Once again, private schools dominate Commissioner’s Cup, which ranks top sports programs in CIF Southern Section

The CIF Southern Section Commissioner’s Cup ranks the top sports programs in the Southern Section. The winners are determined by a point system that provides: five points for a divisional championship; three points for a divisional runner-up finish; two points for advancing to the semifinal round or a third place finish in a team-place finish sport (i.e. cross country, golf, swimming and diving, track and field); and one point for a fourth place finish in a team-place finish sport. Pasadena Poly finished third overall in the boys rankings with Bishop Amat finishing seventh overall on the girls side, which represented the highest San Gabriel Valley rankings. Once again, private schools dominated, with 16 of the 20 schools combined boys/girls coming from private schools, which is another strong argument for private and public being separated in the playoffs. Simply put, it’s just not an even playing field. At the very least, what CIF should do is celebrate four Commissioner’s Cup categories, a top ten for boys and girls private, and a top ten for boys and girls public. If you can’t separate the divisions, at least separate the awards.


1. Loyola 5 (BK), 5 (TF), 5 (SD), 3 (CC), 2 (WP) 20
2. Oaks Christi an 5 (FB), 5 (BK), 3 (TF), 2 (WP), 2 (S), 2 (BB) 19
3. Pasadena Poly 5 (BB), 3 (WP), 3 (TF), 2 (FB), 2 (BK), 2 (VB) 17
4. Servite 5 (FB), 5 (G), 3 (W), 3 (TF) 16*
5. Corona del Mar 5 (WP), 5 (VB), 2 (FB), 2 (S), 2 (SD) 16*
6. Mater Dei 5 (WP), 5 (VB), 2 (FB), 2 (BK), 2 (TF) 16*
7. Harvard-Westlake 5 (CC), 5 (BK), 3 (T) 13
8. Viewpoint 5 (SD), 5 (T), 2 (VB) 12
9. Mission Viejo 5 (BB), 3 (BK), 3 (FB) 11*
10. Oak Hills 5 (BB), 3 (W), 3 (S) 11*

1. Oaks Christian 5 (S), 5 (SB), 3 (BK), 3 (TF), 2 (VB) 18
2. Harvard-Westlake 5 (WP), 5 (TF), 3 (BK), 3 (CC) 16*
3. St. Margaret’s 5 (T), 5 (VB), 5 (S), 1 (CC) 16*
4. Chadwick 5 (CC), 5 (VB), 3 (BK) 13
5. Serra 5 (BK), 5 (TF), 2 (VB) 12
6. Canyon/Anaheim 5 (BK), 3 (SB), 2 (G), 1 (CC) 11*
7. Bishop Amat 5 (S), 2 (BK), 2 (SB), 2 (TF) 11*
8. Mater Dei 5 (BK), 5 (TF) 10*
9. Dos Pueblos 5 (WP), 5 (SB) 10*
10. Poly/Long Beach 5 (VB), 5 (TF) 10*

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  • reality

    A top program is decided by you as a individual and who think they are not by some org. that decides for you. I Like public programs and schools that over achieve even if that amounts to a single win. Personally I think many private schools are over-rated considering they can recuit and offer so many perks that the public school can’t, especially in the exposure of their athletes. Gimmie the Hacienda and Valley Vista etc. any day.

  • not reliable

    This point system is bad. there is no consideration for level of play. under this system a CIF Championship in 8 Man Football is worth more then what Mission Viejo received as the Runner-up in the Pac-5. Several of these private schools, although playing at a high level in football, play at lowerer levels in many of their other sports. Degree of difficulty has to be accounted for.

  • Goodpoint

    It also shows that enrollment is unreliable, which is why private schools in lower divisions against public schools with similar enrollments is totally unfair. No wonder Pasadena Poly looks so good.

  • Just askin’

    Good point – in what sports does Pasadena Poly compete with public schools of similar enrollment? They only have like 600 students. ther AREN’T any public sch
    Pols that small!

  • brokenarrow

    along with many of the other posts, how can one compare apples with oranges?

  • Observer

    Hey Fred,

    Did you know the SGV Tribune was cited in an ESPN article about Ruiz? Here is the link.


  • Witness

    Poly has 380 students…..Any public schools that size?