CIF Football Polls Released: Amat No. 3 in Pac-5; West Covina No. 1 in Southeast; Chino Hills No. 6 in Inland; Monrovia on top of Mid-Valley

CIF-Southern Section Preseason Football Polls

Pac-5 Division
1. Servite, 2. Mission Viejo, 3. Bishop Amat, 4. St. John Bosco, 5. Alemany, 6. San Clemente, 7. Santa Margarita, 8. Crespi, 9. Long Beach Poly, 10. Mater Dei
Southeast Division
1. West Covina, 2. Bonita, 3. Mayfair, 4. Arcadia, 5. Santa Fe, 6. Muir, 7. Diamond Ranch, 8. Walnut, 9. La Serna, 10. Diamond Bar.
Mid-Valley Division
1. Monrovia, 2. Covina, 3. San Dimas, 4. Whittier Christian, 5. Maranatha, 6. Village Christian, 7. Arroyo, 8. Bell Gardens, 9. Baldwin Park, 10. Azusa.
Inland Division
1. Corona Centennial, 2. Vista Murrieta, 3. Upland, 4. Redlands East Valley, 5. Rancho Cucamonga, 6. Chino Hills, 7. Roosevelt, 8. Norco, 9. Redlands, 10. Charter Oak.

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  • Amat Bully

    Man the inland shows CO no respect but thats alright CO will earn it on the field with big “W’s”.

    Amat is ranked ahead of Alemany and Lbp, i guess this really is a down year for southern cal football according to the rankings Amat should at the least make it to the semi finals, which we all know and the Amat faithfuls know that will not happen.

  • who cares

    The babies from West Covina couldn’t handle the big boys in the other leagues, so they MOVED out of the REAL league. They are playing teams now who seem to be an easy win. No wonder they are rated #1. No Competition!!!!!

    Who cares about West Cochina!

  • Norco

    What has CO done to earn any respect in the Inland Division? Not a damn thing…

  • whos ur daddy??

    @ who cares-
    are you stuck on stupid?? teams don’t get to choose if they stay in a league or not. that’s called CIF.
    and really west cochina?? come up with a new one. thats getting old

  • jcaz

    Amat Bully,

    Man, you just really make some stupid azz comments sometimes you know that?

    Look, Charter oak has a polynomial football program and many of their fans are just as die hard as any body on this blog, but when you say that Alemany and Long Beach Poly must be having a down year, simply because Amat is ranked higher than the are, then man, that is incredibly dumb.

    The fact is that this is just a poll and to be honest with you, it means nothing. But, when you make silly comments like that, you are really stretching it just a little don’t you think ?

    Look, i’m not going to come in here and say that Loyola or Crespi, or any one else would mop the floor with Charter Oak because quite frankly, I wouldn’t believe that for an instant.

    They are an incredibly good program coached by an awesome man, however, you have to give programs like West Covina and even South Hills some love because at lest they’re stepping up to the plate and playing some of the big boys in prep football.

    It would be nice to see some of the other teams in our valley such as Charter Oak do the same thing, if only because i’d be out there on any given Friday night rooting my butt off for them if they did, and BTW, I have been to a few CO games over the last few years.

  • The U

    Would like to hear anyone’s take on the Amat vrs Upland scrimmage tonight

  • SGV Parent

    Seriously everybody, you know these preseason polls mean very little. They have some small accuracy, but really mean nothing. All they represent are the so called ” experts ” opinion. And in return we get something to argue about.

    I’ve seen Amat, CO, WC, Damien, and Bonita this summer. They all look talented. I give Amat a slight edge from what I saw. But they are all good. I believe that any of these teams could beat oneanother on any given Friday this year, and it’s a shame we can’t really see that happen for the most part.

    I’m from Cathedral in San Diego, but now live in the SGV for the last 12 years. I have enjoyed the SGV football, and love to see everyone talk trash on these blogs. But sometimes you guys let things get out of hand.

    Let’s see 3 to 4 games into the season, and then we’ll see who is backing up the rankings. More importantly, tere is a season that will tell the truth at season’s end, right. So enjoy and let the trash talk begin baby.

  • Amat Dad

    I was at the Amat / Upland scrimmage and had mixed opinions. I felt Amat was very reserved in the plays they ran, almost like they didn’t want to give away their secrets. But they still scored at will against Upland. Amat started very sloppy and fumbled a couple of times, and dropped balls. But they were getting open easily and Rio was throwing darts.

    Upland also looked very fast and talented. Rio played safety and picked off two balls, one was a spectacular one-handed pick. He is a real weapon on boths sides. But Upland looked good. They have a solid offense. Their defense didn’t impress, but I think they are a very good team.

    Amat looked very suspect at times on defense also. They showed signs of brilliance, but at times looked completely lost on defense.

    Overall both teams are fast and talented. They both got the better of oneanother at times. And they both showed holes in the defense.

    Just one man’s opinion.

  • Another Amat Dad

    I have a different take on the scrimmage. I thought we looked awful, we played completely uninspired and were completely flat. I’ve seen the team more geeked up for practice. I have some serious concerns about our goal line defense. But i have faith in our great coaching staff to get things fixed. Upland flat out played us.

  • Amat Bully

    Man it sound like when you was typing, you was yelling the words out at the same time. But im not the only one that thinks southern cal football isn’t as talented as it normally is i got that from one of the papers. and my opinion is my opinion if i think that these rankings are BS then i can think that. And dude really again with the CO plays nobody, thats getting old, also you mentioned West CO and South hills, if im not mistaking those two teams lost to CO in recent years. and i do Respect West CO as well as SH but if they stepped up so much and played tough competition obviously it didn’t help them when they played against CO (no disrespect to WEST CO or SH fans) im just saying. But we’re going to wait and see what happens this year and you will be hearing a lot from me.

    other notes: Muir looked kind of good in today’s scrimmage against Birmingham scoring like 5-6 td’s Seymour looked awesome just ask the FSW people who was breathing down everyone’s neck. Tairen Owens looked a little rusty after returning back from an elbow sprain/fracture but showed his athleticism on a few plays. Also Muir freshmen Derrick Holmes future looks promising, catching an 80yd td pass from Josh Washington little brother of former CO great Adam Muema.

    Can’t wait to see what CO has in store for you haters though.

  • Real Talk

    I have to say that Amat’s biggest problem is that they don’t have that mental strength it takes to win a championship. You look at all the championship teams and they could be down two touchdowns and still have that we are going to win mind set. Amat does not have that come back from behind capability. I feel that is something coaching should have under control. There is no excuse to ever come out flat in the PAC 5.

  • Just sayin’

    Real Talk – how can you say that? Amat has late or come from behind victories in the last 3 seasons vs Orange Lutheran, St Bonaventure, Mater Dei, and Crespi – twice. All you have to do is find that famous halftime video of Coach Hagerty that shows the coaches have that well under control

  • Warrior 818

    People listen. Alemany is ranked higher in most polls than Amat! Do your research! One Guy (Rios) can not beat a team! Check Max Preps rankings….Really

  • Just askin’

    Warrior – who ya gonna believe – MaxPreps – or coache that vote?

  • Where is NoSenseSinceBirth?

    He was really quick to cut and paste the LA times Top 25. Why is he not posting this one?

  • Saka Schidt

    Know weigh that Pomona should knot be in the top three in the Mid Valley!

    Wii have the recruited the best players that coach Rice could afford.

    Your all just hatters!

  • I was at the game last night and saw Upland score 6 times in a row and watched the Amat defense walk off the field like they got hit by a train. Is Uplands offense that good or Amats defense that bad. Uplands defense needs some work but I saw a lot of possible sacks that resulted in touchdowns. Players weren’t allowed to sack the QB. As for running the ball, that Upland running back looked great, haven’t seen a stiff arm like that in high school.

  • As for Amat dad (rio’s dad) he did look great. However better on offense. One on one with Kenny Lawler he looked outclassed. I can’t remember seeing Amat score at will. Maybe when both 2nd teams were in.

  • I was also at the game last night. Uplands defense was a lil soft and needs some improvement. Let’s hope with our 2 starting DBs back and our all cif defensive lineman back we will step it up. I also saw a couple of plays were our defense stopped because they couldn’t hit the QB and it resulted in a big play for Amat. However Amat never scored at will against our starting D. Unlike the 6 or 8 touchdowns we scored on them on consecutive plays.

  • eastsider

    it is just a scrimmage .scrimmages are to try things out,so you can see what to work on at practice.Amat will be fine,I dont think they will win a cif champ this year,but I can see them making the semis.Alemany does not have last years quarter back which will make a big difference,crespi does not have devin lucien either.those 2 players give Amat a hard time.

  • True that’s what a scrimmage is for. So I guess Amat needs to change up the defense a bit.

  • Norco

    Upland is going to lose to Tustin in Week 1…in Week #3 Norco will dominate them like they did last year…

    FOOTBALL: Norco again has formidable O-Line

    By Eric-Paul Johnson on August 24, 2011 7:59 PM

    Norco sophomore quarterback Coltin Gerhart and junior running back Joseph Ajeigbe probably are counting down the days until the season starts. The duo should produce significant yardage running behind one of the area’s biggest and strongest offensive line.

    Here’s the projected starting offensive line for Norco: Joshua Robertson (6-6, 293), Dustin Stanton (6-4, 285), Cory Roth (6-1, 290), Roy Faulkinbury (6-2, 250) and Artie Vasquez (6-3, 280).

    That’s an average of 6-3, 280 pounds! There’s a few high school coaches in the area who would love to have ONE offensive lineman with those measurements.

    Norco coach Todd Gerhart said college coaches were awed by Vasquez during the summer.

    “He’s only a sophomore and they already were impressed,” Gerhart said.

  • I couldn’t disagree more. We will dominate Tustin as we did last year. We have everyone back, entire offensive line and strong defensive line. All of our play makers are bigger and stronger this year. There isn’t a high school player that can cover Lawler this year. As for the offensive line, Tustin was twice as big las year and we had no issues at all. We will return the favor to you guys this year.

  • To the Cut and Paste Queen

    i’m not sure you ever addressed this response to the last time you quoted “honesty hurts”

    Joe Amat said:
    I appreciate a post from you with sentence structure, punctuation, paragraphs and everything…along with some actual thought. Unfortunately, you tend to not respond to answers that challenge those thought and resort to your typical drivel. But I’ll try anyway.

    First, you’re pretty good at checking the archives so you can cut’n’paste, so go back and check during those two years you like to reference and see how much dirt laundry was aired back then. Tons! Visitors here may read my posts as “hometown” or being a Lancer apologist. Read some of my post from back then and you’ll get a different perception. Truth teller.

    I personally applaud Hags if he deals with the situation as he’s said and the way it looks to be going down. What you are saying is there should be NO multiple-sport athletes? You can’t play multiple sports without missing something, and high school educators (coaches) need to encourage that.

    Saying players have never been allowed to miss games is completely inaccurate – just unique to football. Almost every nearly every undecided D1 football recruit that has played a winter sport has missed a match or game to go on a recruiting visit. Soccer, basketball, or wrestling. Many of them also did not play in their summer leagues because of football.

    Should the winter coaches have not allowed them the chance to explore where they want to further their education at the next level? Were they “special”? Or were the coaches recognizing that they are HIGH SCHOOL coaches and exist for the player development and best interest – not the reverse.

    It might be different if it were a different kid. Rio is a leader and has earned everyone’s respect – players included. He’s a likable and humble kid, not the type of prima donna that other players may resent. Regardless of how Hags chose to deal with it or what position Rio played upon return, Rio would step back on the field and the team would look to him as a leader.

    This is no “stunt” and no one is pulling any “crap”. This is a rare opportunity for a player to represent his country AND his school to the rest of the baseball world. Every roster will say the name of “Bishop Amat”, which helps the school in the long run. As stated, meetings have been held, they know how it will be handled and there will be no surprises to the players.

    I, for one, am happy to see coaches maintain some perceptive and understand the player – for a change.
    August 13, 2011 10:12 AM

  • Wow, that was a long reply. Are we still talking about High school football?

  • Just sayin’

    Upland fan – I know you public school cats aren’t so used to reading paragraphs and stuff, but that was fwereparagraphs than NotSince’s cut and paste job.

  • Ok smart guy, be proud of yourself. We all think you are extremly smart.

  • football fan

    wow,people hate Amat so much.just a scrimmage game against a team that would beat any team in the valley.I feel sorry for the sierra league teams that have to play the inland empire teams in c.i.f. Amat will improve after there 1st loss against servite.I see them losing in a close game,Servite usually starts off slow and gets better game after game.Amat will win all the rest of the games and make a better run in c.i.f this year.Servite will be champs again

  • R-e-s-p-e-c-t

    NotSince1995 & Amat Bully

    You can’t fight history, determination, or the Amat Family. No matter what you say, Bishop Amat has been competing at Southern California’s highest level of high school football for almost 40 years. What could you possibly hope to accomplish by challenging such a historic program?

    40 years playing teams that sit on top of the food chain looking down on the San Gabriel Valley…hating to even step foot in “the ghetto.”

    When the Lancers take the field against teams that others can only dream about playing against, they represent the entire San Gabriel Valley. And again they have been doing this for 4 decades.

    Both of you need to learn and show some respect for the San Gabriel Valley’s sole representative in one of the country’s most toughest and respected divisions.

  • Real talk

    @ just saying I see your point. I do remember the games you have stated. I also think the mater dei game was a close game I wouldn’t say it was a comeback it just felt like it with mater dei starting to get momentum on their side if Rio does not make that catch we go into overtime.
    I also notice that the games you have mention are in the regular season. I have also noticed that most of those games
    were at home. I feel we lacked that extra what you need to win a championship in the playoffs or on the road If things don’t go are way.We seem to fold under the pressure long beach poly, tesoro, Lakewood and I feel we still had a chance to beat alemany if we had that swag it takes. That’s the word I’m looking for SWAGG.

  • COhhhno?

    All Charter Oak has done for San Gabriel Valley football is prove that one of their best teams in their history can tie Rancho Cucamonga.

  • ayalasucks

    thank god ayala isnt on here.
    They won zero games last year.

  • Just askin’

    COhhhno? – didn’t Amat just get finished sweeping Rancho for two years right before ChOak tied and got whipped in their 2 years?

  • NotSince1995

    OldMrsRoperInChanclas73 (errr Cut & Paste Trick)
    I’ve reduced you down to my level…! Can you believe that? LMAO…!
    How in the world are you going to survive Servite…? I predict 35 – 3 Servite!
    How can you possibly make it to the PAC 5 playoffs and WIN the PAC 5 Division with such little (get it…Little. hah!) talent on your football team…?
    Huh…? What…? Crickets…?
    Answer the question…OldMrsRoper73, just sayin, JoaAmat, BishopNation…? Anybody there?
    Exactly…! YOU CAN’T…
    Put your hands together…”OVER RaaiTED”…Clap…Clap…Clap, Clap, Clap…Yankees Style!
    Not In 2011 Either…

  • chicken little

    Frank Corona (eerrr NotSinceWhenever) you still have yet to respond to any of the posts below – just same ole crap. when you respond – maybe they will


    Upland Fan – while Upland did look good at times you did look shakey at times too. Amat recievers dropped a lot of balls while wide open and running free through your secondary. Jalen basically manhandled your defenders overpowering them and quite often running through them. Our defense started off very strong because if you remember, your regular offense, not in the red zone, did absolutely nothing against Amat’s defense. You had a very good six consecutive scores in the red zone portion of the scrimmage (Prop’s no excuses, kids need to improve their tackling and play their positions). Good Luck to the Scotts this year. Always a competitive and worth while scrimmage with Upland. I believe it has a lot to do with the Coaches. Thank God there were no major injuries and both teams are healthy for their openers.
    Repetitivesince1995 – same take, same boring and worn out insults. You’re still a joke…just an old one that everybodys heard and is no longer funny.

    Lancer Football is Alive and well!!!

    Let’s Go Amat! Clap, Clap, Clap….Yankee style!

    Let’s go Amat Clap, Clap, Clap…..Yankee style!

    History, Tradition, Determination and Familiy since ALWAYS……in 2011 too!

  • biGGameTime

    Congrats to St. Francis’ Dietrich Riley who is going to be starting for UCLA!

    Bishop Amat actually played Riley and St. Francis in 2008. The result was a BA win by the score of 28-13. Riley, who ran for an average of 115 yards/game and 6.7 yards/carry, was held to only 40 yards on 10 carries and no TDs but did catch 2 passes for 49 yards. Stats for St. Francis’ final playoff game were missing from Maxpreps.

    Much to the dismay of fans, St. Francis and Bishop Amat did not renew after this season which would turn out to be a blessing in disguise for St. Francis, as in 2009, SF lost to both Notre Dame and Alemany who in turn, were both routed by BA.

  • LNCR Bkcr:

    I agree our secondary was shakey. I’m hoping our 2 starting DBs will be back for our season opener. They were hurt and didn’t play in the scrimmage. Good luck to you guys..

  • Anonymous

    amat,amat,amat.i’m tired of that name……

  • Looking at the rankings of the top 5 in the big, bad Inland Division. Centennial has split their last 4 games with Mater Dei, Vista Murrietta lost to Crespi, Upland got destroyed by Loyola, Redlands East Valley struggled the past two years with non-playoff Orange Lutheran, and Rancho Cucamonga got swept by Amat the last 2 meetings and hasn’t entered PAC 5 waters since. Maybe not so big and bad?

  • Frank

    From what I noticed in the scrimmage. Upland only dominated when they ran their redzone offense. Outside of that neither team was spectacular. Upland on offense did ok, they made a few nice plays, but also were stopped several times in the back field. Amat missed a lot of passes. They also did a good job of running their redzone, scoring most of the time.
    These are two really good school, and for those who don’t know, this scrimmage was just coaches running plays, it was not a real game scrimmage. So before people read too much into this, know that this is just to see areas that need work, or what seems to work.
    Good luck to both schools this year.

  • NotSince1995

    SGV Football
    Good luck to all of the high schools in our SGV…
    Stay healty, compete and WIN us another CIF Championship Ring in 2011…
    Servite called and said Not In 2011 Either…

  • Inbred

    I think it’s interesting we get excited about the SGV winning a “championship” when the only teams they are competing against are other SGV teams! Sort of guarantees it- doesn’t it?

  • AMAT 73

    I see in your post from 08-27-11 8:50 a.m. you do realize you are below the level of anyone from AMAT . Your words were “I’ve reduced you to my level”. Dream on but it’s nice to see that you do know your place in life. Always looking up to AMAT . HA HA HA HA . By the way it’s not in 2011 for your team . How about addressing that fact for once. Do not try and hang your hat on others of the SGV only because your team will fail again . Now go back and slither under your rock of choice as it will be another scorcher today and get some new material . We know how the heat effects the scales of your skin.

  • realityczech

    It will be Not in 2011 for many a good team

    went 25 years between championships
    split with Mater Dei over last 4 years?(could be PAC 5 participants)
    Mission Viejo
    have NEVER won a championship in the highest division
    Oaks Christian
    split with Alemany the past 2 seasons as did Bishop Amat (could be PAC 5 participants)
    Split with Bishop Amat the last two seasons. have NEVER won a championship
    Santa Margarita
    have NEVER won a championship in the highest division
    lost to Oaks Christian – see above
    comparitive scores vs 2 Amat opponents close (advantage Amat)
    St. Bonaventure
    lost to Bishop Amat in 09, right after beating Crespi & long Beach Poly
    Mater Dei
    lost to Bishop Amat the last 2 times they’ve met. Last won a championship game in 98
    Vista Murrieta
    lost to Crespi-3rd place in Serra League, have NEVER won a championship
    Chino Hills
    have NEVER won a championship
    Lost to Bishop Amat last season and 2 of last 3 meetings. Last D1 title in 1986
    St. John Bosco
    no playoffs last season. have NEVER won a championship
    have NEVER won a championship in the highest division
    West Covina
    swept by Bishop Amat in last 2 meetings
    Lost to Loyola, the Serra League’s 4th place team. last title in 1992
    Rancho Cucamonga
    Swept by Amat in last 2 meetings, Did not LOSE to Charter Oak in their 2 meetings
    Arroyo Grande
    no championships since 98-and they’re in Arroyo Grande
    have NEVER won a championship
    La Habra
    lost to non playoff Pac-5 opponents St John Bosco and OLu
    Last won a championship game in 1980
    Orange Lutheran
    lost to Amat in 08. no playoffs in 10
    swept by Bishop Amat in last 2 meetings
    Lost to Loyola, the Serra League’s 4th place team
    swept by Bishop Amat in last 2 meetings, lost to Upland-see above
    Diamond Ranch
    swept by Bishop Amat in last 2 meetings
    St Francis
    swept by Bishop Amat in last 2 meetings
    haven’t beat Amat since Pasquerella. Last year = no contest
    no titles since D9 in 99
    have NEVER won a championship or made playoffs, beat Damien
    San Clemente
    have NEVER won a championship
    Fountain Valley
    No title since 1998
    have NEVER won a championship
    Lost to Glendora and San Dimas, See above. 1 championship in 118 years
    Beat Chino Hills, and Roosevelt. have NEVER won a championship
    Dana Hills
    Beat Santiago see above. have NEVER won a championship
    lost to Roosevelt, Centennial, and Vista Murrietta (see them above)
    Newport Harbor
    have NEVER won a championship in the highest division
    South Hills
    It’s not the 70s anymore. Lost to Monrovia
    Charter Oak
    swept by Bishop Amat in last 2 meetings. NO significant wins since 2001?


    Repetitivesince1995, Of course this reply is assuming that we have already taken care of business against Garfield HS because we do not look past any opponent. And we will only start preparing for Servite after we are done with Garfield. BUT, you asked about Servite so let me ask you, Why is it that your so geeked up on Servite? They are just another ball club in my eyes. Sure, they’re a good football team and I’m sure they may intimidate some teams, what with the all black uni’s and such, but been there done that. And also, why all the undue hyperbole? “Survive” Servite? Ooohhh, How will we survive????? Get real man, Servite is just another good team from Orange County. The Lancers play many good teams year in and year out and I expect us to win this game just like I expect us to win all other games! Tell me, What will you do if we win compadre? You will probably act as if the sky has fallen and we will go about business as usual and get ready to play our next opponent. So really, what will you do?

  • Nemo

    West Covina beats Bonita of La Verne for a “championship”
    West Covina beats South Hills of West Covina for a “championship”
    South Hills beats Walnut, La Habra, & San Gabriel for a “championship”
    Charter Oak beats Diamond Ranch of Pomona for a “championship” – twice
    Charter Oak beats Los Altos of Hacienda Heights for a “championship.
    What is this AYSO? Even Little League travels further for a title.
    Do any of those really “count” as championships for the SGV?
    Or are they just the winners of the “Fish Bowl” tournament?
    Rio Hondo Prep rules! They win the most Championships-right?

  • Obi Wan

    That’s right. Stay in your little valley and pretend your “winning”. Play on the short rims instead of the court with the big guys so you look “good”. Take easy classes to improve your GPA. Ask that band girl to the Prom – she’ll say yes -you wouldn’t want to risk talking to the Homecoming Queen. Go to Cal Poly – not Harvard – you wouldn’t want to challenge yourself. And pick an easy major -We all know employers would rather hire someone that got good grades at a State school than anyone that got B’s at an Ivy League school.

  • AMAT 73

    That explains it all . You are in the slime so you must be a sp slime alumni. Now we can see where the hate comes from . Wow you agree with Nemo . What an insult to the teams you profess to cheer for and follow. Your challenge to inbred sure sounds like raider mentality to me ( how many superbowls has your team won ) , so now we know who you root for on Sundays. Come on face it, not in 2011 for your team . Nemo has it right , you agree with him . HA HA HA you are such a joke. Go back and read what you are agreeing to fool. As I have said many times you truely are the village idiot, Quasimoto .


    I feel like I just read your very first post, probably because they are all the same! You truly are the class clown.
    “don’t dehydrate yourself…..” What are you talking about???? What does this have to do with anything?



    Norco, Very nice O line. Rancho Cucamonga’s O line avg 6’3″ 295. Norco I saw Tustin scrimmage, good offense, very poor defense against 3 very average teams.(los osos,Dominguez,Beaumont). They will not beat Upland. I think Upland might surprise you guys, should be a very close game. I will be at the Norco scrimmage friday night and I will let you know how they look. We tried to schedule one of the Pac 5 and Big VIII teams the last two year, but had nobody accept according to Coach Baiz. Who knows??

  • Frank

    I remeber the days when schools had to travel for playoff games, and a championship was never against some other local school. Cif has really brought down the significance in winning a Championship. It has become to easy for schools to win, this is why you see so many local schools with repeats and always making it to the finals. Some of these schools are a joke in the bigger picture and would never be competitive against real teams.
    @ no sense 95, I’m curious since you claim Amat will not win the PAC-5, as you do have the right to do so. I would like to see you instead pick the PAC-5 winner, that is more of a challnege. It’s easy to pick a school out and say they wont win. Can you pick one and stick to it for the rest of the season, and we will all see how your team does!
    Another statement I find confusing by you “You better than anyone should know that I rep anybody playing against Lanceritos and I cheer for every school in the SGV. I am the original SGVsBEST…” (Notsince1995) How can you claim to rep the whole SGV and at the same time be agaisnt the Lancers and claim to “cheer” for everyone in the SGV. You should be proud of the Lancers as they are the reps of the SGV, abroad. So as the head cheer leader of the SGV, I expect a change from you. So get your 1995 skirt and palm palms out of the dresser and get ready to learn some Amat cheers.


    I feel like I just read your very first post, probably because they are all the same! You truly are the class clown.
    “don’t dehydrate yourself…..” What are you talking about???? What does this have to do with anything?