We need more back and forth from the heart of the SGV, the Mission Valley and Montview League bloggers .. Are you out there?

Based on what we already know, schools that draw the most readership and hit counts go something like this: Glendora, Bonita, Damien, Diamond Bar, Bishop Amat, Chino Hills, South Hills, West Covina, Covina, Walnut and San Dimas …What I gather from this is a disconnect between us and several schools in the Mission Valley and Montview League, meaning we have to do a better job blogging on those schools, and readers need to do a better job commenting to get the interest going. Aram posted his Montview League predictions on Tuesday, but still waiting for someone to comment on it. Compare that to his Valle Vista League predictions thread (102 comments and counting) and you can see where we’re going with this. We’re trying to do our part, but can’t do it alone.

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  • Bueller
  • 03 Wildcat

    Hey Fred why don’t you post more articles on Monrovia Football? Wildcat country loves to blog! We do have a player that is getting recruited by elite schools. Thanks

  • Colt74

    Mission Valley : “Tastes great!”

    Montview : “Less filling!”

  • Trojan Man

    Watch out Colt 74 …I remember a few years back when Rosemead out of the Mission Valley League Put a HURT on The Colts !

    Sumler POUNDED Covina.Even certain parents yelled @ him from the crowd, I KNOW I was there @ District Field.

    Could happen again … NOT with Sumler of course, but when you think your mess don;t stink …It JUST MAY !

    Should be a VERY GOOD YEAR for The SGV HS football !


  • Colt74

    Hey that’s great! Who in 08-09 did not beat Covina? Those were down years for us. Happens to everyone. What do you think would have been the outcome last year? Or better yet, this year?
    And talking about 08-09 has what to do gain with my post?

  • Mtownlives

    Colt 74, the valley vista has a Great Runner up this year! The Covina Colts….Don’t make fun of the Mission or Montview. Hope to see you in the Finals!

  • Joe Torosian Lite

    Being a fan of Aram’s blog I’ve really enjoyed reading the previews, but after last years Wilson fiasco, I think we can explain the comment numbers on a few fans. Amat Bully is driving the Sierra League blog, Pomona and the 2nd string quarterback is driving the Valle Vista blog. The Hacienda had some interesting commentary from Bonita and West Co, but was hijacked by Pomona. The Montview blog will start to increase once Pomona get’s on there and begins trashing Aztec Pride and we’ll see a jump there. As for the MVL and Montview, what would you like fans of those leagues to say. You trashed the MVL by saying you are not comfortable having Arroyo in your top 10, even though they have the best quarterback in the Valley, but other than that what can fans of the MVL say. They have not had teams advance the last two years, (Rosemead beat a very bad TC team Round 1), so the league is a mystery. MV is in year 2 of an offense everyone has film on, SEM has a whole new staff off a 1-9 year, Gabrielino doesn’t read your paper, and Rosemead and El Monte have 2 new QB who have a lot to prove.

    What drives the blogs are fanatics and when there is uncertainty those people stay quiet. Once the preseason is over and the Mead has a back over 800 yards, Rivera begins erasing names off the Arroyo record books, and El Monte upsets one or more of the teams ranked ahead of them you will hear from that league.

    That’s my principle.


    Fred your RIGHT ON about bloggers from these two leagues and it’s very sad to see.Ive been around here since 2008, 2009 seasons when I first discovered this blog and started to add my two cents about AZUSA and what not.

    Put it this way, if youre from a so called weak team and league, you better have some THICK SKIN and have an attitude like AMAT BULLY, if you know what I mean! Because youll get torn to shreds with verbal assaults on here. LOL Back in the day when I would go see my son play sports and I couldnt believe the attendance of the opposing teams fan base and the stands would be empty.

    I would think to myself, why you wouldnt come out and see your son or daughter play the games and was pretty sad to see. I dont want to get off track here Fred, but the reason you probably dont see more of us on here and Im speaking for the Montview league, because its been along time since a team from this League has done something.

    What, just back three seasons ago AZUSA won its very first playoff game against COVINA in 25 years. Even you had us losing Fred, and I remember seeing you on the sidelines, first standing on Covinas sideline and then you gradually moved over to AZUSAS side. LOL

    What strikes me funny is that a team that has finally moved forward and doing something with a new coach, will always be a LOSER on here no matter who they win. But thats what a football blog is all about and you take the good and the bad so to speak.

    I believe we all have some NEGATIVITY to say and a matter of fact even you Fred, and I couldnt believe you wrote in your TRIB POLL 35, discrediting Charter Oaks CIF Championships, by stating but I wouldn’t exactly call beating Diamond Ranch in back-to-back title games over-achieving..



    P.S. COLT 74,”Who in 08-09 did not beat Covina? Those were down years for us”. See above; LOL…

  • Old Timer

    Problem is Fred on one hand you ask for bloggers, and on the other hand you discredit the league when you are questioned as to why you never cover them in Football or Baseball. You have said in the past that the league is not as “viable” or important as others.
    One time the Montview League was a beast in Baseball and in football, Demographics have changed that League dramatically, as has Demographics changed San Marino, Arcadia etc.
    Im Sure the people who have been in this Valley for years know exactly what I am talking about and the Schools like Covina, Northview and others are starting to see change as well.

    Just my 2 Cents

  • progress….

    Azusa pride, I can understand where you are coming from. Fred and SGV fans called Monrovia ” Billy Cats” , “Brides maids”…”The runner ups” the Best losers. Now that we got the Monkey off our back, were are starting to see some respect from east valley teams. This is all fun and should never be taken personal. If your team is bad right now, you just have to deal with it. In the early 90’s The Rio Hondo league owned Monrovia. Monrovia got beat by TC at home on home coming by 30 pts. We could not beat San Marino, Even south pas beat us. Even Azusa beat us one year..Sierra vista, etc.. People forget about when their team was at the bottom. Some Schools forget when their team was top. What Pushes Monrovia, is that we do not forget anything. Now that we won, we have to remember when we did not win, and how that feels. Thats good motivation…So…hold your head up MVL and MV teams things will cycle back in your favor.

  • Trojan Man

    You’re RIGHT Colt 74′..The RHS Team of 08′ has ZERO TO DO WITH NOW !

    Strap up & PLAY !

    This year should be exciting , best of luck along the way …TOUGH SCHEDUELE !

    Fight On

  • WarnerRobbins

    Fred, the trib covers any little thing that schools like Amat,Glendora, Bonita, West Co, and other team do, if it be a transfer or a new coach. The trib has always favored these teams because they usually have better teams than MVL and Montview. Then you wonder why there are less readers that post. The mid on the other hand covers MVL and montview like crazy. You alawys do live game coverages for west co and amat but not even the little schools. And most of the post on the other articles are just one guy who uses a bunch of aliases. Do not blame the readers blame you and your staff’s lack of coverage.

  • FredJ

    Who are the Mid? I’ll check the newsracks, but haven’t seen them in our neighborhood. Do they have home delivery? Check our our Saturday papers the past few years, we usually cover every game in our coverage area, including every Montview and Mission Valley League football game on Friday nights….If we received more response from Mid-Valley and Montview readers on the blogs, we would feed into more….

  • aztec said

    Fred, you blast us for being a weak league and saying our stats do not compare to the others, and you want our feed back ? Sounds like you are begging now….

  • Tim Peterson

    Fred, Actually we do have home delivery. Give me your address and I’ll send you a copy.
    Tim – Mid Valley http://www.midvalleysports.com

  • FredJ

    Look, when I rank the area leagues, don’t take it personal, where would you rank the Montview and MVL compared to the others in the SGV? If you wanna cry about where those teams and leagues are ranked, go ahead. I’m not begging anyone, we’ll continue covering the MVL and Montview like we always have, bu whether or not there is more interaction from those leagues and fans is up to the bloggers. I thought it was nice that since I posted this thread, several comments followed on Aram’s Montview prediction thread.

  • Colt74

    League rankings based on team average ranking


    Mission Valley

    Rio Hondo


    Valley Vista




  • hey warnerrobbins

    these guys need grocery money, they placate to the schools that have circulation and readership. If Ruiz changes his toothpaste we will all know it the next day or if Solomon get a new offer it is headline. I am not from Pomona but twice I informed everyone that a senior lineman had just committed to Univ of Colorado and there should at least be somewhat of journalistic work and do an interview or hilites, but oh gee, it wasnt Solomon or Ruiz. But you are on the right track and also it isnt just some of the “bloggers”, more than just a few of the players cant stand these guys and what they write, I know that for a fact

  • WarnerRobbins

    Fred, Rio Ruiz, Solomon, Santiago, are very great players and i am not taking anything away from them, BUT it gets VERY ANNOYING when you write an article every two seconds about what these kids had for breakfast or what shoes they were wearing. There are thousands of other players that are skilled but you constantly praise these players–and a few select teams as well– and then you have the nerve to say you will only write what people post comments on, thats b.s.! You and your staff will only write about things that will get you more readers and more money. There is a direct corillation here and you are oblivious to see it. Why is it that the trib doesn’t write articles about teams like Duarte, Basset, Mt. View, El Monte, Gabrielino, ganeasha (and im talking full articles like the ones AMAT and West Co get)? hmm? you will say its because you wont get “feedback” but its really because you are sellouts. I had no idea that the only schools in the entire san gabriel valley were Amat, West Co. Charter Oak, Bonita, Glendora, and Chino Hills? hmm i wonder what school i went to?

  • FredJ

    Warner Robbins, you miss the point, in a few weeks we will have a preseason magazine with a page devoted to every team in the area, and every Friday night we send a reporter to every game in the coverage area, we always have. There are some nights we’re short reporters, otherwise we cover everyone. On the BLOGS, we tend to write more about teams we get more feedback from, but still report on all the teams. We brought Aram back and created a football blog, and if you read it, Aram covers everyone, has predictions on the Mission Valley and Montview. My point bringing this up was the hope more would comment on it. Name another daily publication that covers every team in the SGV, and has blogs that cover as much as we do, plus write stories for a daily newspaper? I would challenge you to go to any other daily newspaper blog and compare them with ours? In terms of who get’s written about more, yes, at the end of the day we’re a business and must cater to our readership. Maybe you call that selling out, but that’s like saying the L.A. Times is selling out for writing more about the Lakers than the Clippers. But I’ll tell you what, I’m glad we’re talking about it, and getting it all on the table. If you look back over the past years, there have been several times we wrote considerably on Azusa, Duarte, South El Monte, Arroyo, Rosemead and La Puente — all when their football teams were thriving. The teams you mentioned, Amat, Charter Oak, West Covina, etc, have been on a great run the past few years, hence the coverage. You can bet we will do the same the next time a Mid-Valley or Montview team goes on a deep playoff run.

  • Duarte Fan

    I agree with Warren Robbins Fred. Of course there isn’t much blogging from the Montview League when Amat and South Hills seem to be your favorite teams. Oh wait, you wait for something negative about lets say Duarte and then you write something about that school. We all know you know Crutchfield but you look like an ass when you spot light him, look further and celebrate the positives! Montview and MV have athletes who deserve the spot light just like any other league. You need to stop showing your favorites and being fair across the board, this is high school sports in San Gabriel Valley Fred be more positive and try showing up to a game other than West Covina, South Hills or Amat. It gets old.

  • Aaron

    Fred…I just want to read more game stories on Saturdays…and less national stuff, in fact the only thing that should be in the Saturday sports in Prep Football and a preview on the “local” college games.

    I remember two years ago trying to get info on Bonita over here was like trying to climb out of grave. Nice to know we’re considered a favorite…but no one beats Amat in coverage, which is the truth.

  • FredJ

    Duarte, Robbins, I’m answering your questions, answer mine. Why is it the L.A. Times favors Lakers coverage over Clippers coverage by a landslide. Why does ESPN cover the ACC more than any other conference in college basketball? Is it because the Times and ESPN are playing favorites, or is there more to it?

    Duarte, since Crutchfield has left, Duarte hasn’t won a football game. We have over 30 teams in the area, and can’t write about them all equally, so teams that struggle likely will get the least coverage. It’s like that in all sports and all publications across the country.

    Aaron .. I agree, that’s not my call, if it were up to me we would merge the Star-News and Tribune and create one big SGV local sports section with Aram, Miguel, Keith, Steve and myself and post the national stuff on the back page.

  • Dan

    Saturday mornings, more local highschool coverage, less national, merging all you guys together to cover more games, I like that a lot.

  • SaintsR4real


    Positives…. I believe with the resources you have, you’re doing the best you can. I also believe if anybody wants coverage on any specific team or player, they have to keep on mentioning it to you on the blog or e-mail. The Blog will always follow the TOP news, but the Trib sometimes needs to know where to go to find it.

    Negatives…. Freddy, you and staff need to start posting news on ALL teams, with good news OR opportunity news, instead of reserving back to the same players, teams week after week.

    All in all, the TRIB is the best!!

  • FredJ

    I appreciate all the feedback, which gives me an idea. Maybe during the week we can do league notebooks, maybe a Valle Vista and Hacienda notebook one day, and a Mission Valley and Montview League notebook the next, etc….

  • WarnerRobbins

    Fred, that’s fine if you don’t want to try to be different from the
    la times and espn by favoring teams, but don’t go around and blame poeple for lack of feedback

  • FredJ

    Warner, sorry if you don’t know the difference between favoring teams and catering to your readership. You’re obviously not a business major, but I thought you would have some common sense. There’s a reason we cover football more than girls tennis in the fall, but I guess you think we should cover them equally, right? BTW, I’m not blaming anyone for lack of feedback, I’m encouraging more feedback, there’s a difference. Who are you, Andy the Devil in disguise?

  • Old Timer


    Why is it that you always delete my posts or refuse to post them up on this board. Every single time I ask you a question directly you never post it up for everyone to see. Should I call your office and chat personally w you?

    Are you scared or something?

  • FredJ

    Old Timer I never have deleted any of your comments, we have filters that do not allow comments to post based on certain words, but as far me not allowing your comments or deleting some of them, that has never happened.

    Also: Didn’t seen any of your comments blocked or not approved in our pending comments section, so maybe you’re talking about the CAPTCHA provider not sending your comments through. I have a problem with that sometimes too, and have to copy, paste and send my comment over again. If you create a sign-on, you won’t have this problem at all, hope that helps.