Ed Rycroft tribute video after being selected to minor sports football Hall of Fame

Wonderful tribute to San Gabriel Valley coaching legend Ed Rycroft. Rycroft played at Monrovia High in the 1960s and returned to coach there in the 1990s and also at Azusa with coach Fil Lujan after his tour of duty in Vietnam. His passion for football is obvious in this 2010 tribute video after being selected to the Minor League Football Hall of Fame. He has coached local semipro teams the SGV Rhino’s, Foothill Firehawks and is currently the defensive coordinator for the Norwalk Cowboys of the UDFL. I’m sure many of our bloggers know who he is, and for those who don’t or high school players today, listen to what he says in the video. You will love his passion.

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  • Observantcat

    This is why I am such a Monrovia Homer, because of guys like Coach Rycroft, he was and apparently still is a coaches coach. I knew him as my freshman coach at Monrovia High school where he would put you through drills that would rival a lot of drill sergeants in the US Marines. But the one thing that I can say about him is that if you excelled he would be the first to tell you and pat you on the back and say encouraging words to make you realize you did Ok. There are a lot of parents who either loved him or thought he was too tough for their kids to have to play for, my parents looked at him as an extra whoopin and stopped spanking me for awhile because of what discipline this man gave to me. If I were to compare him to any of the modern day legends I would have to name guys like Vince Lombardi, Bobby Knight, and of course Ohio States Woody Hayes. He was good about sharing his Vietnam experiences while he coached you up and made you feel like a punk if you couldn’t crawl across the football field at top speed without stopping for air. He would also stand up for the defense of his players at almost any cost. So Coach Rycroft whatever people give you you deserve along with all of the blessings from your former players and myself. Keep it up Coach!

  • SGV Athlete

    Coach Rycroft is one of the most passionate coaches I have ever had the opportunity to play for. In my first two season of Semi-Pro with the OC Ravens last year and the Norwalk Cowboys this year, and even though I play on the other side of the ball, I have learned so much about appreciating and respecting the game. Great accomplishment coach!! LETS RIDE!!

  • New York

    This is awesome, Fred. Thanks for posting.

    I was able to play three years in high school for Coach Rycroft. As Observantcat said, a lot of my Monrovia allegiance was fostered through him. He is a real icon.