REPLAY: Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty (at 55:25), Monrovia recruit Ellis McCarthy and Montebello coach Pete Gonzalez on Tuesday’s PrepXtra Live

This week’s guests on the hour show included: Montebello coach Pete Gonzalez, Monrovia super recruit Ellis McCarthy and Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty (at 55:25).

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  • John

    I’m surprised Hagerty didn’t mention Dionza Blue for his defense. He was awarded the best sophomore cornerback at the Los Angeles NUC combine couple months ago. Coach sure looked thirsty downing the water bottle.

  • BigDog

    The sound is terrible, common guys this can look and sound better than this.


    Bishop Amat has the best fans in the SGV and they tailgate like they are a friggin college! It’s too bad Hagarty says that he doesn’t know much about it because he’s w/ the team before the game. This is a BA tailgating video done by Tommy Kiss. This gives a small taste of the special atmosphere that is created at Kiefer Stadium. And has much as this video shows, it does not show the entire scope of the pre-game celebrations with family and friends. If you ever have a chance, fan or not, it is a sight to see and most are shocked the first time they see something like this happening at the high school level…right here in La Puente!

    Note: Fred is busted stuffing his face at 1:47 LOL!!!!

  • FredJ

    Big Dog, your right about the sound, I needed a headset to listen on my home computer. We’re working on it.


    Enjoyed the time w/Coach, BUT, not enough time spent on the TEAM. I thought we would get some insight as to the team and all I got was a bunch of stuff I already knew about; Rio, Coach Hags and Jalen Moore….I’m sure as time goes on, you guys will learn how to steer an interview into the more interesting and in depth areas. Thanks all the same though.

  • just sayin’

    actually the most interesting part was how Hagerty handled the Ruiz situation. Could not have done it any better, dismissed any controversy anyone wants to drum up, and gave insight that every coach should takes notes on. If after listening to Hagerty you don’t want your kid to play for him – you don’t get sports

  • albert sanchez

    Dont feel bad Adam Sanchez received MVP Receiver for the NUC plus caught for 546 yards last year and never gets props. He’s also one the best kickoff returners and gets taken off his position hopefully it’s because the coaches didn’t want to show Servite our talent but if not they made a big mistake.