Keep your eye on the Tribune Top Ten RBs in 2011; Amat’s Moore, South Hills’ Hart and West Covina’s Solomon lead the way

1. Jalen Moore, Bishop Amat, Sr. — Earned Serra League first-team honors and rushed for 1,634 yards and 23 touchdowns. He was even more impressive when Zach Shay turned his ankle against Crespi. Even though everyone keyed on him, he was still able to produce.
2. Jamel Hart, South Hills, Sr. — One of the few bright spots on the Huskies’ miserable 3-7 campaign. He rushed for 1,318 yards and 17 touchdowns, and did so against one of the area’s toughest schedules.
3. Chris Solomon, West Covina, Sr. — The reigning player of the year and Southeast Division MVP rushed for 1,790 yards and 20 touchdowns and will be an even bigger focal point this year. Think about it, he only had 151 carries, averaging nearly 10 yards a carry.
4. Corey Victoria, Glendora, Sr. — In coach Todd Quinsey’s run-oriented offense, he inherits a gem in the 6-foot, 180 pound back, who will share the backfield with Donovan Holmes, who give the Tartans quite a 1-2 punch.
5. Gevontray Ainsworth, Covina, Jr. — The third piece of the Colts’ triple threat, which also includes quarterback Billy Livingston and all-purpose standout Vinny Venegas. I thought Ainsworth looked intimidating as a sophomore, already 6-foot and 175 pounds. I’m expecting a monster year from him in 2011.
6. Kurt Scoby, Charter Oak, So. — Rushed for 470 yards and 10 touchdowns as a freshman, but will be called upon much more to help balance out quarterback Travis Santiago. Whenever Charter Oak’s football teams have had success, they have had solid backs.
7. Jamaal Clayton, Diamond Bar, Sr. — He rushed for 70 yards and three touchdowns as a junior, but figures to be an important piece in coach Ryan Maine’s offense. If Diamond Bar has success, Clayton figures to be a big reason.
8. Dillon Corona, San Dimas, Sr. — He was on the 2009 championship team and in coach Zernickow’s Wing T, the fullback figures to produce and produce heavily. The Saints don’t rely on one back, but if you have to zero in on one, it’s Corona.
9. Desmond Reed, Azusa, Sr. — The Aztecs shared the load and shared in well in 2010, but expect Reed to get the bulk of the carries and be among the area leaders in total yards. He’s a natural back with cutting ability and speed. With Sierra Vista’s Giovanni Rivera not with the Dons, Reed should be the league’s best back.
10. Donald Morris, Pomona, Jr — I’m taking coach Anthony Rice’s word that he will be one of the area’s top backs. With the kind of schedule Pomona faces, someone like Morris should be able to rank among the area’s rushing leaders.

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  • Saintsr4real



  • Amat Bully

    Fred your top RB list is a joke. Come on dude take off the bias eye glass just for a second. why is it that you always have Amat at the top of your list. Solomon should had been number #1.

  • Streaching it

    If Corey is 6 foot than my son is 6’4 because when thay stand next to each other at practice he is at least 4 inches taller.
    The last time I checked my son was barely 6 foot himself so you can do the math. And he weight well lets say he is not even 170.

    Let’s keep the facts straight.

  • FredJ

    I’m supposed to listen to bias accusations from a commenter named Amat Bully … right.


    How about the top ten best names.

    DESMOND REED from AZUSA, man does that sound good for a running back! LOL…

  • GHS

    Streaching it


    Corey Victoria

    RB, LB

    Last year he looks about 180 this year.
    But who cares. He is a great back that is all that matters.

  • BFD!!!!

    Stretching it, if ur son plays at GHS why the dig? Oh because if your son is 6’4″ , he must be weak. GHS dosent have anyone 6’4″ that’s good and that’s where the dig comes from.
    Who cares?

  • Streaching it

    A great kid for sure!

    A great back come on now be real here.

    We will see what your definition of a great is soon enough so I guess your right who cares.

    But if there is back at Glendora worthy of the term great its clearly Holmes. He’s bigger, faster and stronger.

  • John


    I keep reading that Jalen Moore got bigger this year. He was listed at 5″10, 180 lbs. last year. What does he appear to be now?

  • Simple Math

    Maybe I’m wrong here but Solomon rushed for 1790 yards on 151 carries. You state that is nearly 10 yards a carry.

    Simiple Math

    151 carries x 10 yards a carry = 1,510 total yards.

    What happen to the other 280 plus yards.

    1790/151 = 11.85 ypc.

  • Dan

    I believe Solomons final numbers were 203 carries for 1958 yards, that would be around a 9.64 average, the Max prep page for West Covina did not include the final game or two.

  • BigDog

    I think Andrew Fischer from Diamond Ranch is better 5 or 6 of your top ten. Jamaal Clayton? yea he tore it up last year with 70 yds? great pick fred, he should be running crazy with that great OL over at Diamond Bar.Fred did you bring back some of that good stuff from cabo with you.

  • annymous

    list is a joke. seriously. stop ranking people just by what school they go to.

  • socalfootball fan

    Hey Big Dog J. Clayton averaged 70.4 yards/game with a total of 704 yds in 10 games.

  • patrick

    @ Big Dog, maybe if you would close your mouth for a while and quit dogging out other players and teams to try to make your team look good, you might get some legit notoriety!! If i had a bigger say in the way my tax dollars were spent when i was in DB , Diamond Ranch would NOT even exist!!

  • Moore = #1

    Jalen Moore Stats:

    Games Played: 11 (3 Games Less Than Solomon)
    Rushing: 236 carries for 1,634 yards and 23 TDs.
    Receiving: 16 catches for 275 yards and 1 TD.
    Total: 1,909 yards and 24 TDs.

    Chris Solomon Stats:

    Games Played 14
    Rushing: 181 carries for 1,790 yards and 20 TDs.
    Receiving: 6 catches for 115 yards and 0 TDs.
    Total: 1905 yards and 20 TDs

    Jamel Hart

    Games Played 10
    Rushing: 245 carries for 1,318 yards and 17 TDs.
    Receiving 12 catches for 87 yards and 0 TDs.
    Total: 1,405 yards and 17 TDs.

  • Dan

    @Moore #1,
    You have 14 games listed for Chris Solomon but you only have stats for 13 games. His final stats
    for 14 games were;
    202 – carries for 1958 yards and 23 TD’s
    7 – receptions for 126 yards
    Total – 2084 yards and 23 TD’s
    In addition he also had;
    Kick Off ret;
    11 – for 288 yards
    Punt Ret;
    13 – for 151 yards
    His total all purpose yards were 2523 yards.
    You say he had 3 more games than Moore but you
    forget that he had 34 less carries than Moore. His average yards per carry was 9.7 yards. Thats just about a first down every time he touched the ball. Also remember that Moore had the luxury of resting when his defense was playing.
    Solomon on the other hand never had that luxury, he never came out of the game because he played defense and special teams too, so it would be safe to say that Chris was not as fresh as Moore when he ran the ball on offense.
    Solomons defensive stats were;
    90 tackles,
    12 tackles for losses
    4 passes deflected
    3 fumble recoveries 2 returned for TD’s
    3 forced fumbles
    3 interceptions.
    Now tell me that wasn’t an impressive season.
    Look at the junior year highlites for all three backs on you tube,[Solomon, Hart, and Moore]. I don’t see where the other two stand out over Solomon. I see Solomon as faster and more explosive. Even for those who say the other two have more shake and bake, look at what happens when all three get to the second level, on many more occasions than with Moore or Hart, Solomon will be gone for a TD or a long run, where as the other two have to dance thru the crowd that caught up to them. They have more shake and bake because they offten can’t lose the crowd chasing them. Solomon is more of a home run threat than the other two, yet he can also get thru the traffic like the other two. Fred, Aram any others, what do you all think?

  • Solomon #1


    Solomon averaged 9.7 ypc in the 14 game season. I believe the number is over 12 ypc in the 10 game regular season.

  • Poor Dan

    Well Dan…I guess we’ll have to accept your stats over Maxpreps as well as the SGV Tribunes??? hahahaa! How embarrassing it must be that West Covina coaching can’t do a simple thing as reporting correct stats to Maxpreps knowing that someone like Solomon is a D-1 propect. But again..thank God Solomon has you to report his actual stats on this blog right? LOL!

    Since you are sitting on your high horse…please tell us the toughest team that Soloman had to run against. And then tell us the toughest teams that Moore had to run against.These kids compete in different worlds so how can you even compare any stat? Moore dropped over 100 yards on Alemany and Compton Dominguez and dropped 200+ yards on Crespi. Who was the toughest that Solomon had to face? Bonita? lol…Covina? lol….Venice?! Moore’s faced the best of the best in the entire state of California, man….Solomon had to face the best of what??? The San Gabriel Valley? LMAO!!!

    Sorry Dan but level of competition among the educated means everything. In order to be the best of the best, you have to run/compete against the best of the best. Solomon had great stats but similar stats to Moore. But make no mistake…it was Moore that ran/caught against some of the best programs in California…not Solomon. Respect is earned and Fred was right in making Moore the #1 RB in the SGV….

    I invite you to prove myself or Fred wrong in this matter…But of course, you will fail. There is absolutely no comparison between West Covina’s schedule and Bishop Amat’s schedule. And in the world of high school football in 2010-11, strength of schedule and level of competition is everything.

    When West Covina plays Loyola, Bulldog fans will treat it like it’s a state championship….When Bishop Amat plays Loyola, it will be business as usual. This is the difference between your world and ours. If you knew anything of this world, you would absolutely agree that Moore is the best RB in the SGV.

    West Covina will, indeed, win their division, and no one outside of the San Gabriel Valley will notice….

    Just like last season. Sorry Dan but that’s just reality football in Southern California.

  • Dan

    Amat no doubt had the tougher schedule, I know about Pac 5 ball well enough, Ive seen lots of the big schools over most of my life. Never the less, if you switch Solomon for Moore in Amats backfield do you really think there would be a drop off in production? The D1 scouts don’t think so, just ask UCLA and Nevada, No offense cause Moore is tough as nails and a wonderful runningback, but I see an increase in production because of Solomons speed and homerun ability. You ignore my point of Solomon having to go both ways plus special teams. He was out there making tackles, forcing fumbles, returning fumbles for touchdows and covering backs and recievers and returning punts and touchdowns during the times that Moore got his rest for the next offensive series. You think if he went one way and had some rest in between each offensive series that he would have been a little faster or a little stronger on offense? I do. By the way you laugh at our one common opponent Venice, yet your whole team rushed for 174 yards against them, Solomon had 273 against the same team by himself. You laugh at Bonita, but if you saw them you would know they had athletes and the physical play that would give your Lancers a great game. Look at the Muir scores from Amat and Bonita, pretty similar, Amat 34 to 14, Bonita 49 to 25, They also killed the team that beat Chino Hills, it’s not science but who is to say Bonita was not up there close with Amat. I think your the one on a high horse, Mayfair was another legit opponent, they played Lakewood to a 24 to 14 game, also had tough games with Los Alamitos and Chino Hills. Solomon rose to the occasion in all of his big games, He was never stopped in any game last year, with the exception of being stopped by a bad stomach in the South Hills game, he only had one carrie in that game for about 15 yards. So come on down from that horse buddy and realize there are some very good athletes outside ofthe Pac 5. Like I said there is nothing in the highlight video’s that show me the other two backs ranked ahead of him are superior.

  • Dan

    By the way, I’m not the one who started this Solomon vs Moore debate, it was a responce to another poster that brought this up. Carry on boy’s.

  • Real talk

    @Dan why doesn’t a Solomon or any other good athlete in the sgv play for Amat ? You would think they would like to test there skills in the PAC 5.

  • Just Sayin’

    Soloman and Moore are great, but different. You might say Moore doesn’t show breakaway speed – when being chased by PAC 5 athletes. Or would he look faster in the Southeast? one could wonder if Soloman could get to that second level As often through a PAC 5 line – and if his speed would look as impressive at that level? I’d take either.

  • Dan

    Real talk,
    There could be a few reasons why he picked WC over Amat, my first guess is he wants to play together with his friends he grew up with and for the neighborhood he lives in, when I grew up, that had more meaning than going out and playing for the local powerhouse. Or maybe having to pay the tuition at Amat could have been a factor.
    Just saying,
    Good points, there is more speed in the Pac 5, although the point still can be argued that if Solomon did not play on both sides of the ball plus special teams he would have been a little fresher for his offensive carries and that could be enough of a difference in the Pac 5. I would also say Venice, Mayfair, and Bonita had the athletes and team speed comparable to upper division levels, and he still was able to break away from those teams.
    Despite what I said in my earlier post, the truth is I completely agree with your post, you can’t go wrong with either back. No one posting on here including Fred and Aram knows who the better back is, I came on here and argued for Solomons sake because of all the bashing Solomon took on here throughout the summer because he was ranked #1 in the earlier rankings. That plus when I see that he was dropped to #3 on this poll and Moore=#1 came on with his stats, I just thought I would put my 2 cents in.

  • Real talk

    @Dan I see your point. Sometimes I feel that every kid that feels that he could play for Amat but can not pay to go to a school like Amat grow bitter with Amat. That is why when any column is about Amat or a Amat player it gets the most comments and hateful comments.

  • Mzz

    When it comes to the top running back,
    Kurt Scoby…ENOUGH SAID!!!

  • Just askin’

    Mzz – LOL! Why? What evidence has anyone seen to show THAT?