Whittier area’s top five running backs: St. Paul’s Michael Ortega tops the marquee

1. Michael Ortega, St. Paul, Sr., 5-11, 176 — Ortega sets the tone, combing speed and power. He’s the key to the Swordsmen’s success this season after rushing for 1,196 yards and seven touchdowns in 2010. He also averaged an impressive 8.5 yards per attempt.
2. Tony Botello, Pioneer, Sr., 5-5, 155 — The Titans struggled in the Del Rio League, but it wasn’t because of Botello, who enjoyed a banner season, rushing for 1,189 yards and 12 scores. He will need another type year if Pioneer is to improve on its 5-5 overall record. Most believe he can.
3. Grant Escobar, Whittier Christian, Sr., 5-10, 165 — Escobar is one of the few holdovers from the Herald’s run to the Mid-Valley title game. He was a machine last season, rushing for 1,084 yards and 16 TDs. He’s one of the more versatile backs in the area, also taking time to catch 38 passes for 401 yards and two scores.
4. O.J. Medina, La Serna, Sr., 5-8, 170 —Medina saw limited action behind Richard Alvarez last season, but now it’s his turn and has the ability to be the go-to-guy after rushing for 765 yards and eight TDs. He also pulled eight yards a run in 2010.
5. Ronell Lone, El Rancho, Sr., 5-9, 172 — There is plenty of plus-side for Lone, who averaged more than 7 yards a carry last season, finishing 613 yards. He’s a key to El Rancho challenging in the Del Rio League.

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  • APach25

    Why are they all so small? Do they not have RBs in Whitter over 175lbs? Or are they all futbol players?

  • AMAT 73

    Since you are now the guru of the Whittier area. Have you heard of a back at the slime named Brandon Garcia . The kid was a solid Pop Warner runner and I just was wondering if he is on Varsity or not .

  • robert

    Lone is a very good Back and should do well this year; he has a younger brother who has it also, speed to burn.

  • St Paul 2011

    Amat 73 Said Brandon Garcia played at “Slime” Well Amat number one your Tortilla Flats School LA PUENTE will get flattened again by Alemany and the wrecking crews from the valley,Amat has the students but not the talent,you guys cant win the big ones remember Lakewood, you guys folded,then Alemany moving up from the league (MISSION LEAGUE)the “Slime school ” Was in you lost to and how many CIF Titles do you have in Tortilla flats La Puente Home Boy!!!!! ST PAUL 2011

  • ST PAUL!!

    size doesn’t matter when it comes to ST PAUL, all we need is heart and “ganas”, means balls! btw we did have big RB’s like Dwight tardy 06, Nic grigsby 08(who is a dolphins this year) aubry hanes 08 etc…

  • APach25

    Not sure I said “size mattered”. I do find it strange that with the “top 5” RBs in the Whittier area, NONE of them seem to be bigger than 176lbs. Guess I need to stick to IE football… Good luck with your futbol team this year!

  • ST PAUL!!

    IE football? lol what a joke the only school good out there is centennial.. this “futbol” squad that you say will win more championships than any IE school would. Look us up ST PAUL swordsmen, we actually have history.

  • AMAT 73

    St slime 2011,
    Is that what their teaching at the slime now for English . Well I guess since you guys can’t muster up the guts to play AMAT you now need to ride on the coat tails of Alemany .Comeback and talk to me when you have a team again . Now go back out on your pasture of a field and pick up those radiation filled cow chips little boy. By the way what about Brandon .

  • Who Cares

    AMAT 73,
    Brandon is still there, he is not playing this year….. GRADES……..

  • AMAT 73

    Who cares,
    Thanks for the info . The kid was pretty good in PW , too bad on the grade situation . Good luck to the Swordsmen this season and maybe one day we get the rivalry going again . Great times and games.

  • St Paul 2011

    Amat 73 you are a sorry supporter for your school how many CIF Titles do you have HOME BOY…..Or should I call you Homie ….you know LA PUENTE IN THE HEART OF TORTILLA FLATS, I guarantee one thing you will never win a CIF championship in your VARRIO HOMIE!!!!!!

  • SP

    Amat 73, 0 whatever to bring kids from all over the place and still doesnt win or maybe the first round, you guys are pathetic.
    Even your baseball teams plays in division 4 with your so-call great players, they still go to small schools after Varrio Amat! Why not division 1?

  • supporter

    when i hear st paul, it just reminds me of the 2007 season, CIF champions. What a great team all around specially the D!