Trib Digest: West Covina and Pomona in quarterback battles; San Dimas not afraid of playing 2011 schedule on the road

You might be surprised to learn who’s leading the quarterback fight at Pomona, or that San Dimas coach Bill Zernickow thinks his backfield could be better than the 2009 championship one. Read on….

A handful of teams are on the practice field this week with West Covina featuring a quarterback battle between Chris Caballero and Jonathan Najera. “This is still a battle because both of them have strengths, and I don’t think you can really tell a whole lot about a quarterback until we see what kinds of decisions they make in the heat of battle,” said two-time Tribune Coach of the Year Mike Maggiore. San Dimas coach Bill Zernickow is not at all concerned with playing his 2011 schedule on the road, saying, “I don’t think it’s challenging at all, I kind of like playing away,” said Zernickow, whose team opens camp this morning. “Obviously when we get our home field back it will be nice, but our kids have known for a year it would be like this and have prepared with that road-warrior mentality.” Zernickow also said with most observers picking Monrovia and Covina as the top Mid-Valley teams in 2011, he likes it that way. “Let us fly under the radar,” he said. The Saints return five players from their 2009 title team, including quarterback Shawn Kennedy and fullback Dillon Corona. With junior back Denzel Mitchell and sophomore Jake Payton, Zernickow loves how his vaunted Wing T offense is shaping up. I finally talked to Pomona coach Anthony Rice, who has a quarterback battle on his hands between senior Brandon Schrieman, who transferred from Wilson, and Tavea Cobb, whom Rice seems to be learning toward. “(Schrieman’s) good, he gives us some options,” Rice said. “Tavea also plays tight end, but he’s really good at quarterback. He’s mobile, runs hard and I like what I’ve seen so far.”

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  • 03 Wildcat

    Monrovia will repeat this year. No one in the SGV is as talented then us. San Dimas will stay under the radar because they have no chance.

  • SaintsR4real

    03 Wildcat,

    C’mon man!! Most of Monrovia bloggers have class and positive. You need to step it up, your team has!!

  • QB CIF Issues?

    First off their was no battle for the starting spot it was Caballero’s spot from the beginning. Now I have a question for Najera’s mom, if this new kid from San Dimas ends up starting or being the backup are you going to transfer for the third time. If you work this right you could break the record. You started at West Covina made it half way through his freshmen season then transferred to Los Altos made it through the second half and the whole sophomore season. Then you transferred him back to West Covina the beginning of his junior year and now you are in the middle of this mess. Since you have lived in your same home in West Covina how did that work via CIF, just a question. We know how it works at Los Altos, but is West Covina willing to take that same risk on a second or thrid string qb. Personally with the way CIF is these days Caballero is a very SAFE choice.

  • Plan B

    Seriously, if this Najera kid went to LA, and couldn’t win the QB spot, he has no business playing the position. LA has zero talent at QB, and hasn’t had any since Castenada.

  • Dan

    You can be assured the coaches will not play a kid that hasn’t been approved by CIF, if he plays then he has been cleared.
    Saw West Covina scrimmage themselve Saturday morning, I don’t think they will have a problem at qb. His throws were looking strong and accurate, decision making was good, and the qb even looked good running. The only thing that bothered me was the qb did this with a scout offense against our first string defense, although we may have been missing a few kids on “D”, also there were some first string players on the scout offense that were catching these balls.

  • QB


    The issue is two of your three quarterbacks have lived in West Covina for years and just transferred back . Even if they get approved by CIF it is common knowledge that they have lived in West Covina for years and there are public records all over the place to prove it. Look at this,

    Najera Jonathan West Covina Valid Change of Res 10-11 – 04/05/2011

    Not going to do the dirty work and search the public record and get the proof, but it is very easy. Any team in your league can prove that this is a violation. Now the other kid that transferred from San Dimas should file for a hardship, the commute then he would be ok. I’m not hating on West Covina, a matter of fact I think you have great kids, great parents and would love to see you guys win it again. All I’m saying is your staff needs to be very carefull with these two transfers.

  • Dan

    I hear you, I guess what I’m trying to say
    is that I’m confident the WC coaches have looked at all the possiblities of this situation and will handle it the right way, they’ve been doing this a while.
    Also in my post below, in reference to my comment: “His throws were looking strong and accurate” Please don’t take that as any one kid in particular, I did not name a name in respect for the QB’s and the competition between them, and the fact that this blog is very local.
    The point I was trying to make was that after seeing the first week of pads, I think our qb situation will be ok.