South Hills’ Kane denied on appeal

South Hills coach Steve Bogan confirmed that senior lineman Ben Kane lost his state appeal to play football for the Huskies. Kane, who transferred from Bishop Amat to South Hills in the spring, lives in the Northview school district. He enrolled at South HIlls and filed a hardship transfer request, but was denied by CIF-Southern Section officials. Kane’s family then appealed to a CIF-state panel board, but were denied again on Tuesday.

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  • word on cameron

    and south hills gets screwed once again…

  • Of course

    Of course SHHS gets screwed again. Am I the only one that sees the inequity in how SHHS is treated? Has Charter Oak EVER had a transfer denied? It seems like SHHS can have their guys leave and be eligible anywhere, anytime and anywhere for any reason, but almost without fail there incoming transfers get denied (Kane, Canada x 2 to name three).

  • Bob

    Sorry guy’s but if memory serve’s me right South Hills had transfer from out of their district for YEARS. I’ll say that again YEARS.(Bogan will show you the rings)Their contact in the CIF office must of moved on. Sorry but the shoe’s on the other foot. How do you like it ?? Karma ??

  • BigDog

    Maybe South Hills should turn into a Catholic school. That would solve all there problems
    as far as recruiting go’s.It’s plain to see over the last five years there’s not enough kids in the school district to outfit a football team?

  • No 2011 Season

    You guys have to remember that last year, South Hills challenged Brock Booth’s transfer to Bishop Amat as well as Aaren Vaughns and Chris Gilchrist to Charter Oak. You can read about it here..

    What comes around, goes around. And I blame his parents for putting football ahead of academics…especially a strong academic school like BA. But everyone in the SGV these days seems to think they have the next NFL prodigy/future meal ticket and they will sacrifice just about anything to see this through. This is so stupid considering the terrible odds of getting a football scholarship in the first place.

    And then his bonehead parents send him to South Hills KNOWING that he should be at Northview??? HELLO?? Does anyone use their brains anymore???

    This must have been one of the easiest calls that the CIF ever had to make…He should have just stayed at BA!

  • just sayin’

    Big Dog – that never stopped them before. But they were selling a phony bill of goods that they were “the best” because they were winning championships in D9. Now the man behind the curtain has been revealed

  • Karma?

    I don’t blame CIF for making the call, I just want to see consistency. Look at all the transfers at Charter Oak, you telling me none of them were athletically motivated? We’ll find out how consist CIF is with Hornsby who transferred into the South Hills district, but is now at West Covina after fighting the district tooth and nail to be transferred. How is that situation any different than Kane? Bishop Amat didn’t challenge Kane’s transfer, CIF challenged it because he enrolled at a school not in the district he lived in. Same deal with Hornsby, right? South Hills doesn’t have to challenge it, but if CIF is consistent, they will challenge it just like they did Kane.

  • Must be consistant

    If CIF approves Hornsby I can certainly foresee Kane’s parents filing a lawsuit against CIF for unequal treatment.

  • Of course again

    Hey No 2011,

    I don’t think the issue is one school challenger a transfer or not. Frankly, I don’t think that that should even be a factor. CIF needs to be consistent or in reality, just open it up so kids can just go anywhere they want for any reason at anytime OR just lay down the hammer all the time. They seem to be subjective as hell with so much inconsistency it isn’t even funny.

    And please don’t bring up Booth and his 47 transfers in the 4 year high school career. Stevie Wonder could see that that one was athletically motivated whether SH challenged it or not.

    In a nutshell, I think that the CIF sucks

  • sierra league fan

    “And I blame his parents for putting football ahead of academics…especially a strong academic school like BA.”

    Don’t confuse football with academics. BA is not a strong academic school.

  • Relentless D

    I also agree, South Hills get screwed again. SH doesn’t get the love from CIF like CO, WC, and BA. Keep fighting Big Ben i wish you the best of luck.