate a post from you with sentence structure, punctuation, paragraphs and everything…along with some actual thought. Unfortunately, you tend to not respond to answers that challenge those thought and resort to your typical drivel. But I’ll try anyway..

    First, you’re pretty good at checking the archives so you can cut’n’paste, so go back and check during those two years you like to reference and see how much dirt laundry was aired back then. Tons! Visitors here may read my posts as “hometown” or being a Lancer apologist. Read some of my post from back then and you’ll get a different perception. Truth teller.

    I personally applaud Hags if he deals with the situation as he’s said and the way it looks to be going down. What you are saying is there should be NO multiple-sport athletes? You can’t play multiple sports without missing something, and high school educators (coaches) need to encourage that.

    Saying players have never been allowed to miss games is completely inaccurate – just unique to football. Almost every nearly every undecided D1 football recruit that has played a winter sport has missed a match or game to go on a recruiting visit. Soccer, basketball, or wrestling. Many of them also did not play in their summer leagues because of football.

    Should the winter coaches have not allowed them the chance to explore where they want to further their education at the next level? Were they “special”? Or were the coaches recognizing that they are HIGH SCHOOL coaches and exist for the player development and best interest – not the reverse.

    It might be different if it were a different kid. Rio is a leader and has earned everyone’s respect – players included. He’s a likable and humble kid, not the type of prima donna that other players may resent. Regardless of how Hags chose to deal with it or what position Rio played upon return, Rio would step back on the field and the team would look to him as a leader.

    This is no “stunt” and no one is pulling any “crap”. This is a rare opportunity for a player to represent his country AND his school to the rest of the baseball world. Every roster will say the name of “Bishop Amat”, which helps the school in the long run. As stated, meetings have been held, they know how it will be handled and there will be no surprises to the players.

    I, for one, am happy to see coaches maintain some perceptive and understand the player – for a change.

  • NotSince1995

    Joe Amat…
    What is “perceptive”…? Read your last sentence! And, how is perceptive going to make you WIN a CIF Championship Ring in the Pac 5?
    “You play to WIN the game.” H Edwards
    National pride on baseball is gonna save your a$$ against Servite! Is it…?
    National pride or the name BA on the programs in Colombia is not gonna get you into the “playoff” or any closer to a Ring! Is it…?
    I’m right and you’re wrong… You’re just not perceptive enough to understand that concept…
    You’re just a participant in the Pac 5 and not good enough to WIN…! That’s right!
    Not In 2011 Either…

  • Joe Amat


    “Perspective”. I hate auto-correct on a touchscreen. Whatever. “Perceptive” works too. Hags is “perceptive” enough to have “perspective”.

    Apparently I was also “perceptive” enough to recognize after not responding to my last answer to one of your legitimate posts, that you have no real intention of ever actually having an exchange and have neither the courage nor any evidence to ever rebut anything – you just revert to dropping your trash – as you did here.

    Typical…and expected.

  • AMAT 73

    Joe AMAT,
    The truth of the matter is that post from notsince2009 was one of his cut and paste jobs on a post from Honesty hurts posted a while back on another thread. That is why you can’t get a reply of any substance out of ns2009.Those are not his words nor is he capable of putting together anything close to that type of post. He cannot and will not go beyond his rhetoric replies because basically , he is incapable of thinking beyond his comfort zone .