Opening week is statement week for Valle Vista vs. Hacienda and Mid-Valley vs. Southeast

Could there be a shift of power with the area’s mid-major leagues and divisions? The Valle Vista is why I ask, it’s intriguing and tough to call. After watching Aram slobber over Covina yesterday, even I realize how foolish it was to guarantee a West Covina victory over the Colts on Sept. 3. I haven’t tilted enough to think the outcome will change, but it’s moving closer toward the toss-up category. The Valle Vista is tough to call because you hear so many stories about Pomona, its athletes, players that are eligible after sitting out a year, and some that have transferred in. Plus, coach Anthony Rice, after winning two section titles with Colony, has been so quiet this offseason that you know something’s up. You think he’s going to settle for another mediocre year?
Then there’s San Dimas, coach Z quietly saying this team could be special, that it returns five players from its 2009 Mid-Valley Division championship team, including QB Shawn Kennedy, FB Dillon Corona and a backfield Z says could be the best of all. You can’t sleep on San Dimas. No matter how dominant King Monrovia thinks it is, it has nothing on San Dimas. They’re 2-2 head-to-head and each own a title. Sounds more like they got a score to settle. Covina, Pomona, and San Dimas are potentially so good, I’m not sure what league is more top-heavy, the Valle Vista or Hacienda? After West Covina, picking second isn’t easy. You can argue Bonita, Diamond Bar or Diamond Ranch, but none of them are world beaters. That’s why opening week is statement week. If San Dimas beats Bonita and Covina beats West Covina, you can move the Valle Vista ahead of the Hacienda on the area league ranking list behind the Serra, Baseline and Sierra. You could also argue that the Mid-Valley would be on par if not better than the Southeast. Imagine if West Covina and Covina won titles, edge goes to the Mid-Valley right? Fact is, Monrovia is still probably the best of the Mid-Valley. If they go undefeated beating Glendora, South Hills and Covina along the way, it would prove even more the Mid-Valley is every bit as good, if not better than the Southeast? That’s why opening week is so huge, it could answer some big questions right off the bat.

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  • voting

    Voting is pretty tight, go Covina

  • Voting

    Voting don’t mean much since Colt74 uses multi ip’s and docsters up the numbers.

  • Voting

    Voting don’t mean much since Colt74 uses multi ip’s and docsters up the numbers.

  • Voting

    Covina just pulled off like 15 votes in the last couple of minutes, nice job Colt74.

    He played the same game on Aram’s blog.

  • Voting

    Now Colt74 is up to about 30 votes and is tied with West Covina.

    Check out the totals on all the polls they are in the high 50’s or 60’s except for the West Covina/Covina one it is at 94, 30 more than any other poll.

    Take Colt74’s 30 votes away are the real total is

    West Covina 47

    Covina 17

  • P-Diddy

    Just gonna stand there and hear me cry…

  • equal only at the top

    the midvalley’s top 3 or 4 teams are on par with the southeast’s top 3 or 4 teams, but it’s the overall strenght of the division where the southeast stands apart from the midvalley. the mid to lower end of the southeast would beat up on the mid to lower level teams in the midvalley. much the same as the inland and norther divisions have some very good teams up at the very top, like; cc, oaks, st bonnies, westlake, even chino hills last year. all of these teams could have competed well in the pac-5 with cc probably winning the division. but it’s the overall strenght of the pac-5 that sets it apart from the other divisions.

  • Colt74

    For sustained success the Mid still has quite a ways to go to be on par with the hacienda and the big boys. We’ll enjoy our 15 mins of fame when it rolls around and appreciate it for what it is.

    And for the clown that likes to post about me. Just cut and paste this from now on.

  • goBonita-Fan

    Bonita is also young on the o-line. If I remember, I think there is only one returning starting offensive lineman. They are not going to be throwing it down the field like last year. You can bet your bottom dollar they will be running it more. They do have a few good receivers but again will the line hold.
    West Covina in my opinion is the cream of the Hacienda. They will dominate Covina, and not let up like they did last year.
    Like Fred said the first week will be huge to answer a lot of questions. Bonita needs the win more than any of the others. A lost to San Dimas could make for a long season for the Bearcats.

  • Aaron

    I’m not buying San Dimas having better skills guys than they had the past two years.

    As far as Bonita is concerned…excellent runningbacks in Reggie Turner and Cameron Griffin, add in some good sophomores…five backs total. Some great receivers in Garrett Horine, Austin Venegas, Toure McCulley, TE Ryan Ramirez who looks at least an inch or more taller than Horine. O-line wise…Pichotta is the returner, but he’s a good one. The guys that are slotting in next to him got plenty of time as early in the season the Bearcats had guys on the line out…so they are experienced.

    Defensively…Horine, Pichotta, McCulley, Griffin; always wondering about the guys on the D-line…but I saw bodies.

    And of course 2nd team all-state kicker in Brandt Davis: I like what I see, will see time as a receiver and is an excellent athlete.

  • SGV for 30 Year

    Which league is better, The Hacienda, or the Valle Vista?

    No Contest. The Hacienda league is the bettr league from top to bottom. Here is the way I see the match-ups, and the outcomes.

    West Covina 40 Covina 12
    Bonita 42 Pomona 21
    DRanch 45 Baldwin Park 15
    Walnut 38 Northview 15
    Rowland 42 Wilson 28
    Los Altos 35 Nogales 21

    The Southeast division also a tougher division. LaSerna, Santa Fe, Burbank, Burroughs are all better than the best of the Valle Vista.

    What do ya’ll think?

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!!

  • In the future

    If you rank the leagues in the SGV it would be like this
    1. Serra-Bishop Amat
    2. Baseline-Glendora
    3. Sierra-South Hills/Chino Hills/Charter Oak
    4. Hacienda-West Covina/South Hills
    5. Pacific-Arcadia/Muir
    6. Valley Vista-Covina/San Dimas
    7. Olympic-Maranatha
    8. Rio Hondo-Monrovia
    9. MVL-Arroyo

    A few of the top teams in what I call “The Lower 5” are good enough to be in the Hacienda and Pacific. But there is no way those leagues will ever be better than the Hacienda and Pacific. Moonrovia,Covina, and San Dimas, are the only schools in the Division, that could think about jumping into the mid major Divisions. They have proven in the past they can compete with the top teams of those Leagues in the Southeast Division. I personally think Monrovia is good enough to get to the Semis in the Southeast this year. But still playing Muir and Arcadia and CV and the Burbank schools, is alot tougher than the Rio Hondo, and their would be no room for cruising. I think Covina would be a 2nd or 3rd place team in the Hacienda, but if they beat West Covina for a second time, well who’s to say they can’t win that league. However, the top 3 leagues IN the Serra, baseline, and Sierra are still out of reach for Monrovia or Covina. But hey if Monrovia beats South Hills for a second time, and south hills goes to playoffs, who to say that Monrovia couldn’t make the playoffs in the that league in the inland. But once you get to the top of those brackets, the Midvalley teams would be outmatched at this point. They are just not used to playing 10 very hard games. I think the midvalley elite may be opening some eyes for the next time realignment comes around. I think You may see Monrovia in the Pacific, and maybe Covina in the hacienda…or even West Covina jumps up into the Inland somewhere. Who knows….

  • Funny

    This Covina program is a joke, they had one good year and all the sudden they are world beaters. They beat multi teams by 7 or less points last season. Some of those games will be losses this season. Then we have Aram asking Monrovia if they are worried, come on are you kidding. Monrovia will put 50 on this Covina defense in the first half and not even work up a sweat.

    Covina will make the playoffs this year as a Wildcard loss in the first or second round end of story. Next year they will go back to being that .500 team.


    In the future,

    I’m pretty sure calpreps has the Sierra listed ahead of the baseline… I would have to agree with their assessment of the Sierra.

  • The closest any mid valley team is getting to monrovia is two touchdowns. Do you forget how monrovia man handled the competition last during the playoffs? This program hasn’t even reached its potential yet.

    Some guys aren’t only making a repeat of winning a cif championship as their goal, but they are looking towards a state division bowl game! This all depends on what happen sept 9 and the rest of the pre-league match ups.

  • Aaron

    To qualify as far as buying anything involving San Dimas…I will not buy in any matchup involving Bonita…any other match-up I have to remove the green colored lenses.

  • SaintsR4real

    “Funny”, now we understand why u call.urself funny!

    Mtown Alumnus,
    First you say no one is going to come closer than two TDs to Monrovia, then you say it depends what happens from sept. 9 and on.
    Please, you’re going in circles. Which is it, dominating Monrovia or see what happens Monrovia? Give us a sensible prediction, not could, would, should!


    mtown alumnus,

    State bowl those are high hopes! I hope you guys can achieve them. I will say this Arcadia will be a much stronger team this year and so will South Hills. Those two teams I believe will beat Monrovia in the preseason. Also too many teams will crowd the line of scrimmage so I hope your QB is getting a ton of reps because they will force your QB to make plays and if he cant and you guys become one dimensional those state bowl game dreams are over.

  • Old Damien Spartan guy

    I have my questions about Damien this year. Gano is under pressure to put a winner on the field. He has recruited plenty but is still sticking with teh same O-line he had last year. These guys are really untalented. Instead of bringing in a QB and running backs ( which he needs because the short and light Sherwood Brothers will not do any damage this year) he should have evaluated his o-line and used the bigger boys instead of last years failures.

    Obviously, this coach will go down with the ship and keeping his favorites in slots that they have proven to be innefective will be his downfall. Oh well, there is always next year Spartans. Hopefully Gano goes, and the bigger stronger fresh group of players improves next year.

    I see lots of promise with some of the Freshmen and JV players, they have size and enthusiasm. Something Gano doesnt understand or have any intention of nurturing.

  • Observantcat

    To SGV FOOTBALL: Monrovia will have 5 times more dimensions than last season, yea if you stack the box on a good QB with the arm strengths of Frazier or Heyworth you will be completely obliterated by the passing game and if you decide to back off you will get completely obliterated by our running game, so most teams will have to pick their poison. The problem with most teams is speed on the line, Monrovia will execute a game plan that will exploit teams that cannot utilize their speed in a way that can keep up with what we are doing. My personal guess is that Arcadia will not have as strong of a running game than some of their faithful may have suggested and a solid Monrovia defense will take Carr right out of his game plan. That seems more one dimensional than Monrovia’s offense. Point two, the always underestimated special teams play. Monrovia is very solid in that area as well, we expect that our special teams will prove to be the difference in the preseason and later into the playoffs and or even State. South Hills may pose a good threat on the offensive side of the ball but I believe they need to beef up their defense. Again, just pointing out our strengths and believing that we can overcome most if not all adversity once we begin to play.

  • unlikely

    even if morovia goes undefeated this year it’s highly unlikely that they would get an invite to the regional bowl game. first off, monrovia’s schedule too soft to get the necessary attention (outside of the sgvn) that is required. considering that the midvalley is one of the lowest levels of football in the cifss, any team in the midvalley looking for an appearance in the state regional bowl game would have to schedule substantially better non-league games than what monrovia has on their schedule this year. secondly, considering the politics of the state bowl games and the fact that the cifss dominates the open div. and the div. 1 game, the southern section officials don’t push very hard for the D3 and small school div. keep in mind that san diego will always insist on getting at least 1 or 2 of their teams in, and the central section is up in arms about never getting any of their schools into the state games.

  • mtown alumnus

    Since i didn’t make myself clear i meant a possible bowl bid depends on how monrovia does in their pre-league schedule that starts on sept 9. If monrovia gets wins (and convincing wins) against Glendora, Arcadia, San Dimas, South Hills and Paramount; and those teams happen to go on and do well in their division, maybe monrovia gets considered for a state bowl.

    If things happen otherwise, monrovia will run the table in the rio hondo and have a similar performance to last year’s mid valley playoffs. I’m sorta reaching here but monrovia won last year’s mid valley playoffs with a combined score of 148-32. Maybe the cards were just right for monrovia then but the schools people think are in the running for the mid valley championship this year have got some serious improving to do.

    Under the leadership of this program, i can’t see monrovia football wavering from the progress they made last year.

    Some on this blog speculated that if west covina beat covina last year, they might have gotten a potential bowl bid. So if either monrovia or west covina run the table on their schedule this year, what says they might not be in the running? Its just wishful thinking, but barring freak injuries the least monrovia will achieve is a repeat with a mid valley title.

  • Observantcat

    More than likely, Monrovia will get a State bowl bid if they do not falter in the pre-season this year. Last year the Wildcats were #4 in the Div. 3 bowl bids. this year Monrovia would be 1 or 2 in the Southern sec. if they prevail and go uninterrupted throughout this season all of the weapons are there we just need to execute them. So far our only concern is how to play 2 very good QB’s not a bad way to start. GOOD LUCK WILDCATS!!!! Make them believe

  • MyopticCat

    Monrovia is going to go 14-0. They are going to score 50 points before half-time on every team they play. The will be invited to a state bowl and after that will play in the Super Bowl.

    Sorry, have to cut this short. It’s time for my meds.

  • Dan

    Year in and year out, The top 4 or 5 teams in the Mid Valley could fit well in the SouthEast division. After that there is a big drop off in caliber, in the SouthEast you don’t have that drop off, instead you will have very competitive teams capable of making a deep run in the division in any given year.
    Good teams who didn’t reach the finals in the South East, such as Muir, Arcadia, Burroughs, Burbank, Sante Fe, La Serna, Cal Hi, Mayfair, La Mirada, Norwalk, Diamond Ranch, Diamond Bar, and Walnut, Rowland, in most years if you were to take any one of these teams and place them in the Mid Valley they would be capable of making a deep playoff run. In contrast with the exception of the top team or two you can’t say that about the Mid Valley. Maybe 4 or 5 could make the playoffs but only 1 or 2, possibly 3 in a strong year could get past the first round. any thoughts?

  • to be so quick…

    Dan you are Very true, out of all the midvalley teams, Monrovia, San Dimas, and covina and schurr Would make the playoffs. However, I do feel that a strong Monrovia team could make it to the finals in this division. I mean they could be beat, by any of those top teams in the southeast. I still think that this years team or last years team could have made the Semis at least. I think that any of the top 8 southeast teams could make the finals in the Midvalley, and may 5-6 would win it. As long as Monrovia, San Dimas, and Covina are in the Midvalley, it’s not shoe in for any southeast team. My proof being, that Monrovia Beat Arcadia badly, that was a strong playoff team in the south east and they won the Pacific with Muir, burbank, burroughs in that league. San Dimas has beat Bonita in the past two years which is was finalist, and Covina did beat West Covina this year, who are the defending champs. The First two weeks will determine which Division is stronger at the top. The San Dimas vs Bonita game is going to set it all off, then we jump to Covina vs West Covina game will follow. Then the Monrovia vs Arcadia game is going to follow. Last year the Mid Valley was 2-3 vs the Southeast, when the top teams played. Now if the Mid Valley gets a clean sweep this year, then you make a argument that the mid valley is just as tough as the Southeast, from the Semis to the finals. No, Matter what you want to say about leagues, etc…etc…But in order to win the Midvalley, you would have to go through Monrovia, San Dimas, and Covina. So it does not matter what happens in the first round or Second round. If the Midvalley teams beat them what excuse can you use? Fluke, lucky… oh it was early in they year? The level that Monrovia was playing at last year in the semis and finals, was good enough to get them to Semis in the Southeast, and it would have been tough for West Co or bonita to beat them. So pay attention early…and don’t Downgrade, the midvalley bc at the end their is only one champion, and Championship teams are always good, no matter what level.

  • New York

    The first round of MidValley playoffs have some weaker teams, but starting in the quarterfinals the teams are pretty good.

    The year before Schurr came into the MidValley, they were a “fluke” fumble away from beating Diamond Ranch and advancing to the semis. They could not get passed the MidValley quarters last year. Covina was good last year, but Covina did not get passed the MidValley quarters either.

  • MyopticCat

    Sorry guys. I went back and read my post and realized how stupid it sounded. Let me fix it:

    Monrovia will go 14-0. They are going to score 50 points before half-time on every team they play. They will be invited to a state bowl and after that will WIN THE BCS and THEN we will play in the Super Bowl.

    And of course, that is “IF” we win our preseason games.

  • Wut Bowl U Smokin?

    Monrovia will get a State bowl??? LMFAO!!!!

    It’s amazing how disconnected some of you are in regards to high school football in Southern California! The state bowl games are for the ELITE programs that play ELITE programs. Monrovia (as well as everyone else in the SGV except Bishop) would NEVER make a bowl game because they don’t play any of the top teams in California. Here’s a taste of level of competition that everyone needs to swallow.


    Servite- Beat State Champion Oceanside, La Habra, Pac-5 Edision, and Inland Division Champion Chaparral. Also had to win the Trinity, the #1 league in Cali and #2 in the NATION. Also beat Crespi, Alemany, and Mission Viejo in the playoffs.

    Serra- Had a weaker preseason schedule this season but then again…it’s SERRA (Defending State Champs) and it does’t matter. Still beat Pac-5 Notre Dame and Arroyo Grande who beat Compton Dominguez earlier.Also beat Mira Costa who beat Pac-5 Newport Harbor. Also routed SGV power St. Francis and has swept Carson the prior 2 seasons. Also played Oak’s Christian the prior 2 seasons too beating OC in 2009!

    Corona Centennial- Routed Pac-5 Mater Dei and defending Inland Div Champ, Chaparral. Also routed Upland and Sierra League Champ Chino Hills whobeat Pac-5 Tesoro and Inland power Redlands East Valley. CC also routed Vista Murrieta.

    Other teams from So Cali to make Bowl games are Oak’s Christian, Pac-5 Long Beach Poly, Pac-5 Orange Lutheran, CC Canyon (Played St. Bonaventure and beat Cresp, Hart, Valencia, Concord De La Salle in 2006).

    Probably the “weakest” team was LA Crenshaw in 2009. LA Crenshaw beat Pac-5 Lakewood, who beat BA and Long Beach Poly that year. Also beat Inland semifinalist Norco who beat Corona Centennial.

    MY POINT????======> I think it’s obvious. Although there are a couple of SGV teams that did well last season (like CH), NO San Gabriel Valley football program fits in the above mentioned level of competition…and it’s not even close, people!!!

    And the fact is that one of the LEAST qualified programs in the SGV would be MONROVIA. Even if they do win another championship, according to Calpreps, MONROVIA has THE weakest schedule among all of the San Gabriel Valley’s better football schools…including league.

    In order to earn the opportunity to compete with the best in California, you have to play and beat the best in California.

  • What a joke

    Hey Old Damien Spartan guy

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. Your son must be one of the bigger kids that isn’t getting playing time if you ask me. How about if you stop crying on this blog about Gano not picking little Johnny to start because YOU think he should and have your son work harder to take someone’s spot? Gano and the staff have hundreds of years of high level coaching experience and know what they are doing. If your son isn’t playing I can assure you that it isn’t politics or the coaching staff playing favorites. Get real and stop being an internal cancer!

  • SaintsR4real

    Observantcat & Mtown Alumnus

    What are your thoughts on what “what BOWL u been smokin” statements??

    I don’t believe it’s the first time someone has explained this. Is there something we’re missing?

  • MyopticCat

    What you all fail to understand is that by us playing in the Rio Hondo league we don’t have to play ONE TEAM with a positive rating! That means that by the time the playoffs roll around we have had 5 WEEKS to heal up from preseason and be rested up. Now last season one of our players almost got a serious hangnail before playoffs but we sucked it up and look what happened. With us rested up after playing nobody for the last 5 weeks we are in the best position to advance in the playoffs and therefore deserve a state bowl bid.

    Now what part of that is not clear?

  • Sesame Streetz!

    “One of these schools is not like the others. One of these schools just doesn’t belong!
    Can you tell me which school is not like the others?
    By the time I finish my song?”

    Corona Centennial
    Long Beach Poly
    Oak’s Christian
    Orange Lutheran
    Concord De La Salle


  • Elmo

    Concord De La Salle!
    Because they are a NORTHERN CALIFORNIA team.

    What did I win?

  • Riddle me this

    All this talk about the Hacienda being so much better than the Valle Vista. Really? So West Covina would have basically tied with Baldwin Park for second if they were in Covina’s league last year.

    Chew on that.

  • Dave Merrill

    My Wilson Wildcats will be hosting a scrimmage vs. Arroyo all levels next saturday at Dave Merrill Stadium on the campus of wilson high school.

  • Observantcat

    Directly from the horses mouth.
    Just for the Record: Last seasons Div. 3 state rankings. Monrovia was just 14 preseason points away from being invited to represent the Souther section in Div. 3

    Southern California Division III
    1. Madison (San Diego), 12-1, 45.2
    2. Washington Union (Fresno), 11-2, 40.4
    3. Lompoc, 11-3, 39.7
    4. Monrovia, 12-2, 36.4
    5. Bishops, 13-0, 31.0
    6. Paraclete, 13-1, 30.7
    7. Bishop, 13-1, 25.4
    8. Garden Grove, 13-1, 22.6
    9. Fowler, 11-1, 18.6
    10. Orange Cove, 9-3, -2.9

    Now go put your bibs back in and save your smack talk for someone else. Better yet shhhhhh! just go back to bed.

  • I’ll just make one more comment then the bloggers here can scoff and mock some more.

    I guess monrovia would be smoking on cif division bowl game III?

    Its true that monrovia is not near the same tier as the teams that have been listed, but that claim has never been made by me or any monrovia fan on here. What is also true though is that ANY TEAM THAT WINS THEIR DIVISION IS AUTOMATICALLY ELIGIBLE FOR A CIF STATE BOWL GAME.

    Yes, two years ago after san dimas beat an UNDEFEATED monrovia team in the pouring rain they were AUTOMATICALLY eligible for a state bowl game. To knowledge beyond me, at that time the winner of the mid valley division was eligible for CIF state bowl division II. However, last year monrovia was eligible for the division III bowl game.

    Now since Serra was moved to division II after running train so hard in ’09, the teams that went to the division III game were Escalon and Madison of San Diego.

    This is where going undefeated is so important. Out of the only eight teams that went undefeated last year in the state of california, only one was left out of a bowl game. That is why west covina vs. covina was so important last year. If west covina, who was ranked 29 in the state by the end of the year, won that game it could have leap frog them ahead of serra (ranked 12) to take their shot at folsom.

    So what if monrovia cakewalks through the rio hondo league? It’d be an added bonus if there was more competition but mostly all teams that make it to a bowl game blows the competition away in their league. Monrovia plays better competition when they can and really there isn’t much to criticize about the arcadia, glendora, south hills, paramount, and san dimas pre-league schedule keeping in mind that we are still a mid valley school. The genius that’s happening here is that monrovia is playing higher competition who have potential to do well in their division but ARE ALL VERY BEATABLE. As for the mid valley playoffs, THE TITLE GOES THROUGH MONROVIA!

    14-0 is more likely for monrovia than almost anyone in the SGV. Obviously that fifteenth game against a Escalon- or Madison of San Diego-like team takes some politicking but everything i’m saying has to happen first and it would sure be interesting if it does.

    Kids, let the fans handle the speculation and just worry about one game at a time.

  • Just sayin’

    Alumnus – unfortunately it is not just who you play and who you beat – it’s who they play and who they beat. Your games against Glendora, South Hills, and Paramount will, in all probability, be against non-playoff teams. That does not help. Your bid at all.

  • Just sayin’

    Putty-tat, 14 pts is ALOT! That 14pts puts Monrovia just as close to EIGHTH place as it does to 1st.

  • Observantcat

    Just sayin, just keep reading maybe you will figure it out before your teams season ends. Or maybe you shouldn’t even be in this conversation if you team has no business in the state bowl conversations……shhhhhhhh

    There will be other hater blogs for you to spew your jealousy around.

  • don’t hate

    Monrovia and West Covina have legit state bowl chance…just because Bishop Amat, Charter Oak, and Chino Hills do not doesn’t mean you all should Hate. We support SGV teams when they are in the mix for something. The SGV should be hoping for Monrovia to well. Unless you are one of the teams they play or in the mid valley.

  • SaintsR4real

    Help me understand here.

    At the beginning of this blog, Monrovia fans started talking smack, then “just sayn” and others started making remarks and statements, some truth, some trash. Now, all of a sudden, you’re asking them to slow down, don’t hate and stay off the blog. Where were you at the beginning.

    All in all, make all the remarks you want about your team and remarks on other teams should be kept on the positive side…”I’m just Sayin”

  • 14 Points Might As Well Be 1000

    California Rank = 73
    Schedule Rating = 18.2
    Western League State Rank = 55

    2.Washington Union
    California Rank = 60
    Schedule Rating = 18.2
    North Sequoia League State Rank = 36

    California Rank = 68
    Schedule Rating = 17.5
    Los Padres League State Rank = 53


    California Rank = 92
    Schedule Rating = 8.8 (hahahahaa!)
    Rio Hondo League State Rank = 111 (hahahahaa!)

    You Monrovia fans crack me up! You will never see a bowl game until your coach starts scheduling WAY better opponents. Oh but wait! That league of yours is terrible too so you would also have to move to a more competitive league! hahahaha!

  • just sayin’

    I tried to tell a Putty-Tat – but he does not know.

  • X’s and O’s

    These 2 interleague games are very interesting to me. Bonita and WC have seemed to develop a very respected rivalry amongst themselves in a span of one year of being in the same league and Covina and San Dimas are often battling for the VVL.

    At the same time Covina and WC are across town from each other and they seem to have built a respected rivalry after one non-league upset last season. Bonita and SD have the best rivalry in the SGV.

    On top of it all, Bonita and Covina run similar offenses and defenses while SD and WC run similar offenses and defenses.

  • eastsider

    bishop amat can get a bid if they go undefeated. any sierra league team can get a state bid if they goe undefeated,west covina could have chance if they go undefeated because they are playing a decent schedule,monrovia I just dont see it,unless they really beat everyone by a big margin .

  • I hate misinformed bloggers.

    hey 14 pt loser and just don’t say anything….you Jerkoffs are using last year’s numbers! Lol.,I don’t know if Monrovia would get a state bid, but you hate so much, you did not even take the time to use this years numbers. You are not credible. Just stay off the blog if you can’t use updated data..geesh.

    Monrovia ranked 41

    Lompoc ranked 55

    Washington Union…I did not see them.

  • More Informed Blogger

    @ I hate misinformed bloggers

    Looks like it’s you that misinformed. You also have to taken into account strength of schedule, strength of division, and strength of league. If you look real closely, you see that #2 Washington Union and #3 Lompoc are actually ranked higher in California than #1 Madison.

    Nothing you can say is going to change the fact that Monrovia plays a pathetically weak schedule, in a weak league, and in a weak division. This is why Monrovia will never see a bowl game even if they do, indeed, go undefeated.

  • Anonymous


  • Spartan Defender


    Being a hater like yourself sounds pretty easy for you. First you bang on our offensive line and then you single out the Sherwood boys for being too short and too light. First off the offensive line is much improved and are a lot more experienced. The Sherwood boys will battle on and off the field cause that’s what they do. When you’re negative on these blogs and name kids negatively, you just show how cowardly you are knowing that we don’t know who you are. If you had to put your name on these comments you wouldn’t comment so negatively. Gano knows what he’s doing and you’re right, he is under pressure so I’m sure he’s goint to try to win all of his games. So keep on being a negative contributor to these blogs, but understand the Damien fans are behind their coaches and all of their players no matter how tall, how heavy or any other observation you want to measure us by. Put your name on the bs that you allow to come out of your mouth next time cissy boy.

  • SaintsR4real


    SD 35…..BOHI 14

    SD 42…. SAN GAB.. 9

    SD 38…. AZUSA 7

    SD 17….. MTOWN 16

    PRE-SEASON…. 4-0

  • Aaron



  • Fred Olsen

    Thank god Mark pasqurella is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SaintsR4real


    Help me understand where your coming from?

    My predictions are from me getting out there and observing the above teams more than once. What do you have to offer??


  • Anonymous

    Hey Aaron, Everybody on S4R’s list are laughing just as loud as you. He forgot to subtract his team scores by the same amount of points. Monrovia & Bonita by 30 plus points and SG & Azusa by 14 plus points each. Haaaaaa,Haaaaaa,Haaaaaaaa

  • SaintsR4real


    Well, I know where Aarons heart is, where’s yours?? You feel you speak for the entire list??

    Just predictions pal, please post yours and team you support. If you have one.

  • Aaron

    Seen Bonita, Azusa. MTown is loaded with talent and has excellent coaching. SG,they could be really good or mediocre. I like how you predict a close game against MTown…but don’t predict a close one against your heated rival.

    As far as Bonita is concerned, I like what I see.

  • SaintsR4real


    I’m picking San Dimas to beat Bonita with a pretty good margin because to me they hold the same strength as the 2009 teams.

    What I saw of Azusa, good skill players, very motivated, but on the smaller side and average on the line.

    I predicted Monrovia to be a very close game, and I think the SENSIBLE fans of Monrovia would think the same. We still remember our first game in 2009, Mtown came with the beat down, if we could match their fire, we have a chance.

    If Bonita played Monrovia this year?
    MOnrovia 28 Bonita 9

    Just my predictions.

  • SFV Football

    SaintsR4real what is you coaching record? not counting flag football.