Football Spotlight: Is there a better triple threat than South Hills’ Jamie Canada, Jamel Hart and Vince Hernandez?

By Fred J. Robledo
Jamie Canada’s football career looked promising in his freshman year at Duarte, where his first touchdown was a 48-yard reception in the fourth quarter against South Hills. It was the Falcons’ lone score in a 48-6 loss.
After that, though, everything continued to unravel for Duarte and Canada. Duarte coach Wardell Crutchfield was fired following the 2008 season and more than a dozen players transferred to neighboring schools, including Jamie and his older brother Jordan Canada, a senior in 2009.
The Canada family moved into the South Hills school district, but Duarte challenged the transfer. It said the move was “athletically motivated” and the CIF-Southern Section agreed. That forced Jordan to miss his senior year and Jamie to sit out his sophomore campaign.

The disappointment kept piling on for Jamie Canada, who suffered a torn knee ligament in a spring scrimmage in 2010, had surgery and missed all of his junior season while the Huskies struggled to a 3-7 record and fourth-place finish in their transition year from the San Antonio to the much tougher Sierra League.
Canada, now healthy and eligible, took it easy in the spring and summer passing circuit in advance of his senior year, but he looked sharp at Monday’s practice in preparation for the Huskies’ season opener against Colony on Sept. 1. One South Hills assistant said there’s not a better receiver in the area. The Huskies will use Canada in a variety of ways.
“He’s as 100 percent as you can be,” South Hills coach Steve Bogan said of Canada. “He’s in a nice brace and hasn’t had anything slow him down. He’s done everything full speed and is ready to go.”
He’s missed two years of varsity football, but Canada has been with the team throughout as he waited for his moment to arrive.
“What happened to him (missing two years) was one of the worst-case scenarios,” Bogan said. “It was a bad deal all the way around.
“I guess there is a natural curiosity for people who haven’t seen him. He’s matured physically quite a bit since (his freshman year at Duarte). I have been in this business long enough to have seen some very special players, so what I will say is that when (fans) get a chance to watch him, they will be impressed with what they see.”
South Hills already returns one of the best backs in the San Gabriel Valley in senior Jamel Hart, who rushed for 1,318 yards and 17 touchdowns. Quarterback Vince Hernandez also is back after throwing for 1,505 yards and 13 touchdowns.
With Canada, Hart and Hernandez together, healthy and, more importantly, hungry, Bogan’s cautious optimism is hard to contain.
“Vince had a lot of colleges look at him during the spring,” Bogan said. “They love his footwork, his arm strength, and he’s making veteran decisions. He’s come a long way in a year.
“Obviously Jamel is a stud. He’s a Charles White (former Heisman Trophy winner at USC) the way he runs, sort of a thunder style. He has speed, bangs hard and has great vision for the zone concept and scheme, which is what we do.
“With Jamie, you can use him everywhere, and he will play a number of different roles for us. With options like those, your philosophy is to get the ball in a great athlete’s hands in space. When you have those types of playmakers, that’s your basic offensive philosophy: just get them the ball in space and let great athletes do what they do.”
South Hills will host Covina in a scrimmage Friday at Covina District Field at 6 p.m. a week before opening against Colony.

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    Weeelllll, since you asked, in my humble, most likely biased opinion, Yes. Rio Ruiz or Dianza Blue, Jalen Moore and Zachary Shay. But that aside, Good Luck this year Huskies because that does sound like a pretty good Trio to go into the season with…

  • Amat Bully

    that is a scary triple threat and im not going to go on here and say that the 3 from CO is better like LNCR BKR did with his Amat kids, but i do think the 3 from CO is equal to that 3 in SCOBY, GILCHRIST, and SANTIAGO.

  • Bullywhat?

    Scoby is a soph and nowhere near Hart; and that remains to be seen on Gilchrist, who played with Canada but could never keep up with him. I bet if you asked Gilchrist who’s better, he’ll tell you Canada. But yeah, Santiago gets the nod over Hernandez….

  • Amat Bully

    with Canada what are we going off of his pop warner days or how his brother use to be i know the Canada’s personally all of them and don’t get me wrong but the best Canada was Jordan not taking away from Jamie or Jesse at all. Jamie is super talented to but i have yet to see Jamie dominate on the high school level yet. Scoby has made a name for himself he actually played and have stats to show, as well as Gilchrist. What im trying to say is just going off a person talent that you see in passing league or practice is not enough to consider that person as a real threat.

  • Frank

    Yeah, there really is! We could even argue quadruple threat or more. But I know other programs must get some light too.

  • BigDog

    Are you kidding me? Leave the football to Aram and focus your efforts on soccer. PLEASE!!!!!

    Can u guys set up a phone line so we can call in tonight and ask questions during Prep Xtra show.

  • great for the sgv

    Sounds like a legitimate threat glad they’re in the sgv. I doubt if there is any team that would not want these three kids making plays for them. Have a great year Huskies. Good to see them working hard as a unit all off-season, I’m sure that wil pay off big time once the season starts.

  • FredJ

    Big Dog, thanks for offering no insight at all on the question. When you come up with a better triple threat, let me know. Otherwise, all I heard was blah, blah, blah. What’s the “are you kidding,” for anyway? Never said they were the best triple threat, the headline asked if there was a better triple threat in the area?

    Th phone line is a good idea, we have a speaker phone in the room.

  • Dan

    This South Hills team was very good [10 and 0] as freshmen, I think they are definately underated, their biggest losses that I’m aware of from that team are Santiago, Gilcrest, France, and Valera. Hernandez looks to have developed into a solid replacement for the loss of Santiago, so qb position should be good to go. If the talk is true and I have a good feeling it is, Canada will void the loss of Gilcrest, and could even turn out to be a step up at that position, plus he will be an asset in the secondary, so that leaves the loss of Valera and France as having the bigest impact on that 10 and 0 freshman team, unless there were others that left that I wasn’t aware of. Two good players to lose but I think they can get around the loss of those two. I’m calling it here, South Hills will be in the top two of the Sierra League, they may even take it.

  • Amat Bully

    top 2 with CO on top im hoping but taking it all i doubt it.

  • SaintsR4real

    Don’t sweat the big dog/lil cat squabble. BTW…Aram sucks!

    As I stated at the beginning of the year, when most said S. Hills legacy was over, “S. Hills had a wake up call and will NOT repeat another 2010”

  • Charter Choke

    The South Hills trio sounds like they’re poised for a good season. But enough with this Amat Bully BS. Gilchrest is not all that. I’ve seen him since his Junior All American days at Covina Vikings, he lacks speed and his route running is awful. His height and wingspan has made up for his average speed, but you won’t see him at the next level. He needs to get a lot quicker or learn how to go into and come out of his breaks and create seperation. Amat Bully your a joke find something you really know about and quit wasting everybodies time with your weak $ss posts. And since when could you bully anybody, do you realize what an idiot you are. Remember sometime it is best to remain a silent fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • Amat Bully

    Charter Choke
    you must feel big about yourself, dang who goes hard on a kid like that. Gilchrist is a great athlete just his size and hands alone will get him more looks then most kids. and what i don’t know about tell me where i lied at. and i think in this case you should had kept your mouth shut tough guy that talks down on kids on a blog what a shame i know your parents raise you better than that….

  • Amat Bully

    one more thing kid basher if you haven’t seen Gilchrist since his jaa days then your in for a rude awakening. i get the hint that your one of those guys thats still pissed about leaving SH, let it go dude as you can see you still have a great trio be glad you have that and stop worrying about the CO kids.

  • FredJ

    Dan I agree, South Hills’ impact guys are solid, real solid. They have a big “if” in that if Ben Kane wins his state appeal after transferring from Amat and getting denied, they can very well compete for the Sierra title. That ruling is supposed to happen anytime. Defensively, not sold on the Huskies, especially up front.

  • Amat Bully

    And its going to be hard for you to convince anybody that a kid according to “you” is slow, cant run routes or get separation caught 39 passes for 704 yards 5td’s with an average of 18 yards per catch as a junior and is 6’4 190 pounds won’t play on the next level. i laugh at idiots like you the kid already has colleges on him.

    right now your probably feeling like Damm why did i bash a kid on a blog that is a great athlete who has proven he’s ready for the next level. MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAD TAKEN YUR OWN ADVICE AND REMAINED A SILENT FOOL.

  • CO Bully

    Dan: really?? well since you put it that way the Chino Hills team right now has the Undefeated JV Team and the JV team from last year that lost only 1 game by a TD…Starting SR QB and Returning O line all starting 3 years straight watch when you see the Running back, its going to take alot more then 3 players to win sierra, but we do like a challenge…42-7 last year?

  • Amat Bully

    CO bully:
    you know what would be crazy is when CO and SH finish one and two in that order. then it will show you that those two teams from a so called jaa southeast division just took over after one year. then you will see that the jaa division wasn’t that weak at all………..

  • jcaz

    Over all, this is looking to be quite an exciting football season.

    In the SGV (east) we have lots of programs that have both stepped up in terms of scheduling (as well as division play, Ala Charter Oak and West Covina) and we have had a few others that have seemingly gotten righted their ships and gotten themselves back on course (Ala Wilson).

    South Hills looks as if it has some exciting talent this year, and many of us cant wait to see just how well Charter Oak fairs the second time around.

    In addition, we have somewhat of a unique perspective this year with respect to our over all football schedule because we have quite a number of very good Thursday night games showcased, along with a few Saturday night encounters sprinkled in there.

    This years schedule should allow many of the local bloggers and smack talkers, to actually go out there and see some of the other schools play.

    Over the last few years I have had to juggle my schedule so that I could squeeze in as many different games and schools as was practical, but this year really seems to be the best one in quite some time.

    Good luck to all of our local schools !

  • Dan

    CO Bully,
    Thinking about it, maybe top three of the Sierra would have been a better prediction. The league is just too tough to call, as for your undefeated JV team, and S.H. undefeated freshman team, neither is a reliable barometer, but if forced to pick between the two, I would favor the undefeated freshman team.
    The trouble with projecting an undefeated freshman team to be as good at the varsity level
    is to many things can change in the next three years, kids transferring out or not playing anymore, or even other teams maturing and developing better than the undefeated freshman team.
    The trouble with projecting a JV team, is although it’s closer in time to the varsity years, there is a pretty good chance that many of the teams your jv beat had most of their good underclassmen on varsity, also the jv group is a mixture of juniors, sophomores, and maybe a few freshmen together that went undefeated, but yet as individual groups, it’s probable that none of the three classes were undefeated. Just my opinion, but if I had to pick which group would have the better season at the varsity level, I would lean towards the undefeated freshman group, at the same time realizing it’s an unreliable projection.

  • BraveDad

    Yes there is: Rene Medina, DeVonte Young, and Bryce Treggs. Anyone who has a clue knows that gaping into the season these three hands down are the greatest triple threat out there; let’s hope everyone stays healthy.

  • Dan

    BraveDad, I think he is talking about the San Gabriel valley.

  • BraveDad

    Yeah but I still have to throw the Bosco trio out there because the potential and expectations for this group is over the top and as a booster of the program it’s my job to help promote the program – right? And, as a matter of fact I don’t see any verbiage in the article saying that the ask is exclusive to SGV programs (but I do know that this blog is focused primarily, on the SGV – especially when it’s convenient). There are some great trios all over the Southern Section so let’s be open minded. Plus I think it’s well known that I am going to have my say on this blog anyway and not everyone is going to agree with everyone else – that’s the fun of all this blogging.

  • Love SJB

    I love how SJB booster pops in to the SGV blog to promote the squad! I happen to be a fan because I know Treggs and am excited to see him tear it up. Too bad they had some many heartbreaking loses last year. HOpefully this year goes a little differenty and they can go deep into the playoffs

  • Joe Torosian Lite

    Steven Rivera and any name you want to throw out. I’ll take him and Duran and Aholoka, not as good as the guys mentioned but Steven is that good! That’s my principle.

  • Heard it here

    The trio may sound good but lets remember they will only perform if you have a good O-line. They lost a lot last year and have some big hole to fill. Lets see how creative the coaching staff can be. In the past they won because of talent!!!