Who wins the Southeast Division? Will going back-to-back be that easy for West Covina?

When I look back at West Covina’s championship, I can’t help but think of Bonita losing it as much as West Covina winning it. Bonita had it, a hand-delivered pick by Bulldogs QB George Johnson in the final minutes would have sealed the deal for the Bearcats and ended the Dogs’ game-winning drive. But that’s football, West Covina finished the drive and that was that, a 37-33 victory. The big question entering 2011 is who are the real challengers to dethrone the Dogs? It doesn’t appear to be a dominating division, but you figure the challengers must be Muir, Diamond Ranch, Diamond Bar, Bonita, La Serna, Mayfair and Norwalk. But if you ask me, I’m rolling with Arcadia. This is the surprise year for the Apaches, and you heard it here first.

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  • West co

    Fred Arcadia??? With what Defense? Carr to Lagace is going to be a great combo, but I am not sold that arcadia’s rbs are going to provide a decent rushing attack. Also Arcadia does not have a plethora of WR’s. Teams are going double team Lagace. I wonder if another WR will step up for the Apaches. If you can’t run the ball and don’t have a dominating D, its going to be hard to win it all. West Co still has the best Rushing team, and Defense in the Division. They are going to be able to control the clock, and Stop people. If anyone can make a run this year as a Dark Horse, it’s going to have to be the Mustangs. They are going to be a tough team in the Pacific and Southeast playoffs. Either way all of teams in this division are going to show who’s a power early in the year. West co has Covina and loyola and south hills. Muir has Saugus, and Rancho and Arcadia. Arcadia has Monrovia and St Francis. Bonita has SD, but the league is tough. So I expect all the teams in this division to be seasoned by playoff time. Right now West Co has the toughest Schedule, and should be the favorites in this Division.

  • FredJ

    I should have clarified, the question I asked was who the real challengers are to dethrone West Covina, meaning I still think West Covina is the best and team to beat. In other words, I’m saying West Covina will meet Arcadia in the title game, West Covina wins.

  • Not Bonita

    Based on history of Bonita football the Bearcats wont make another run like that for a least 10 years. The last time they had a run like that they won a ring this time they cam up just a little short. There is no indication they can consitantely play at that level.
    The talent pool in La Verne is just not deep enough to sustain a high level of play.
    Beside there is a good chance this will be Podely’s final swan song.

  • west co

    Ok Fred, I still don’t think the apaches are that good. They have only two play makers, and a questionable defense. The division does not have a clear cut favorite outside of West Co

  • X’s and O’

    Not Bonita,

    You’re probably right (for this season), but Bonita will be back and I even think there might be a few players from this year’s team who might take exception to your comment. I’ve seen this Bonita team and when they play tough, they could be a threat. Podley’s future is always in question but the truth is he is one of the best coaches in the SGV and definitely the toughest. He doesn’t rely on transfers and plays with what he’s got and he always seems to field a competetive team.

  • Not Bonita

    I would expect nothing less than a Bearcat to take exception. You are correct with Podely being one of the best he does a lot with what he has. History shows Bonita only goes deep in the playoffs every 10 years and I dont see this changing especiallly if Podely leaves. Bonita does not get the transfer to help with the voids left each year due to graduation. The talent is in the pipeline is solid but no different than the last 15 years so expect the same results.
    Bonita will be solid and every 10 years they will be exceptional. Last year was exceptional.