Breaking News: Sierra Vista’s Giovanni Rivera in camp instead of sitting out 2011 season

Sierra Vista’s Giovanni Rivera, the area’s leading rusher in 2010 with 2,304 yards, shocked Dons coach Don LeGro when he attended the first day of summer camp on Wednesday. Rivera was not with the Dons during the spring, and told Le Gro he was going to skip his senior season to concentrate on baseball. “We were thrilled when we saw his face,” Le Gro said. “What it does is take some of that talent we were going to use to replace him, and move it somewhere else. All along we were hoping that as we got closer he might change his mind, and when he showed up, it gave us a whole new outlook.”

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  • paul

    Matt Fregoso led the area with 2,458 yds, Good luck to Rivers, good to see him play have a great year kid

  • paul

    sorry i meant Rivera

  • Eye in the Sky

    Firstly, I believe that the comment on Rivera was for regular season yardage not 2 extra games in the playoffs, even if the yards gained were compiled from called back penalties and running to the huddle after the play was over.

    Secondly, what kind of a message are you sending your teammates when you are not committed to the football program. If you made arrangements with your coach to play summer baseball and worked out with your team you are leading, that’s prearranged; OK. Now what does that say to the other younger players. I have seen this happen before, players can be depended on coming out late and then that player gets hurt and it screws up the team chemistry. If this was allowed by the head coach, I question that action for the long hall. If it was allowed ahead of time then that was a decision they will live with.

    I wish no bad Ills to Rivera or the Don’s, but I know that that would not happen at Concord De La Salle or Mater Dei.

    Remember this is High School Football not college or the Pros. Whats your feelings about what was done?

  • J.B.

    Uh oh. Looks like we had better reconsider how the Montview League will shape up this season.

    It wasn’t as though the Dons’ ground game was going to be stifled this year anyway. Now, it looks to be one of the best in the SGV.

    Go Dons!

  • Breathe

    Brown Eye,

    Dude, BREATHE, the coaches want the best team possible, evidently they’re open arms cause they respect the kids priorities are baseball, the CHEMISTRY starts now, when the pads come on.


  • Joe Torosian Lite

    Of course Le Gro would take him back, you are mistaking him with someone who has ethics and morals. Can someone remind him to take that knife out of Locklear’s back, now that he has his running back.

    Here’s guessing that Keppel game will have them ready and prepared for Azusa. Too bad there wasn’t another team in their district that had an open game in the preseason. My bad BP did have an opening.

    That’s my principle.

  • smh

    he is not going to do much with the entire o-line graduating and one of there best lineman fredy ramirez not being back due to an argument with the coaches. only one starter in the o-line back, everyone else are freshman from last year. best of luck to rivera and sv tho.

  • bendover

    I have been out of state for a few years, can someone tell me why BP and SV don’t play each other any more? Who has the bell?